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         Croquet:     more books (102)
  1. Croquet (Backyard Games) by Steve Boga, 1995-07
  2. Croquet by Nancy L. Rhoades, 1992-06-28
  3. Human Croquet: A Novel by Kate Atkinson, 1997-08-21
  4. Croquet the Art and Elegance Of Playing the Game by Donald Charles Richardson, 1988-12-14
  5. Croquet: Its History, Strategy, Rules and Records by Charlton, Thompson, 1988-05-03
  6. The Croquet Player / H.G. Wells by h wells, 1937
  7. CROQUET SECRETS by John Riches, Wayne Davies, 2009-02-27
  8. The Croquet Player by H. G. Wells, 2007-08-23
  9. Croquet Tactics by Walter Jones Whitmore, 2008-11-14
  10. Complete Croquet: A Guide to Skills, Tactics and Strategy by James Hawkins, 2010-06-01
  11. Croquet: The Sport by Jack R. Osborn, John C. Osborn, 1990-02
  12. Croquet (1863) by Mayne Reid, 2010-05-22
  13. Croquet; rules of the game and official laws, British croquet association by British croquet association. [from old catalog], 1920-12-31
  14. Croquet (Skills of the Game) by Bill Lamb, 2008-02-25

1. Croquet - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
croquet is a lawn game, played both as a recreational pastime and as a competitive sport. It involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with a mallet through hoops embedded into
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article is about the game. For the food item, see Croquette . For the Smalltalk-based 3D software platform, see Croquet project Winslow Homer : Croquet, 1864 Croquet is a lawn game , played both as a recreational pastime and as a competitive sport . It involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with a mallet through hoops embedded into the grass playing court.
edit History
Pall mall illustrated in Old English Sports, Pastimes and Customs , published 1891. Original image by Lauthier 1717 The oldest piece of paper to bear the word "croquet" with a description of the modern game is the set of rules registered by Isaac Spratt in November 1856 with the Stationers' Company in London. This record is now in the English Public Records Office. In 1868 the first croquet all-comers' meeting was held at Moreton-in-Marsh Gloucestershire and in the same year the All England Croquet Club was formed at Wimbledon, London

2. United States Croquet Association — Home
of Nine-Wicket Backyard croquet, Six-Wicket American croquet, Six-Wicket International croquet, and Golf croquet.......

3. Croquet, Backyard Games, Other Sports At Sports Good Store
croquet, Backyard Games, Other Sports. Sporting goods, equipment and apparel for all sports canoes, golf, kayak, baseball and much more!

4. : Shop Croquet Sets
A Hayneedle Store! gives you Variety, Sweet Variety as the premier online retailer of croquet Sets in the U.S. Save on a croquet Set every day.
Croquet Sets Croquet Equipment Other Outdoor Games Backyard Croquet 101, the leading source for Backyard Croquet Sets and Croquet Equipment.
CROQUET SETS - WICKET FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Franklin Advanced Croquet Set (7 Reviews) List Price: $69.99
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Which croquet set is right for you?
Croquet Sets for the Family If you want to play croquet with your family, these sets include smaller sized mallets and lighter equipment for younger players versus regulation size sets. Halex Select Croquet Set (11 Reviews) List Price: $54.99
Sale Price: $29.98 View Item View All Croquet Sets for the Family Croquet Sets for the Weekender These croquet sets are best for the weekend warrior because they are good quality entry-level sets that don't cost as much as a set designed for more skilled players. Franklin Advanced Deluxe Croquet Set (8 Reviews) List Price: $99.99

5. Croquet Sets
croquet is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Check out our information on croquet sets, croquet rules, and how to play the game of croquet.
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Croquet Sets For All Types Of Players
Filed Under Croquet Sets Comment In most garden parties, the most common game played is the sport of croquet. However, there are also tournaments held especially for this sport. Those who love croquet would definitely love owning full croquet sets so that they can play this game anytime. When you are looking for croquet sets, you need to make sure to find the best one available because there are various croquet sets being sold in the market. These croquet sets can be very cheap or they can be very expensive. There are special croquet sets for professional players of croquet while there are also croquet sets intended for leisure and entertainment and even specially made kids croquet sets. Usually, croquet sets are made for 4, 6, and 8 players. If you would check out, there are various brands of croquet sets and these brands have various features and prices. When buying croquet sets, you should also consider the ability of players to play the game. While there are numerous croquet sets intended for professional players, you need not to purchase these type of sets if you haven’t even tried holding a mallet before. Most of these sets are expensive. If you intend to play with this set together with your family, you don’t need to buy a set that is very expensive. Average priced sets range between $30-60 and would be enough for leisure and entertainment with your family. Usually, sets for leisure are made with composite wood or solid ash. These sets contain four or six balls with four or six mallets. Included in the set are nine wire wickets. If children will be playing with these croquet sets, then you might want to consider buying sets that are durable and try avoiding very cheap sets that will not last long.

6. Croquet - Online Guide
croquet History, information where to buy Origins and Ground Billiards. Mallet and ball games are thought to have been first played in England and Europe during
The Online Guide to Traditional Games
Features Board Games
Croquet and cousins
Lawn Games Pub Games Game Index Table Games ... About
Origins and Ground Billiards
Mallet and ball games are thought to have been first played in England and Europe during the middle ages. Games would normally involve only one ball which would be struck through very wide hoops. A Croquet-like game is believed to have been played by thirteenth century French peasants who used crudely fashioned mallets to whack wooden balls balls through hoops made of willow branches. A variety of equipment has been found indicating that, as was typical, there were no standards and a variety of rules and types of game were in existence for several centuries. One type of game which this author calls Ground Billiards' featured a hoop and a stick, a point being scored for each time your ball was first through the hoop and onto hit the stick. At some point in the 15th century someone chose to invent an indoor variation of this played on a table which led to Billiards and that whole family of games
and hoops/rings? Mystery notwithstanding, from these medieval games sprang at least 4 modern distinct ancestors, all of which are still played today with varying degrees of popularity.

7. Croquet Info Page
E-mail list for general discussion of issues related to playing croquet.
croquet For discussion of Croquet About croquet English (USA) This list is for general discussion of issues related to playing croquet. Messages to the list are unmoderatored and neither Ian Vincent, who is the list administrator, nor the Croquet Association, take any responsibility for the views expressed on it. To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the croquet Archives The current archive is only available to the list members. Using croquet To post a message to all the list members, send email to You can subscribe to the list, or change your existing subscription, in the sections below. Subscribing to croquet Subscribe to croquet by filling out the following form.
    You will be sent email requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you. This is a private list, which means that the list of members is not available to non-members. Your email address: Your name (optional): You may enter a privacy password below. This provides only mild security, but should prevent others from messing with your subscription.

8. Croquet: Definition From
n. An outdoor game in which the players drive wooden balls through a series of wickets using longhandled mallets. The act of driving away an opponent's croquet ball by

9. Croquet | Define Croquet At
–noun 1. a game played by knocking wooden balls through metal wickets with mallets. 2. (in croquet) the act of driving away an opponent's ball by striking one's own when the

10. Dallas Croquet Association Homepage
Dallas, TX. 6-Wicket Rules. Member United State croquet Association (USCA).
Dallas Croquet Association
Verandah Club Croquet Court Anatole Hotel - Dallas, Texas Former Home of the Dallas Croquet Association Cost-cutting has eliminated this venue. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW HOME COURT in DALLAS. We are playing at Lake Hubbard and Lake Tawakoni in the meantime.
Players at the Dallas Classic Left to right - Aaron Cawley - 17 Acres CC President Britt Ruby - 1997 US Champion Joe Yoder - first president - DCA John Dill - past president - DCA
Great Texas Shootout Pictures 2005
Black Tie Croquet Pictures Recent Pictures
We play at the Verandah Club Croquet Court at the Anatole Hotel on Wednesday afternoons as well as Saturdays and Sundays (weather permitting). The predominant game played is American 6 wicket croquet. For a description of the game see American Rules. If you would like to find out more, contact George Blackburn 972-466-1103, Joe Yoder 214-393-2019 , Harold Menzel 972-699-0067, John Dill - Tournament Director 214/415-1511
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11. Croquet Rules & Regulations -
An information guide on various croquet rules and how to play croquet.
Croquet Sets Croquet Equipment Other Outdoor Games Backyard Croquet 101 ... Helpful Information
There are many variations on the Rules and Regulations of Croquet , including competitive and social forms. The more competitive variations are the North American rules as developed by the U.S. Croquet Assocation and adopted by Croquet Canada , and the International Association rules as adopted by Croquet Canada . The North American and International Association rules vary significantly in many aspects but nonetheless use the same croquet equipment and court set up.
The Rules of Croquet:
  • North American Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. - offsite with a synopsis at (USCA Site) Association Six Wicket Rules A synopsis of Association Rules Oxford Croquet in England - offsite Golf Croquet Rules Nine Wicket rules (backyard variety)
See the Oxford Site link above for International Association rules.
Croquet Rules Overview
Croquet can be played in many different ways - though likely not with a croquet set that features flamingo mallets and hedgehog balls, a la Alice in Wonderland . However, the Queen of Hearts might have enjoyed playing eXtreme croquet, in which players dispense with out-of-bounds rules and seek out playing surfaces that make St. Andrews in Scotland look like a mini-putt golf course.

12. Croquet At Etowah Valley Golf Resort
croquet . croquet at Etowah! In 1991, the US croquet Association called Etowah the best new croquet club in America. Since then, the greensward has continued to be developed and
Croquet at Etowah!
In 1991, the US Croquet Association called Etowah "the best new croquet club in America."
Since then, the greensward has continued to be developed and groomed to be one of the most outstanding in America.
Croquet players can enjoy the same great mountain surroundings and accommodations as our golfing guests.
The greensward, surrounded by beautiful landscaping and mountains, offers a player of any expertise a rewarding experience. Croquet Packages April 15 - October 30
$124 Sunday - Thursday
$134 Friday and Saturday
Includes lodging in the South Lodge, breakfast buffet, dinner and unlimited court fees. Rates are per person based on double occupancy. $35 nightly single surcharge.
ADD CROQUET to any other rate or package for $20 per court time!
Croquet available to USCA members and their guests only. $100 deposit is required within 10 days of making your reservation and cancellation is required 30 days in advance of your arrival date to receive a refund. Golf Package Policy Packages for two or more nights feature complimentary, unlimited greens fees. You may play the day you check in (after 2 p.m.) and the day you check out. Packages for one night receive one (1) 18-hole greens fee per person. Additional rounds for single night packages are available at regular greens fees prices. Friday and Saturday nights cannot be seperated.

13. Maui Croquet Club History
Maui croquet Club s very comprehensive chronology and history.
Maui Croquet Club
International Rules on the Island of Maui Calendar






... Rules Updated by Leo Nikora on 13 January, 2010 Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, United States of America
Don't miss the Laws of Croquet , published in 1901 by John Jaques for the Croquet Association; or Laws of Association Croquet , published in 1957 by the Croquet Association. For the history of croquet in the movies, see Croquet in Celluloid It's Not a Pretty Picture . For lengthy historical narratives, see The Backyard Games The Wicket Way Croquet and Cousins When Cotswolds Became the Birthplace of Croquet , and the 1911 Encyclopedia . For the history of championships, see First MacRobertsion Shield , and Tony Hinchliffe's Sports Facts . For the history of the Croquet Association's Croquet Gazette , see Back in Time's Deep Shade . Also see Unsolved Mysteries of Croquet History and Ralph Hickock's Sports History . For an excerpt of by Lord Tollemache, see Croquet History and the Clip Game . See an excerpt of The History of Croquet by D. M. C. Prichard.

14. Croquet - Wiktionary
A game played on a lawn, in which players use mallets to drive wooden balls through hoops (wickets ). (countable, games) A shot in this game in which the opponent 's ball
Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary Jump to: navigation search

15. History
Includes a brief summary and links to related sites and articles. Dr Ian Plummer Oxford Croquet Technical Croquet History This section collects together items concerned with the game of croquet. I take the definitive guide on the history of the game to be The History of Croquet , [Col.] D. M. C. Prichard, London: Cassell, 1981
Includes index, Bibliography: p. [233]-234
ISBN 0304307599 This includes the precursor games, the development of the lawn settings, the equipment and biographies of the great croquet players in history. A Potted History of the Game In three paragraphs Croquet General History Croquet: Lore and Legend General History from an American Perspective Croquet in the 1900 Olympics and Roque in 1904 Roque is another mallet and hoop game. History of Croquet From 'Hickoksports' - progresses to the American game Origins of Croquet Norman Eatough (President, Swiss Croquet Association) has some thoughts about the orgins of croquet The Introduction of the Advanced Rules A snippet from DMC Prichard's book covering the genesis of the lift rules. The first part gives a history of the game from the sequence, no lift, turning peg, no baulk days to the present. The second part gives a detailed description of

16. Main Page - Croquet Consortium
croquet is a powerful open source software technology that, in the form of the croquet Software Developer's Kit (croquet SDK), can be used by experienced software developers to

17. Croquet, A Hellsing Fanfic - FanFiction.Net
A Hellsing Humor fanfiction. Story summary Dawn era. Walter agrees to play a game of croquet set to Girlycard's rules while things are dull at the estate..
Sign In Sign Up FanFiction.Net - unleash your imagination mobile edition Help Home Just In ... All . Stories: New Updated . Crossovers: New Updated General Anime ... TV Browse for Beta Readers Story Author Forum Community Support Privacy TOS Ad Blocker ... Hellsing Croquet Hat-Wearing Creep
Author of 6 Stories Rated: T - English - Humor - Reviews: - Published: 02-14-06 - Complete - id:2801550 Croquet Goosebumps arose in a desperately random pattern across Walter's unsuspecting flesh. He heaved an irritated sigh and looked at the floor from behind his book at the slowly forming pool of black, unidentifiable ink. It grew two mad eyes and an almost comical toothy grin in response to the gaze. "With all of the experience and knowledge from the centuries you've been alive, can't you even amuse yourself without badgering me?" the butler asked, holding his place in his reading material with a finger. A chilled snicker crept its way in between Walter's two ears. "Is that how you greet your only friend?" came a distorted reply, sounding as though it were being spoken from under water. "When we aren't out on a mission and I'm reading a book, yes." The muffled voice stated from behind the hardcover. He had opened it and stuck his face in it to keep from smirking at the puddle-vampire on the carpet. Walter fought with himself to keep from finding the situation humorous.

18. Rochester Croqueteer
Newsletter, rules and players. NY.
Welcome to the Rochester Croqueteer's 15 years and still going strong!!!! May the Croquet Gods Continue to Shine on Us Meet the Players Current Year Rules Photos Recipes Scores Links Addresses If you have questions about our league or this website please send us an email Rochester Croqueteer 2002-2006 All rights reserved.

19. The Croquet Association
New croquet books 23rd March 2005 (CA Official News) Two new books are available this month How to Play croquet . A beginners guide to Association croquet, with lots of

20. Linville Ridge | Recreation - Croquet
Both beginners and seasoned veterans find the Linville Ridge greenswards a beautiful venue for the genteel sport of croquet. croquet is a challenging and interesting sport, and you
We created the experience Nature created the views
Both beginners and seasoned veterans find the Linville Ridge greenswards a beautiful venue for the genteel sport of croquet. Croquet is a challenging and interesting sport, and you can enhance your experience through a lesson or a clinic with our teaching pro. Please note: Linville Ridge Croquet Courts will be hosting the NC Club Team Croquet Doubles Championships in July. At this time, the courts will be closed to regular play, however members are encouraged to come and watch.
Meet the Pros
David returns to Linville Ridge for his 10th season this summer. He has competed nationally in croquet for the past decade and has placed as high as 3rd in the country in the national croquet championships in the American six-wicket game as well as the International rules competition. David resides in Florida during the winter, where he is the director of tennis and croquet at the Mountain Lake Club in Lake Wales FL.
Reservations are not necessary for croquet; however courts are reserved for teaching each Thursday in June, July and August. The first hour of lessons will be spent on teaching and explaining the finer points of the game and the second hour will be devoted to organized games with support on how to put what was learned into practice.

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