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         General Topology:     more books (100)
  1. Lectures on Algebraic Topology (Classics in Mathematics) by Albrecht Dold, A. Dold, 1995-02-15
  2. Intuitive Topology (Mathematical World, Vol 4) by V.V. Prasolov, 1995-01-01
  3. Topology from the Differentiable Viewpoint by John Willard Milnor, 1997-11-24
  4. Combinatorial Algebraic Topology (Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics) by Dimitry Kozlov, 2008-01-30
  5. General Topology and Applications (Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics Volume 123) by Shortt, 1990-02-23
  6. Geometry and Topology for Mesh Generation (Cambridge Monographs on Applied and Computational Mathematics) by Herbert Edelsbrunner, 2006-01-09
  7. Elementary Differential Topology. (AM-54) (Annals of Mathematics Studies) by James R. Munkres, 1966-12-31
  8. Algebraic Topology: An Introduction (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) (v. 56) by William S. Massey, 1977-11-02
  9. Topology (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) by K. Jänich, 1984-01-30
  10. A Taste of Topology (Universitext) by Volker Runde, 2005-07-06
  11. Differential Topology: An Introduction (Dover Books on Mathematics) by David B. Gauld, 2006-03-24
  12. Papers on General Topology and Related Category Theory and Topological Algebra (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences)
  13. Recent Developments of General Topology and its Applications: International Conference in Memory of Felix Hausdorff (1868 - 1942) (1868-1942 Berlin, March 22-28,)
  14. General topology and its relations to modern analysis and algebra IV: Proceedings of the Fourth Prague Topological Symposium, 1976 (Lecture notes in mathematics ; 609-)

61. Kolekcja Matematyczna
by R Engelking Cited by 4663 - Related articles

62. General Topology | Free Ebook Download Tech2@Addebook
General Topology by Stephen Willard General TopologyBy Stephen Willard Publisher AddisonWesley Number
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General Topology
By addebook Mathematics addthis_pub = 'addebook'; General Topology
by Stephen Willard
General Topology
By Stephen Willard Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Number Of Pages: 369
Publication Date: 1970-06
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0201087073
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780201087079
Binding: Textbook Binding
Summary: A Great Beginning Text
Rating: 5 There is quite a bit of content ranging from subject matter and an extensive bibliography to a collection of historical notes. The exercises are suitable and doable; I have personally found that most of them range from being easy to moderately challenging but there are plenty of difficult problems as well. Overall, this book is quite pleasant to read. It is also quite pleasant to purchase compared to several other introductory texts that run anywhere from 50.00-100.00. There are many nontrivial aspects to topology and this book has a way of gently nudging the reader into some of the more technical and delicate aspects of the theory. But as I mentioned before, while this book is a great introduction to point-set topology, this is not the text to read if one is searching for an introduction to algebraic or differential topology. In the latter case, Munkres or Fulton would be a good bet. Summary: A masterpiece Rating: 5 Definitions and Theorems: The definitions are always the most general possible, often presented as a set of axioms that the defined quantity has to fulfill. The theorems are almost always presented in their most general form.

63. Topology Atlas
Preprints, abstracts, calendar, links, other resources.
Topology Atlas is a publisher of information related to topology. What's New Search Preprints Abstracts ... About Topology Atlas Favorites: Topology Q+A Board Upcoming Conferences Topology Proceedings Lecture Notes

64. General Topology, By
General Topology. Some fields of topology (such as algebraic topology and differential topology) specialize in topology involving very special added
Topology is often described as the field that lets you characterize the difference between a saucer and a coffee cup, and identify the cup with a doughnut. The coffee cup and doughnut have "holes" and the saucer does not. A little more seriously topology studies continous change ( which is not the same thing as continual change, although some confuse the two). It shows how things can change smoothly while remaining the same.
General Topology
Some fields of topology (such as algebraic topology and differential topology) specialize in topology involving very special added structure, really intended to study fields other than topology. General topology sticks to things that are rather directly derived from the basic axioms of topology. My own particular work, some of which is listed below (mostly done long ago) was to find very general structure where none had been found before. My later work discovered some specific simple topological spaces which could act as "prime numbers" for constructing and characterizing very general classes of spaces. That is, any space in the class can be constructed from my spaces, which is the easy part, but if my spaces are constructed from other spaces one of the other spaces must be one of mine: that is the hard part, the primeness, and is something very unusual in topology. By the time I made those discoveries my teaching interests and resonsibilities had changed dramatically into distributed computing, and I had begun to chair (for 21 years) a department which had begun to focus on computing, as well as mathematics and statistics. Most of my time was spent on those matters, but I named the main computer on which I work

65. Mathematics Archives - Topics In Mathematics - Topology
In the Mathematics Archives at University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
Topics in Mathematics Topology

66. Topology
s and illustrations of several topological and differential geometry related notions.......
Here are fundamental objects of the lacanian topology :
The Mbius band The torus The Klein bottle The cross-cap The borromean knot
Topology is a branch of pure mathematics, deals with the fundamental properties of abstract spaces. Whereas classical geometry is concerned with measurable quantities, such as angle, distance, area, and so forth, topology is concerned with notations of continuity and relative position. Point-set topology regards geometrical figures as collections of points, with the entire collection often considered a space. Combinatorial or algebraic topology treats geometrical figures as aggregates of smaller building blocks.
In general, topologists study properties of spaces that remain unchanged, no matter how the spaces are bent, stretched, shrunk, or twisted. Such transformations of ideally elastic objects are subject only to the condition that nearby points in one space correspond to nearby points in transformed version of that space. Because allowed deformation can be carried out by manipulating a rubber sheet, topology is sometimes known as rubber-sheet geometry. In contrast, cutting, then gluing together parts of a space is bound to fuse two or more points and to separate points once close together. The basic ideas of topology surfaced in the mid-19th century as offshoots of algebra and ANALYTIC GEOMETRY. Now the field is a major mathematical pursuit, with applications ranging from cosmology and particle physics to the geometrical structure of proteins and other molecules of biological interest.

67. REVIEW OF GENERAL TOPOLOGY I WOMP 2007 1. Basic Definitions
File Format PDF/Adobe Acrobat Quick View

68. Oleg Viro's Home Page
Draft version includes several papers on algebraic geometry.
Oleg Viro's home page
texts for students
about myself mathematics for students talks ... Elementary Topology. Textbook in Problems,
by O.Ya.Viro, O.A.Ivanov, V.M.Kharlamov and N.Y.Netsvetaev. Configurations of Skew Lines in the 3-Dimensional Space
by J.Viro and O.Viro
This is about links made of lines. One has to require that the lines are not only disjoint, but also non-parallel. This gives the lines an ability to be linked with each other. As long as the number of lines is not large (less than 6), the linking numbers rule. Then the Jones polynomial comes. On a horizont the Khovanov homology can be recognized... Introductions into Topology of Real Algebraic Varieties Introductions to patchworking Dequantization of real algebraic geometry on logarithmic paper
A talk by Oleg Viro at the Third European Congress of Mathematicians (Barcelona, 2000). It bridged patchworking and Litvinov - Maslov dequantization of positive real numbers and started up a broad development of Tropical geometry. What is an Amoeba? Notices AMS, pdf On Euler's footsteps, Evgeny Shchepin's Uppsala lectures on Calculus.

69. A General Topology-Based Mesh Data Structure
File Format PDF/Adobe Acrobat Quick View

70. General Topology
The goal of this part of the book is to teach the language of mathematics. More specifically, one of its most important components the language of set-theoretic topology, which

71. Project First Algorithm Analysis
University and NASA site dealing with specific topology and algorithm analysis.

72. Encyclopedia Of General Topology
Nov 30, 2009 What else could it be but an encyclopedia? Editerd by Klaas Pieter Hart, Juniti Nagata and Jerry E. Vaughan.

73. Fibrewise General Topology: A Brief Outlook By David Buhagiar
A brief outlook by David Buhagiar.
Topology Atlas Document # taic-34 Topology Atlas Invited Contributions vol. 5 issue 1 (2000) 1-4
Fibrewise General Topology: A Brief Outlook
David Buhagiar
Invited Contribution
The study of General Topology is usually concerned with the category TOP of topological spaces as objects, and continuous maps as morphisms. The concepts of space and map are equally important and one can even look at a space as a map from this space onto a singleton space and in this manner identify these two concepts. With this in mind, a branch of General Topology which has become known as General Topology of Continuous Maps, or Fibrewise General Topology, was initiated. This field of research is concerned most of all in extending the main notions and results concerning topological spaces to those of continuous maps. In this way one can see some well-known results in a new and clearer light and one can also be led to further developments which otherwise would not have suggested themselves. The fibrewise viewpoint is standard in the theory of fibre bundles, however, it has been recognized relatively recently that the same viewpoint is also as important in other areas such as General Topology. For an arbitrary topological space Y one considers the category TOP Y TOP , since the category TOP is isomorphic to the particular case of TOP Y in which the space Y is a singleton space.

74. Questions And Answers In General Topology - Home - Published By Symposium Of Gen
Questions and Answers in General Topology (abbreviation Q A ) was founded by Juniti Nagata in 1983. Q A is an international journal devoted primarily to
@import url(templates/new-E/new-E.css);
Questions and Answers in General Topology
Published by Symposium of General Topology Home Questions and Answers in General Topology

75. General Topology Authors/titles Recent Submissions
Title Topological monoids of almost monotone injective cofinite partial selfmaps of positive integers

76. General Topology Gudunov
Database and tables explaining the logical mesh.

77. Handbook Of The History Of General Topology
Handbook of the History of General Topology This book is the second volume of the Handbook of the History of General Topology. As was the case for the
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78. Intute - Topology
Collection of GT home pages.

MAILING ADDRESS Department of General Topology and Geometry Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Moscow State University Vorobyovy Gory, Moscow 119899
MAILING ADDRESS: Department of General Topology and Geometry
Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
Moscow State University
Vorobyovy Gory, Moscow 119899
Russia PHONE: FAX: (attn: V.V.Fedorchuk) E-MAIL ADDRESSES We refer those who would like to know more about current events in Topology around the World, to:
Maintained by Andrew N. Yakivchik
Please send your comments and suggestions to:

80. Topology And Its Applications - Elsevier
A journal concerned with publishing original research papers.

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