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  1. Additive Subgroups of Topological Vector Spaces (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) by Wojciech Banaszczyk, 1991-08-08
  2. Lie Groups and Lie Algebras II
  3. Topological transformation groups: A categorical approach (Mathematical Centre tracts ; 65) by J. de Vries, 1975
  4. Topological semigroups, (Mathematical Centre tracts) by A. B Paalman-de Miranda, 1964
  5. Algebraic Structure of Pseudocompact Groups (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) by Dikran N. Dikranjan, Dmitri Shakhmatov, 1998-06
  6. Equivariant maps of spheres into the classical groups, (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, no. 95) by Jon H Folkman, 1971
  7. Erdos Space and Homeomorphism Groups of Manifolds (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) by Jan J. Dijkstra, Jan Van Mill, 2010-10-23
  8. Transformation Groups on Manifolds (Pure and Applied Mathematics) by Ted Petrie, 1984-05
  9. Integration and Harmonic Analysis on Compact Groups (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series 8) by R. E. Edwards, 1972-10-27
  10. Geometry of Coxeter Groups (Research Notes in Mathematics Series) by Howard Hiller, 1982-04
  11. Topological Triviality and Versality for Subgroups of A and K (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) by James Damon, 1988-10
  12. A Topological Chern-Weil Theory (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) by Anthony V. Phillips, David A., M.D. Stone, 1993-07
  13. Structural Aspects in the Theory of Probability: A Primer In Probabilities On Algebraic-Topological Structures (Series on Multivariate Analysis, V. 7) by Herbert Heyer, 2004-08
  14. Abelian Groups, Module Theory, and Topology (Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics)

81. 0.1 Topological Groups 0.2 Haar Measure
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82. Nguyen Van Thé , Pestov : Fixed Point-free Isometric Actions Of Topological Gro
We show that every nonprecompact topological group admits a fixed point-free continuous action by affine isometries on a suitable Banach space.
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83. Topological Group -- From Wolfram MathWorld
Oct 11, 2010 which has a Hausdorff topology is a topological group. The simplest example is the group of real numbers under addition.
Applied Mathematics

Calculus and Analysis

Discrete Mathematics
... Rowland, Todd
Topological Group A continuous group which has a Hausdorff topology is a topological group. The simplest example is the group of real numbers under addition. The homeomorphism group of any compact Hausdorff space is a topological group when given the compact-open topology . Also, any Lie group is a topological group. SEE ALSO: Effective Action Free Action Group Group Orbit ... Transitive This entry contributed by Todd Rowland
Rowland, Todd
. "Topological Group." From MathWorld A Wolfram Web Resource, created by Eric W. Weisstein Contact the MathWorld Team
Wolfram Research, Inc.
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84. ScienceDirect - Topology And Its Applications : Coproducts Of Abelian Topologica
by P Nickolas 2002 - Cited by 7 - Related articles
window.onresize = resizeWindow; Username: Password: Remember me Not Registered? Forgotten your username or password? Go to Athens / Institution login All fields Author Advanced search Journal/Book title Volume Issue Page Search tips Font Size: Related Articles Free abelian topological groups and adjunction spaces
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra

Free abelian topological groups and adjunction spaces
Original Research Article
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra Volume 68, Issues 1-2 30 November 1990 Pages 209-214
Eli Katz, S. A. Morris, Peter Nickolas
Purchase PDF (352 K) Bounded sets in topological groups and embeddings
Topology and its Applications

Bounded sets in topological groups and embeddings
Original Research Article
Topology and its Applications Volume 154, Issue 7 1 April 2007 Pages 1298-1306
Montserrat Bruguera, Mikhail Tkachenko
Abstract We show that the existence of a non-metrizable compact subspace of a topological group G often implies that G contains an uncountable supersequence (a copy of the one-point compactification of an uncountable discrete space). The existence of uncountable supersequences in a topological group has a strong impact on bounded subsets of the group. For example, if a topological group

85. First Steps In Topological Transformation Groups, Gliwice, Poland, 4.9.2007
The theory of topological transformation groups combines algebra with topology in a beautifull way. This short course gives an introduction to some of the
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Faculty of Science

Faculty of Social Sciences

Departmental front page
News ... People In English
First Steps in Topological Transformation Groups
(Gliwice, Poland, 4.9.2007)
Martin Fluch
The theory of topological transformation groups combines algebra with topology in a beautifull way. This short course gives an introduction to some of the very basic definitions concerning topological transformation groups and a few simple results. All the ommited proofs may be found in any book about transformation groups, the book by Kawakubo on transformation groups being one of them. Due to the limited amount of time it is impossible to serve more than only a short glimpse of the surface of this theroy, but it might give an insight of the interplay of algebra and topology. This short lecture will be part of the 3rd Summer School of Algebra and Topology which is held in Gliwice , Poland from 3rd to 7th of September.
Lecture Notes
The notes to this lecture can be downloaded here: ttgrp_intro.pdf

86. On Orderability Of Topological Groups
A necessary and sufficient condition for a topological group whose topology can be induced by a total order compatible with the group structure is given and

87. Introduction To Topological Groups
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88. On Approximation Of Topological Groups By Finite Algebraic Systems
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89. Local Homomorphisms Of Topological Groups
by Y Zelenyuk Cited by 2 - Related articles

90. The Character Of Free Topological Groups I - Dialnet
by P Nickolas 2005 - Cited by 6 - Related articles

91. On Subgroups Of Minimal Topological Groups
by VV Uspenskij 2000 - Cited by 23 - Related articles
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On subgroups of minimal topological groups Authors:

eprint arXiv:math/0004119 Publication Date:

ARXIV Keywords:
Mathematics - General Topology, Mathematics - Dynamical Systems, Mathematics - Group Theory, 22A05, 06F05, 22A15, 54D35, 54E15, 54E50, 54H11, 54H12, 54H15, 57S05 Comment:
To appear in Topology and its Applications. 39 pages; doi:10.1016/j.topol.2008.03.001 Bibliographic Code:
A topological group is minimal if it does not admit a strictly coarser Hausdorff group topology. The Roelcke uniformity (or lower uniformity) on a topological group is the greatest lower bound of the left and right uniformities. A group is Roelcke-precompact if it is precompact with respect to the Roelcke uniformity. Many naturally arising non-Abelian topological groups are Roelcke-precompact and hence have a natural compactification. We use such compactifications to prove that some groups of isometries are minimal. In particular, if U_1 is the Urysohn universal metric space of diameter 1, the group Iso(U_1) of all self-isometries of U_1 is Roelcke-precompact, topologically simple and minimal. We also show that every topological group is a subgroup of a minimal topologically simple Roelcke-precompact group of the form Iso(M), where M is an appropriate non-separable version of the Urysohn space.

92. Atlas: On The Extension Of Topological Groups With Closed Cross Section By Seyed
by SS Gashti 2009
Atlas home Conferences Abstracts about Atlas International Conference on Topology and its Applications
July 6-11, 2009
Department of Mathematics, Hacettepe University
Ankara, Turkey Organizers
Emin Ozcag (Chairman), Senol Dost, Ozlem Erdogan, Riza Erturk, Haydar Es, Alev Kanibir, Selma Ozcag, Ismail Tiryaki, Filiz Yildiz View Abstracts
Conference Homepage
On the extension of topological groups with closed cross section
Seyed Sadjad Gashti
University of Guilan, Iran
Coauthors: Hossein Sahleh (University of Guilan) Let G be a topological group, A a closed normal subgroup and abelian G-module. We consider the short exact sequences
i G p p For example if G=R, the real line, A=Z the integers, G/A=S , the unit circle then we have the following: i R exp S is not. d closed cross section . We denote the group of topological group extensions of A by G/A with the closed cross section property by Ext K (G/A, A). We define H k (G/A, A), the restricted second cohomology , and prove that there is a one to one correspondence between Ext k (G/A, A) and

93. On Initial And Final L-topological Groups
by F Bayoumi 2005 - Cited by 9 - Related articles

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