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         Drag Racing:     more books (101)
  1. American Drag Racing by Robert Genat, 2001-06-15
  2. Drag Racing Memorabilia and Souvenirs by Cory Lee, 2011-04-15
  3. High Performance: The Culture and Technology of Drag Racing, 1950-1990 (Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology) by Professor Robert C. Post, 1996-08-28
  4. Drag Racing Funny Cars of the 1960s Photo Archive: From Super Stockers to Floppers by Lou Hart, 2003-10
  5. Crazy Horses: The History of British Drag Racing by Brian Taylor, 2009-11-01
  6. Gasser Wars: Drag Racing's Street Classics: 1955-1968 by Larry Davis, 2003-11-15
  7. Pro Stock Drag Racing by Kate Hintz, 1995-01
  8. Drag Race Driver, by William E. Butterworth, 1971-07
  9. Bracket Racing Hp1266 by Tony Sakkis, 1997-08-01
  10. Drag Racing Funny Cars of the 1970s: Photo Archive by Wallace A Wyss, Louis Hart, 2002-06-10
  11. Monster Truck Drag Racing by Kate Hintz, 1995-01
  12. Petersen's history of drag racing
  13. Modern Drag Racing Superstars by Ross Robert Olney, 1981-04
  14. Drag Racing (Race Car Legends) by Paul W. Cockerham, 1997-10

41. DHRA Homepage
Information about the DHRA, their events and the standings in the Dutch Drag Racing Championship.
het Aambeeld 11 1969 NC Heemskerk
The Netherlands
tel: +31(0)251-255339
Fax +31(0)251-238720
e-mail: DHRA
NHRA online
National Dragster
NHRA Streetlegaldrags
US Army

42. Drag Racing Accessories: Discount Drag Racing Accessories Today.Cheap Price Drag
Drag Racing Accessories On Sale.Buy now Drag Racing Accessories available more.Offer best Drag Racing Accessories for. Comparison of the best deals and offers available.

43. Pacific Street Car Association
Fastest Street Legal Drag Race Cars on the West Coast. Schedules, Results, and Message Forum

44. Absolute Drag Racing - Hot Rods, Links, Pictures And Information
Absolute drag racing brings all of the excitement of the tracks to your screen! It's no drag! Along with IHRA and NHRA information, pictures, hotrods, and links you'll find
Determining the origin of the term "drag racing" is not the clearest quest in the world - there are as many theories as the machines that have populated its ranks for five decades. There is the original folklore of natural language: Drag your car out of the garage and race me. Natural association of physical drag racing locale: the "main drag" of a town is the main street, and is often the only one wide enough to accommodate two vehicles. And the mechanical association: to "drag" the gears meant to hold the transmission in gear longer than normal. Original racers were little more than street cars with lightly souped-up engines and bodies alleviated of some excess metal to reduce weight. Eventually, professional drag racing chassis builders constructed purpose-built cars, bending and welding together tubing and planting the engine in the traditional front end spot. As time went on, the engines and the fuels they burned became more exotic, more powerful, and more temperamental. Like almost all racing cars, drag racers have undergone tremendous evolution as racers have upgraded, experimented, theorized, and tested their equipment. Rear engine placement came in the proceeding decades, starting early in the seventies. Don Garlits perfected the design after falling victim to the front-engine configuration when his transmission exploded in 1970, severing half of his right foot. The sport has not been the same since. Today's drag racing mobiles are computer-designed wonders with sleek profiles and wind-tunnel-tested rear airfoils that exert 5,000 pounds of downforce on the rear tires with minimal aerodynamic drag.

45. DRAW - The Drag Racing Association Of Women
A charitable organization set up to help injured racers and their families.
DRAW's motto is "Fast Help For Fast Friends" and our sole mission is providing financial and emotional support to qualified individuals involved in a drag racing accident at a track. Financial Aid Statistics: 2009
Number of families assisted in 2009 - 36
Financial assistance paid 2009 - $164,500 Financial assistance paid 1985-2009 - $,3534,317 Financial Aid Statistics: 2010
Number of families assisted in April - 11
Financial assistance paid in April - $16,000
Financial assistance paid YTD - $48,500 Make an Online Donation to DRAW >>> DRAW Seeks New Board of Trustees for 2011 Would you like to be an important part of helping injured racers? Join the DRAW Board of Trustees and make a difference! We are accepting applications for new Board members, especially for those with the following skills: legal, finance, management, administration, marketing, and public relations. Every year the Board of Trustees accepts nominations for six of its twelve positions. Trustees serve a two-year term. Board members do not have to attend all the National events, but do need to be DRAW members. Please read our Trustee Fact Sheet to learn more about the role and responsibilities of a charity trustee. If you are interested in joining our Board, please submit an application to: Board applications must be received by October 20, 2010. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

46. Drag Racing Mobile :: Home
Drag Racing Mobile uses a builtin or an external GPS receiver of a Windows Mobile PDA for the measurement of the acceleration of a vehicle - no matter what vehicle.

47. Midwest Drag Racers Association
Strives to promote and improve the sport of drag racing.
Midwest Drag Racers Association
Daily Picture
Dave Engler About MDRA Programs Racers Misc ... Calendar 2010 Bike/Sled champion Mike Voss 2010 Bracket I champion Dean Beaulieu 2010 Bracket II champion Andy Schmall 2010 GSTA Jr. Dragster Series champion Jordan Pratt 2010 Sportsman champion Scott Dugdale 2010 Trophy champion Darren Arnold 2010 Awards Banquet
Silent Auction

October Board Meeting
Congratulations to our 2010 Winners!

2010 Awards Banquet
Our banquet will be held this year on Saturday, November 20 at the Kraus Hartig VFW in Spring Lake Park at 8100 Pleasantview Drive 55432. Social hour starts at 6:00pm, dinner at 7:00pm with the awards to follow. Please pre-register for this event on the form provided in your recently delivered Eliminator. It has been another great year with lots of good racing and great stories so we hope to see you there! Top Silent Auction
We are looking for items to be donated to MDRA for the silent auction to be held at the 2010 MDRA Banquet. Please contact any board member. Thank you. Top October Board Meeting

48. Drag Racing
Hundreds of drag racing links. There were two experiences early in my life that led me to become an incurable motorhead.
1932 Ford frames 1932 Ford windshields Dropped axles Gibbs Brand penetrant ... Home
Drag racing Last updated on January 1, 2010

Top Fuel teams

Top Alcohol teams

Funny Car teams
More drag racing sites

Some related pages on
1932 Ford roadster project

Breaking the sound barrier

Hot rods
Land speed record racing ... Speed equipment directory Introduction There were two experiences early in my life that led me to become an incurable motorhead. One was doing an indicated 150 mph on a deserted highway in rural Alberta, Canada in a friend's 1959 Corvette, with the top off and the headers uncorked. I was ten. The other was at our local drag strip, Keystone Dragway, just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where I allegedly grew up. Keystone was a fairly informal place. Phoenix Raceway Park, just north of Phoenix, Arizona, had a similar feel. Everyone seems to know everyone, and everybody is there because they want to be. One summer afternoon when I was about 14, I was at Keystone having a ball. When the Top Fuel cars started running, I walked down to the "big end" of the track, right by the timing lights at the finish line. When nobody was looking, I crawled on my belly through the tall grass beside the track, and got as close to the track as I could without being seen. I knew something pretty wild was about to happen, but I didn't realize how wild. Now we've all had some great experiences that involve fast cars. I've stood against the safety fence by the finish line at the Charlotte Motor Speedway while a pack of ten Winston Cup cars whoosh by at 180 mph. It was neat. But they're still not Top Fuel cars.

49. SCEDA - Southern California Drag Racing Association
News, features, schedule, results, points, rules, photo gallery and history available.
Southern California Drag Racing Association 1-888-488-RACE (7223) voice 760 249-4555 fax e-mail to: ARP Race of Champions "Champion" is Corey LeClair and Chandler Meziere. All stories and points have been updated as of August 16th, 2010 Schedule Points Rules Photos ... Junior Dragster Pre-Entry The SCEDA Series is on the following social networking sites. Click to visit! Face Book My Space You Tube Yahoo Groups : send us a email request to join SCEDA BLOGS Meziere Enterprises May 8th Audio Visual Blog Calvert Racing Suspension May 8th Audio Visual Blog ARP Junior Dragster Race of Champions Presented by: ARP - Automotive Racing Products Auto Club Dragway Fontana, CA August 14, 2010 By: Brad Cannon ARP Race of Champions Auto Club Dragway Fontana, CA August 15, 2010 By: Brad Cannon Race 7 (August 14, 2010) Auto Club Dragway Fontana, CA By: Brad Cannon Race 8 (August 15, 2010) Auto Club Dragway Fontana, CA By: Brad Cannon In the Mickey Thompson Performance Tires and Wheels SCEDA No-E class, it was Mike Agnew taking the victory over Brad Cannon. Agnew had a .005 advantage off the starting line and ran closer to his number to take the win by .009. With the win, Agnew received a SCEDA Big Guy trophy, the $500, an entry into the 2011 Race of Champions, and took the 2010 SCEDA Championship. In the semis, Cannon had the bye run. Agnew defeated Jeff Interlicchia. Agnew had the reaction time advantage and forced Interlicchia to break out trying to take the stripe. By taking the win in that matchup, Agnew took the top spot in the season standings and the 2010 SCEDA Mickey Thompson Performance Tires and Wheels No-E championship. Agnew came into his zone at the right time of the season, as his round record since the July 3

50. Drag Racing
Here is a practice drag racing tree for bracket racing (not a PRO TREE). Press the button once to prestage, then a second time to stage. A random time will pass before the
Drag Racing Here is a practice drag racing tree for bracket racing (not a PRO TREE). Press the button once to prestage, then a second time to stage. A random time will pass before the lights drop. There is a .500 of a second between lights. Hit the button to launch and see your reaction time.
C6 Corvette Exhaust Exhaust Tips Jeep Grand Cherokee Exhaust Lexus LX470 Exhaust ... Universal Muffler
Recent Articles
Discount Borla Exhausts February 3rd, 2010 by gotbooost Widgets Borla Exhaust List
Universal Boral Mufflers: Corvette Exhausts BMW M5 Exhausts

Burn Outs Gone Wrong
June 1st, 2010 by gotbooost Burnouts look bad ass until you break shit. At the track or on the street, breaking stuff is always bad news. Front wheel drive cars that come with low power from the factory (say a Honda Civic) that get big motor swaps such as a K-series with major power adders such as a turbo will need upgraded drive train components or some parts will start breaking with the added stress from the increased horsepower and torque. Hopefully traction will be the first to go, so then slicks can be added to the equation to get some grip. Then watch out for those little driveshafts, because those stock suckers are pretty weak. Then transmissions and clutches can go if abused properly.

51. Straightliners - Motorcycle Racing Community
News and information on motorcycle drag racing in the UK.
No unauthorised duplication of any material is permitted at any time.
Webmaster: straightliners about straightliners straightliners hall of fame ... sitemap

52. Sandtimes Magazine (c) 2006-2007
Sand Drag Racing from across the country. Photos, results and race dates.


*New* User's Forum

This page was updated on Sand Drags dragracing quads ATVV ATVRacing Planetsand

53. Photobucket | Drag Racing Pictures, Drag Racing Images, Drag Racing Photos
View 4020 drag racing Pictures, drag racing Images, drag racing Photos on Photobucket. Share them with your friends on MySpace or upload your own! racing/

54. Sport Compact Drag Racing, Import Drag Racing, And Street Racing Videos
Import and Sport compact drag racing with video clips and photos.
@import url(sportcompactdragracing.css);
BOTI West Coast Season Opener IDRC West Coast Nationals Sport Compact Summer Slam ...
Honda Racing You have reached the top website for video clips and photos on sport compact drag racing and import drag racing. The latest addition to the site is coverage of the Battle of the Imports West Coast season opener. This event is a great place for street racers to do their drag racing at the drag strip. Check out the motorsports videos and still photo coverage. This is some great Honda racing!
**NEW** Watch Honda drag racing video clips online at Drag Racing TV **NEW**
Street racers will want to check out the new Carlsbad Imports DVD. Hardcore only need apply! This video is mostly street car racing at the drag strip, with a few pro cars running in the 10's. If you ran at Carlsbad, especially at the VW vs. Import races in 2003/2004, your car is probably on this DVD. Event Coverage: Drag Racing Video Clips These drag racing video clips aren't part of the other event coverage on this website. You'll have to download and unzip before viewing, most of these are broadband only unless specifically labeled as dial-up modem:
Battle of the Imports Bakersfield 2004

Battle of the Imports Fontana 2004

On-board camera with Ricky De La Cruz

IDRC Phoenix Firebird Nationals 2004, broadband

55. Arcademic Skill Builders - Drag Race Division
Drag Race Division is a multiplayer racing game that allows students from anywhere in the world to race one another while practicing their division facts!
Drag Race Division
More Arcademic Games embedSWF("", "drag_race", 700, 400);
Today's Top Scores
Drag Race Division
Similar Games to Drag Race Division Single Player
Demolition Division

Meteor Multiplication

Multi Player
Division Derby

Multiplication Grand Prix

Tractor Multiplication Play

56. 2010 IDRC Import Drag Racing Circuit Website
Coverage of IRDC events, including rules, photos, and models.
Auto Club Dragway, Fontana, CA. Saturday September 4, 2010

Race Schedule Auto Club Dragway
9300 Cherry Avenue
Fontana, CA 92335

General Admission $20.00 RACER REGISTRATION Competition Racer Tech Card $60.00 (all heads-up classes and bracket classes) TENTATIVE EVENT SCHEDULE Saturday, September 4th, 2010 7:00 am Gates Open 7:15am Tech Opens 9:00 am Open Time Trials/Fun Runs (any class may run) 9:45 am Lanes Close for Round 1 of Heads-Up Qualifying* 10:00 am Round 1 of Heads-Up Qualifying 10:45 am Scheduled End of Round 1 of Heads-Up Qualifying Resume Open Time Trials/Fun Runs 11:30 am Lanes Close for Round 2 of Heads-Up Qualifying* 11:45 am Round 2 of Heads-Up Qualifying 12:30 pm Scheduled End of Round 2 of Heads-Up Qualifying Resume Open Time Trials/Fun Runs 1:15 pm Lanes Close for Round 3 of Heads-Up Qualifying* 1:30 pm Round 3 of Heads-Up Qualifying

57. Drag Racing - Honda-Tech
Drag Racing (legal) Associated Topics New! Use your Facebook to securely log into this site, click logo to login

58. NetGain Motors, Inc. Home
Unique electric drag racing team. Includes car details, news and events.
Click on image to enlarge.
TransWarP 11
TransWarP 9
The TransWarP Motors are designed to be coupled directly to a WarP series motor for dual motor or direct drive applications. They are available in 11.45", 9.25", and 7.125" diameters.
Home of the WarP ImPulse and TransWarP Motors
for use with electric and hybrid electric vehicles!
SPECIAL NOTICE: Please check this link!
Motor Prices
Looking for prices on our WarP ImPulse and TransWarP Motors
Contact one of our Authorized Motor Resellers!
Motor Availability can be found by clicking here!
The Next Generation of WarP 9 Motors is now available! (CLICK HERE) for details!
Forced Air Coverbands for WarP 9 and ImPulse 9 motors.
Further Information
Read more about our WarP Motors Why buy a WarP Motor Read Here!
  • The TransWarP 9 Motors began shipping in March, 2007! This addition to our motor line is IDEAL for dual inline motor applications, and/or direct drive arrangements of lightweight electric vehicles! This motor has a 1.370" diameter hardened drive shaft with a 32-tooth, splined shaft that matches a Turbo 400 transmission. It can also be ordered with the optional Turbo 400 "shorty" tail shaft housing, and matching 1350 style slip-yoke. The 1350 slip-yoke can be easily adapted to any manufacturers drive shaft. These are the identical components used on the TransWarP 11 Motors ! In addition to these features, this motor has a double wide drive end bearing, grease fittings for the splines, 2 lift eye bolts, a brush wear indicator, and a commutator end shaft that has a 1.125" diameter - matching the standard
  • 59. Kawasaki Drag Racing
    kawasaki drag racing, racing updates, rickey gadsen The Kawasaki drag race team continues to show the competition that the Kawasaki Ninja ZX™14 is the bike to beat in
    Sport Ninja® 1000 Ninja® 650R Ninja® 250R ... Order Status Website Accessories The Kawasaki drag race team continues to show the competition that the Kawasaki Ninja® ZX™-14 is the bike to beat in the AMA Dragbike Series. With nine-time drag race champion Rickey Gadson aboard the machine, there is very little standing in the way of him and the end of the drag strip.
    Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Rickey Gadson made the move up to the Pro Street class in 2009 and will use his momentum from the final races of the season to make his mark on the class in 2010. Gadson’s determination will place him as a top competitor for the Pro Street class and a front-runner for the championship.
    Along with running the Pro Street class, Gadson will also compete in the Real Street class. After earning his ninth-career championship in the Super Sport class, Gadson will move his focus to the unique class that will showcase the Kawasaki Ninja® ZX™-14 big-bore talent. Supercross/Motocross Racing Off-Road Racing Drag Racing Team Green ... Careers cmCreatePageviewTag("overview-drag racing","racing");

    60. Drag Racing - Corvette Forum
    Results, Trap Speed, Reaction Time, Driving Technique, Tips for Running the Corvette in the 1/8 mile, Events CF Timeslip database

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