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         Cardio Kickboxing:     more detail
  1. Cardio Kickboxing Elite: For Sport, For Fitness, For Self-Defense by Frank Thiboutot, 2001-01-25
  2. Curso Completo de Cardio-Kickboxing (Spanish Edition) by Seabourne Tom, 2000-11
  3. Cardio kickboxing: an effective way to spice up your winter workout.(BODY TALK): An article from: Ebony by Lynette Holloway, 2007-12-01
  4. Dead Or Alive: The Choice Is Yours: The Definitive Self-Protection Handbook by Geoff Thompson, 1997-01-01
  5. All Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Kit Cessna, 2009-11-01

1. Aerobic Kickboxing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Cardio Kickboxing is a sportspecific equipment-based fitness program created by Frank Thiboutot at The Bay Club in Portland, Maine in 1992. The original circuit training
Aerobic kickboxing
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Cardio Kickboxing Jump to: navigation search This article is an orphan , as few or no other articles link to it . Please introduce links to this page from related articles suggestions are available (June 2010) Cardio Kickboxing group fitness class. Aerobic kickboxing is a sport-specific equipment-based exercise program created by Frank Thiboutot at The Bay Club in Portland Maine in 1992 as "Cardio Kickboxing". The original circuit training format was developed to help promote the sport of kickboxing through kickboxing for fitness The techniques used during the one-hour classes, using conventional heavy bags and training pads , are based on authentic kickboxing techniques which provide both resistance training and cardiovascular benefits to its participants. This is further explained in his book, Cardio Kickboxing Elite . "Cardio Kickboxing" is a registered U.S. trademark Most aerobic kickboxing classes begin with light stretches and a cardio warm up . Typical routines include a series of repetitive punches hand strikes kicks and other self-defense moves.

2. Cardio-Kickboxing : Do & Don't
CardioKickboxing Do Don't Are you bored with your aerobics class? and are looking for a high-intensity workout that will increase your strength and flexibility while

3. Cardio Kickboxing, Cardio Kickboxing Moves, Cardio Kickboxing Classes, Cardio Ki
Kickboxing is a terrific form of selfdefense that combines strength training with improved self-discipline. Learn real kickboxing techniques as you burn up to 800 calories an hour
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Below you can find local Cardio Kickboxing Classes.
Please select your city or state below for local Kickboxing Classes. Jump to State/City: United States AK AL AR AZ ... WY Master the demanding sport of cardio kickboxing in a high-energy workout designed to get results fast! Learn real kickboxing techniques as you work up a sweat while burning up to 800 calories an hour! Cardio kickboxing has become one of the most successful exercise programs around! Find out how you can get the lean, hard body you've always wanted!

4. Cardio Kickboxing: Facts, Discussion Forum, And Encyclopedia Article
http// Cardio Kickboxing is a sportspecific equipment-based fitness
Home Discussion Topics Dictionary ... Login Cardio Kickboxing
Cardio Kickboxing
Discussion Ask a question about ' Cardio Kickboxing Start a new discussion about ' Cardio Kickboxing Answer questions from other users Full Discussion Forum Encyclopedia
Cardio Kickboxing is a sport-specific equipment-based fitness Physical fitness Physical fitness comprises two related concepts: general fitness and specific fitness . Physical fitness is generally achieved through exercise, correct nutrition and enough rest...
program created by Frank Thiboutot at The Bay Club in Portland, Maine Portland, Maine Portland is the largest city in the U.S. state of Maine and the county seat of Cumberland County. The 2007 estimated city population was 62,875. Portland is Maine's cultural, social and economic capital. It is also the principal city of the Portland-South Portland-Biddeford metropolitan area, with...
in 1992. The original circuit training Circuit training Circuit training is a combination of high-intensity aerobics and resistance training designed to be easy to follow and target fat loss, muscle building and heart fitness. An exercise "circuit" is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program. When one circuit is complete, one begins the...

5. Cardio Kickboxing
FREE JIU JITSU, FREE CARDIO KICKBOXING CLASSES. Serving Hiram, Dallas, Powder Springs. Tekniques is proudly affiliated with Alliance. We are a competition Brazilian JiuJitsu

6. Viet Le's World Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Gym - Cardio Kickboxing8796 Sacramen
CARDIO KICKBOXING It's for EveryoneEnergizing, explosive, powerful, uplifting .That's how students from all walks of life, men and women, from Hollywood stars to housewives
Mixed Martial Arts Gym
8796 Sacramento Dr.
Suite H
Alexandria VA
@wkkick .com
Cardio Kickboxing
8796 Sacramento Drive Suite H Alexandria, VA  22309
Energizing, explosive, powerful, uplifting....
Fat Loss
Muscle and Fitness magazine rates Cardio-Kickboxing as the number one fat burner, with over 1000 calories burned in a one hour class! Nothing else even comes close. Toning
Stress Relief
A major benefit of increased flexibility is better blood circulation, and a more relaxed overall lifestyle. Self Confidence
We all know that when you look good, you feel good. Imagine adding, "And I know I can take care of myself," to the equation. There is no better feeling than knowing you're in shape and can defend yourself if you ever have to. Variety equipment to keep class exciting and help you develop your skills faster. Individual Instruction Safety We understand that our clients are not training for a real kickboxing match. Most just want to have fun and get in the best shape of their lives. That’s why our kickboxing curriculum is geared mostly towards cardiovascular, aerobic, toning and fitness work, while also teaching the techniques necessary for self protection and ensuring they are performed in a proper manner.  Gloves and hand wraps are required equipment for this class. Web Hosting by Yahoo!

7. Cardio Kickboxing - Associated Content -
According to the American Council of Exercise cardio kickboxing can burn over 500 calories per hour! But is cardio kickboxing safe…and does it really provide you with the
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    Adjust font-size: Published September 21, 2006 by: Sandra Koehler View Profile Follow Add to Favorites ... Cardio Training
    Physical Fitness or Self Defense?
    Though the art of kickboxing has been around for centuries it has gained steadily in popularity in the U.S. since the 1970's. Fitness gurus have taken the ancient art form of kickboxing and transformed it into a popular way to get fit!
    Coined "cardio kickboxing", this form of exercise not only provides you with an overall physical conditioning and toning program, it can increase your endurance, balance, stamina, flexibility and coordination while providing a healthy way to reduce stress.
    Because of the range and planes of motion utilized in kickboxing, cardio kickboxing is a complicated form of exercise. With its explosive movements (knee strikes, kicks and punches) and high intensity, cardio kickboxing is not for the beginner exerciser.
    Even seasoned athletes can experience difficulties! Muscle pulls and joint pain is commonplace because it is too easy to overextend the joints, especially when the rest of the class is more experienced. Overdoing it or going beyond your fitness level is a frequent problem too.

    8. Cardio Kickboxing
    WARNING Participation in any Martial Arts activities is a highrisk sports activity. Your participation in any of these activities is at your own risk.
    MM_preloadImages('images/shadow_boxing.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('images/drills-small_jkdy.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('images/boxing-image-female.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('images/boxing-image-female_timn.jpg'); SERVING THE BAY AREA SINCE 1989
    Your Subtitle text Cardio Kickboxing BENEFITS
    • Strengthening Toning Weight loss Fat Burning Stress Reduction Well Being

    Participation in any Martial Arts activities is a high-risk sports activity. Your participation in any of these activities is at your own risk. You should consult with a physician before participating in any of these high-risk activities.
    Monday - Friday
    6-7 pm
    8-9 am Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 9:30-10:30 am Cardio Class Prices Single Class Multi Class Pass Prices 5 Classes - $45 10 Classes - $80 $69 per month Auto Debit* The basic membership is a Six Month contract. Contracts require first month payment. Cardio Kickboxing is an awesome way to get into shape ! For everyone from the beginner looking for an alternative to the same old workout routines to the experienced athlete looking to expand their workout. This workout is designed for women and men of all fitness levels. Power Conditioning / Boot Camp class is included with our Cardio program This creates the ultimate total body workout! This is a fun and exciting high impact workout. A challenging blend of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. This fast paced class combines heavy bag drills, partnering and circuit training for a high intensity workout. This class offers a safe and effective way to get in the best shape of your life.

    9. Workouts On Demand.   Online Cardio Kickboxing Workout Videos.
    Exercise at home, online! Instant access to cardio kickboxing exercise videos. New workout videos added every week.
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    Get ready, this low-impact workout is a sweaty one! Cardio Kickboxing is a low-impact aerobic workout similar to "Tai-Bo" and is loaded with fun. By using various martial arts moves, you will get a great cardiovascular workout and tone and strengthen the upper and lower body. as well as a great abdominal and butt workout! And because this exercise video does not require much space or any equipment, it's a perfect choice for your home workout.
    No martial arts experience required!
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    10. Cardio Kickboxing | Sheng Chi Kung Fu
    Now offering classes online For years we've had countless requests to put our lessons online. We've finally done it. The Crazy thing is we're giving it away for free.
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    Sheng Chi Kung Fu
     Now offering classes online
    Free Online Kung Fu
    • Calendar Contact Getting Started ... Programs
      Cardio Kickboxing
      Our Cardio program is a unique form of martial
      arts aerobics
      . Being based on the soft circular
      Because uses the leg muscles to
      develop power, so does our cardio program. Because the
      leg muscles demand a lot of energy due to being the
      larger muscles in the body, a large amount of demand is
      put on the cardio vascular system. This burns calories

    11. Cardio Kickboxing Home Page
    Features cardio kickboxing fitness workout video, book, and training program. Based in Cumberland Foreside, Maine.
    Cardio Kickboxing Home of the Original Trade Mark, Sport Specific, Equipment and Mixed Martial Arts Based Workout with a Kick.
    Created for both, Superior Fitness and the Preservation of the Integrity of the Sport of Kick Boxing. American Fitness
    Cardio Kickboxing Home What is Cardio Kickboxing? Cardio Kickboxing Music Mixes on CD ...
    Mission Statement

    Click twice on the play button for intro.
    Click HERE for a bigger screen. International Kickboxing
    Cardio Kickboxing Testimonials Cardio Kickboxing Stars ... Sign Cardio Kickboxing Guestbook
    UPCOMING CARDIO KICKBOXING INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS Location Date Time Hickam AFB, Hawaii Saturday - November 20, 2010 10:30 - 4:30 p.m. Click on the Thumbnail below for more information!
    C lick HERE for Registration Forms for the upcoming Cardio Kickboxing workshop Note: Registration forms are protected. Email for the password. This program has been endorsed by the International Kickboxing Federation Cardio Kickboxing is a registered trademark, Reg. No. 1,890,451, 1995.

    12. Vallejo Ray Delgado's Karate, California
    Teaching innovative martial arts programs for 40 years to children, teen and adults. Our programs guarantee improved confidence, selfesteem, physical fitness, discipline, and
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    Cardio Kickboxing
    The Hottest Workout in America!
    Cardio Kickboxing is a fantastic, fun, exiting aerobic type workout that will help the student lose weight and get you physically fit while muscle toning your body. This class incorporates our basic self-defense techniques along with Music and Cardio exercises. If your goal is to lose weight, stay in shape and get toned this is the class for you. Kickboxing burns an amazing 800 calories per session! - Build muscle
    - Increase flexibility
    - Reduce stress
    - Get a cardio workout
    Cardio Kickboxing has been sweeping America as one of the best ways to keep in shape, burn calories, have fun and learn a skill that could possibly help you out in a real life situation.
    Cardio Kickboxing encompasses an aerobic workout with the punches of a boxer and kicks of a karate expert. The aerobic exercise is a combination of Martial Arts, Boxing skills and incorporates a high intensity workout that burns many calories. You will burn fat, tone those muscles in the hips, butt and thigh areas, firm up those abs and have a blast at the same time.
    You will be feel empowered and develop increased motor coordination by striking targets like heavy bags, kicking shields and hand target pads. And best of all you can wear the workout clothes you feel comfortable wearing!

    13. Frank Navarro Puts Forward
    Offering certification programs and videos for cardio kickboxing, self-defense and strength training.

    14. Cardio Kickboxing - HWARANG CARDIOKICKBOXING (Lawrenceville, GA) - Meetup
    Get ready for a FREE TRIAL HIGH ENERGY kickboxing CLASS that is FUN and challenging, while focusing on helping you obtain muscle definition, tone your WHOLE body, get stronger
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    Join us!
    Cardio Kickboxing
    Jun Thu 7:00 PM
    This location is no longer available
    people attended. Who organized?
    Get ready for a FREE TRIAL HIGH ENERGY kickboxing CLASS that is FUN and challenging, while focusing on helping you obtain muscle definition, tone your WHOLE body, get stronger, relieve stress, increase flexibility, learn basic self-defense skills, burn calories and BEST OF ALL - SEE THE RESULTS THAT YOU DESIRE! NO OBLIGATION!! NO STRINGS ATTACHED!! TRY IT FOR FREE!! NOTHING TO LOSE BUT THOSE EXTRA HOLIDAY POUNDS!! NEW YEAR!! NEW YOU!! This awesome new non-contact Extreme!! Fitness Kickboxing Program is designed specifically with your needs in mind. Our ongoing program is affordable and flexible ! No experience required, all you have to do is show up ready to train. Have fun with this serious exercise program without risking BURNOUT or BOREDOM!! Why You Should Try Our Extreme!! Fitness Kickboxing Program... Our class combines techniques from martial arts, including boxing, basic Thai kickboxing techniques, resistance training, strength, cardio conditioning and flexibility training to provide an exercise program that's different than anything you've ever experienced! You will jab, cross, hook, and uppercut, toning your arms while developing good technique, use combinations such as high knees/kicking/squatting to SHAPE your Glutes, Legs, Abs, improve your cardio conditioning using plyometrics, resistance training and more!

    15. Top Shape Fitness
    Personal training and cardio kickboxing. Features location, class information, camps, profiles, FAQs, testimonials, prices, equipment and general information. Based in Columbia, Maryland.

    16. Cardio Kickboxing -
    Learn about Cardio Kickboxing on Find info and videos including Cardio Kickboxing Exercises, Cardio Kickboxing Techniques, Routines for Cardio Kickboxing and much more.
    • Family Food Health Home Money Style More
    Home Cardio Kickboxing
    Cardio Kickboxing
    Cardio Kickboxing Featured Articles
    • Kickboxing for Cardio Cardio or aerobic kickboxing combines martial arts kicking and punching techniques with an aerobic-style exercise routine. Those who engage in cardio kickboxing do not fight with other people. Instead, they throw kicks and punches in the air or on a heavy bag, staying in constant motion for about 30 minutes. Cardio kickboxing can be... The History of Cardio Kickboxing Unlike other martial arts, cardio kickboxing was developed not as a form of self-defense but rather as a form of exercise. In spite of this distinction, cardio kickboxing employs much of the spirit and many of the techniques of traditional martial arts. How to Learn Cardio Kickboxing Cardio kickboxing is derived from boxing, martial arts and aerobics. It combines punching, kicking and continued movement to create a workout that strengthens your muscles while increasing endurance and flexibility. Unlike other forms of kickboxing, cardio kickboxing does not involve any physical contact. It is strictly used as a... Cardio Kickboxing Routines Kickboxing is a combination of martial arts and traditional boxing. Cardio kickboxing offers cardiovascular and weight-loss benefits, as well as a moderate amount of strength training. Cardio kickboxing is generally performed in a group, so when you're looking at routines, you'll need to determine what's best for everyone in the class.

    17. The #1 Choice For Martial Arts In The Billerica Area [Cardio Kickboxing Lowell C
    The Michael Macaris KungFu Academy has been bringing high quality martial arts to the Billerica area for over 20 years. Whether you're an experienced Martial Artist, or don't
    Front Page :: Outside Links :: :: Contact Us ::
    Navigation Front Homepage Kung-Fu Defined Sifu Michael Macaris Instructor Pages ... Upcoming Birthdays
    Our Programs Youth Kung-Fu Adult Kung-Fu Cardio Kickboxing Birthday Parties ... Weapons Seminars
    Website Features Online Store Class Schedule Meditation Hall Contact Us
    chelmsford burlington tewksbury wilmington
    Cardio Kickboxing
    W e offer cardio kickboxing classes four nights a week. Members are given a great one hour workout set to music. We ulitize our heavy bags, shields, medicine balls, and weights as well as our entire floor space for our cardio program. We make sure that our members get a tough whole body workout that will help build strength and endurance while getting great cardiovascular excercise. C ombining our workouts with a healthy diet gives our members what they need to live a healthy lifestyle while learning some great self-defense techniques at the same time.

    18. Goju-Robics - Wilmington Delaware Martial Arts
    Offers cardio kickboxing with self-defense techniques, dance moves and traditional aerobics. Includes martial arts, personal training and nutrition. Based in Wilmington, Delaware.
    Goju Training Center
    Change Your Mind! Change Your Life!
    (cardio kickboxing)
    Personal Training
    Martial Arts
    3207 Miller Rd. Unit C
    Wilmington, DE 19802
    About Classes News ... Contact

    Martial Arts Instruction
    If YOU are sick and tired of the big name gyms, who specialize in just renting you the use of equipment, with their mediocre results, overpriced trainers, and No personal attention.
    Then the Goju Training Center is the place for you.
    We are your home away from home!!!

    Karate Tournament - June 5, 2010

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    Sensei Kenny with class
    Change your mind! Change your life!

    19. Aerobic Cardio Kickboxing Of Dallas
    A workout that combines aerobics, cardiovascular and body toning while learning self-defense tactics. Based in Dallas, Texas.

    20. Cardio Kickboxing
    Cardio Kickboxing. Cardio kickboxing a combination of aerobics, boxing, and martial arts is one of the most popular fitness trends to hit gymnasiums in recent years.
    Cardio Kickboxing Cardio kickboxing a combination of aerobics, boxing, and martial arts is one of the most popular fitness trends to hit gymnasiums in recent years. These workouts, which are inspired by martial arts, have motivated many people to start a fitness program. This intense, total-body workout can improve strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, coordination, and balance. The American Council on Exercise (ACE), which evaluates exercise products and programs, notes that, during a one-hour kickboxing workout, you can burn from 500 to 800 calories, which is up to twice the calories you burn during a one-hour step-aerobics class. Kickboxing classes can be a great alternative for people who have become bored with weight-room cardiovascular activities, such as brisk walking or jogging on a treadmill. They also provide an option for people who enjoy the "semi-dance" movements found in aerobics or step classes.However, kickboxing-style fitness programs are not necessarily geared toward the beginner. The beginning cardio kickboxer must have above-average endurance, strength, and flexibility. ACE advises exercisers to keep the following things in mind when participating in this aerobic activity
  • Before beginning a class, ensure that the instructor is properly certified to lead a safe and effective class. This certification should come from an accredited fitness organization, such as ACE, American College of Sports Medicine, or Aerobic Fitness Association of America.
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