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  1. Plane Trigonometry by E. Richard Heineman, J. Dalton Tarwater, 1993-01-01
  2. Precalculus with Trigonometry: Concepts and Applications, Solutions Manual by Paul Foerster, 2006-05-31
  3. Plane and Spherical Trigonometry (Classic Reprint) by George N. Bauer, 2010-09-20
  4. Precalculus: With Unit Circle Trigonometry (with CD-ROM and iLrn? Tutorial) by David Cohen, 2005-03-21
  5. Graphical Approach to Algebra and Trigonometry, A (5th Edition) (Hornsby/Lial/Rockswold Graphical Approach Series) by John Hornsby, Margaret L. Lial, et all 2010-02-06
  6. Algebra & Trigonometry Enhanced with Graphing Utilities (2nd Edition) by Michael Sullivan, Michael J Sullivan, 1999-10-06
  7. Precalculus: Concepts Through Functions, A Unit Circle Approach to Trigonometry (2nd Edition) (Sullivan Concepts Through Functions Series) by Michael Sullivan, Michael Sullivan III, 2010-02-26
  8. Trigonometry the Easy Way by Douglas Downing Ph.D., 2001-02-01
  9. Trigonometry (2nd Edition) by Judith A. Beecher, Judith A. Penna, et all 2007-10-20
  10. Trigonometry: A Unit Circle Approach (8th Edition) by Michael Sullivan, 2007-05-18
  11. Schaum's Outline Series : Theory and Problems of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry (including 680 problems solved in detail) by Frank Ayres jr, 1954-12
  12. Student Solutions Manual College Algebra with Trigonometry by Raymond Barnett, Michael Ziegler, et all 2010-04-14
  13. Teach Yourself Trigonometry by P.Abbott, 2003-07-28
  14. Algebra 2 With Trigonometry by Be Hall, 1993-06

81. Trigonometry Definition Of Trigonometry In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
trigonometry Gr.,=measurement of triangles, a specialized area of geometry concerned with the properties of and relations among the parts of a triangle.

82. MathsFiles Home
Includes downloads for algebra, trigonometry and statistics. Some require the use of Excel programming. Designed for the UK. A and AS level, ages 16 to 19. Includes resource links.
MathsFiles: Home
Technical Note :
To view the maths on a few of the notes pages with Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, you may need a plugin such as Design Science's MathPlayer.
To install MathPlayer, click here: For Firefox you may need to install some extra fonts. See here Direct download of fonts for Firefox 2 on windows here or Firefox 3 here
Welcome to Mathsfiles! This site started in 2002, when I was teaching at Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge, as the result of a Gatsby funded project into developing interactive Excel workbooks, using macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), for use in maths education. Since then I have continued to develop my skills and add content to the site as well as running workshops in Excel for teachers and commercial organisations. I have also become an accredited trainer for the Autograph maths software and undertaken several projects as an Excel consultant for business. The files available on this site are all free for educational use. Please contact me if you have any comments or questions about the site or if you would like to use my services as a trainer, consultant, private tutor or web designer.

83. Trigonometry
The Canadarm2 robotic manipulator on the International Space Station is operated by controlling the angles of its joints. Calculating the final position of the astronaut at the
2008/9 Schools Wikipedia Selection . Related subjects: Mathematics
The Canadarm2 robotic manipulator on the International Space Station is operated by controlling the angles of its joints. Calculating the final position of the astronaut at the end of the arm requires repeated use of the trigonometric functions of those angles. All of the trigonometric functions of an angle can be constructed geometrically in terms of a unit circle centered at O Trigonometry (from Greek "triangle" + metron "measure") is a branch of mathematics that deals with triangles , particularly those plane triangles in which one angle has 90 degrees ( right triangles ). Trigonometry deals with relationships between the sides and the angles of triangles and with the trigonometric functions , which describe those relationships. Trigonometry has applications in both pure mathematics and in applied mathematics , where it is essential in many branches of science and technology. It is usually taught in secondary schools either as a separate course or as part of a A branch of trigonometry, called

84. EMTeachline Mathematics Software - Math Problem Solving - Math Test Authoring
Problem solving and test authoring software for learning and teaching mathematics. Programs are available for arithmetic, algebra, and trigonometry.
Welcome! EMTeachline, an educational software company, offers Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry and Hyperbolic Trigonometry Courses for school age students, math teachers, and anyone else who is interested in solving math problems. We deliver mathematics in the serious and detailed fashion. The EMTeachline Mathematics Software is a collection of comprehensive learning and teaching tools to help you work at your best.
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Thousands of practice problems organized by subject and complexity, with answers, fully explained solutions and related math theory. Interactive training techniques. A unique system of performance analysis with methodical feedback. A set of test preparation options. Free online collection of math tests with 6,000+ math problems and fully explained solutions: algebraic inequalities, trigonometric equations, and more. Math teachers can find materials to enhance their Arithmetic, Algebra and Trigonometry courses. Students can sharpen their math skills through interactive tutorials. English

85. Trigonometry
How do I deal with angles? trigonometry in the geosciences Introduction to trigonometry How steep is this hillside and will it fail? How high is that mountain? These sorts of
@import "/styles/layout.css"; @import "/styles/base.css"; @import "/styles/mathyouneed.css"; Math You Need
How do I deal with angles?
Trigonometry in the geosciences
Introduction to Trigonometry
How steep is this hillside and will it fail? How high is that mountain? These sorts of questions pop up all over in geosciences - from plate tectonics to maps to ocean waves, and they require you to find either an angle or a distance. To do this, we often use trigonometry, which is much easier when a right triangle is involved. A right triangle (like the one in the figure to the right) has one angle that is 90 . The other two angles are always less than 90 and together add up to 90 . Note that the triangle on the right has 3 angles a, b and c and 3 sides, A, B, and H, and 3 angles a, b, and c. The side "opposite" an angle (in this case) is labeled with a capital letter corresponding to the label on the angle. The side opposite the right angle, H, is always the longest side and is called the hypotenuse.
Some rules/guidelines for trigonometry of right triangles
Because the trigonometric functions come up over and over, it is a good idea to figure out a way to remember their definitions. For most students (and, to be honest, your professors!) the mnemonic SOH-CAH-TOA (said "so-kah-toe-ahh") is helpful.

86. MathExer
Free online exercises covering a variety of topics in algebra, geometry, calculus and trigonometry. Multiple languages

87. Maths Worksheets - Trigonometry Worksheets To Print For Classroom Lessons.
trigonometry worksheet database from high school teachers around the world. Share lessons and worksheets at this worksheet swapshop .
Worksheet Swap Shop Trigonometry Worksheets Please note : This is a free service and these worksheets are supplied on 'as is' basis. We will not enter into any correspondence on the content of the worksheets, errors, answers or tuition. Worksheet title and main questions Year
level Write-on Answers View
Worksheets Year 10 Trigonometry
  • Basic trig functions
Yes Yes Page 1

(PDF) Triangle Test
  • Finding the unknown side using a mixture of basic trig
Yes No 2 pages
(PDF) Practising Pythagorus
  • Diagrams and word problems
No Yes 2 pages
(PDF) Trigonometry Investigation
  • Discovering trig ratios
No No Page 1

88. Trigonometry/Proof Pythagorean Theorem -…17 Hours AgoOct 29, 2010 The Pythagor
Averaging Two Angles 06/08/1999 How do you take the average of two or more angles? Basics of trigonometry 12/12/2001 Why is trigonometry important?

89. Calc Machine
Easy to use online calculator and expression evaluator. It supports basic arithmetic, trigonometry and logarithmic functions.
Easy online expression calculator
Enter expression below
Basic Arithmetic:
  • Power and Logarithms:
    • (3 to the 2nd power)
    • sqrt(9) = 3
    • log(2.7183) = 1.00000668491 (natural logarithm base-E)
    • (logarithm base-10)
    Trigonometric Functions:
    • sin(90) = 1
    • arcsin(1) = 90 (you may also use asin instead of arcsin)
    • cos(60) = 0.5
    • arccos(0.5) = 60 (you may also use acos instead of arccos)
    • tan(45) = 1
    • arctan(1) = 45 (you may also use atan instead of arctan)
    • PI (approximately 3.14159)
    • E (approximately 2.718)
  • 90. Cool Math .com - Geometry And Trigonometry Reference Area - Formulas, Definition
    Definitions and formulas for basic trigonometry, sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant , secant, cotangent, the law of sines and the law of cosines
    Your browser does not support the IFRAME tag.
    Math formulas, definitions, properties, diagrams and examples from Geometry and Trigonometry Your browser does not support the IFRAME tag. Your browser does not support the IFRAME tag. Your browser does not support the IFRAME tag. Geometry Stuff Perimeters Areas Circle Stuff The Geometry of Circles:
    Definitions and formulas for the radius of a circle, the diameter of a circle, the circumference (perimeter) of a circle, the area of a circle, the chord of a circle, arc and the arc length of a circle, sector and the area of the sector of a circle The Trigonometry of Circles:
    Definitions and formulas for the arc and the arc length of a circle, sector and the area of the sector of a circle, the unit circle, the angles on the unit circle in radians, the angles on the unit circle in degrees, the points on the circumference of the unit circle Triangle Stuff Notations:
    Geometry notations for triangles including the right triangle, congruent sides of a triangle and congruent angles of a triangle

    91. Trigonometry
    trigonometry is a branch of mathematics which deals with triangles, particularly triangles in a plane where one angle of the triangle is 90 degrees (right triangles). Triangles
    Science Reference
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    Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics which deals with triangles, particularly triangles in a plane where one angle of the triangle is 90 degrees (right triangles). See also: Triangles on a sphere are also studied, in spherical trigonometry. Trigonometry specifically deals with the relationships between the sides and the angles of triangles, that is, the trigonometric functions, and with calculations based on these functions. Trigonometry has important applications in many branches of pure mathematics as well as of applied mathematics and, consequently, much of science and precalculus. For example, the robotic arm on the International Space Station is operated by controlling the angles of its joints. Calculating the final position of the astronaut at the end of the arm requires repeated use of the trigonometric functions of those angles. For more information about the topic Trigonometry , read the full article at

    92. All Elementary Mathematics - Online Mathematical School...
    An online mathematical high school. Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, functions and graphs, analysis. Theory and solving problems. Also has practice exams and math jokes.
    Math symbols Jokes Forum About us ... Site map Program of Lessons
    Citizenship In the Mathematics Country!
    This site is an online mathematical high school where you can study without leaving your home (online education). This site unlike others contains all necessary information of elementary mathematics in full measure.
    Here You’ll Find Everything:
    · theory · problems · help · tests · consulting · reference · None of other sites can be compared to this site by width and profundity of the mathematics curriculum consideration. So, if you want to understand and fall in love with elementary mathematics, if you like to master it perfectly and to solve any math problems and to enter any university, then come on!
    The Site Is For You!
    Sitting in front of the computer, you'll be able to fulfill any math homework, to raise your marks at school and to comprehend the curriculum of the high school. You'll feel that there are no secrets in mathematics for you. The site will answer all your questions, be your consultant and assistant in studying, it is real preparatory school. Here you'll find necessary information and be able to deepen your knowledge in all basic sections of elementary mathematics: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, functions and graphs, principles of analysis and so on. You'll be ready to pass any mathematical tests and exams. The site is conducted by a scientist and a professor experienced in preparing students for the best universities. He is cognizant of the all levels of the mathematics curriculum.

    93. Trigonometry Software: Homework Help
    trigonometry software designed to solve trigonometry homework problems with stepby-step help.
    ulm_save_doc=true Next Steps Buy Now Academic Lab Packs Reviews System Requirements ... Online Demo Screenshots Solve YOUR trigonometry homework problems Get step-by-step answers to your trigonometry problems Create graphs of your trigonometry problems Create tests and quizzes ... Products If you're looking for help in trigonometry, look no further. solves your toughest trigonometry homework problems with step-by-step work and explanations, allowing you to finish your assignments quickly and increase your grades. With additional powerful features including infinite example problems, practice tests, progress tracking, and a math document designer, provides all the help you need to succeed in trigonometry.

    94. Awesome Library - Mathematics - Middle-High School Math - Trigonometry
    The Awesome Library organizes 37,000 carefully reviewed K12 education resources, the top 5 percent for teachers, students, parents, and librarians. It includes a search engine.
    Awesome Library Search
    Here: Home Classroom Mathematics Middle-High School Math > Trigonometry
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  • Trigonometry - Basic Course (Clark University - Joyce)
      Provides explanations, diagrams, problems, and answers for basic trigonometry concepts and problems. 4-00

  • Trigonometry - Equations and Triangles (Thinkquest Team 20991)
      Provides examples of inverse trigonometry ratios, trigonometry equations, triangles, and laws of sines and cosines. Also includes a quiz. 5-00

  • Trigonometry - Solving Right Triangles (Clark University - Joyce)
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  • Trigonometry - Solving a Right Triangle (WebMath)
      Provides a lesson and the missing information when you fill in portions of the problem. 2-04

  • Trigonometry Basics (Thinkquest Team 20991)
      Provides basic trigonometry tutorials for ratios, rotations, radians, graphs and graphing, cofunctions, Pythagorean, quotient identities, cosine, sine, tangent, and double identities. Also includes proving identities. 5-00

  • Trigonometry Identities (Thinkquest Team 20991)
      Provides examples to teach about cosine, sine, tangent, and double identities, as well as proving identities. Also includes a quiz. 5-00
  • 95. Mathematics
    Learn how to use expressions to represent numbers, work with variables and create special drawings to represent equations. Also has a brief introduction to trigonometry and curve fitting. Includes interactive graphs.

    96. Trigonometry
    Dec 17, 2005 trigonometry is the study of angles, triangles, and trigonometric functions such as sine, cosine and tangent. First used by Egyptians and
    Trigonometry is the study of angles, triangles, and trigonometric functions such as sine, cosine and tangent. First used by Egyptians and Babylonians, trig has been around for over 3000 years. Trigonometry is used in surveying, navigation, and various sciences such as physics. For an excellent review of Trigonometry, trig subjects and its history, check out Wikipedia The Big Ideas covered in Trigonometry include: Other topics that might help:
    Right Triangle Trig
    Most students begin their study of Trigonometry with right triangles. If you have a right triangle, you can name the angles with capital letters - A B, and C. By convention, angle C is always the right or 90° angle. The sides of the triangle are named using small letters and the letter matches the letter of the angle opposite or across from the side. The longest side c is also know as the hypotenuse. Pythagoras is given credit for discovering what is now known as the Pythagorean Theorem in the 6th century BC. His theorem says that the three sides of every right triangle are related such that:

    97. Trigonometry
    trigonometry. Written by Jon Anders Pettersen, Gjermund Vingerhagen and Tommy Tveter Heggenes. Introduction. trigonometry developed from the study of rightangled triangles by
    Trigonometry Written by Jon Anders Pettersen, Gjermund Vingerhagen and Tommy Tveter Heggenes. Introduction Trigonometry developed from the study of right-angled triangles by applying their relations of sides and angles to the study of similar triangles. The word trigonometry comes from the Greek words "trigonon" which means triangle, and "metria" which means measure. The term trigonometry was first invented by the German mathematician Bartholomaeus Pitiscus, in his work, Trigonometria sive de dimensione triangulea, and first published 1595. The primary use of trigonometry is for operation, cartography, astronomy and navigation, but modern mathematicians has extended the uses of trigonometric functions far beyond a simple study of triangles to make trigonometry indispensable in many other areas. Especially astronomy was very tightly connected with trigonometry, and the first presentation of trigonometry as a science independent of astronomy is credited to the Persian Nasir ad-Din in the 13 century. Trigonometric functions have a varied history. The old Egyptians looked upon trigonometric functions as features of similar triangles, which were useful in land surveying and when building pyramids. The old Babylonian astronomers related trigonometric functions to arcs of circles and to the lengths of the chords subtending the arcs.

    98. History Of Mathematics - Prologue
    Presenting an overview from ancient times to the present day, including descriptions of the discovery of pi and the origins of trigonometry.
    Prologue We are all taught Mathematics, but few if any, know from where it came. This is a journey into the world of Mathematics to seek out its roots and heritage. This is a journey of ancient Mathematicians and forgotten theorems. This is a journey of prehistoric philosophers and misdirected mathematicians. This is a journey of failures and successes. This is a treatise upon treatises and a proof upon proofs. Here we will gather the clues and solve the mysteries. Or we may simply leave the mysteries unsolved. Here we will learn of our ancestors and predict our future. All, of course, with roots in Mathematics. Contents Next Section

    99. Trigonometry ::
    1 post 1 author - Last post Nov 6, 2009This is a text on elementary trigonometry, designed for students who have completed courses in high-school algebra and geometry.
    Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes Register FAQ Search Memberlist ... Mathematics
    Trigonometry Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 8:21 pm by ndaru Trigonometry
    Author : Michael Corral, Department of Mathematics, Schoolcraft College
    Publication Date : October 2009
    License : The book is distributed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.
    Book Description:
    Michael Corral wrote: This book covers elementary trigonometry. It is suitable for a one-semester course at the college level, though it could also be used in high schools. The prerequisites are high school algebra and geometry.
    This book basically consists of my lecture notes from teaching trigonometry at Schoolcraft College over several years, expanded with some exercises. There are exercises at the end of each section. I have tried to include some more challenging problems, with hints when I felt those were needed. An average student should be able to do most of the exercises. Answers and hints to many of the odd-numbered and some of the even-numbered exercises are provided in Appendix A.
    This text probably has a more geometric feel to it than most current trigonometry texts. That was, in fact, one of the reasons I wanted to write this book. I think that approaching the subject with too much of an analytic emphasis is a bit confusing to students. It makes much of the material appear unmotivated. This book starts with the “old-fashioned” right triangle approach to the trigonometric functions, which is more intuitive for students to grasp.

    100. Complex Numbers And Trigonometry
    Mar 10, 2008 A mathematics text which develops trigonometry through the complex numbers.
    Dedication Table of Contents Preface Chapter I ... PDF Version Complex Numbers and Trigonometry
    Third Edition
    Abraham P. Hillman
    University Of New Mexico
    Gerald L. Alexanderson
    Santa Clara University
    Mervin E. Newton ...
    Thiel College

    INTERACTIVE VERSION The Original Edition of this text is still available. This text has been placed on the WWW as a public service by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Thiel College . It presents an innovative introduction to trigonometry through the use of complex numbers. The text is available in two formats. This, the interactive version, is intended to be read on the computer. There is also a PDF version which is more suitable for printing. All references in the interactive version to other parts of the text are links to the other parts. If you follow one of these links, use the BACK command on your browser to return to your starting point. Dedication Table of Contents Preface Chapter I ... PDF Version For other works by one or more of these authors try Algebra Through Problem Solving An Introduction to Programming HP Graphing Calculators HP-50g Calculator Tutorials Minitab Tutorial and Abstract Algebra Return to Thiel Useful Links page.

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