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         Zassenhaus Hans:     more books (21)
  1. Group Theory, Algebra, and Number Theory: Colloquium in Memory of Hans Zassenhaus, Held in Saarbrucken, Germany, June 4-5, 1993
  2. Number Theory and Algebra: Collected Papers Dedicated to Henry B. Mann, Arnold E. Ross, and Olga Taussky-Todd
  3. Crystallographic Groups of Four-dimensional Space (Monographs on Crystallography) by Harold Brown, Rolf Bulow, et all 1978-10-11
  4. Lie groups, lie algebras and representation theory (Seminaire de mathematiques superieures) by Hans Zassenhaus, 1981
  5. The Theory of Groups by Hans Zassenhaus, 1958
  6. The Theory of Groups by Hans Zassenhaus, 1949
  7. Theory of Groups 2ND Edition by Hans Zassenhaus, 1958
  8. Theory of Groups 1ST Edition by Hans Zassenhaus, 1949-01-01
  9. The group of an equation (Nachrichten der Akademie der Wissenschaften in Gottingen. II. Mathematisch-physikalische Klasse) by Hans Zassenhaus, 1967
  10. Journal of Number Theory , Vol. 2 1970 by Hans Zassenhaus, 1970
  11. Journal of Number Theory, Vol. 6, No. 4, Aug. 1974 by Hans Zassenhaus, 1974
  12. Artin, his life and his work by Hans Zassenhaus, 1963
  13. Lie-rings and Lie-algebras: Canadian mathematical congress, summer seminar, University of Alberta, August 12-30, 1957 by Hans Zassenhaus, 1957
  14. NUMBER THEORY AND ALGEBRA: Collected Papers Dedicated to Henry B. Mann, Arnold E. Ross, and Olga Taussky-Todd. by Hans. Zassenhaus, 1978

1. Hans Zassenhaus - ZoomInfo Business Information
Zassenhaus, Jan Joomla Feed Zassenhaus, Harold Wood Machinery Manufacturers Zassenhaus, Hans Artin

2. Biographies Of Hans Zassenhaus
Biographies of Zassenhaus Hans and more Zassenhaus Hans biography.

3. Zassenhaus, Hans Julius - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About
German mathematician who mainly studied group theory and number theory. Zassenhaus groups form part of the basis for the contemporary development of finite group theory., Hans Julius

4. ZASS - What Does ZASS Stand For? Acronyms And Abbreviations By The
Zaslonov, Konstantin Zaslonov, Konstantin Sergeevich Zaso Zasodimskii, Pavel Zasodimskii, Pavel Vladimirovich ZASP ZASS Zassenhaus, Hans Julius ZAST

5. Zassenhaus, Hans Julius
German mathematician who mainly studied group theory and number theory. Zassenhaus groups form part of the basis for the contemporary development of finite

6. XYZ Index
Zassenhaus, Hans (512*) Zeeman, Chris (930*) Zeckendorf, Edouard (176*) Zelmanov, Efim (1028*) Zeno of Elea (2124*) Zeno of Sidon (1046) Zenodorus (512)

7. AccessScience Biography Zassenhaus, Hans Julius
About AccessScience. AccessScience is a subscriptionbased website that features continually updated scientific and

8. Expanded Plain TeX - Concept Index
unordered lists; user interface copyright v; vectors; verbatim listing; version number w; Warner, Frank W. whatsits made by index entries; whitespace z; Zassenhaus, Hans

9. Hans Julius Zassenhaus - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Zassenhaus, Hans Julius Alternative names Short description Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death

10. Zoominfo Open People Directory Zass, Engelbert - Zassenhaus, Judith
Zassenbraker, Yvette; Zassenhaus, Contact; Zassenhaus, Eric; Zassenhaus, Geoff; Zassenhaus, Hans; Zassenhaus, Hans; Zassenhaus, Harold; Zassenhaus, Jan; Zassenhaus, Judith

11. Zassenhaus Summary
Hans Zassenhaus (19121991) Honours awarded to Hans Zassenhaus (Click below for those honoured in this way)

12. Surinder Sehgal - Email, Address, Phone Numbers, Everything
The Mathematics Genealogy Project Hans Zassenhaus Hans Julius Zassenhaus. Biography MathSciNet. Ph.D. Universit t Hamburg 1934. Dissertation sehgal

13. Hans Julius Zassenhaus Department Of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics • The Ohio State University 100 Math Tower • 231 West 18th Avenue • Columbus, OH 432101174 Phone (614) 292-4975 • Fax

14. Science Fair Projects - Hans Julius Zassenhaus
The Ultimate Science Fair Projects Encyclopedia Hans Julius Zassenhaus

15. List Of People By Name Za - Definition
Zassenhaus, Hans Julius, (19121991), mathematician Z topek, Emil, Czechoslovakian runner, Olympic gold medalist Zaturenska, Marya, (1902-1982), poet

16. Algorithmic Algebraic Number Theory By Hans Michael E
Algorithmic Algebraic Number Theory First Edition Hardcover by Pohst,Michael E. Zassenhaus,Hans

17. OSU Oral History Interview With D. Ransom Whitney - University
Zassenhaus, Hans, Professor of Mathematics, pp. 49, 61, 99100, 156, 190, 216 Zilber, Joseph, Professor of Mathematics, p. 122. Abstract written by Dr. Donald B. Cooper, Prof

18. Re A Real Identity Problem (was Injective Polynomial F K X K - K
Zassenhaus, Hans On a problem of Harvey Friedman. Comm. Algebra 6 (1978), no. 16, 16291634. 20F05 (12F10) The author gives an affirmative answer to the question of Harvey

19. Zass, Adam - Zastarskis, Dominic LinkedIn
Geoff Zassenhaus Hans Zassenhaus Harold Zassenhaus Michelle Zassenhaus Nicole Zassenhaus Rita Zassenhaus

20. The Mathematics Genealogy Project - Hans Zassenhaus
Name School Year Descendants; Andras Bezdek The Ohio State University 1986 2 James Bond University of Notre Dame 1964 Harold Brown The Ohio State University

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