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  1. Introduction to Smooth Manifolds by John M. Lee, 2002-09-23
  2. Manifold: Space by Stephen Baxter, 2002-01-02
  3. Manifold Destiny: The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine! by Chris Maynard, Bill Scheller, 2008-11-18
  4. Calculus On Manifolds: A Modern Approach To Classical Theorems Of Advanced Calculus by Michael Spivak, 1971-01-22
  5. Introduction to Topological Manifolds (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) (Volume 0) by John M. Lee, 2000-05-25
  6. Differential Geometry of Manifolds by Stephen Lovett, 2010-06-29
  7. Manifold: Origin by Stephen Baxter, 2003-01-01
  8. Tensor Analysis on Manifolds by Richard L. Bishop, Samuel I. Goldberg, 1980-12-01
  9. Manifold Witness: The Plurality of Truth (Living Theology) by John Franke, 2009-10-01
  10. Riemannian Manifolds: An Introduction to Curvature (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) (Volume 0) by John M. Lee, 1997-09-05
  11. An Introduction to Manifolds (Universitext) (Volume 0) by Loring W. Tu, 2007-10-29
  12. Manifold: Time by Stephen Baxter, 2000-11-28
  13. Diesel Dining: The Art of Manifold Cooking by Cecil Jorgensen, Kathleen Szalay, 2010-02-12
  14. Modern Multivariate Statistical Techniques: Regression, Classification, and Manifold Learning (Springer Texts in Statistics) by Alan J. Izenman, 2008-08-28

1. Wilson & NPF
Manufacturer of performance parts and kits, with focus on nitrous injection systems. Includes product overview, company profile and catalogue.
Client login/register Dealer login/register View cart items ($0.00) Home Wilson Manifolds Nitrous Pro-Flow Manifolds Spacers ... Accessories NO FLASH DETECTED
Square Flange Throttle Bodies
Billet Bank Chevrolet LS Series Manifolds 4500 4BBL Throttle Bodies 4500 To 4150 Adapters ... Congratulations to Personett on NHRA Pro Mod victory!! Article and photo courtesy of
Personett races to Get Screened America Pro Mod Series victory at MAC TOOLS U.S. Nationals in Clermont, Ind.
Full Article on

Wilson Manifolds customer Brad Personett's win set the bar a little higher. With the first ever turbo-powered Pro Mod victory along with a national MPH record of 255.39, Personett is presenting himself as a fierce competitor in the series.
Brad Personett raced to his first career victory in the NHRA Get Screened America Pro Mod Series Monday at the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals presented by Lucas Oil, the world’s most prestigious drag race. Ford GT sets 252 mph record with WILSON Manifolds The Performance Power Racing Twin Turbo Ford GT accelerates from 203 to 253 MPH in 7.3 seconds, less time than it takes most cars to hit 60 MPH. Its 252.97 MPH standing mile is a new production car world record.

2. Manifold - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
manifolds need not be connected (all in one piece ); an example is a pair of separate circles. In this example we see that a manifold need not have any welldefined notion of
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Manifold (disambiguation) The sphere (surface of a ball ) is a two-dimensional manifold since it can be represented by a collection of two-dimensional maps. In mathematics (specifically in differential geometry and topology ) a manifold is a mathematical space that on a small enough scale resembles the Euclidean space of a specific dimension, called the dimension of the manifold. Thus a line and a circle are one-dimensional manifolds, a plane and sphere (the surface of a ball ) are two-dimensional manifolds, and so on into high-dimensional space . More formally, every point of an n -dimensional manifold has a neighborhood homeomorphic to the n R n Although manifolds resemble Euclidean spaces near each point ("locally"), the global structure of a manifold may be more complicated. For example, any point on the usual two-dimensional surface of a sphere is surrounded by a circular region that can be flattened to a circular region of the plane , as in a geographical map. However, the sphere differs from the plane "in the large": in the language of

3. Authentic Weber Carburetors And Weber Parts At Pierce Manifolds
Huge WEBER parts inventory. Carburetors, Carburators, Conversion Kits, Intake manifolds, Air Filters, Linkages, Rebuild Kits, British cylinder heads.

4. - Intake Manifolds Introduction
Edelbrock Intake Manifold Introduction Edelbrock has several styles of aluminum intake manifolds to fit different applications. Each style of manifold has characteristics that

Edelbrock Intake Manifold Introduction NASCAR EDITION MANIFOLDS
Nothing is more American than NASCAR stock car racing and Edelbrock manifolds. Now you can get an exclusive Edelbrock NASCAR Edition RPM Air-Gap manifold. Based on our popular RPM Air-Gap designs, these manifolds will deliver superior and reliable performance along with unique looks. The Edelbrock NASCAR Edition RPM Air-Gap manifolds will set you apart from the crowd with their durable and distinctive black powder coated finish and attractive full color emblem. Free special edition Edelbrock/NASCAR hat included with purchase of any NASCAR Edition RPM Air-Gap manifold. See individual part number listings for more details on each manifold. PERFORMER® MANIFOLDS (Idle to 5500 rpm)

Performer manifolds for fuel injected engines are street legal stock replacements for Ford and GM. These manifolds continue the Edelbrock tradition of enhanced engine breathing and balanced cylinder-to-cylinder air/fuel distribution for improved performance, driveability and economy. In addition to these street legal manifolds, Edelbrock has a complete selection of multi-point fuel injection conversion systems for Ford, GM, Chrysler, AMC and Jeep. These include Performer MPFI conversions for GM T.B.I. and Vortec engines and Performer or Performer RPM Pro-Flo systems that include all parts needed to give you the power and efficiency of fuel injection (see

5. Manifold -- From Wolfram MathWorld
manifolds are therefore of interest in the study of geometry, topology, and analysis. A submanifold is a subset of a manifold that is itself a manifold, but has smaller dimension.
Applied Mathematics

Calculus and Analysis

Discrete Mathematics
... Rowland, Todd
Manifold A manifold is a topological space that is locally Euclidean (i.e., around every point, there is a neighborhood that is topologically the same as the open unit ball in ). To illustrate this idea, consider the ancient belief that the Earth was flat as contrasted with the modern evidence that it is round. The discrepancy arises essentially from the fact that on the small scales that we see, the Earth does indeed look flat. In general, any object that is nearly "flat" on small scales is a manifold, and so manifolds constitute a generalization of objects we could live on in which we would encounter the round/flat Earth problem, as first codified by Poincaré. More concisely, any object that can be "charted" is a manifold. One of the goals of topology is to find ways of distinguishing manifolds. For instance, a circle is topologically the same as any closed loop, no matter how different these two manifolds may appear. Similarly, the surface of a coffee mug with a handle is topologically the same as the surface of the donut, and this type of surface is called a (one-handled) torus As a topological space , a manifold can be compact or noncompact, and

6. Manifolds In Fluid Handling Suppliers, Manufacturers & Distributors
111 suppliers of manifolds services in Connect Couplings,Dual Manifold Valves,Plastic Connectors,Brass manifolds,Adjustable Floor Drains XLPE) Hoses ,+ manifolds,Brass
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Hydratron Inc. in Houston, US (United States) ...Rigs,Special High Pressure Manifolds and Fittings,Hydraulic Power...Pressure Tubing,On Site Valve Manifold Testing Services,Hydraulic...fittings and hydrostatic test manifolds suitable for pressures up...Hydro Testing ,On Site Valve Manifold Testing Services ,On Site... More details
Abbeon Cal Inc. in Santa Barbara, CA, US (United States) ...offer project solutions and outstanding customer service. , Air Knife Systems,Adhesives,Blades,Sealing Machines, Manifolds ,Welding Equipment and Accessories,Acrylic Fabrication,Epoxy Adhesives,Electric Air Duct Heaters,Air Flow Regulators... More details
Clippard Instrument Laboratory in Cincinnati, OH, US (United States)

7. Hedman Hedders - HEDMAN HEDDERS- Performance Hedders (headers), Exhaust Systems
Manufactures headers (performance exhaust manifolds) and mufflers, tubular exhaust manifold systems and street rod headers.

Street Hedders
Street Hedder Accessories
Y-Pipes ... Exhaust Equalizer Systems
ELITE Ultra-Duty Hedders
The extreme-duty construction protects against burnout and exhaust leaks caused by the excessive heat and vibration present in high performance and towing applications. ELITE Hedders outlast and outperform ordinary hedders.

Installing coated hedders on an engine during the break-in period will cause discoloration. Please click the MORE INFO tab below to learn more...

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8. Daman Manifolds
Daman manifolds custom manifold designer and manufacturer with a standard product line, and also a sophisticated source for custom hydraulic manifold products
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9. Alumi-Tec Manifolds - 292 Manifold Sizes In Stock, Custom Manifolds, Junction Bl
AlumiTec Inc, the ONLY manifold company that really has all 292 catalog items in stock at all times! Custom manifolds ship in 24 hours! Catalog orders received by 100 ship
292 Sizes of Manifolds in Stock at All Times
We're celebrating our 21st anniversary!
Alumi-Tec Inc. is the ONLY manifold manufacturer that has 292 sizes of manifolds in stock at all times for immediate delivery! Faxed orders by 1:00 EST from the distributors ship the same day! Alumi-Tec Inc. is the ONLY manifold manufacturer that offers 24 hour delivery on custom manifolds , header blocks, terminal strips, terminal blocks, junction blocks, distribution blocks and grease blocks!
Alumi-Tec Inc. standard manifolds are used for many pneumatic and hydraulic applications
Our manifolds are made from 6061 grade aluminum, NPT threads, most are black anodized, have pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation and are ALWAYS IN STOCK! Custom manifolds are made to your specifications and BSPT, BSPP, SAE, and NPT ports are available and ship in 24 hours! Our customers get a quality product backed by speedy and friendly service! That's our dedication to you. Alumi-Tec Inc. manifolds are sold through distributors throughout the United States and Canada.

10. Manifolds
manifolds Drip Irrigation Store Got a suggestion? Great! We'd love to hear it. Just click on the suggestion box and let us know what is on your mind.
Track Order My Account Help Welcome FREE SHIPPING on orders $90+ Lifetime Guarantee

11. Hydraulic Manifolds Australia Is A Leader In The Design And Manufacture Of Super
Design and manufacture of standard and custom hydraulic manifolds. Offers profile, product information and contact details.
To assist our customers in creating the best
hydraulic engineering solutions.
Who We Are
What We Can Do
With our advanced design methodologies and manufacturing technology, Hydraulic Manifolds Australia can build your custom design from steel, aluminium, stainless steel or composites. What's more, we understand "urgent". That's why our ISO 9001:2008 certified production system has the flexibility to prioritise your job when you need it now.
To further simplify your build process, we also supply a diverse range of components, including hydraulic valves, sub-plates, relief valves and relief bodies.
MD Design

12. Plumbing Manifolds
Manifold plumbing systems are control centers for hot cold water that feed flexible supply lines to individual fixtures. Plastic manifolds with flexible

13. Manifold (automotive) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Such manifolds may be designed for either two or four barrel carburetors. Heat Riser .now obsolete, earlier manifolds with 'wet runners' for carbureted engines used exhaust
Manifold (automotive)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Manifold (automotive engineering) Jump to: navigation search This article needs additional citations for verification
Please help improve this article by adding reliable references . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed (April 2009) In automotive engineering , an intake manifold or inlet manifold is the part of an engine that supplies the fuel air mixture to the cylinders . An exhaust manifold or header collects the exhaust gases from multiple cylinders into one pipe. The word manifold comes from the Old English word manigfeald (from the Anglo-Saxon manig [many] and feald [fold]) and refers to the folding together of multiple inputs and outputs.
  • Intake manifold
    edit Intake manifold
    Carburetors used as intake runners The primary function of the intake manifold is to evenly distribute the combustion mixture (or just air in a direct injection engine) to each intake port in the cylinder head(s). Even distribution is important to optimize the efficiency and performance of the engine. It may also serve as a mount for the carburetor, throttle body, fuel injectors and other components of the engine. Due to the downward movement of the pistons and the restriction caused by the throttle valve, in a reciprocating

14. Stride Tool Inc. - Imperial® 700 Series Kwik-Charger® Service Manifold
Stride Tool, Inc. Supplier of Imperial Brand Specialty Hand Tools
Search Stride site:
GO TO NEXT PAGE: 600 Series 510/520 Series 400 Series 300 Series ...
New 800 Series for deep draw

Charging the system is faster and easier than ever.
has designed manifolds with built-in
Dual Action Valve - Operates as a conventional manifold, or
engage the Kwik-Charge valve and the manifold accepts liquid
refrigerant from cylinder and discharges into the low side of
the system. Charging rate is up to eight times faster than
vapor charging. Safe - Internal metering element reduces liquid flow to a level below capacity of the compressor. Assures a safe, fast charge without endangering the compressor. All-In-One - No connecting or disconnecting special adapters for charging new blended refrigerants. No Pressure Drop-In Cylinder - No need to heat refrigerant cylinder. Works With All Refrigerants - CFC, HFC, HCFC, Zeotropic and Azeotropic. Filters In All Manifold Port Fittings - To keep out particulate material that may be present during recovery or reclaim or in recovered refrigerant. Filters are easily serviceable.

15. Manifolds - Integrated Hydraulic Manifold Systems | Moog
Integrated Hydraulic Manifold Systems Designs Tailored to HighPerformance Machine Applications
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Integrated Hydraulic Manifold Systems
Designs Tailored to High-Performance Machine Applications Moog's Integrated Hydraulic Manifold Systems are fully self-contained systems comprised of hydraulic manifolds, cartridge valves and servocartridge valves servocartridge valves with advanced safety functionality that are matched ideally to the needs of the system. Moog's custom approach to manifold design allows for a wide variety of machine control solutions for challenging applications such as metal forming and die casting machines. Our systems offer many advantages including reduced size, weight, and cost and are known as a cleaner, leak-free and more reliable solution. The fully integrated features of our integrated hydraulic manifold systems make for easy installation. Gone are the sub plate manifolds, hard or flexible piping, connectors, and clamps formerly known with traditional distribution systems. Benefits
  • Application-specific circuits enhance machine performance, reduce system cost, and increase safety

16. Daman Manifolds
Daman manifolds custom manifold designer and manufacturer with a standard product line, and also a sophisticated source for custom hydraulic manifold
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17. Radiant Floor Heating - Manifolds | Eagle Mountain | RadiantMax
Radiant heat systems can lower your heating and cooling bills dramatically! Check out our geothermal heating and cooling systems at To order underfloor heating
  • Home Blog Products
    Radiant Floor Heating - Manifolds
    Radiantmax copper manifolds provide a low cost and durable solution for a manifold system. Our manifolds have 1” mains, and are available in a variety of configurations. K1 Manifolds Model # Description 2 outlets w/ 3/8" fittings 3 outlets w/ 3/8" fittings 4 outlets w/ 3/8" fittings 2 outlets w/ 1/2 " fittings 3 outlets w/ 1/2" fittings 4 outlets w/ 1/2" fittings 5 outlets w/ 1/2" fittings 6 outlets w/ 1/2" fittings Contact Eagle Mountain by E-mail or call 1-800-572-7831 K1 Manifolds with Dahl valves Model # Description 2 outlets w/ 3/8" fittings 3 outlets w/ 3/8" fittings 4 outlets w/ 3/8" fittings 2 outlets w/ 1/2 " fittings 3 outlets w/ 1/2" fittings 4 outlets w/ 1/2" fittings 5 outlets w/ 1/2" fittings 6 outlets w/ 1/2" fittings Bulk Manifolds Model # Description 1" x 1/2" 1" x 3/4" 1 1/4" x 1/2" 1 1/4" x 3/4 " 1 1/2" x 1/2" 1 1/2" x 3/4 "

18. ARI-CODI® Manifolds
ARI Valve Corporation products are found all around the globe. Our main products include bellows seal valves, control valves, steam traps, safety valves, pressure regulating valves
About ARI Bellows Seal Valves Control Valves Steam Traps ... Manifolds Manifolds
Collects and distributes condensate, steam and fluids. Available in flanged, socket end, and butt weld end connections. Products: Mediums:
  • Steam, condensate, process water, hot oil, etc.
Toll Free: 1-800-933-8845
Tel: 770-933-8845
1738 Sands Place SE
Marietta GA 30067
Web Design by SMF Associates

19. Alberta Custom Tee (2006) LTD - Manufacturer Of Copper Manifolds And Headers
Manufactures copper manifolds and headers for hydronic heating and potable water distribution. Stocking copper to copper and pex to copper manifolds and custom manifolds made to order.
Alberta Custom Tee- Manufacturer of Copper Manifolds , Headers and Tees . Alberta Custom Tee Ltd. is a manufacturer of copper manifolds, headers and tees used in both hydronic heating and potable water distribution. A wide variety of copper to copper and pex to copper manifolds in stock. Custom Manifolds made to order. 3/4inch to 6inch bodies with 1/2inch to 6inch outlets Headers, Valves, Copper, Tees, Heating, Floor, Pex, Wirsbo, Ipex, Kitec, Thermal Ease, Rehau, Plasco, CPI, Infloor, Vanguard, Sioux Chief, Tube, PVC, Manifolds, Kitec, Aqua Pex, Pro Pex, Fitting, Adapter, Ulta Pex, Plumbing, Hydronics, Radiant Heating, Potable Water System, Boilers, Hot Water Heaters, Everloc, Plumbing, Infloor Heating, Under Heating, Snowmelt, pipe, plastic pipe, plastic tube, copper pipe, copper tube, hot water tanks, zone valves, thermostat, balancing valves, shut off valves, ball valve, plumbing system, Burnham, Teledyne Laars, Radiant Technology, US Brass, Quest Pex, Uponor Plastic, Pipe Systems available.

20. Manifolds, OMC, MERCRUISER, VOLVO Boat Manifolds,GLM At Di
BOATENGINE.COM 913342-0011 Email
BOATENGINE.COM Email: Call us or use our Request Form for pricing, You will be glad you did! Hours: M-F 9-5, Saturday 9-Noon CST 2009 Boat Dealers Best of Kansas City Award Home Parts Store Find a Part # Manifolds ... Blog
Marine Manifolds
Choose your manufacturer: OMC VOLVO Mercruiser Summary of our AVAILABLE GLM Boat MANIFOLDS MERCRUISER MANIFOLDS- click for Listing OMC MANIFOLDS- click for Listing VOLVO MANIFOLDS - click for Listing
  • High quality, cost effective aftermarket marine products
  • Three y r warranty for cast iron elbow/manifold.
  • Significant money savings over OEM prices
US Boatworks has all the boat manifolds you are looking for .  Manifolds at great pricing too.  We stock both OEM Mercruiser, Volvo and OMC Manifold s as well as GLM aftermarket boat manifolds .  All Manifolds are sold at discount pricing. GLM PRODUCTS: Over the past two decades, GLM has committed itself to producing high quality and cost effective aftermarket marine products. From superior quality materials to the most advanced computerized machinery, GLM has made a commitment to the marine industry and its consumers to deliver the most outstanding, reliable and compatible products to meet the demands of consumers. All GLM products are brand new from factory and completely compatible and interchangeable with the OEM. In addition, GLM in-house design and engineering actually enables improvement on the original OEM designs. GLM engineering and manufacturing capabilities produce more reliable replacement parts for our customers. Advanced technology, superior materials, and compatibility constantly improve and GLM strives to include these advances in all of its products.

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