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         Dinghy Sailing:     more books (100)
  1. Your Book of Dinghy Sailing (The Your book series) by William Bertie Keeble, 1974-03
  2. Popular Sailing Dinghies by Charles Smith, 2001-09-14
  3. Dinghy Sailing for Boys or Girls by Geoffrey Nightingale, 1959
  4. Sailing Dinghies (Bosun Books) by John Fisher, 1961-12
  5. Dinghy sailing: A comprehensive guide for beginners; by Ken Duxbury, 1970
  6. Dinghies for All Waters: Safe Family Cruising and Day Sailing by Eric Coleman, 1976-10
  7. The Laser Book (Laser Book: Laser Sailing from Start to Finish) by Timothy Davison, 2009-06-09
  9. The Dinghy Book by Stan Grayson, 1989-05
  10. Dinghy Helming (Sail to Win) by Lawrie Smith, 1990-12
  11. Dinghy Cruising: The Enjoyment of Wandering Afloat by Margaret Dye, 2003-09-11
  12. Sailing dinghies & catamarans [1975 ed.] (Boat World guide ; no. 1)
  13. Sailing the Mirror by Roy Partidge, 2006-07-31
  14. Inshore dinghy sailing by Francis Henry Louis Searl, 1965-01-01

21. Hostellers Sailing Club - Dinghy Cruising
Resources for those using small sailing boats for recreational travel over relatively long distances.
Hostellers Sailing Club
All about Dinghy Cruising
There is quite a lot about dinghy cruising in this website. I think this is excusable since this activity has become one of the main activities of the HSC. I notice that a large proportion of our active sailing membership are also members of the Dinghy Cruising Association. Contents (for this page only)
What is dinghy cruising?

Is dinghy cruising better than yacht cruising?

Overnight stops while dinghy cruising

Carrying luggage
Windy weather and the capsize problem
What is dinghy cruising?
By 'dinghy cruising' we mean the use of a sailing dinghy for recreational travel over relatively long distances, generally with overnight stops. Most dinghy sailors use their boats for racing, or just for pottering, which usually means sailing for an hour or two in one patch of water. Few dinghy sailors seem to be aware that their boats are potentially capable of covering greater distances and carrying all the equipment that will be needed for overnight stops. I suppose that if you want a definition of dinghy cruising then you need to supplement it with a definition of a dinghy. In this context we take a dinghy to be a small (say less than about 20 foot (6.1m) length), open (i.e. no permanent cabin) sailing boat which does not have heavy stabilising ballast. However, we don't need to apply these conditions too rigorously, there are some boats which most people would think of as dinghies but which do have some ballast and there are some which have a tiny cabin but which are otherwise dinghy like in style. The HSC Wayfarers are certainly dinghies in all respects. There are also people cruising with what are basically rowing boats, perhaps with a small sail to provide relaxation on downwind legs only, this can reasonably be included as a form of dinghy cruising.

22. Dinghy-sailing Gallery | Dinghy Sailing
Need to see a picture of the Dinghysailing befor you are consider making a purchase. You can find it all here at
Dinghy Sailing
Dinghy-sailing Gallery
Featured Images
"File:470 sailing dinghy.jpg ..."
Community Comments
Bic Sport O'pen Bic Youth Sailing Dinghy Bic Sport O'pen Youth Sailing Dinghy . Next Step Performance Upgrade from the Op.. Price $2,999.00 Bluestorm Fleet ... Price $24.99 "UK: Heron sailing dinghy 1599 (" From jamesroyce789 "sailing dinghy name designer: ... in to see what they ordered in the past Tell a..." From argus_credit_co "sailing dinghy name designer: ... in to see what they ordered in the past Tell a..." From argus_credit_co "'Mrs Mirror' shows her dinghy sailing skills at The Showdown - htt..." From sailing_news " ‘Mrs Mirror’ shows her dinghy sailing skills at The Showdown: Jen..." From insidetack "New Ad: Wanted Sailing dinghy [#AdTrader]" From theadtrader
Featured Media
470 Dinghy sailing action Brass Monkey 2008 (Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club) 470 dinghy sailing action in the Brass Monkey Handicap race held by Yorkshire dales sailing club on 27th December 2008. Geat training video of how to keep a boat flat and check out the high work rate of the crewman. 470 dinghy class association website General SAILING WEBSITE
Deal of The Day Bic Sport O'pen Bic Youth Sailing Dinghy Bic Sport O'pen Youth Sailing Dinghy . Next Step Performance Upgrade from the Optimist Energized sailing for the young sailors on your list! The 9' O'...

23. Lifejackets And Buoyancy Aids For Dinghy Sailing From
Buoyancy aids for Dinghy Sailing from Lifejackets UK and by mail order throughout the UK and overseas.
Buoyancy Aids and Clothing for Dinghy Sailing
Menu Dinghy Sailing Canoe and Kayak Flotation Clothing Commercial ... Main Index
Ordering How to order View Basket Checkout

Dinghy Sailing equipment and clothing from Lifejackets UK

Dinghy Sailing Buoyancy Aids
The most popular Dinghy Sailing Buoyancy Aids available from the leading brands.
Dinghy Sailing Buoyancy Aids

Dinghy Sailing Gloves
All gloves suitable for all types of sailing.
Details of Gloves

Dinghy Sailing Boots and Shoes
The most popular dry suits for sailing. Footwear Details Lifejackets UK Distribution Depot 4 Stepnell reach 541 Blandford Road Hamworthy Poole Dorset BH16 5BW Tel 01202 625256 - Fax 01202 620313 Lifejackets, Vests and Buoyancy Aids for Dinghy Sailing from

24. San Diego 505 Fleet Homepage
Based out of Mission Bay Yacht Club with race reports, schedules, photo gallery, and a newsletter.

What's New



Welcome to the San Diego 505 Fleet Website. Based out of Mission Bay Yacht Club , fleet 3 is one of the fastest growing groups of 505 sailors in the world. We are always working hard to continue to grow our fleet, and this website represents yet another step in that direction.
Bay to Bay ~ Saturday, September 19, 2009!
All Channing Hamlet has graciiously offered to organize the Bay to Bay race this year and its scheduled for Saturday, Sept 19th. We're planning good weather and winds from the North this year for a wire reach down the coast :-) Here is the NOR.
Reaching in a 505!
Schedule for 2008
If you are looking to sail with us, a number of boats are looking for crew and drivers ... send a note to the email list to introduce yourself ... The next Fleet Champ regatta is scheduled for October 18/19 (NOTE change) at Coronado Yacht Club. Fleet Champ result standings to be posted soon.
Fleet Champ # 4 ~ MBYC Ocean Regatta
It appears that Dan and Bill have won another regatta ... read about it

25. Dinghy-sailing Blog | Dinghy Sailing
What defines Dinghysailing. Well we at provide you with with up to date information you need to know about Dinghy-sailing that you don
Dinghy Sailing
Dinghy Sailing Blog (Page 1)
  • 91-year-old woman para sails
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    Do You Think The Indonesian Police and Authority Are Discriminating Against The Iraqi, Iranian and Afghan Refu?
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  • 26. Dinghy Sailing Experience, Dinghy Sailing, Learn To Sail
    Learn to sail a dinghy in a safe environment with a trained professional. Great fun and exercise, learn the basic sailing skills and more on the way to earning an RYA L1 Yachting

    27. North Sails One Design
    Tips and tricks to get more speed out of your Optimist rig.
    Optimist Tuning Guide Sail Information Optimist News Optimist Tuning Guide Contact Optimist Experts ... Order North Opti Tuning Clips Introduction low hi
    Main trim- sprit too tight
    How your sail look like when you have the sprit too tight.. and how it is supposed to look when well trimmed low hi
    Main trim- foot too tight
    How your sail look like when you have the foot too tight.. and how it is supposed to look when well trimmed low hi
    Gybing and rounding a mark low hi
    Tacking low hi
    Gybing low hi
    Rounding Marks low hi We have put together a new Tuning Guide with COMPLETE instructions and pictures on how to set up your Optmist for racing. Many tips and tricks that will really help you to sail faster.. for beginners and also advanced sailors! Even the parents will find this guide easy to follow when helping their kids! Download a preview of our new tuning Guide.

    28. Dinghy Sailing Clothing: Save Money To Buy Dinghy Sailing Clothing.Order Dinghy
    Order Dinghy Sailing Clothing Now.Look best price for Dinghy Sailing Clothing.Save money for buy Comparison of the best deals and offers available.

    29. Dinghy Sailing Boats For Sale
    Laser sailing dinghy full radial rig, dolley, trailer AU $2,100.00 End Date Sunday Nov07-2010 155029 EST Add to watch list

    30. FireBall Dinghy
    Website for the UK Fireball racing community- articles, books, regattas, boats for sale.
    The International Fireball
    Probably the highest performance dinghy that just about anyone can sail in almost any wind strength, on any style of race course, on virtually any stretch of water.
    Ideal for mixed crews, inland club waters or the sea, with entry level boats from just a few hundred pounds and with an active owners association protecting your interests, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is the only dinghy you'll ever need.
    With a sponsored UK race circuit, a classic boat fleet with it's own events, World, European and National Championships, you'll never be short of good competition, boat on boat, crew on crew. With a social side to match you'll have just as much fun off the water. Perhaps this is why nearly 15000 Fireballs have been sold world wide.
    If you're looking to get more out of your sailing then the Fireball could be the boat for you, a genuinely international sailing dinghy with a single trapeze and spinnaker. An adjustable rig rules out the need for complex racks or weight equalisation systems; and class rules allow flexibility to fit the boat out to suit you, making it ideal for smaller helms or crews to sail the boat that they want.
    She is good for inland water or the sea. Her performance has proved intriguing for expert helmsmen, yet she is stable enough to be kind to the clumsy novice. Fireball planes at the drop of a hat. Peter Milne of Norris brothers in designing the prototype threw aside the old tradition that a boat sails upright. Fireball is intended to sail best at an angle of about three degrees.This exciting 16 foot scow was intended to be FAST. Described by one enthusiast as a sailing surfboard frightened by an American Scow, Fireball really goes.

    31. Dinghy Racing | Dinghy Sailing
    Dinghy racing is simply a race of dinghies just like a regatta. These races are conducted in many parts of the world making it one of the international sports
    Dinghy Sailing
    Learn about dinghy sailing and sailing dinghies.
    The Fun And Excitement Of Dinghy Racing
    Dinghy racing is simply a race of dinghies just like a regatta. These races are conducted in many parts of the world making it one of the international sports that has gained some prominence. Some years ago, dinghy sailing was looked upon as an exclusive sport or recreational activity catered for the rich and the affluent because of the high costs involved. Joining sailing clubs and taking sailing lessons are not within easy reach of the average income earner. However though, things have changed quite a lot these days as the costs have abated to affordable levels. Hence, many have joined the bandwagon to get a shot at experiencing a whole new adventure and experience. Today, dinghy racing is being governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing formulated by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and with that racing has been conducted at world levels down to inter-club levels. Hence, if you are excited to learn how to race, you have got to learn some basics of racing. Basic rules such as how to circle the marker buoys or how to respect right of way are some of the basics which you have to learn. Race courses are designed in accordance to the standards of the ISAF. One popular course is the Olympic triangle. Racing with dinghies is more popular in Europe than in any other parts of the world. In the United States numerous dinghy racing and sailing enthusiasts are located mostly in the Eastern Seaboard. However though, during international racing events, contenders coming from as far as South Africa and the Middle East are also taking a shot at the finish line.

    32. Dinghy Sailing Gear At Mauri Pro Sailing
    Shop online dinghy sailing gear for dinghy sailing and other sailboats. Gill dinghy gear, Harken sailing gear, Sailing Angles pants, Extrasport and more. Mauri Pro Sailing, your
    Home Shop by Brand Sailing Gear Sailboat Hardware ... Check Out Search for:
    Dedicated Areas One Design Parts
    Harken Store

    Store Categories


    Lines and Ropes

    Whisker Poles

    Tech Info Rig Dimensions
    Selection Guides
    Technical Information Trimming Systems Special Areas Coupons and Offers Gift Certificates Newsletter Customer Care About Us Contact Us Live Help / Chat International Shipping ... Shipping Policy Dinghy Sailing Gear Go to Size Chart: Gill Sailing Angles Order Online Dinghy / Junior Gear Dry / Wet Suits Gloves Hiking Gear ... Miscellaneous Jackets and Trousers Gill Inshore Racing Gill Coastal / Inshore ... Women Coastal Dinghy and Junior Sailing Gear Gill - Dinghy Gill - Junior Gear Drysuits Wetsuits Hiking Gear Battened Hiking Pants Harnesses Sailing Angles ... Farmer Johns Shorts and Long Pants Gill Padded Shorts Sailing Angles Padded Shorts ... Long Pants Lifevests Extrasport Challenger Extrasport Mystique ... Volks Child Gloves Gill - Gloves Harken - Gloves Sailing Angle Gloves ... Gloves Footwear and Hiking Sailing Boots Gill Boots Gill Hiking Boots Harken - Shoes T-Shirts and crew gear Gill - Crew Gear Harken - T-Shirts Sailing Bags Gill - Bags Harken - Bags Sailing Angles Bags Sailing Sunglasses Gill - Sunglasses Harken -Sunglasses Miscellaneous Gill - Watches Harken - Wallets Harken - Hats Harken - Belts About Sailing Gear About Extrasport Dinghy Lifevets Extrasport Extrasport is the official life vest of the US Sailing Team. .. more

    33. File
    Sailing Website in the Northvaal Region in South Africa.

    34. Dinghy Sailing Holiday - Seafarer Sailing
    Dinghy sailing holidays in Greece. Our Ionian Beach Club is ideal for family holidays in a superb beach side setting
    /*********************************************** * gAjax RSS Pausing Scroller- (c) Dynamic Drive ( * Requires "gfeedfetcher.js" class * This notice MUST stay intact for legal use * Visit for full source code ***********************************************/ Quick Selection Yacht Charter Dinghy Sailing Flotilla Holidays Greece Flotilla - North Ionian Flotilla - South Ionian Flotilla Turkey Aegean Coast Flotilla Croatia Mid-Dalmatia Flotilla Caribbean Grenadines Flotilla Dinghy Sailing Learn to Sail Share a Sail Yacht Cruises
    Dinghy sailing holiday
    Our Beach Club is an ideal family holiday village in a superb beach side setting with excellent dinghy sailing and windsurfing equipment at your disposal during your stay. There are great facilities for all the family, whilst use of all the sailing equipment including our wide variety of dighies, as well as the tennis courts and swimming pool plus half board meal arrangements are included in the price of your holiday.
    A week at our Beach Club is also the perfect addition to a flotilla holiday for your first or second week on our South Ionian or even Saronic Isles flotillas.

    35. UK IMCA
    This is the place to go to find out anything about the International Moth sailing dinghy

    36. Wayfarer International Home Page
    Free expert advice on how to sail and/or race small boats in general, and Wayfarers in particular.
    Welcome to
    Wayfarer International
    the web site of the Wayfarer International Committee
    and new home of the Wayfarer Institute of Technology
    and of the reports on past Worlds and International Rallies
    What's new in the World of Wayfarers?
    the Wayfarer International Committee

    the Wayfarer Institute of Technology

    International Rallies 1995-2009
    ... Wayfarer Worlds
    Wayfarer: the boat for all occasions! an International Wayfarer:
    Danes, Jesper Friis and Poul Ammentorp, 'cruise' Uncle Al's British-built woodie SHADES off Lighthouse Point, Killbear Park in Canada in July of 1995.

    37. Laser 2 Land
    Provides information about the Laser 2 and a lot of links that might be useful to the Laser 2 sailor.
    Laser Two Land
    Home Calendar Weather Forum ... Glossary
    An Introduction to Two territory
    This web site is seriously dedicated to racing and sailing the Laser II Regatta sailing dinghy. The aim of this site is to give you lots of information about the Laser II, a place to discuss all things Laser II and a lot of links to other pages that might be useful to the Laser II sailor. If you have any information about sailing or racing Laser IIs that we don't currently have, please send it in and we can let the whole Laser II community know about it. Features: Currently in the forum: If you have any Laser 2 links or if you fancy writing an article on any aspect of Laser 2 sailing please submit it to us, or make a post on the

    38. Boston Dinghy Sailing
    Boston Dinghy Sailing is new site designed to help organize and promote dinghy racing in the greater Boston area at existing venues and create new venues. Team racing, Fleet Racing
    window.jstiming.load.tick('scl'); window.jstiming.load.tick('cl');
    Boston Dinghy Sailing
    Search this site
    Boston Dinghy Sailing
    Join CPYC Dinghy Program

    hursday Night
    Schedule and Results
    Thursday Night Racing SIs

    Upcoming Events:
    About Fleets:  Vanugard 15( V15), Lasers When: Thursday Nights and Saturday's in the Summer Location: Boston, MA @ Cottage Park Yacht Club, Winthrop, MA

    Our goal is to promote and encourage sailboat dinghy sailing and racing in the Boston area.  Boston has one of the largest community sailing, high school and collegiate racing programs, yet there is no active dinghy racing fleets beyond those ones listed below.  NEISA is one of the strongest districts in College Sailing, yet where do those sailors go after graduating?  There are untapped sailors in Boston looking for a good home to sail from. We intend to find them a home and create a viable year round dinghy racing program.
    If you are interested in getting involved, send email to:

    39. Account Suspended
    Located east of Maidenhead and offers racing and social dinghy sailing and dinghy sailing courses. Includes membership information, news, reports, weather, events, photos, diary, and related links.
    Account Suspended
    This Account Has Been Suspended

    40. ScoutBase UK: Programme Support - Activities - Dinghy Sailing
    For information call us on 0845 300 1818 Email

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