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1. Canopying - Definition Of Canopying At
noun pl. canopies pies. a drapery, awning, or other rooflike covering fastened above a bed, throne, etc., or held on poles over a person or sacred thing

2. Costa Rica Canopy Tours
We are sure that soon this sport will extend all over the globe in different types of forests, but nothing compares to canopying through a tropical cloud forest.
Costa Rica Canopy Tours
by Infocostarica Staff Do you remember the movie MEDICINE MAN, starring Sean Connery, and if you do, do you remember the scene where him and the other scientist (his romantic interest, of course) go flying through the treetops of rainforests hanging from harnesses tied to ropes, well, that is what a canopy tour is all about. If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica soon, then read on to become better acquainted with this popular Costa Rica sport. Although Canopy tours, a.k.a. zip-line adventures are a relatively new phenomenon, their real origins date back to the 1970's when the rain and cloud forest canopies were the last remaining frontiers of intrepid scientists. According to our research the technique was developed by scientists in the US to study the canopies of trees in forests there without disturbing the life in the limbs and trunk by having to attach ladders or climbing equipment to the tree. Using disciplines common to adventure spots such as rappelling and spelunking, scientists quickly discovered the unique benefits of exploring the jungle canopy from above. Apparently it was not until a few years ago that scientist were able to study the canopy ecosystems in great depth through the use of this technique, and once it was developed, the rainforest became the optimal target for its use due to its large and complex ecosystems. The technique has been successfully used in the Bilogical station La Selva in Costa Rica for this purpose.

3. Plan Your Costa Rica Vacation At Monteverde And Santa Elena Cloud Forest
HIKING canopying - WILDLIFE. The rare phenomenon where climatic conditions cause cloud and mist to be in regular

4. Canopying - Definition And More From The Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Definition of word from the MerriamWebster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games.

Tsitsikamma Activities mountain-biking, bungee jumping, tree top canopying and hiking - Plettenberg Bay Whale Dolphin watching (in season July-Nov)

6. Canopying - Definition Of Canopying By The Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus And
can o py (k np) n. pl. can o pies. 1. A covering, usually of cloth, suspended over a throne or bed or held aloft on poles above an eminent person or a sacred object.

7. OCT International Locations
Mr. Hreniuk, pioneered this activity now called canopying, tiroleza and zip lining - back in the mid 1990’s. The activity has recently been called ziplines and zipline tours
Home About Us Reservations Testimonials ... Locations The ORIGINAL CANOPY TOUR now has many locations in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.
This activity was not invented by researchers or scientists, but invented in Costa Rica by our founder Darren Hreniuk.
The activity has recently been called ziplines and zipline tours but The Original Canopy Tour is very different.
Ziptours or ziplines are not the same as a canopytour and we will be more than happy to show you the difference

8. Top > Canopying | Outdoor Activities
Offers tours in Costa Rica's rainforest with a mixture of ecology and adventure tourism. Includes photos, packages, rates, and related links.

9. Quito Travel Guide - Plan Your Quito Vacation. Quito Flights, Tours & Hotel Revi
It is located near lots of places to go trekking, climbing, canopying, with the best bird watching areas like Mindo and thermal waters in Papallacta.

10. Canopying - Outdoors - Recreation - Web Directory - Submit Site
Add URL to canopying Web Directory. Browse the canopying resources for related information. Read articles and guides on canopying.

11. - Puerto Vallarta
canopying . People wanting to experience something different during their stay, will want to check out canopying. This relatively new sport, involves you hanging from harnesses
@import "/css/itravel.css";@import "/css/puertoVallarta.css"; @import "/css/print.css"; Mexico Map


... Monterrey Puerto Vallarta Flights Hotels Flight + Hotel Vacations ... Transfers Puerto Vallarta Entering Banking Airport Drinking Age ... Maps Puerto Vallarta Beaches Interesting Places Charming Towns Culture ... Calendar of Events Puerto Vallarta Beaches Nightlife Whale Watching Shopping ... ECARDS Friend's Name comments... Friend's Email Your Name Your Email Flights Hotels Flight + Hotel Vacations ... Mexico for Kids Extreme Sports For those who feel the need to engage in some adventure and thrills, Puerto Vallarta offers different activities such as bungee jumping, parasailing, water-skiing, wind surfing, and canopying. Bungee jumping A truly unforgettable experience will await you at the Bungee overlooking the glistening Vallarta Coast seawater near Boca de Tomatlán, located in the south zone of the bay. Trained bungee instructors will assist you throughout your bungee jumping session to make sure that you have an unforgettable experience regardless if you are a novice or a advanced jumper. Parasailing Parasailing is prevalent in almost every beach in the bay area. Many enjoy this extreme sport because it can be enjoyed by the young and old. Once you sit in the harness, you are attached to a line where you are quickly pulled into the air by the sudden surge of the boat accelerating. While slowly soaring through the wind, you can see the beautiful bay area and a truly birds eye view of Puerto Vallarta.

12. Canopying In The Best Of The Web Directory
Hand selected websites about canopying presented by Best of the Web. Explore recreational diversions and leisure activities with this comprehensive listing of sites, your portal to

13. El Valle De Anton, Panama
Places of interest and things to do in El Valle (for locations look at the map) Artisan Vegetable Market Bird Watching canopying Chorro El Macho Waterfall Chorro Las Mosas
What to do
About El Valle Directions What to do Accomodations ... Home Places of interest and things to do in El Valle:
for locations look at the map
Bird Watching Canopying Chorro El Macho Waterfall ... Zoo Here you can buy fruits, ornamental plants, flowers and orchids and have a look at local art and handicrafts. Including: ceramics, bateas (wooden trays), woven baskets, hats, carved and painted totumas (cups made from squash) and trinkets made from acorn. Also, some Kuna Indians offer their handicraft like colorful molas and jewlery. (A few pictures can be found here)
Bird Watching El Valle is one of the best places in Panama for watching tropical birds. You will find them in the valley and in the cloud forrest of the Gaital Monument. Until July 2004 318 different kinds of birds were registered in El Valle. 154 of these only exist in this valley. Canopying
On this tour you soar above the waterfall twice. The tour lasts aprox. one and a half hours and costs around 53 US$ per person. More information can be found here. Chorro El Macho Waterfall
It is just a 30 minutes walk from the towncenter in the direction of La Mesa.

14. GARDEN DESIGN / Awaiting Spring's Color And Fragrance 03/17/2002 | Archives | Ch
The large oak boldly anchors the Stewart familys corner lot in West University Place its heavy branches quietly canopying the deep green mass plantings of liriope and Asian jasmine

15. Aquo Energy Drink - History
History Humble Beginnings. The Aquo founders are extreme sports participants or fans. We all share the passion of extreme sports whether it be canopying, snowboarding
Humble Beginnings On The Rise The Big Time ... E-mail Updates
Humble Beginnings
The Aquo founders are extreme sports participants or fans. We all share the passion of extreme sports whether it be canopying, snowboarding, skydiving and more. We were sitting around one day at an event watching all the sponsors do their thing, and while they seemed successful, we agreed something was off: their flavors weren't original or didn't own up to their healthful, green messaging. Aquo was born. We own up to our message that Aquo is invigorating, refreshing, delicious and healthy. And, it's green friendly. We use only organic ingredients and natural flavors versus chemically enhancing them. Take a swig and you'll see what we're talking about. Aquo is, ultimately, the green extreme sports fanatic's dream come true.
Aquo Today
Aquo has taken on a life of its own. Aquo sponsors about 50 extreme sports events around the country and is sold at convenience stores, drug stores, fitness centers, super markets and specialty markets across the U.S. Aquo is also involved with many non-profit events for active children and adults with disabilities.
Aquo Tomorrow
We will only come up with new drinks when we feel the need to, not just to compete with our competition or to gain press. Each of our drinks has a personal story and we won't just create one for the heck of it. Aquo will continue to sponsor extreme sports events and non-profit events that we believe make the world a better, greener, more enjoyable place.

16. Mindo, Ecuador - Travel To Mindo Ecuador Mindo Hotels Mindo
Aside from birdwatching, Mindo offers excellent opportunities for rafting, tubing, canopying (ziplining) and hiking. Tubing involves floating down a lazy river in an inner tube. onclick=sa_mpTC(event, this); ret

17. Canopying | Outdoor Directory offers links to outdoor websites browse for camping, hunting and fishing, aviation, birding, cycling, geocaching, scouting, scuba diving, sports and wildlife.
Browse Categories Adventure Aviation Birding Boating ... Wildlife Canopying You are here: Home Adventure Canopying Listings Adventure Park for crew members in Costa Rica
Canopytour over 11 Waterfalls with 25 Zip lines and ATV Tours for Crew and Passenger in Puntarens and Port Caldera Costa Rica. Amazon Explorama Lodges
Located in Inquitos, Peru. Offers five lodges in a privately protected primary Amazon rainforest reserves. American Canyoneering Association
Includes information on slot canyoning and photographs. Canyoneering USA
Focused on the slot canyons of the Colorado Plateau, but includes articles spanning the globe. Rivertracing in Taiwan
Offers information on canyoning in Taiwan. The Original Canopy Tour Offers tours in Costa Rica's rainforest with a mixture of ecology and adventure tourism. Home About Us Contact Us Link to Us ... Submit Site Outdoor Directory offers resources for adventure, camping, fishing, boating, sport, cycling, hunting, metal detecting, scuba diving.

18. Canopying Within The Trees At A Coffee Farm - Granada, Nicaragua Travel Blog
canopying within the trees at a coffee farm Read the story and see 4 photos of a visit to Granada, Nicaragua by TravelPod member barbarabryson
The web's original travel blog 75,298 travel experiences shared this week!
Canopying within the trees at a coffee farm
Trip Start May 12, 2007 Previous
Trip End Jul 14, 2007 Next
Loading Map Map your own trip! Map Options Show trip route Hide lines Granada Nicaragua Friday, June 29, 2007 For our final day in Grenada we decided to go Canopying (activity where you zip line between trees at various heights). We have come across many places where you can do this but we finally decided to do it in Nicaragua as it was cheap, and we got to see a coffee farm as we did it right in the middle of one! We drove for an hour on probably the bumpiest road that exists; it was more like a dried out river bed than a road! After recovering from the drive we got kitted up for our zip line frenzy. Michael wasn't sure whether he was going ahead with it all as he isn't the keenest when it comes to heights. We all got briefed beforehand below the first zip line. Unfortunately a bloody bee of some sort decided to sting me on my arm. I was quite distracted from the pain so I didn't hear much of the brief :-S (luckily it was pretty simple)
We ascended the first ladder and started zipping over to the next tree Final platform, the abseil tree

19. Specialty Travel Ideas: Planning A Canopying Trip In The Rainforest
In order to get a closer look at the rainforest, take a canopying vacation among the tops of the trees.
document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + (document.location.protocol == "https:" ? "https://sb" : "http://b") + "' %3E%3C/script%3E")); Enter your search terms Submit search form Web
Specialty travel ideas: planning a canopying trip in the rainforest
In order to get a closer look at the rainforest, take a canopying vacation among the tops of the trees.
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Adventurous tourists have a new sport enjoy. These tourists can now explore the rainforest treetops by canopying. This is an up and coming new sport that is accomplished either by visiting a canopy walkway such as the one found in Peru or by going from tree to tree on steel cables while suspended in a harness as in Costa Rica . This sport originated from rappelling and developed by United States scientists as a way to study the canopies of trees in forests with out disturbing the life in the limbs and trunks with ladders or climbing equipment attached to the tree. The canopy walkway extends one hundred fifteen feet above the forest floor and extends one third of a mile through the rainforest of Peru. This walkway provides a view of the rainforest that is impossible from walking on the forest floor. The view from the treetops has a definite vantage point for observing Amazon wildlife and vegetation. Even though this walkway is extremely high, it is very accessible for everyone and requires no special skills or equipment for the tourist with this adventure in mind. Spread among fourteen of the area’s largest rainforest trees, the canopy walkway in Peru is among one of the world’s longest canopy walkways.

20. Canopying Definition Of Canopying In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
Disclaimer All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.

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