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         Cave Diving:     more books (77)
  1. Extreme Diving (Edge Books) by Kim Covert, 2005-01
  2. Castles And Cave Dwellings Of Europe by Sabine Baring-Gould, 2009-01-30
  3. Submarines (What About Series) by Ron Cave, Joyce Cave, 1982-11
  4. An Introduction to Technical Diving by Ann Kristovich, Elizabeth Hunt, et all 1999-01-15
  5. The Cave Diving Group Manual by Andrew M. Ward, Colin P. Hayward, et all 2008-02-29
  6. Technical review Cave Diving Group by Cave Diving Group, 1966
  7. Cave Diving Group: Northern sump index by Julian Griffiths, 1981
  8. Caves and Cave Diving
  9. Caves and cave diving by Guy de Lavaur, 1956
  10. Cave diving: Equipment and procedures (Multidisciplinary research in the Great Lakes Basin) by Lee H Somers, 1971
  11. Student manual & workbook for safer cave diving by Tom Mount, 1995
  12. Chronology of diving activities and underground surveys in Devils Hole and Devils Hole Cave, Nye County, Nevada, 1950-86 (Open-file report / U.S. Geological Survey) by Ray J Hoffman, 1988
  13. Cave diving manual by Tom Mount, 1973
  14. Cave Diving Articles & Opinions: A Comprehensive Guide to Cave Diving and Exploration

41. Cave Diving
Wookey Hole 75 Years of Cave Diving Exploration Tells the stories of the Wookey Hole Divers, first hand, from the 1935 expedition led by Graham Balcombe using hardhat diving
Wookey Hole
Cave Diving Articles and Opinions; A comprehensive guide to Cave Diving and Exploration
A collection by well known cave divers. Edited by Heinerth and Oigarden. 2008, pb. 320pp. Axis Mundi; A unique expedtion into the innner jungles of the Yucatan
This 52 minute DVD follows Curt Bowen and his team into the inner jungles of the Yucatan in search of cenotes. They didcover giant underwater passages, ancient relics and skeletal remains of tragedy and human sacrifice. From the award winner director of Facing Darkness; Nathalie Lasselin. The Mill Pond Experience DVD
Facing Darkness DVD

A documentary about caves and cave diving featuring Jim Bowden, Lamar Hires, John Orlowski, Bill Rennaker and more. Follows cave divers through some of the North Florida caves. 2006, 45 minutes, English with French subtitles, by Nathalie Lasselin. Hidden Splendors of the Yucatan
Images from the subaquatic caves of the Yucatan Peninsula near Tulum, Mexico. Author/Photographer Lalo Fiorelli participated in explorations which began in the 1980s. A lively text accompanies well-printed photos, many full page, which appear on almost every page. 9 1/2 by 11 inch format. 2004, 98pp., sb. SALE $16.00

42. CDAA
Cave Divers Association of Australia.

43. Cave Diving Down Under
The home of Australian cave diving Cave Diving Down Under is a website for ALL Australian cave divers ASFCDG, TDI, GUE, and CDAA certified.

44. DIR Mexico - Cave Diving Instruction, Training And Guiding In Mexico
DIR Mexico provides quality cave diving instruction, training and guiding in Mexico s Yucatan Peninsula. GUE and NACD cave courses and instruction.

45. Cave Diving
CAVE DIVING. Are you planning a CAVE DIVE but you are . . . 1. Neither formally trained nor certified in Cavern or Cave Diving?
CAVE DIVING Are you planning a CAVE DIVE but you are . . .
1. Neither formally trained nor certified in Cavern or Cave Diving?
2. Making one of your initial dives into a spring, cave, or blue hole?
3. Not using at least two dependable underwater lights, a guideline on a reel, a submersible pressure gauge, and an additional second stage?
4. Are you diving with a single tank?
IF your answer was "YES" to any of these questions, then you are typical of most cave-diving fatalities. Since 1960, more than 500 divers fitting the above description that is, untrained, inexperienced, and improperly equipped have died in cave diving accidents in Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean alone!
This message has been prepared as a public service by the Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society (NSS-CDS) and SMART Divers to help you avoid those mistakes that have frequently contributed to the cave diving deaths of others.

46. Cave Diving Training & Guide Service - High Springs, Florida
Offer NACD/NSS-CDS and IANTD cave dive training and other technical diving courses. Includes course information, teaching philosophy and guestbook. Based in High Springs, North Florida, USA.
Photo Gallery Jim Wyatt's Diving Biography Links Teaching Philosophy ... Rum Island Accomodations Cave Dive Florida is operated by Jim Wyatt , Technical Cave and Emergency First Responder instructor trainer offering personalized Cavern through full Cave diver classes as well as other advanced diver classes like Decompression Procedures, Advanced Nitrox, trimix, and Cave DPV.
If you want to learn to dive double tanks, a dry suit or to set up a technical diver rig we have a program designed especially for you.
Call Jim at 352-363-0013
High Springs, Florida
The "Heart" of Cave Country Take a look at my training calendar to see if the dates you want are available.
This calendar is always up to date.
Jim's Teaching Philosopy
Rum Island Accomodations Other Lodging Options Nearby
If you have signed up for a class read this

Please read my guestbook for testimonials from divers I have trained. Also, feel free to sign this guestbook Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook

Powered by E-Guestbooks Server Preventing Cave Damage see the NSS-CDS brochure If you have already decided to take the plunge and get cave training give me a call. We have the most beautiful underwater caves in the U.S.A. right here in North Florida. Cave diving is an exhilirating activity and most people who complete their cave training report it is the best and most thorough recreational diver training they have ever undertaken. If you are ready for some fun and serious diving, we will help greatly increase your diving skills all the way around. Buoyancy control, breathing control, swim positioning, gear configuration refinements, awareness, decompression theory and much much more is in store for you!!

47. Cave Diving
These pages are dealing with cave diving in Germany

48. South Australia - Cave Diving
Cave diving, South Australia. Limestone Coast, Piccaninnie Ponds, Ewens Ponds. Cave diving safety and links.

49. The Proyecto :: El Proyecto De Buceo Espeleologico México Y América Central
An organisation undertaking exploration, scientific study and mapping of water filled caves and related features in M xico and Central America.
Expeditions Upcoming expeditions:
  • Dates have not yet been determined for the 2006-2007 Expeditionary Season

Previous expeditions:
  • Voyager Rebreather Training [8.30.2003 - 9.13.2003]

Speaking Engagements Jim Bowden will be a featured speaker at:
  • EUDISHOW XIV in Genoa, Italy [3.10.2006 - 3.13.2006]

Ann Kristovich and Jim Bowden were featured speakers at:
  • Journee Toulonnaise de Medecine de Plongee 2004 in Toulon, France [11.27.2004]

Ann Kristovich and Liz Hunt were featured speakers at:
  • SEASPACE 2004 in Houston, Texas [6.05.2004 - 6.06.2004]
    Last Updated: March 2006

50. Cave Diving Books And Pictures - Books & Pictures About Your Favorite Pursuit, H
WalesOnline Oct 12, 2010 TWO Welsh cave diving experts have been sent to France to help rescue a diver who has been trapped underground for a week..

51. EKPP - European Karst Plain Project
The EKPP dives primarily in Frane using DIR diving techniques. Project information, training, history, images and videos.

52. CCR Cave Diving - Training, Diving, Support ProTec Dive Center
CCR Rebreather cave diving with Pro Tec dive center Andreas W. Matthes CCR Rebreather Closed Circuit Rebreather CCR cave diving cave with CCR support diving training guiding
CCR Cave Diving
The Art of safe CCR Cave Diving
This web page is dedicated to the Art of Rebreather Cave Diving and especially CCR Cave Diving. CCR Rebreather cave diver training is available for all CCR Rebreathers including the Megalodon Classic KISS Inspiration The services, support, diving and training on this web site are offered by the in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The best Closed Circuit Rebreather cave diving . Scheduled CCR related training programs: -NEXT CCR CAVE COURSE IS OCTOBER 4 - 11 -NEXT CCR CAVE COURSE IS OCTOBER 16 - 23 -NEXT CCR CAVE COURSE IS NOVEMBER 7 - 14 -NEXT CCR CAVE CROSS OVER IS FEBRUARY 2 - 6 -NEXT CCR KISS IDC IS FEBRUARY 26 - MARCH 2 -NEXT CCR CAVE CROSS OVER IS MARCH 4 - 7 Eine webseite ueber Hoehlentauchen in Mexiko gibt es natuerlich auch in Deutsch. Hay una pagina de web sobre Espeleobuceo de Mexico en Español tambien diving CCR Rebreathers in caves since 1997 while conducting thousands of cave dives world wide. Patrick Widmann has joined ProTec in 2007 and has become a proficient CCR deep cave diver on a variety of units. Rebreather Cave Diver (CCR and P-SCR) training are available with Matt and Patrick here in the Riviera Maya in the area between Playa del Carmen , Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Tulum , Mexico. Matt and Patrick are working and diving out of the

53. Dive Aventuras Mexico Scuba Diving Vacation Packages Puerto Aventuras
PADI 5 Star IDC Center specializing in ocean, cavern and cave diving. Technical supplies and instruction available to cave divers and novices alike. NACD Introduction to Cave, Full Cave, Nitrox and Advanced Nitrox courses are available upon request.
Home About Us Ocean Diving Cenote Diving Dive Courses Accommodations Hotel Transfers Whale Sharks Excursions and Tours Diver Comments Puerto Aventuras Tips Real Estate Contact Us Fifty miles south of Cancun, in Puerto Aventuras, lies the dive experience you've been looking for... Click Here to see
our new
lower prices on
accommodations and
Vacation Planner!
Dive Aventuras, a PADI 5-Star Gold Palm Resort, is located in the Omni Beach Resort in the Puerto Aventuras Marina, minutes south of Playa del Carmen and north of Tulum. You will also find our professional staff in the Aventura Spa Palace along Mexico's Riviera Maya. Our dive services include hotel transfers from most accommodations in the area. We invite you to experience the lush Caribbean reefs and amazing cavern and cave diving of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Our location is perfect for the diver and non-diver alike with white sand beaches at your doorstep, Mayan ruins, and Eco-tours just minutes away. We offer excellent dive travel deals and packages assuring you a Caribbean vacation filled with world-class scuba diving, quality lodging, and fun for the entire family. Sep 24 09 Time to Catch Up!

54. Steve Gerrard - Cave Diving Training
Offers information on training, links, and contacts. Located in Quintana Roo, Mexico.
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55. Florida Cave Diving Florida Cave Diving Instruction Florida Cave Diving Services
Florida Cave Diving, Florida Cave Diving Instruction, and Florida Cave Diving Services offered from Dive Outpost.
NSS-CDS fund raiser
Dive Outpost - Florida Cave Diving Instruction:
Cave Diving Training from Beginner to Advanced Come celebrate with Dive Outpost... TEN YEARS of Cave Diving At It's Best! Northern Florida's Cave Diving Country has some of the most beautiful Cave Diving sites in the world. It's almost always the case that the more you look and learn, the more you see. The beauty of the Northern Florida Caves is complimented by the majesty of the forests surrounding the springs and the sinks. These are the most visually amazing places! Dive Outpost , situated in the heart of Northern Florida's Cave Diving Country , offers a full range of Florida Cave Diving Services and facilities for the beginner to the advanced Cave Diver, with spacious classroom facilities for the instructor. The Dive Shop offers a wide selection of Cave Diving Equipment , gear, and Cave Diving Lights. Internationally known as the Location of Choice in Northern Florida,
Dive Outpost has firmly established its global reputation as "The home away from home" for a large group of instructors in the know.

56. Loco Gringo Underground - Cave Diving Course Descriptions.
Various courses available on Mexico s Caribbean coastline.
Course Descriptions- for informational purposes only Full Cave Course Introduction to Cave Diving Cavern Course Full Cave Diver
NACD [National Association for Cave Diving]
IANTD [International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers]
NSS-CDS [National Speleological Society - Cave Diving Section] This is an in depth course spanning six to seven days with 12 hours of lecture and a minimum of 15 cave dives using double tanks. The student will dive a wide variety of cave systems featuring different passageway configurations, variable flow, silt and visibility. Proper techniques for these more complex diving scenarios will be taught in a progressive and safe way. Topics covered will include: emergency procedures, off shoot passageways, circuits and traverses, restrictions and decompression procedures. The use of oxygen, Nitrox and computers will also be discussed. There is no open water program available that can prepare divers for the cave environment. The skills learned in this course can be applied to all aspects of sport and technical diving and are a absolute must for the cave environment. In addition, an attitude of continual learning, self evaluation and mature judgment will be instilled in the student. Purpose: To develop minimum skills needed for safe cave diving with twin backmounted tanks.

57. Cave Diving | Answerbag
Cave Diving. Learn about Cave Diving on Get information and videos on Cave Diving including articles on cave, travel and more!

58. Villas DeRosa Resort Cave-Diving
Cave/cavern diving at the Mexican resort hotel of Villa de Rosa.
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59. Mexico Cave Diving With Pro Tec Dive Center Playa Del Carmen With Andreas W. Mat
Mexico cave diving support diving and training ccr cave in Playa del Carmen Cenote Mexico Tulum Akumal cenote cave Cancun Yucatan with Andreas W. Matthes a.k.a. Matt
Mexic o Cave Diving
Mexico Cave Diving
The by far most beautiful underwater caves on the planet are located here in Mexico either in the Riviera Maya , the area around Playa del Carmen , Puerto Aventuras, Akumal and Tulum or within the large, mostly unknown and unexplored area of the the Central Yucatan Peninsula around Merida , Homun and Tizimin. Eine webseite ueber Hoehlentauchen in Mexiko gibt es natuerlich auch in Deutsch. Hay una pagina de web sobre Espeleobuceo de Mexico en Español tambien The services, support, diving and training on this web site are offered by Andreas W. Matthes in Playa del Carmen. Matt received the NSS-CDS International Cave Diving Safety Award and the NACD Wakulla Gold Award for 1000 completed cave dives in 2001. T he best possible cave diving and Cave diving in either open circuit or closed circuit rebreather cave diving Cave Diver training programs and courses are available here in the Riviera Maya, the Central Yucatan in Mexico or world wide as I will travel to your location and train you in your local water filled caves. Scheduled diver and Instructor training programs at the ProTec Dive Center in Playa del Carmen , Mexico:
October 2010

60. Cave Heaven - Quality Cave Diving Instruction And Guided Cave Diving In Mexico
Cave diving and scuba diving instruction, and guided cave and cavern diving in Mexico s Riviera Maya.
Our Services UTD diver Training Guided Cave Diving Guided Cavern Diving Equipment Retail ... Equipment Rental Utilities Directions Site Map
Adam Korytko (UTD instructor #38
Torre Esmeralda B-35, Bahia Xaac 79, C.P. 77782 Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo, Mexico

U.S. number: (386) 868 2050 Off: (+52) 984 802 8429 Cell: (+52) 984 128 5485 Skype ID: Caveheaven
Email: We are Emanuela Bertoni and Adam Korytko , two UTD Cave 1 instructors (as well as NSS-CDS) who provide cave diver training and guided cave diving services in the Riviera Maya in Mexico, where you can dive all year round. We maintain the highest standards of service, safety and conservation in all aspects of your cave diving. All our services are personalized for each diver needs, we can teach you in 4 languages English, Spanish, Italian and French. Base d in Puerto Aventuras, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, we are the ideal location for your Yucatan cave diving vacation. There are some excellent all-inclusive hotels and condo rentals available. If you choose not to stay in a hotel, we offer accommodation in air conditioned condo units with pool and hot tubs, overlooking the golf course, a fantastic location just a few minutes from the marina, the beaches and the cenotes.

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