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         Animal Fighting:     more books (102)
  1. Knives, Knife Fighting, And Related Hassles: How To Survive A Real Knife Fight by Marc Animal MacYoung, 1990-01-01
  2. Crime-Fighting Animals (Going to Work: Animal Edition) by Julie Murray, 2009-01
  3. Snake Fights, Rabbit Fights and More: A Book About Animal Fighting by Miriam Schlein, 1981-01
  4. Animals Fighting, Burton, 2-4 (Animal Ways) by 1 Of 4 Animal Ways, 1991-03-01
  5. Animals That Fight (Things Animals Do) by Kyle Carter, 1995-07
  6. The Sound of Animals Fighting Albums: The Sound of Animals Fighting Video Albums, Lover, the Lord Has Left Us..., Tiger and the Duke
  7. Snake Fights, Rabbit Fights & More:A Book About Animal Fighting by MiriamSchlein, 1981-01-01
  8. Animals Fighting (Animal Activities) by Jane Burton, 1990
  9. Proposed criminal jury instructions: unattended kids in cars, counterfeit prescription blanks, animal fighting, and attempted second degree murder.(Notices): An article from: Florida Bar News by Gale Reference Team, 2008-04-15
  10. Mastering Hsingi-I (Mind Style Boxing) 12 Animals and Fighting Techniques Vol. 1 by James McNeil, 1988
  11. Prohibition of Interstate Movement of Live Birds for Animal Fighting: Hearing Before the Committee on Agriculture, U.S. House of Representatives
  12. NPPC fighting animal antibiotic legislation.: An article from: The Food & Fiber Letter by Gale Reference Team, 2009-03-23
  13. Aggression: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Macmillan Reference USA Science Library: Animal Sciences</i> by Danielle Schnur, 2002
  14. Fighting for Animals: Winning Strategies for Defeating Vivisection by Vernon Coleman, 1996-04-30

1. Pet-Abuse.Com - Illegal Animal Fighting
Animal abuse database search for animal cruelty cases and animal abusers in your area. Monitor important cases with CaseWatch, and stay on top of local criminal animal cruelty
Animal Cruelty Login Sign-Up Home ... Login To learn how you can sponsor Pet-Abuse.Com for a month, click here
Illegal animal fighting is a blood-sport in which animals are specifically bred and trained to fight each other within an enclosed pit or ring, for the benefit of individuals who place bets on the animal they believe will win. The fights are extremely brutal, with animals often fighting to the death. In addition to the extremely violent nature of the animal cruelty involved, illegal animal fighting events almost always include other criminal activity, such as gambling, drugs, prostitution and illegal firearms. (Large amounts of money exchange hands during these gambling events, and where there is money, there are guns and other weapons present.) Additionally, it is quite common for children to be used during these events, often as runners for the betting process. This brings up the obvious issue of exposing children to illegal activities, and it also contributes to their de-sensitivity to violence as they are exposed to these brutal and bloody scenes of animals ripping each other to pieces for money. Quite often, during a dog or cockfighting bust, these young runners are overlooked during the questioning process - which is part of what makes them desirable to use from an illegal animal fighter's standpoint.
Other Types of Animal Fighting
Trunking : When two dogs (usually pit bulls) are thrown into the trunk of a car to fight. The trunk door is closed, and the last dog standing is the "winner".

2. Dog Fighting In The United States - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
his employees were indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and to sponsor a dog in animal fighting venture
Dog fighting in the United States
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act Jump to: navigation search Gang members dog fighting in a vacant office building Dog fighting in the United States is an illegal activity in which fights between two game dogs are staged as a form of entertainment and gambling . Such activity has existed since the early 19th century in the United States and was gradually outlawed in all states. It continues as an illegal underground activity in both rural and urban locations. In the late 20th and early 21st century, research and criminal investigation showed that problems associated with dog fighting in the United States go beyond serious animal welfare violations to links with organized crime and social problems; police and animal control law enforcement task forces of primarily local and state authorities have been formed in many parts of the country to combat dog fighting rings. In 2007 the


4. Blood Sport - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
(Redirected from Animal fighting) TemplateAnimal Rights Bloodsport or blood sport is any sport or entertainment that
Blood sport
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Animal fighting Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Blood sport (disambiguation) For the similarly named blood effect, see blood spurt Template:Animal Rights Bloodsport or blood sport is any sport or entertainment that involves violence against animals. Bloodsport includes coursing or beagling , combat sports such as cockfighting , or other activities. These usually involve blood being drawn, and often result in the death of one or more animals.

5. Resource Library Search Results
A new online resource provides citizens, the media, and law enforcement with the information they need to stop animal fighting and cruelty in their local community.

6. Videos Tagged With Animal Fighting - Metacafe
One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips.

7. Animal Fighting - Story Ideas - AVMA Press Room
Over the past decade, new laws have been passed in Congress and state legislatures, making animal fighting illegal in all 50 states. The AVMA has been involved in the battle to
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Press room Story ideas Animal fighting Animal fighting Americans deserve praise for roundly rejecting animal fighting. Over the past decade, new laws have been passed in Congress and state legislatures, making animal fighting illegal in all 50 states. It's also illegal to transport animals across state borders for the purpose of animal fighting, and penalties have increased for participating in animal fighting. Today, local communities and law enforcement are working to stamp out illegal animal fighting, while rescue agencies work to retrain animals that were once bred for this blood sport. The AVMA has been involved in the battle to stamp out animal fighting on the federal and state levels. AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEW: Dr. Ron DeHaven, AVMA CEO
Dr. Gail Golab, head of AVMA animal welfare and the only credentialed veterinary animal welfare specialist in America
Adrian Hochstadt, head of AVMA state legislative and regulatory affairs

8. The President Signs Landmark Animal Fighting Legislation | The Humane Society Of
On May 3, the President signed a bill establishing felonylevel penalties for interstate or foreign transport of animals for fighting purposes and making it a crime to move
  • Pets Wildlife Yes, please send me action alerts, updates, and special offers to help animals. Receive action alerts, tips, news, and special offers via email. First Name Last Name Email Address Zip Code The Humane Society
    of the
    United States
    2100 L Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20037
    Legislation and Laws Federal Legislation Cruelty Issues
    The President Signs Landmark Animal Fighting Legislation
    May 3, 2007
    The fighting dog's life is full of misery. Today, President Bush signed into law a bill that will help law enforcement rid the United States of dogfighting, cockfighting, and other forms of animal fighting. Dogfighting and cockfighting crimes are rampant in the United States, with individuals arrested every week in scores of locations under state laws. The vast underground networks generate pervasive animal cruelty, drug trafficking, illegal gambling, public corruption and even violence and murder. The Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act , which passed Congress with large bi-partisan support, will give law enforcement a stronger tool to crack down on this illegal activity. "Animal fighting is a barbaric and inhumane practice, and it is fitting and appropriate that we now have a national policy condemning and criminalizing this form of organized animal cruelty," states Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, which has led the national battle against animal fighting and been the primary advocate for this federal legislation.

9. Animal Fighting
How The HSUS' Animal Fighting Tip Line and the Animal Fighting Rescue Fund Can Help You Help Animals

10. Animal Fighting Enforcement ActS. 736 And H.R. 1532
Sponsors Senators John Ensign (RNV), Wayne Allard (R-CO), and Maria Cantwell (D-WA); Representatives

About APV Legislation Get Involved ... Federal Legislation Current bills: Animal Fighting
Bear Feeding

Captive Wildlife

Horse Slaughter
... Contact Legislators NM State U.S. FEDERAL LEGISLATION
Animal Fighting Enforcement Act s
736 and H.R. 1532 Sponsors: Senators John Ensign (R-NV), Wayne Allard (R-CO), and Maria Cantwell (D-WA); Representatives Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD/6th) and Robert Andrews (D-NJ/1st) NM co-sponsors: NONE APV position: SUPPORT Bill Status: S. 736 has been referred to the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee
H.R. 1532 has been referred to the House Agriculture Committee, Livestock and Horticulture Subcommittee
What the law would do: The bill authorizes felony-level jail time for violations of the animal fighting provisions of the Animal Welfare Act, increasing the maximum penalty from 1 year to 2 years imprisonment; prohibits interstate commerce in knives and gaffs designed specifically for cockfighting purposes; and improves and updates provisions regarding the seizure and disposition of animals involved in violations.

11. Animal Fighting
Bullfighting. Bullfighting aficionados claim that the bullfight is a battle to the death in which either participant, bull or matador may die. In reality, before the match even
Bullfighting aficionados claim that the bullfight is a battle to the death in which either participant, bull or matador may die. In reality, before the match even starts, the bull doesn't have a fighting chance to win.
Before the fight begins, bulls languish in pens that lack sunlight, food, and water. They are commonly fed laxatives or drugs to debilitate them. In fact, scientists from Spain's Salamanca University found that one in five bulls had been given anti-inflammatory drugs, which could disguise injuries that could weaken the animals' strength prior to fighting. They are also stabbed in the backs before release into the arena.
A traditional bullfight consists of three stages. During the first stage, picadors, men atop heavily padded, blindfolded horses, approach the bull and drive pics into his neck muscles to begin the flow of blood to weaken the bull. The banderillos come next, working on foot to place "their banderillas (brightly adorned, barbed sticks) in the bull's shoulders in order to lower its head for the eventual kill." The blades of these spears continue to move and dig into the bull's back throughout the fight, causing bleeding and tissue damage. The bull may also suffer internal bleeding.

12. Game Dogs (Fighting Dogs): Animal Fighting: How You Can Help Pets
Game Dogs. For more than a century, humans have trained dogs to give their all in staged fights.

13. The Nihon Review » Fighting Spirit
Story, review, and images.
Fighting Spirit
Title: Fighting Spirit aka Hajime no Ippo
Company: Madhouse Studios
Genre: Action
Format: 75 episodes
Dates: 3 Oct 2000 - 27 Mar 2002 Synopsis: When Makunouchi Ippo isn’t helping out his mother with the family’s fishing boat rental business, he’s getting beat up at school by bullies. One day, a middleweight boxer, Takemura, saves Ippo from his antagonists, inspiring him to take up boxing. It turns out all that hard fishing boat labor after school has made Ippo stronger than he realizes, and, with that newfound strength, Ippo decides to set his sights on becoming a professional boxer. The Highlights
Action: Good; some matches are very intense.
Comedy: Centered on some repeated gags.
Drama: A crucial part of the show, but is occasionally overdone.
Characters: Everyone gets their chance to shine. For those who have become disillusioned with shounen action series, Fighting Spirit is a much needed shot in the arm for the genre. By avoiding the pitfalls that plague the genre, such as convenient power ups and excessive moralizing, Fighting Spirit manages to be worth watching. By adding big helpings of comedy and drama, while never losing focus on the genre’s main draw, the fighting

14. Five Animal Fighting Theory
Shaolin Five Animals by Punisher. Punisher Five Animal Fighting Theory. Five Animal Fighting Theory. By me, Punisher. DISCLAIMER This article is an entrylevel explanation of the fighting
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    Five Animal Fighting Theory
    By Punisher
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    Shaolin Five Animals
    by Punisher
    Punisher: Five Animal Fighting Theory Five Animal Fighting Theory By me, Punisher This article is an entry-level explanation of the fighting theory taught by my instructor, Trevor Haines, as interpreted by myself. I do not pretend to speak for my entire dojo, or Mr. Haines, and it is quite possible my interpretation of the theory may not be fully shared by my fellow students or my instructor. Although the name and some of the principles are influenced by the famed "Five Animals of Shaolin", it does not claim to be an exact, or even accurate, portrayal of the Shaolin style of fighting. Nor does it claim to be completely original, or the only "correct" way to interpret fighting, or use the animals as metaphors for combat and strategy. It IS a comprehensive view of fighting as a whole, and was used to correctly predict the outcome of several of the first UFCs.
    Part One: The Animal Order
    The basis of the first part of the theory is that there is no one supreme form or style of combat. The theory divides combat strategy into five different categories and assigns an animal/element to act as a metaphor for each one. The structure is such that of the game "Rock, Scissors, Paper" with each strategy/animal having inherent strengths over another, as well limitations when facing a particular strategy/animal. The goal is to get people to be more well rounded, and at least examine, if not adopt methods of fighting that may differ from their own. What follows is a brief explanation of each animal and the theory and strategies involved. As stated before, no animal is considered to be superior over all others, and the order discussed is purely arbitrary.

15. Dogfight On Western Front AP 1100
News about dogfighting in Europe and the United States. USA.
From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 2000
Dogfight on the western front:
Ill-bred Americans said to be "over-large, over-aggressive, and over here."

BRUSSELSGermany, France, Italy, and Britain are battling again
in Belgium, and invading bloody Americans are again ensnarled in the thick
of it.
That's American pit bull terriers this time. Like the doughboys of
World War I and the G.I.s of World War II, they are said to be over-large,
overdosed on testosterone, and over here, looking for a fight.
This time they are seen as allies of neo-Nazis and HunsAttila's
Huns, who ravaged Europe from 434 to 453, when the notoriously reactive Attila's brain burst as he celebrated his honeymoon. The Justice and Home Affairs Council of the European Union on September 29 heard a German proposal to ban throughout Europe the breeding or import of any kind of "fighting dog," defined as any member of 14 breeds with American pit bull traits. As well as the American pit bull and Japanese tosa, who have been banned in Britain and The Netherlands since 1991, the German proposal would ban Rhodesian ridgebacks, Neopolitan

16. VA Animal Fighting Taskforce
WE CAN BE CONTACTED AT 1888-848-8311. Emergency Contact 540-455-5641 . For LEO/ACO only. P.O. BOX 25248. Richmond, Va. 23260. VAANIMALFIGHTINGTASKFORCE@ONEBOX.COM
VA Animal Fighting Taskforce WE CAN BE CONTACTED AT 1-888-848-8311
Emergency Contact 540-455-5641
For LEO/ACO only
P.O. BOX 25248
Richmond, Va. 23260
We now offer classes for ACOs and LEOs
To protect in safe-keeping the animals in the Commonwealth of Virginia by assisting in enforcing animal cruelty and fighting laws, by providing resources and personnel especially to jurisdictions in particular need, and by organizing animal rescue and transport services during natural disasters and other large scale emergencies throughout the entire country.

17. Bloodsport Gamblers Fuel Inner City Cockfights | UK News | The Observer
Tony Thompson, crime correspondent. The recent rise is being attributed to bouts which take place in inner city locations, particularly in Birmingham, Bradford and Leicester. UK.
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18. My FDL | Home
The Michael Vick case had the beneficial effect of putting a spotlight on the underculture of animal fighting. It is sad to think that an unintended consequence of this was to

19. Home Of Iron Crane
Information on animal fighting styles. Includes downloads, gallery, kata, lessons, news, book store and general information.

20. End Animal Cruelty And Fighting : The Humane Society Of The United States
Protecting animals from abuse, neglect, and animal fighting
addthis_pub = 'hsus'; About Us Search Go Resources For Select an Option Animal Care Community Teens Kids Donate
Did You Know?
You Can Fight Back
Learn to spot the signs of dogfighting in your community, and find out ways you can stop it. Protecting animals from abuse, neglect, and animal fighting
Desperate Felines
The HSUS helped rescue more than 150 cats from a hoarder in a remote part of Wyoming. Learn More
Take Action Through Our Issues
  • Abuse and Neglect
    Growing awareness about animal cruelty has spawned a spate of stronger animal protection laws; enforcing them remains the task at hand.
    With 40,000 professional dogfighters and more than 100,000 street dogfighters nationwide, man's best friend is in dire straits.
    Fighting roosters lead lives of misery, bred so cockfighters can strap knives onto their legs, toss them into pits, and watch the bloodshed.
    Hog-dog Fighting
    A twisted take on dogfighting, hog-dog fighters sic a trained dog on a helpless hog to tear the creature to shreds.
Animal Cruelty and Fighting News
  • November 1, 2010

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