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         Arm Wrestling:     more detail
  1. The Ultimate Guide to Pro Arm Wrestling Technique by Brad Grounds, 2004-05
  2. Arm-Wrestling for Everyone by M. J. Doherty, 1986-12
  3. Gallery Magazine January 1992 (Strong-Arm Tactics: Getting a grip on arm-wrestling mania!)
  4. ARM wrestling. (advantages of adjustable rate mortgages): An article from: Mortgage Banking by Duffy Gilligan, 1995-03-01
  5. Performance training arm wrestling. / Sistemy effektivnoy trenirovki Armrestling. by Belskiy I.V., 2007
  6. Side two. (disadvantages of adjustable rate mortgages) (ARM Wrestling): An article from: Mortgage Banking by Richard Greene, 1995-03-01
  7. A las vencidas. (análisis sobre el ambiente político y económico en México)(TT: Arm wrestling) (TA: analysis about Mexico's political and economic environment): An article from: Proceso by Jorge Alcocer V., 1997-11-23
  8. Arm Wrestling For Everyone ( Arm-Wrestling ) Includes Strenght Developmnet,Endurance Training, Technique, Weights for Tricep, Shoulder & Chest Development , Men & Women ETC by Natl Champion, FORMER OWNER STAMP Back Blank Endpaper, with Preface Contributions By Al Turner, 11-time World Champion, Illustrated b/w Photos Drawings, Illustrated By Barry Julius, Cover Photo By Dan Alex, Interior Photos By Sandy Ha Dr. Mark J. Doherty, 1986
  9. Original Vintage 1958 Color Lobby Card from Movie The Old Man & The Sea Starring Spencer Tracey, #58/300, Showing Star Arm Wrestling at a Table Surrounded By Men Taking Bets ( in SHRINKWRAP ) by originally the Book Written By Ernest Hemingway, 1958
  10. I Walked on the Wild Side by David & Jeanne Lacy Todd Story, 1993
  11. Arm Bars and Locks (Ground Fighting) by Geoff Thompson, 1996-06-01
  12. The story of Big Bess Call (Sunshine) by Marcie Bovetz, 2000
  13. The Lazy Man's Guide to Grappling by Bakari Akil II PhD, 2010-10-03

61. Arm Wrestling Training Equipment By Gripstik
Accelerate your arm wrestling workout to the next level with Gripstik arm wrestling training equipment.
/*********************************************** * Chrome CSS Drop Down Menu- Dynamic Drive DHTML code library ( * This notice MUST stay intact for legal use * Visit Dynamic Drive at for full source code ***********************************************/ cssdropdown.startchrome("chromemenu") Great for arm wrestling training.. ask Bill. He just won his sixth world title in December, 2008
Arm Wrestling
'Hello, my name is Bill Collins, 6 time World Armwrestling Champion and Captain of TEAM USA Armwrestling is not the bar room sport as it's been perceived. There are several professional organizations and television shows that support this sport and it is soon to be recognized in the Olympics. Armwrestling is the fastest sport on this earth. Speed, technique, power and strategy are key elements for countering offensive and defensive moves that have to be made with spontaneous split second decisions. Cross training is so important and it involves hand, grip, wrist, forearm, tendons, finger and arm strength. These key elements can not be done with one single exercise or a single piece of equipment. Tendons have to be conditioned and strengthened for several weeks and can be accomplished by pulling stationary cables and bands. The wrist, fingers and arm can develop strength from wrist and arm curls, stationary cable pulls, and pinching weights as you lift them. Every part of the arm plays an important role. The forearm has several different muscles and most exercises only reach a certain group of these muscles and unless you have a full blown gym at your disposa,l your forearm is not getting the maximum from your work out.

62. Arm Wrestling | SPIKE
The guys have an arm wrestling showdown with Jill Mills, the worlds strongest woman. Wild World of Spike showcases sports from the extreme to the odd with 3 hilarious hosts .

63. Arm-wrestling | Define Arm-wrestling At
–noun a form of wrestling in which two opponents, usually facing each other across a table, rest their right or left elbows on the table and, placing their corresponding

64. Tournament Promotion
Arm Wrestling Tournament Promotion. Do you have experience as a sports promoter? Have you ever thought about applying your expertise

... Mail-In Order Form (.pdf)
Arm Wrestling Tournament Promotion Do you have experience as a sports promoter? Have you ever thought about applying your expertise to a new sport? Arm wrestling is an exciting, entertaining sport that can be promoted in fairs, festivals, rec centers, gyms, bars, and arenas with great success! How We Can Help
Our tournament packages are designed to simplify all aspects of your tournaments, at a super-low price. We provide you with the equipment, the know-how, sanctioning by the World Armwrestling Association, and even tournament promotion to armwrestlers in your area! Arm Wrestling Offers Excitement and Large Profits
Arm wrestling combines exciting entertainment with the opportunity to make large profits with extremely low expenses! Unlike other sports you might have promoted, like Toughman or billiards, arm wrestling competitors do not expect large cash payouts for prizes. Competitors will be more than willing to pay a

65. Arm Wrestling - Tosh.0 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
Did you know Daniel Tosh is the undefeated champion of the Comedy Central Arm Wrestling League?

66. Arm Wrestling
You can watch videos of mixed Arm wrestling, Read articles about wrestlers, read about the professional mixed armwrestling.
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67. Arm
Arm wrestling is generally a competition that people go through to see who is tougher. The two competitors each grab one of the other's hands, set their elbows on a table, and try

68. South African Armwrestling - Home
All you want to know about armwrestling in South Africa rules, clubs and much more information TEAM SOUTH AFRICA 2010. List below only consists of 100%
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