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         Ibn Sina:     more books (100)
  1. Avicenna (Ibn Sina): Muslim Physician And Philosopher of the Eleventh Century (Great Muslim Philosophers and Scientists of the Middle Ages) by Aisha Khan, 2006-01-30
  2. Ibn Sina And His Influence on the Arabic And Latin World (Variorum Collected Studies Series) by Jules Janssens, 2006-03
  3. An Annotated Bibliography on Ibn Sina (1970-1989): Including Arabic and Persian Publications and Turkish and Russian References (Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Series 1) by Jules L. Janssens, 1991-06-30
  4. The Two Wings of Wisdom: Mysticism and Philosophy in the Risalat Ut-Tair of Ibn Sina (Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis: Studia Iranica Upsaliensia, 4) (Acta ... Upsaliensis: Studia Iranica Upsaliensia, 4) by Shukufah Taqi, Shokoufeh Taghi, 2000-12-10
  5. The Life of Ibn Sina: A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation (Studies in Islamic Philosophy Science)
  6. Ibn Sina and the Muslim World (Great Civil) by Malcolm Yapp, 1986-06
  7. The Making of the Avicennan Tradition: The Transmission, Contents, and Structures of Ibn Sina's Al-Mubahatat (The Discussions (Islamic Philosophy, Theology, and Science) by David C. Reisman, 2002-06-01
  8. Ibn Sina Und Die Peripatetische Aussagenlogik (Islamic Philosophy and Theology : Texts and Studies, Vol VI) (German Edition) by Miklos Maroth, 1989-12-01
  9. Ibn Sina felsefesinde egitim (Ilahiyat Fakultesi Vakfi yayinlari) (Turkish Edition) by Abdurrahman Dodurgali, 1995
  10. Himmelfahrt Und Heiligkeit Im Islam: Eine Studie Unter Besonderer Berucksichtigung Von Ibn Sinas Mi'Ra-Nameh (Studia Religiosa Helvetica) (German Edition) by Tobias Nunlist, 2002-08
  11. Dastan-i hayratangiz-i shaqul-i sihramiz-i Ibn Sina by Avicenna, 1377
  12. An annotated bibliography on ibn sina: first supplement (1990-1994).(Review): An article from: The Journal of the American Oriental Society by Jon McGinnis, 2001-07-01
  13. Avicenne: A.H.370-428/A.D.980-1037 (Ibn Sina) : etude sur la vie, l'euvre et le systeme theologique et mystique d'Abou Ali el-Hosein Ben Abd Allah Ben ... Les Grands philosophes) (French Edition) by Bernard Carra de Vaux, 1974
  14. Allegory and Philosophy in Avicenna (Ibn Sina): With a Translation of the Book of the Prophet Muhammad's Ascent to Heaven (The Middle Ages Series) by Peter Heath, 1992-08-01

1. Ibn Sina - Reference
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2. Ibn Sina
Ibn Sina was born in 980 C.E. in the village of Afshana near Bukhara which today is located in the far south of Russia. His father, Abdullah, an adherent of the Ismaili

Abu Ali alHussain Ibn Abdallah Ibn Sina(Avesina) was born in 980 A.D. at Afshana near Bukhara, the part of Iran. The young Bu Ali received his early education in Bukhara

4. Ibn Sina - Islamedia, The Islamic Encyclopedia
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5. Ibn Sina Hospital - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Ibn Sina Hospital is a hospital in Baghdad, Iraq which was built by four Iraqi doctors Modafar Al Shather, Kadim Shubar, Kasim Abdul Majeed and Clement Serkis - in the mid-1960s.

6. Ibn Sina - Definition
Overview. Avicenna, or, in Persian, Abu Ali Husain ebn Abdallah Ebne Sina or simply Ibn Sina (as he is usually called) (980 - 1037), was a Persian physician, philosopher, and scientist.

7. Ibn Sina - Discussion And Encyclopedia Article. Who Is Ibn Sina
Ibn Sina. Discussion about Ibn Sina. Ecyclopedia or dictionary article about Ibn Sina.

8. Ibn Sina
A selection of articles related to Ibn Sina Ibn Sina Essence of God is Knowledge. Muslim Quotes Essence of God is Knowledge

9. Avicenna - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
In what manner does Ibn Sina uses the word temperament? In saying that exercise cures diseases of temperamant. Ibn Sina divides temperament into that which is harmonious and that

10. Malik Ibn Anas Ibn Malik Ibn `Amr, Al-Imam
A biography and assessment of Imam Malik, founder of the Maliki madhhab (School of Law).

11. Ibn Sina Optics
Copyright Ibn Sina Optics 2009

12. Journeys Of Ibn Battuta
Detailed information about Ibn Battuta s famous journey on a hajj from Morrocco to Mecca.

13. Ibn Sina
IBN SINA. ABU ‘ALI ALHUSAYN (980-1037) Ibn Sina (Avicenna) is one of the foremost philosophers in the Medieval Hellenistic Islamic tradition that also includes al-Farabi and Sina-REP.htm

14. Who Is/Who Was Ibn-Sina? Definition, Short Biography (Free English
Definition of ibnSina in the Dictionary. Meaning of ibn-Sina. Who is/Who was ibn-Sina? Proper usage of the word ibn-Sina. Information about ibn-Sina in the

15. Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Hanbal
An article assessing the contribution of this scholar, with some biographical information.

16. Ibn-Sina Biography From
Islam's most renowned philosopherscientist (980-1037), Ibn-Sina was a court physician in Persia , and wrote two of history's greatest works, The Book of Healing , a

17. Can Any One Tell Me About Ibn Rush And Ibn Sina?
19th Century Question Can Any One Tell Me About Ibn Rush And Ibn Sina? Ibn Rushd (11261198) Abul Walid Mohammed Ibn Ahmad Ibn Mohammed Ibn Rushd. More commonly

18. Ibn Khaldun And Comte - Discontinuity Or Progress
Short essay that argues for including a session on Ibn Khaldun (comparing him to Comte) in a social theory syllabus.

19. Ibn Sina Foundation, Houston High Quality Health Care At Low Prices
NEW HEALTHCARE DISCOUNT PROGRAM A Discount Program for uninsured, underinsured lowincome working individuals and families. more

20. Ibn Sina
Abu Ali alHusain ibn Abdallah - Ibn Sina (Avicenna) Born 980 in Kharmaithen (near Bukhara), Central Asia (now Uzbekistan) Died June 1037 in Hamadan, Persia (now Iran)

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