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         Boomerang:     more books (101)
  1. From Bicycles to Boomerangs by Byron H.And Mary Jean Kluwe Van Roekel, 1969
  2. KNIGHTS OF THE BOOMERANG by Herbert Basedow, 2004
  3. The Islamic Boomerang in Saudi Arabia ; The Cost of Delayed Reforms
  4. The Boomerang Wakes Up (Pathway Books) by Hubert Ben Kemoun, 2009-03-30
  5. Boomerang and Other Easter Stories by Fr. Chester Wrzaszczak, 1988-11
  6. My Barmy Aunt Boomerang: The Coolest Act in School by Roy Apps, 1996-03-28
  7. Bill Nye and Boomerang or The Tale of a Meek Eyed Mule and Other Literary Gems by Bill Nye, 2007-07-25
  8. Bill Nye and Boomerang: or, The tale of a meek-eyed mule ; and some other literary gems by Bill Nye, 2010-08-29
  9. All About Boomerangs by Lorin L Hawes, 1987
  10. Boomerang: The Works of Valentyn Moroz by Valentyn Yakovych Moroz, 1974
  11. Le boomerang: Ou, Rien n'est mal qui finit bien : roman (Classiques du rire et du sourire) (French Edition) by Alphonse Allais, 1978
  12. Fly It!: Making and Flying Your Own Kites, Boomerangs, Helicopters, Hang Gliders, and Hand-Launched Gliders by John Kaufmann, 1980-06
  13. Boomerang by Commander William Chambliss, 1944

101. Welcome To The Boomerangman, Boomerangs
Carries boomerangs from a variety of countries made of plywood, composites, plastics, strip-laminated hardwoods, solid woods, or foam.

102. Graham S Boomerangs
Catalog, examples of custom orders, picture gallery, and contacts for this crafter of wooden boomerangs.

103. - Boomerangs For Fun, Sport, Competition
Professional boomerangs for fun, sports and competition. Manufactured by former World record holder Volker Behrens from Germany.
German version here: BlueStar in the US Buy sports boomerangs in the US and save on shipping. Retailers: Winter special : get a great sports boomerang for free!! Check these HOT:SUSSEX G 12 Epoxy G 12 Sussex Hook: a new favourite-Incredible flight! Good Herb would love it... Details Throwing Kit 4 sale I am parting with most of my personal favourite rangs. Interested? Check these Competition Kit 4 sale I am parting with most of my competition rack- distance, MTA, proto type rangs etc. Interested? Check these BiG Al Large Hook FOR Sale Weighted Al Gehards and Traditional shape on sale. New MTA models 2 brandnew MTA models for varying winds. - New catalogue categories to help you find what you are looking for - if you aren't so sure...
- Instructions in PDF
printer friendly instruction sheets for all levels of throwing
-boomerang buying guide -
some tips, hints and FAQ's to sort out what's what in the catalogue
- Herb Smith special
Boomerang News special issue repubished
- Tuning tips by M. Girvin

104. Finger Boomerangs
Plans for making and flying small boomerangs made from file card paper.
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Finger Boomerangs SUBJECT: Aeronautics
TOPIC: Boomerang
DESCRIPTION: Plans for making and flying small boomerangs made from file card paper
EDITED BY: Roger Storm, NASA Glenn Research Center MATERIALS:
File card
Pencil Pattern PROCEDURE: Cut out the patterns of the boomerangs and trace them onto a file card. Cut out the boomerangs from the file cards. SOME SAMPLE SHAPES ARE SHOWN HERE. FLYING THE FINGER BOOMERANGS: Lay the boomerang on the edge of a book and tilt the book slightly upward. The book will serve as a launching platform. Using one of your index fingers, strike the boomerang so that it spins rapidly as it shoots rapidly off the book. The boomerang should fly straight out, turn, and come back. If necessary, give the boomerang a bit of additional lift by bending the leading edge tips of each wing slightly upward like a forward facing flap. DISCUSSION: Refer to the Four-Wing Bomerang Activity for more information about boomerangs.

105. Hubert Foulon
A memorial site in honor of Hubert Foulon (1940-2000), one of Belgium s boomerang pioneers. Hubert was both a boomerang master and artist. Pictures of his boomerang activities and paintings.
Hubert Foulon
A Tribute
This web site is dedicated in loving memory to Hubert Foulon (1940-2000), our friend and boomerang master.
You are visitor #
Click on Hubert's self-portrait to proceed. This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit Here.

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