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         Cave Diving:     more books (77)
  1. Cave diving on air (Cave Diving Group. Technical review) by J. M Boon, 1966
  2. Nss Cave Diving Manual by Nss, 2001
  3. NSS/CDS Student Workbook: Cavern - Single Tank Intro - Cave (National Speleological Society, Cave Diving Section)
  4. N.S.S. Cave Diving Manual (National Speleological Society Cave Diving Manual)
  5. Annotated Five Year Cumulative Index to the Cave Dives for the Years 1969-73 by Cave Diving Group, 1975-03
  6. Newsletter: New series by Cave Diving Group, 1966
  7. Cave sump index, South Wales by Melvyn Davies, 1966
  8. A Scouting Approach to Wild Caves (VHS TAPE) by Troop 381, 1998
  9. Rescue from Remote Places: Cave Rescue and Sport Diving Emergencies (BASICS Monographs on Immediate Care)
  10. Basic underwater cave surveying by John W Burge, 1988
  11. Caverns Measureless to Man by Sheck Exley, 2009-10-29
  13. NSS Cavern Diving Manual by John L.; Prosser, J. Joseph; Grey, H.V. Zumerick, 1988
  14. The Wakulla Springs Project

61. Cave Diving Equipment: Buy Cave Diving Equipment Today.Very Cheap Cave Diving Eq
Cave Diving Equipment Sale Discount.Cheapest Cave Diving Equipment .More dealer on our store to Compare.Cave Diving Equipment Comparison of the best deals and offers available.

62. Quintana Roo Speleological Survey
The Survey and Cartography of The Underwater Caves of Quintana Roo Mexico. Includes exploration reports, surveys, descriptions, maps and contact info.
QRSS Quintana Roo Speleological Survey Survey and Cartography of The Underwater Caves of Quintana Roo Mexico © QRSS, 2000-2010

63. Cave Diving Thailand | PJ Cavern & Cave Diving Training & Tours
Thailand cave diving with PJ Cave Divers, cave diving Khao Sok national park Thailand, Koh Tao PADI and DSAT cavern and cave diving courses and training
Cave Diving Latest Cave Dive News Cave Diving Movies
Cave Diving Thailand
Cave Diving Thailand: Khao Sok Trip Report
2Km Cave at Khao Sok: Cave Diving Expedition
PJ Cave Diving: Thailand Cave and Cavern Dive Tours
PJ Cave Diving Thailand is a cavern and technical cave diving specialist in Southern Thailand. Cave diving offers an exciting and demanding challenge, exploring and mapping previously unexplored cave systems. From our base on Koh Tao, Thailand we have access to several fantastic cave diving locations including the spectacular Khao Sok National Park and Kanchanaburi in central Thailand. cave diving expeditions , diving known caves and devoting time to exploration. Our trips support both open circuit and ccr cave diving training and the DSAT Tec Trimix course
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Cave Diving in Khao Sok National Park Other Thailand Cave Diving Sites Scuba Diving Koh Tao

64. Cave Diving
Cave Diving. A Scuba diving guide focusing on special aspects of cave diving such as the scuba equipment needed for this form of diving which include underwater torches and

65. Blue Holes Foundation
Dedicated to exploration and scientific investigations of underwater caves in The Bahamas. Includes general information, photos and a list of publications. Located in Charleston, South Carolina, United States.

66. CAVE DIVING - Not Just Your Ordinary Dive
CAVE DIVING. Not Just Your Ordinary Dive. by Dale Bletso. Publication Date May 1999. It looked like it was going to be a nice day. It was only about 800 in the morning and
CAVE DIVING Not Just Your Ordinary Dive by Dale Bletso Publication Date: May 1999 It looked like it was going to be a nice day. It was only about 8:00 in the morning and there were no clouds in the sky. The temperature was in the low 80's already; maybe it would be in the 90's soon. I'd have to keep that thought in mind during gear setup. You never want to get overheated before a long dive. Today's dive would not be particularly demanding by cave diving standards. It would be deep, however, with the majority of the dive being around 120 feet. This meant we would have to do a moderate amount of decompression at the end of the dive (decompression means not being able to surface immediately following the dive, but instead having to remain at a shallow depth for a predetermined amount of time). This allows the nitrogen absorbed in our bodies to be released safely without causing decompression sickness (more commonly referred to as the bends). While carrying my deco gas and stage bottle to the water, I couldn't help but wonder about the 28 people that were known to have died in this particular cave over the years. Was I crazy as others believed I was for participating in this sport? My thoughts turned to the rigorous training I had undergone to achieve certification in cave diving. I had done hundreds of dives before and felt competent enough to consider taking classes in this riskier type of diving. While reading the course material prior to enrolling in class, I remember wondering why any sane person would want to engage in such a hazardous activity. Then several times during the practical section of the class, these doubts were further amplified.

67. Tulum Cavern Diving With Cenote Dive Center
Training, tours and exploration on the Yucatan peninsula. News, gallery, prices, package information, accommodation and course information.




The Mayan Riviera bears some of the worlds best kept secrets. Few know the greatest secret of all, but if you listen up, we will share. Here it is, there is more diving diversity here than anywhere else in the world . How could that be possible? Read on and take at look at how we spend our days. Cenote Dive Center is a multipurpose dive center that specializes in cavern and cave diving. Our world consists of clear waters, cenotes and caves. The cenotes and caverns are located throughout the jungle in an ancient underwater river system to which we have access to over 700 kms of explored diving areas. Nowhere else in the world can you enter such magnificently decorated and spiritually sensitive areas that open a whole new realm to your diving ability and experience. Even though we have chosen the caverns and caves as our specialty, we never forget where we learned to dive. Off the beaches of Tulum lies the Mesoamerican reef, the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. We have unique formations of coral mixed with an abundance of sea life. If you love to dive, this is the place to be. If you love to dive with people who love what they do, you definitely are at the right place.

68. Florida Cave Diving Florida Cave Diving Instruction Florida Cave Diving Services
Offering beginner to advanced instruction. Includes details of course requirements and limits, FAQs, photos and contact form. Located in Live Oak, Florida.
NSS-CDS fund raiser
Dive Outpost - Florida Cave Diving Instruction:
Cave Diving Training from Beginner to Advanced Come celebrate with Dive Outpost... TEN YEARS of Cave Diving At It's Best! Northern Florida's Cave Diving Country has some of the most beautiful Cave Diving sites in the world. It's almost always the case that the more you look and learn, the more you see. The beauty of the Northern Florida Caves is complimented by the majesty of the forests surrounding the springs and the sinks. These are the most visually amazing places! Dive Outpost , situated in the heart of Northern Florida's Cave Diving Country , offers a full range of Florida Cave Diving Services and facilities for the beginner to the advanced Cave Diver, with spacious classroom facilities for the instructor. The Dive Shop offers a wide selection of Cave Diving Equipment , gear, and Cave Diving Lights. Internationally known as the Location of Choice in Northern Florida,
Dive Outpost has firmly established its global reputation as "The home away from home" for a large group of instructors in the know.

69. The Cave Diving Page Of IANTD
IANTD Scuba Rebreather Cave Diving Florida Warning Diving in underwater caves is an ultrahazardous activity. No one should dive in caves without proper training and
IANTD Safety Message
Warning Diving in underwater caves is an ultra-hazardous activity. No one should dive in caves without proper training and equipment. No amount of open water experience can prepare you for the cave environment. Many Open Water Dive Masters and Instructors have died intending to explore underwater caves. Fact Open Water Divers have a very bad safety record in caves when they have not been thoroughly Cave trained and certified. Partake in an IANTD Cave Diving course and learn to Cave Dive safely, please. Respectfully yours, Patti Mount, President IANTD (Cave Certified Diver in 1978)
The Systems
Little River
map of Little River . And check out a map of the shortcuts at Little River.
The Dive List
Telford Spring / Telford and Terrapin Sinks
map of Telford
The Dive List
Madison Blue Springs
map of Madison Blue Photo of Madison Blue Spring The Dive List Ginnie Springs / Devil's Ear
Cave Divers Corner . Be aware of Ginnie's park entry fees. Look at a map of the Devil's Ear PDF File
The Dive List
Cow Springs
These springs have been under some controversy as of late concerning their "openness". The final word, is that it is closed due to the landowner, but it really is open because the landowner doesn't own the land that the spring is actually on. We are trying to get further clarification on this point. This is a pretty cave. There is a large tree in the entrance pool, which makes for a pretty exit. The downstream is pretty, but gets rather low, and supposedly the upstream is side-mount country, though some say otherwise. Look at a

70. Underwater Adventures Technical Diving
Offering courses for technical diving, including but not limited to, cavern, full cave, a decompression course extended range, advance nitrox as well as trimix. Includes details and location.
Site Map Email About Us Contact Us ... Advance Nitrox Underwater Adventures Technical Diving L.L.C
Underwater Adventures Technical Diving
We offer coureses through the NACD, TDI,SDI PADI and TSA. At Underwater Adventures Technical Diving we carry a full line of Diverite,OMS,Abyass and  other name brands of diving equipment to fit your needs. We also offer instructor courses and instructor trainer courses for the nitrox,technical diver and trimix instructor. 
Underwater Adventures Technical Diving L.L.C 404 Lee Rd 118 Opelika AL 36804 Fax:
powered by:

71. First Trailer For James Cameron's Cave-diving Adventure Sanctum -
First there's news that James Cameron will be directing two AVATAR sequels as his next project, now we have the first trailer for the 3D cave diving film that he's executive

72. Diving Center Ciutadella
Cavern diving and training in Menorca, Spain. Course information, dive site descriptions, contacts and company history.


Coches Equipo nuevo
Cressi Sub DIVING CENTER CIUTADELLA 2005 Tel 0034 646 96 44 48 email : Sponsered Links

73. Cave Diving
Cave diving The Dordogne / Lot area is one of the greatest cave diving areas in the world, and has been at the forefront of European cave diving developments and exploration
Cave Diving in France: Tea and Medals The Dordogne/Lot area is one of the greatest cave diving areas in the world. The three rivers, Dordogne, Lot and Céle in the central, southern region of France offer over a dozen classic cave dives including some of the longest and deepest "siphons" in the country, if not Europe: Emergence du Russel; La Doux de Coly; Trou Madam; Gouffre de Cabouy; Gouffre de St Sauveur; Fontain de St George; Oeil de la Doue are some of the evocative names given to these sites that are peppered throughout the region. The Dordogne region has been at the forefront of European cave diving developments and exploration for decades. The depths of Emergence du Russel, for example, were plumbed in the seventies to more than 70m. Toe-curling epic dives have been executed using innovations such as half a dozen 'jumbo rigged' 20 litre cylinders, twin re-breather gear and doubled-up underwater scooters. People have successfully penetrated thousands of metres into these systems, reaching amazing depths of 80 m during dives that have lasted several hours. Some of these adventures are testament to the teamwork of dedicated diving groups whilst others are the achievements of rugged individuals. Martyn Farr's book The Darkness Beckons describes some of the classic milestones achieved by these legends.

74. Home
Cave diver courses in South Wales with Martyn Farr. Courses, accommodation, contacts, testimonials and associated products.
Reflect upon the elemental beauty of life and the natural environment Home About us Contact details News Courses ... Terms Welcome to Farrworld
Newest products
This large, heavy duty bag will serve well in an "expedition-type" cave environment and prove ideal for bottle carrying. It is specifically designed to carry 2 x 7 litre cylinders above or below ground. With ... read more The Britan This bag will accommodate 100 metres of SRT rope and/or is long enough to transport a single seven litre cylinder. It has sufficient dimension to hold two four litre cylinders. Dimensions: height = 68cm, width = ... read more Exclusive Fourth Element T-Shirt bearing the Farrworld logo now available for purchase. Please specify size as below. (Design and colour may vary, but with Fourth Element you know it will be a quality product!) read more Top of page A2Z Computing Ltd Last updated on February 12, 2010

75. Bswreckdiving
A diving center in Rusalka resort offers wreck diving, cave diving and diving courses.

76. Cave Diving -
Learn about Cave Diving on Find info and videos including How to Cave Dive, How to Cave Dive in Florida, How to Take Cave Diving Lessons and much more.
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Home Cave Diving
Cave Diving
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Articles: Cave Diving
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    Cave diving is very exciting and provides experiences not found anywhere else on land or in the water. However cave... More
    How to Cave Dive in Florida
    Speleology is alive and well in the Sunshine State, making sandy beaches only one of Florida's claims to fame. In... More
    How to Take Cave Diving Lessons
    Cave diving is definitely not for everyone. If you are the least bit claustrophobic or need to see the sunlight... More
    Information on Scuba Diving
    Scuba diving is an adventure sport enjoyed by millions of people from the lakes of central Texas to the azure blue... More
    Texas Cave Tours
    Texas is home to several commercial cave tours as well as some wild and "off-tour" cave outings. The bulk of the... More
    Southern California SCUBA Diving Classes
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77. Akumal Dive Shop, Riviera Maya, Akumal, Caribbean Scuba Diving, Mexico
Information includes PADI instruction, details on local diving, snorkeling, cavern and cave diving opportunities.

  • Dive Package
    • Akumal Cozumel Chinchorro bank ... Contact Us Home Akumal Diving Fishing Sailing Snorkel Diving Instruction Kids Zone Cenotes Summer Special Reservations Useful Information
      Promote Your Page Too
      Welcome to the Original Akumal Dive Shop
      The Original Akumal Dive Shop is a 5 Star PADI IDC center. We were the first dive shop on Mexico's Caribbean mainland. With over 28 years experience we offer the best from snorkeling and recreational diving to advanced levels of instructor training. Whether its a bubblemakers course for the kids, Discover Scuba diving, refresher course, Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water or Cenote diving we have everything you are looking for. We have been known for excellence as a training facility, long-standing reputation for professionalism, quality service, and well established diving traditions. We hope to see you here, on your next Akumal vacation, the finest family diving destination. Rebreather available NOW at the Akumal Dive Shop To find Akumal tours Akumal hotels Akumal condos and Akumal villas Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico Phone (52) 984 875 9032 * Fax (52) 984 875 9033

78. Alp-Maritimes Sports - Technical And Recreational Scuba Diving Training And Trip
Scuba courses and education from beginner to expert, cave diving gas mixing, liveaboard trips and certification
Technical and Recreational Scuba Diving Training and Trips
Letter of Introduction Letter of Introduction Letter of Introduction
Scuba, diving, nitrox, trimix, helitrox, heliox, heliair, oxygen, deep, wreck FORTITUDINE VINCIMUS
(By endurance we conquer)
We chose as our motto that of Antarctic explorer
Sir Ernest Shackleton. Despite many great accomplishments, we consider his greatest to be that of his successful 1916 rescue of his entire crew. In that winter, starving and exhausted from twenty months of exploration, Shackleton and five men sailed 1300 kilometers across the Antarctic Ocean. For seventeen days they navigated the fifty-foot gale driven waves of the most treacherous seas on earth in a 23-foot lifeboat to get help for the balance of his expedition. When faced with death or doing the impossible, some choose to live. International Experienced Staff at your Service Authorized distributors of superior diving equipment by: Dealer inquiries welcome GAP Gas Absorbtion Program JOIN DAN

This The Scuba Ring site owned by Alp-Maritimes Sports -

79. BrazilAdventures
Trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, canyoning, caving, and diving trips throughout Brazil.
Fascinating places
New adventures
Special promotions
Challenge yourself with outdoor sports, while you explore the natural wonders and rich cultural diversity of Brazil. You will discover an amazing world of beauty and have the ultimate fun adventure of your life. Various difficulty levels of our adventures allow everyone to satisfy their inner world of personal challenge, self perception and self mastery. All you need is an adventurous spirit. Have fun!
The Pantanal
One of the last virgin areas on the face of this earth. The world's largest wetlands (about half the size of France) is home to the greatest concentration of fauna in South America.
Legal Info

80. • Index Page
NSS discussion forum for US cavers including sections for cave diving, news, conservation, equipment, photography, rescue and surveying.
The Official Caving Forum of the National Speleological Society NSS Home Page Flickr NSS Photo Pool Online Cavers Network
CaveChat Room
... Login It is currently Nov 1, 2010 3:32 pm
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