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         Aggressive Skating:     more books (15)
  1. Aggressive In-Line Skating (Extreme Sports) by A. T. McKenna, 1999-04
  2. Aggressive In-Line Skating (Edge Books) by Ann Weil, 2004-07
  3. Inline Skating!: Get Aggressive (Extreme Sports) by Laura Kaminker, 2000-08
  4. Aggressive In-Line Skating (To the Extreme) by Kaelberer, Angie Peterson, 2006-01-01
  5. Aggressive Skating: Aggressive Inline Skating, Jan Welch, Freestyle Slalom Skating, Brian Shima, Unity Grind, Makio, Soul Grind, Royale Grind
  6. Aggressive-Skating (German Edition) by Lambert M. Surhone, Miriam T. Timpledon, et all 2010-06-24
  7. Aggressive Inline Skating
  8. Skate: Your Guide to Inline, Aggressive, Vert, Street, Roller Hockey, Speed Skating, Dance, Fitness Training, and More (Extreme Sports) by Michael Shafran, 2008-08-11
  9. Aggressive In- Line Skating. street and vert. Equipment - Tricks - Action. by Benjamin Drescher, Marc Heinzmann, et all 1997-07-01
  10. Aggressive in-Line Skating by Angie Peterson Kaelberer, 2005-01-01
  11. In-Line Skating! Get Aggressive
  12. Aggressive In-Line Skating by Ann Weil, 2004-07-01
  13. Skate! Your Guide to Blading, Aggressive, Vert, Street, Roller Hockey, Speed and More by Michael Shafran, 2003-05-01
  14. Skate!: Your Guide To Blading, Aggressive, Vert, Street, Roller Hockey, Speed An (National Geographic Extreme Sports) by Michael Shafran, 2003-05

1. Aggressive Inline Skating - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Tricks in aggressive skating can be performed on street obstacles or on ramps. Street skaters perform more grinds and slides, where as ramp skaters have more airtime and therefore
Aggressive inline skating
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Aggressive Skating Jump to: navigation search Aggressive inline skating is a form of inline skating , performed on specially designed inline skates with focus on sliding stances known as grind and controlled falls with a focus on new tricks, stunts and personal style. Participants often refer to the activity as " rollerblading blading " or " rolling Vert or park as part of extreme sport 's and street skating or freekate in urban areas
  • History General description Types
    edit History
    In 1980 a group of ice hockey players in Minnesota were looking for a way to practice during the summer. Scott and Brennan Olson formed the company Rollerblade , Inc., to sell skates with four polyurethane wheels arranged in a straight line on the bottom of a padded boot. In 1988, Rollerblade introduced the first aggressive inline skate, the Rollerblade Lightning TRS. Aggressive inline skating finally developed as an organized sport in the early 1990s. The Aggressive Skaters Association (ASA) was formed by a number of aggressive inline skaters in 1994 as a forum to develop rules governing competitions and equipment.

2. Aggressive Skating At AllExperts
Aggressive skating is a stuntbased form of inline skating Aggressive inline skating is performed on aggressive skates as opposed to fitness or racing skates Originally starting on
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Aggressive skating: Encyclopedia BETA
Free Encyclopedia Index ... Questions and Answers zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Encyclopedia
  • History
  • Aggressive skates
  • Tricks
  • Aggressive Skate Manufacturers ...

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    Aggressive skating
    Aggressive skating is a stunt-based form of inline skating . Aggressive inline skating is performed on aggressive skates, as opposed to fitness or racing skates. Originally starting on half pipes and spines and moving on to city streets, aggressive skaters attempt tricks such as sliding ("grinding") on the edge of concrete ledges or handrails, jumping, spinning and flipping over stairs or other gaps.
    The term aggressive skating is a name only used outside the industry to describe the specific style of inline skating, but not a term most within the sport enjoy hearing or using. Instead, those who practice the sport simply refer to it as "rolling" or "skating". It should be noted that using any variation of term "

3. Science Fair Projects - Aggressive Skating
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Aggressive skating
Aggressive skating is a form of an aggressive (originally recreational) sport most similar to skateboarding inline skating or BMX racing . Originally started on half pipes and then moving on to street skating, it's a form of skating where the skater attempts tricks or stunts such as sliding (grinding) on the edge of concrete ledges, handrails, jumping or spinning over stairs or other gaps, as well as any other stunt possible. The term aggressive skating is a name only used outside the industry to describe the specific style of inline skating, but not a term most within the sport enjoy hearing or using. Instead, those who practice the sport, simply refer to it as "rollerblading", "rolling" or "skating". In the past, most people inside and out of aggressive skating would have defined it as a sport. But currently people view it as a cross between a sport and art form.

4. Aggressive Skating
A selection of articles related to Aggressive Skating Aggressive skating Encyclopedia II Aggressive skating - Aggressive skates

5. Aggressive Skating From
Completely customizable Aggressive Skating created by ZazzleEmbroidery. Change the shirt style and thread colors to your liking, or order as shown.

6. Aggressive Skating In English - Dictionary And Translation
Aggressive Skating. Dictionary terms for Aggressive Skating in English, English definition for Aggressive Skating, Thesaurus and Translations of Aggressive Skating to English

7. Skating The Infobahn : Aggressive Skating
Aggressive Skaters Association (ASA) Organization overview, including membership info and tour schedule. Aggro lair, with pic, message boards, etc.

8. Aggressivemall - Aggressive Skates, Custom Skates, Parts
USD offers the widest selection in styles and models for aggressive skating. We stock models from USD such as the new Rachard Johnson skates and the Billy O'Neill pro aggressive AUD $ BRL R$ CAD $ HKD hk$ Mex $ MYR rm NOK kr NZD $ RUB SEK kr SGD S$ US Dollar $ ZAR R document.forms['CurrencyChoice'].elements['ER_ID'].value = '1'; Currency Exchange Search
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9. - Inline Skating - Skate Life
Would love to hear some stories of your experience spreading the aggressive skating love! Tell us how you're helping push the sport and the industry forward!
if(window.bzplcm)window.bzplcm.ts('hb') if(window.bzplcm)window.bzplcm.ts('cb') @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; if(window.bzplcm)window.bzplcm.ts('ca') Search - Inline Skating Skate Life A place for booters to hang, swap stories, pics, videos, and share random skating stuff. Set up a profile, post a pic or video, and just hang...
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Brooks Nelson - Abstract 360
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4x4 - Leading the Blind
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10. Aggressive Skating | Try Extreme Sport
Aggressive skating is a form of skating that has evolved since the late '80s. It is performed stunts using rollerblades usually over some obstacle such as
  • Home Try Extreme Sport Climbing
    Try Extreme Sport
    Details of the extreme sports you might want to try for yourself Comments Posts
    Aggressive skating
    This is practiced on large ramps in the form of half pipes where the biggest attraction is to perform aerial manoeuvres, reaching great heights, making complex spins of up to 1080 º (3 full turns) or so-called Back Flips, which similarly rotate into the air, into the triple backflip. Other variants of this type is the Viking Flip turns which are basically a horizontal back flip, and the even more surprising combinations of aerial tricks, as performed by Eito Yasutoko, which is + 360 + Back Flip Back Flip, all into one trip into the air. Grind / Relear / Eslayar / Fist / Slide The Grinder also known elsewhere as Slide, fist, Relear (or eslayar) is to slide on a rail or edge of a curb using two parts of the skate known as the first groove, which is a piece of plastic composition to improve sliding. It is located between the two central wheels of the skate; the other element is the soul deslizarce plate which is on the outer edge of the skate, in simpler words the sole of platinum is consistent to the rail also known as the frame. A third possibility from sliding are called Negatives which become the counterpart to the soul plate, ie the inner part of the sole beneath the arch of the foot.

11. Rollerblading Blog -
Foto und Videoblog rund um Aggressive Inline von Alexander Stock.
Session Fulda II
28. Juli 2009
Andi - Rocket Alex - Savannah Dom - Kindgrind
Andi - Soyale Dom - Royale Alex - Cross grab Fishbrain Allgemein
06. Juli 2009 Tags: nature non-skating
02. Juli 2009
Alex - Savannah straight from the ground to third step Tags: somborn street
Foto ...
new pics - Kirchenledge
22. Juni 2009
Alex - Soul                            Alex - Bs Unity          Alex - Bs Torque Attempt Tags: Alex kirchenledge street
Session Fulda
04. Juni 2009
Andy - Ao Neg. Miszou                        Andy - Ao Pornstar
Andy - Unity
Alex - Handplant to fakie Andy - Ao Wallride 180 off                Alex - Roll to 180 gap Tags: Alex Andy Fulda street ...
just a pic…
28. Mai 2009
Basti on the Rail
just a pic…
28. Mai 2009 Tags: Aggressive Street Foto
28. Mai 2009 Wunderkerze Allgemein
16. Mai 2009
Dominic Air
Tags: Alex benches Dominic gelnhausen ... Foto
12. Mai 2009 Desaster royale von Dominic Meiser, kurz bevor es zu regnen anfing. (Aufs Bild klicken um das komplette Foto zu sehen) Allgemein

12. - Home
Eine private Pr sentation mit Biografie, Fotos, Videos und Informationen ber seine Aktivit ten.
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13. - Aggressive Inline Skating is the site for aggressive inline skating. We have a beginners guide, a trick guide, a history page, some photos, and a forum. Grindside is pure aggressive skating.
Photo of the Day Tamworth Skate Park, NSW, Australia
Thanks to nipuL for uploading this one.
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Aggressive Inline Skating from
This website is designed for anyone who has an interest in Aggressive Inline Skating, whether you are a newbie, beginner or a seasoned aggressive skater there should be something here for you. We have a beginners' guide, a photos page, a timeline history of skating, inline skating, and aggressive skating, a tricks guide and also a forum. In phase 2 we will be adding a videos section, and review pages for Aggressive skating equipment and skate parks. Our production team consists of a neat and even balance between aggressive skaters and web-designers. Our technical knowledge in these areas allows us to present an informative, clear and helpful resource for all Aggressive Inline Skating enthusiasts, regardless of their previous experience and skating abilities. We do not aim to make a profit, and therefore any money made from the site will be reinvested in's Aggressive skating site. To make this site a success we need your help, we are looking for:

14. Aggressive Skating Trick Tips By Aggressivemall
Amall Trick Tips Aggressive skating video trick tips from Aggressivemall. Get some tips and pointers by watching our very own aggressive rollerblading trick tips and learn from

15. Aggressive Inline Skate Magazine ist ein umfangreiches Magazin mit Berichten, Interviews, Fotos, Videos und einem stetig wachsenden F hrer f r Skateparks und Skatehallen. Ein Tricklexikon erkl rt Stunts und Fachbegriffe. aggressive inline skate magazine - aggressive inline skate magazine - Rolling Information, Termine, News, Spots und Locations von Inlineskatern für Inlineskater
aggressive,inline,skate,Freestyle,rolling,sk8,skating,skater,blader,Rollerblade,mag,Halfpipe,Miniramp,Vert,contest,Ramp,Street,Razors,Grind,Salomon,USD,Soul,Invert,50/50,fifty-fifty,Grab,Air,Location,skatespot,skate factory,skatepark,magazine,Information,Termine,News,Spots,Sport
Grindhouse Miniramp Masters
Die Grindhouse Miniramp Masters 2010 sind die erste Serie ihrer Art. Eine Deutsche Meisterschaft in der Miniramp!
Hier die ersten Impressionen vom 1. Tourstopp in Münster:
Next Stopp: Bonn Rheinaue Info unter
Grindhouse, Aggressive Skate Shop
EC Halfpipe 2010 Rotterdam
Wie schon im letzten Jahr findet in diesem Jahr wieder eine Europäische Meisterschaft in der Halfpipe statt.
Leider konnte 2009 Deutschland nicht Teil der Tour sein, das ist in diesem Jahr anders! 2010 finden die Finals der Tour in Berlin auf der YOU-Messe am Tempelhof im Rahmen des Events statt!
Der nächste Stopp ist am kommenden Samstag in Rotterdam! Wer also Halfpipeskaten live sehen will, oder sogar mitfahren will, kann dies am 10.07. in Rotterdam im Skatepark Westblaak tun!

16. Roller Warehouse - Aggressive Inline Rollerblades Skates Shop
The oldest and most respected Aggressive skating catalog! Skate brands include Salomon, Rollerblade, K2, Razors, USD, Deshi, Remedyz, Roces and more. Clothing, parts, wheels
These are CO Blank Frames. They include the Hardware, G-Blocks, and Plastic Shields. Each set of frames includes a CO insert. If you would like a specific insert please call us at ...[read more]
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Size: 6-13, 10.5 Color: Black/Blue ...[read more]
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New 2011 Brian Aragon Wheels. All new compound. Size: 57mm/HARD Color: Natural These are sold as a SET OF 4 WHEELS. The price listed below is for 4 WHEELS! If yo...[read more]
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17. Aggressive Skating Camps
Woodward Pennsylvania Skate Camp 134 Sports Camp Drive PO Box 93 Woodward Pennsylvania 18882 USA Woodward California Skate Camp 28400 Stallion Springs Drive

S k a t e L o g

Inline Skating and Quad Roller Skating
Editor: Kathie Fry
Skate Shop
Our Blog Facebook ... Aggressive > Aggressive Skating Camps
Kathie Fry, Editor

What I Saw Skating in Venice Beach

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... Site Map Skating Styles Aggressive Artistic Fitness Ice ... View More Equipment Skates Wheels Bearings Protective Gear ... View More Community Message Board Chat Room Newsletter Regional Countries Local Clubs Group Skates Skate Tours Media Books Magazines Movies Posters ... Video Games More Topics Beginners Deaths Health Issues History ... Search Aggressive Skating Camps Woodward Pennsylvania Skate Camp 134 Sports Camp Drive PO Box 93 Woodward Pennsylvania 18882 USA Woodward California Skate Camp 28400 Stallion Springs Drive Stalliion Springs, California 93561 USA Woodward Wisconsin Skate Camp 46445 Krafts Point Road Cable, Wisconsin 54821 USA Eisenbergs Skate Camp Skate camp at Eisenbergs, a world famous skate park in Plano Texas, which is owned and operated by Arlo Eisenberg's parents. Urban Assault Skate Camp This professional aggressive show skating team will also conduct 3 to 5 day aggressive skating camps upon request.

18. Roll2Soul - Das Deutsche Aggressive Inline Magazin
Kai Weise bringt Berichte zu ausgesuchten Themen und ist Veranstalter des Roll2Soul X-Mas Jam.
Winterclash 2007
Weihnachtsgeld in Fahrt investieren!

findet ihr sein Interview
Link der Woche

Infernal mit neuer Page

19. Aggressive Inline Skate Shops : Shop, Find, Compare, And Price.
Free clips of trick video skating other fun video and Video clips.. Clip of Barrel a Roll Aggressive Skating Clips. Video 3 people favorited video.. this rollerblading Keywords
@import url( );
Aggressive Videos - Skating Aggressive Skating Video Clips.
Skating Aggressive
Reel Homepage Time
Free clips of trick video skating other fun video and Video clips.. Clip of Barrel a Roll Aggressive Skating Clips. Video 3 people favorited video.. this rollerblading Keywords: aggressive skating inline stunt extreme falls bails grinds skate crazy rails slams. Australian Open was founded in Seoul, Korea. The site contains pictures, team biographies and skate video reviews.. is best aggressive the mini skating video search clips engineer which also offers skating mini aggressive video clips and clips video download. Enough aggressive skating inline to meet dvds all of your aggressive skate video SEX OASIS Free - needs. Choose from Free YOUNG webs the largest selection
Aggressive Skating
  • of aggressive skating dvds. Video duration: 319 seconds Global video hits: 303834. A bunch of pros aggressive Local business skating in the sacramento asa 2005 pro off street. What do Jaren Grob
  • 20. Skate Association Germany E.V. - Verein Zur Förderung Des Inlineskatens
    Der gemeinn tzige Verein f rdert das Inlineskaten mit besonderem Schwerpunkt auf dem Aggressive Inline Skating. Zudem ist er Ausrichter der Deutschen Meisterschaften Inline Halfpipe.
    Skate Association Germany e.V. - Verein zur Förderung des Inlineskatens
    Der gemeinnützige Verein Skate Association Germany e.V. fördert das Inlineskaten mit besonderem Schwerpunkt des sogenannten Aggressive Inline Skatings.
    Skate Association Germany e.V. - Hamburger Straße 8, 48155 Münster -
    Gemeinnütziger Verein zur Förderung des Inline-Skatens und Veranstalter der Deutschen Meisterschaft Inline Halfpipe.
    Besuchen Sie auch unser Online-Forum für Inlineskater für Termine, Treffen, Verabredungen, Trick-Technik, Kaufberatung
    © active-websight
    CMS-Software: Active-Webshop
    (C) 2002-2010 Active-Webshop by Die Skate Association Germany e.V. ist wegen Förderung des Sports als gemeinnützig anerkannt. Die SAG ist Veranstalterin der Deutschen Meisterschaft Inline Halfpipe und betreibt weitere Projekte in allen Bereichen des Aggressive Inline Skatings.

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