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  1. Barefooting John Gillette's Complete Guide to Barefoot Water Skiing
  2. Barefooting John Gillettes Complete Guide to Barefoot Water Skiing by John Gillette, 1987-06
  3. Barefooting by John Gillette,
  4. Barefooting by ANON, 1900

1. Society For Barefoot Living Home Page
Barefooters in the news, and materials you can use to promote barefooting. Members Barefooters around the world. Around the World
Est. 1994
About Us:
  • QuickFacts
    If you read nothing else here, read this!
  • What'sthisallabout?
    Who we are and our mission statement.
  • BarefootWeblog
    Member-contributed commentary and other resources related to recent news about barefootedness.
  • Activities
    Trip reports and photos of our gatherings.
  • The"Bestof"Collection
    The best of our members' adventures and thoughts about bare feet.
  • Publicity
    Barefooters in the news, and materials you can use to promote barefooting.
  • Members
    Barefooters around the world.
  • Around the World
    Barefootin' in other languages.
  • BarefootScrapbook
    Links to member-contributed resources, past Images of the Week , our photo gallery, activity reports, etc.
  • Joining
    Bare your feet! It's comfortable, healthy, natural, fun, and cool. Membership is free.
  • MembersOnly Links to areas restricted to SBL members.
Related Resources:
  • KeyArticles Important historical, medical, and artistic works on going barefoot.
  • DrivingBarefootinAmerica Debunking the myth that it is illegal to drive barefoot.

2. Barefooting & Wakeboard Equipment |
Articles, news, and reviews, barefooting information.
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Barefooting with the Best
Barefooting is living life to the fullest extent. It is truly seizing the moment and getting a thrill like you have never known before. Plus, it is one huge tickle fest for your feet. is the place to come for all the best information about the sport of barefooting or waterskiing with bare feet! Many people around the world can come here and share ideas hear from others about new techniques to try while barefooting . Some men and women even have chosen barefoot waterskiing as a full-time career. There are barefooting championships all around the world. This gives those of us who love barefoot waterskiing a chance to get together and learn some new moves from each other in person. Our website offers people one place where they can go to get all of their barefooting supplies including training aids for beginners, shoe skis, barefoot booms and suits, ropes, handles, and gloves. If you are new to the sport, these items will make it possible for you to start learning the art of waterskiing without skis! There will be a learning curve to master, but once you do, you will enjoy this sport more than you could have anticipated. For those of you who have been fans of waterskiing barefoot for years, this is where you can shop for the best products and find the latest information from other barefooters.

3. Barefoot Lifestyle - Home Of The Barefooters
Home of the barefooters. This website is dedicated to the lifestyle of walking barefoot. Introduction to the barefooting by a barefooter.
Barefoot Lifestyle Good for health, mind and spirit European Barefooting Resource Center Resources for barefooters all over the world
Check it out ! History hereabove give News
This website is not a fetish website. It applies to men as well as women and does not have any sexual oriented content. This website was created to help people to begin and put into practice barefooting.
This website is dedicated to the art of walking barefoot everywhere from every angle : as a sport activity, as a philosophy and as a way of life. Indeed, barefooting is not only a natural thing but also a way of thinking freely beyond prejudices.
To start with, I had the idea of making this website because I haven't found any site about barefooting containing all the steps to start practicing.
The current version of this website is based on my old French barefoot site (For details, see "history", up in the menu) See History page for updates.

4. Barefoot Skiing Water Skiier Rope Boom Barefooting Boat Feet
Barefoot Skiing Water Skiier Rope Boom barefooting Boat Feet Economy.

5. Barefooting - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
barefooting may refer to Barefoot skiing; Barefoot hiking; Barefoot running; Barefootin' may refer to Barefootin', an autobiography by Unita Blackwell
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Look up barefooting in Wiktionary , the free dictionary. Barefooting may refer to: Barefootin' may refer to:
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6. Extreme Outdoor Barefooting (* Warning: Dirty Soles *) - Foot Model Content - Co
I m a huge fan of girls walking barefoot outdoors. In the last years I ve gathered a few dozen reallife barefoot girls on my website not hired models but women who walk the

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8. Waterskiing & Barefooting - TeamTalk
New posts Hot thread with new posts No new posts Hot thread with no new posts Thread is closed

9. Barefooting Beginner Tips
Beginner barefooting tips, including getting up, deepwater starts, boat speeds, driving tips, the right way to fall, stepping off a slalom, tumble up start, wake crossing, and more
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  • Home Sports Waterskiing
  • Waterskiing
    Filed In:
  • Beginners
  • Beginner barefooting tips, including getting up, deepwater starts, boat speeds, driving tips, the right way to fall, stepping off a slalom, tumble up start, wake crossing, and more.
    How to Do a Beginner Barefoot Start With a Boom
    Tips on how to do a successful barefoot start with use of a boom connected to the side of the boat. The boom is the easiest method of learning to barefoot waterski.
    How to do a Beginner Barefoot Start Behind the Boat
    Are you ready to kick off the water skis and test your abilities on your bare feet? If so, these tips could help you take a stand on the water with the aid of a wakeboard or kneeboard. zSB(3,3)
    How Fast Should You Go?
    There are so many activities you can do behind a boat, and each works best at different boat speeds. Use this feature to determine how fast the boat should be traveling when barefooting or while participating in other boat-towed sports.
    Teaching Kids How to Barefoot Waterski
    Barefooting can be an intense sport. When teaching kids use these tips to get them skimming on the water quick and safe.

    Philippine Headline News Online's coverage of the Travel and Leisure news items in the Philippines.
    BAREFOOTING IN BORACAY Boracay Island, Aklan, March 6, 2003 (PNA) Sink your ankles deep into the softest, finest, whitest sand. Sand so friendly, you can't find it anywhere else in the world except Boracay. It's like burrowing into sifted confectionery sugar, top-cake flour, or baby powder. Gentle, gratifying. Bordering on the unreal. It's just got to be what the sandman sprinkles at dreamtime. Every particle that clings to your sun-drenched body is a speckle of white coral and shell worn down by the powerful ocean currents, and the annual typhoon waves. It takes patience to make a beach: each bit of organic building material must be rubbed, tossed and dragged about repeatedly by water movement till it breaks down into fine and still much finer sand. The beach is a living earthscape. With every wave, sand is deposited and removed everyday. Boracay's white beach is a delicate tribute to ecological balance. Whiteness is retained by keeping offshore coral communities healthy. It is also white because there is neither quartz, feldspar, nor magnetite to color Boracay sand otherwise. The island paradise was born in pre-history when a reef platform attached to northwestern Panay Island rose and revealed two islets. Sand accumulated between the twain, wedding them into a Philippine contribution to the world's natural treasures. From Manila to Caticlan, it took less than an hour on board the Seair. The entourage is composed of Tourism Secretary Richard Gordon, Louie Pawid of DoT, two journalists from Lakbay TV and this writer.

    11. Szwed6
    Kyle, Laura and Chris are all barefoot water skiers. Laura has competed in the US Nationals since 1997. Includes family barefooting photos.

    12. Fifth Ape: Chapel Hill Parkour, Barefooting & Natural Method (Chapel Hill, NC) -
    This group is a resource for anyone in and around Chapel Hill North Carolina who is interested in Parkour, barefoot running, evolutionary fitness, MovNat, paleo/traditional

    13. Barefoot Skiing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Barefoot skiing is water skiing behind a motorboat without the use of water skis, commonly referred to as barefooting . barefooting requires the skier to travel at higher
    Barefoot skiing
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article may contain original research . Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding references . Statements consisting only of original research may be removed. More details may be available on the talk page (September 2007) Barefoot skiing Barefoot skiing is water skiing behind a motorboat without the use of water skis, commonly referred to as "barefooting". Barefooting requires the skier to travel at higher speeds than conventional water skiing (30-45mph). Appropriate speed varies by the weight of the barefooter and can be approximated by the formula (Skier weight in lbs /10) +20mph.
    edit History of barefooting
    Barefoot water skiing originated in Cypress Gardens Florida Richard Downing "Dick" Pope Jr. , on March 6, 1947, was the first recorded person to ever barefoot, stepping off his skis on a training boom alongside the boat. In 1950, the first barefoot competition was held in Cypress Gardens, with Pope and Mexican competitor Emilio Zamudio as the only two barefooters in the world at the time. Throughout the 1950s, additional barefoot starting techniques were invented including the two-ski jump out, the beach start (invented by Ken Tibado in 1955), and the deep water start (invented by Joe Cash in 1958). The tumble-turn maneuver was 'invented' by accident during a double barefoot routine in 1960 when Terry Vance fell onto his back during a step-off and partner Don Thomson (still on his skis) spun him around forward, enabling Vance to regain a standing posture. In 1961, Randy Rabe became the first backward barefooter by stepping off a trick ski backwards, a maneuver Dick Pope had first tried in 1950 but vowed never to try again after a painful fall. The early 1960s saw Don Thomson appear as the first "superstar" of the sport, developing both back-to-front and front-to-back turnarounds, and performing the first barefoot tandem ride in a show at Cypress Gardens.

    14. Cold Water Barefooting - How To Barefoot Waterski, Barefoot Skiing Tips With Lan
    Cold Water barefooting tips with Lane Winter Haven, Fl. back to Trauma Center. Cold Water barefooting
    Toll Free Any Time
    1-877-685-6270, x-8 or direct 1-863-268-0111 Search: Member Home Trauma Center Training Videos 2 Hour DVD ... Boat For Sale
    "Cold Water Barefooting "
    Winter Haven, Fl back to Trauma Center
    Cold Water Barefooting Cold Water Barefooting
    by Lane "Dawg" Bowers "Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more." Confucius I realized that while it is still seriously hot here in paradise, you are probably wondering whether it is worth dealing with the cold weather to go out fora barefoot run where you ski. I want to give you some tips that I have known for a long time, but I like to pass on to those I ski with when it is cold. First of all, the only way to survive the cold weatherreasonably is with a dry suit. This is a suit you can wear over your barefooting gear which has rubber seals at the neck, wrists, and ankles. There is a zipper in the back. You can see the one I use at A big mistake people make is trying to use a slalom dry suit for barefooting. They are very different. A good barefooting dry suit is built to be able to sit on the water and can easily take the punishment of the water abrasion while keeping you dry inside. The nice bonus on using a dry suit is that it makes learning your starts and tumble turns easier as well because of the extra buoyancy from the air inside.

    15. Barefooting To Save The World, By Antera
    Yes, I'm serious about the 'save the world' part, and I'm going to explain the connection to going barefoot. But first, some background
    Barefooting to Save the World by Antera Our bodies evolved with direct daily contact with Earth, and all our senses are tuned to the natural world. Our eyes are designed to see the greens and browns of plants. Everything we look at puts frequencies into our brain and energy systems in a very direct way, feeding and nourishing our systems or irritating them. Not only the colors, but the curves and forms of nature are what our eyes are designed to feed on, not the straight edges of buildings. Sounds and smells likewise affect us. But the most direct contact with Earth is through touch. I learned a lot about bare feet from my two sons, who experimented with going barefoot all the time for a couple of years, a natural consequence of studying primitive skills, their area of expertise. It was hard at first, but their feet quickly built up their natural form so they could even walk on gravel or hot pavement without wincing. The soles got thick, but not tough and callused like I had expected they remained soft and pliable. But I had to go to a meeting in the city, so I bit the bullet. I found myself near some very tall buildings in the financial district, and I went up to the top of one, then out on a balcony for the view. I looked at the buildings all around, with hundreds of tiny offices and people doing their work. It suddenly hit me that these people are totally separated from the planet all day, up in their offices far above the ground. And these are the people who are running the country! These are the people who are involved in business and finance, making decisions that affect all the rest of us! I finally understood how some people have been able to get so screwed up in their priorities that they no longer even care about the planet. They have no connection to her!!

    16. Barefooting
    Listing of barefoot skiing links. Accessories, organizations, rules, resources, booms, schools, training, barefoot tips and videos.
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  • Home Sports Waterskiing
  • Waterskiing
    Filed In:
  • Other Boat Towed Sports
  • Barefooting
    Listing of barefoot skiing links. Accessories, organizations, rules, resources, booms, schools, training, barefoot tips and videos.
    Barefooting Tips
    Barefooting tips, techniques, and instruction, to improve your skills. For the beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
    Listing of boom manufacturers. Booms to keep you close to the boat before you're ready to go longline. zSB(3,3)
    Schools / Training / Tips / Videos
    Compiled by - Listing of barefooting schools, great tips, and suggested videos.
    Videos - Barefooting
    Instructional and documentary videos on barefoot water skiing.
    Cypress Gardens Celebrates Banana George's 91st Birthday
    Cypress Gardens Celebrates Banana George's 91st Birthday and Inaugurates him as Mayor of Cypress Gardens Adventure Park.
    ABC American Barefoot Club
    ABC is the governing body for Barefoot Waterskiing in the United States.
    ABC Rule Book
    This document is current as of 2001.

    17. Barefoot Waterski With Eddie Smit
    Official site of Dutch Team Skier and 2000 Dutch Trick Champion. Mostly in Dutch, but does provide some information about Eddie in English, pictures and a history of barefooting.
    Barefoot waterski with Eddie Smit
    Welcome, Barefoot waterskiing
    is one of the most extreme sports
    around! More information about this sport you can find at the Dutch National Competition site; Movie 1
    J .S.B.
    Eddie Smit

    Eddie Smit was a member of the Dutch Barefoot Team from 1995 until 2003. After a two year break in competition he won the overall title at the Nationals in 2006 and 2007. Eddie Smit is competing in the senior Nationals 2009 and the European Championships 2009 in Austria. Results:
    2000: Dutch Champion Tricks
    05: Dutch Champion Tricks and Slalom
    2006: Dutch Champion Tricks, Slalom and Overall
    2007: Dutch Champion Tricks, Slalom and Overall
    2008: Dutch Champion Tricks and Slalom Dutch Barefoot Team at Austria 2002. Left to Right: Oene, Eddie, Devin, Evert last update: june 11 2009

    18. Vibram Five Fingers: Discover The Barefooting Alternative
    The typical human foot is an anatomical marvel of evolution with 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 muscles, and hundreds of sensory receptors, tendons and ligaments. Like the rest of the

    19. Barefooting Images Of The Week
    barefooting related images and material will be provided here on a transient basis. Material will be here for about one week before being changed.
    Images of the Week
    Barefooting related images and material:
    ... will be provided here on a transient basis. Material will be here for about one week before being changed. Someone once posted: Years ago (in the 60's and 70's) skateboarding was a sport that MANY young people enjoyed doing barefoot. Now, you NEVER see a skateboarder barefoot! NEVER! In fact, if you visit the skateboarding sites, and look up the history of skateboarding, they do not even acknowledge that the early skateboarders preferred to do it barefoot. (There were many neat tricks that required you to be barefoot.) Time for a little barefooting archaeology. Yes, kids definitely used to skateboard barefoot. I think two things enabled that. First, kids went barefoot in general a lot more. Second, the boards in use at that time were often the "banana" type boards. I've tried my son's skateboard and the first thing I noticed was that the edges were too sharp to comfortably curl my toes around. They aren't really designed to be foot-friendly, but I suppose one could adapt. I also tried an old style "banana" board. It's much thicker with nicely curved and smooth edges. It felt very natural in bare feet. I saw an (older) skateboarding book once, that included a short section on barefoot tricks. This included a diagram of something called the "gorilla grip" where the toes are wrapped under the board for jumps made while holding onto the board with one's feet. I had heard about this 18 minute film short (

    20. Barefooting
    barefooting has really evolved since Dick Pope kicked off the drop ski in 1947 to become the world’s first barefoot skier. Since that time, advances in equipment and techniques
    var GB_ROOT_DIR = "/files/tcriverrats/files/greybox/"; RadMenuAppendStyleSheet('m_ctl16ctl16_menu', '/RadControls/Menu/Skins/TCRiverRats/menu.css'); Home About The Rats Join the Team Show Schedule Media Sponsors Links Contact Us Events Jumping Barefooting Pyramid Stage faceplant Benefit The Show Our Location Board Members Development Team Rat History Become a Sponsor Videos Photos Audio
  • Home About The Rats Join the Team Show Schedule ... Audio
  • Barefooting
    The Show Ballet and Swivel Adagio and Strap Jumping ... Stage Barefooting has really evolved since Dick Pope kicked off the drop ski in 1947 to become the world’s first barefoot skier. Since that time, advances in equipment and techniques have paved the way for new and more exciting ways to “foot.” A barefoot boom allows easier training for novice and advanced footers alike, while padded wet suits provide protection and floatation. Even the ski rope is special with Kevlar material to prevent stretching at boat speeds ranging from 35 to nearly 50 mph.
    Typical ways to start barefooting are: to drop a single ski; to “deep-up” (start from deep water with no skis at all); a “double jump-out” (dropping 2 skis simultaneously at high speed); or even a “flyer” (jumping from an elevated starting point).
    Once they’ve mastered the basics, barefooters can advance to perform one-foot maneuvers, tumble turns, and even backwards barefoot and barefoot pyramids. Then there’s the “barefoot line” where 10 or more footers fly by the crowd creating a massive wall of water. The team also performs a unique “barefoot thread” where two footn’ skiers cut under two high-speed ski jumpers. Wow! Barefooting brings lots of speed and excitement to the show. They’re the fastest thing on water so don’t look away or you’ll miss it!

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