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         Fingerboarding:     more detail

1. Universal Fingerboard Network | Sanctuary For Fingerboarders
What you need for fingerboardingYour fingers (If for some reason you do not have fingers, you can't fingerboard.)-A fingerboard (preferably Tech Deck fingerboards)
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Universal Fingerboard Network
Sanctuary for Fingerboarders
Welcome to the home of fingerboarders. Whether you are or aren't a fingerboarder, this site is for you. For starters, get to know what fingerboarding is, and try it out. Experienced fingerboarders can also look up tricks here and post messages on the forums. Click on the menu bar above to navigate this website. We feature all sorts of information, trick tips, downloads of wallpapers, videos and much more. There is also a large gallery full of pictures. The links page gives you other websites that may interest you.
What is fingerboarding?
Where were you for the last ten years? In case you've never seen fingerboarding or have been locked up and never seen the world, fingerboarding is exactly like skateboarding. The only difference is that fingerboarding is done with your fingers (hence, the name). These miniature skateboards are much safer than the real thing as your only using your fingers to execute tricks. Tricks include everything you do on a real skateboard. From ollies, flips, grinds to vert and ramp tricks. The good thing is all you need is your fingers, a fingerboard and basically any surface. If you're looking for how to do tricks, go check out the nav bar and click "Tricktionary" for a large database of tricks you can do.

2. Fingerboard (skateboard) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Lance Mountain helped develop fingerboarding as a hobby in the late 1970s and wrote an article on how to make fingerboards in TransWorld 's SKATEboarding magazine in 1985.
Fingerboard (skateboard)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Underside of a Tech Deck fingerboard including Japanese-style Hook-Ups graphics. A Fingerboard or Finger-Skateboard or tech deck is a skateboard complete with moving wheels graphics and trucks A fingerboard is 96 millimeters long or longer, and can have a variety of widths like 26mm (regular), 28mm (wide), and 29mm and up (extra wide). There are the 57mm minis and the 96mm regular and the cruiser boards. Skateboarding tricks may be performed using fingers instead of feet. Most tricks done on a fingerboard are the same as people do on skateboards. Lance Mountain helped develop fingerboarding as a hobby in the late 1970s and wrote an article on how to make fingerboards in TransWorld 's SKATEboarding magazine in 1985. ≥ Although fingerboarding was a novelty for years, they became a collectible toy as skateboard manufacturers realized the potential for product branding and profit starting in the 1990s. Fingerboards are now available as expensive novelty toys as well as high-end collectibles, complete with accessories one would find in use with standard-size skateboards. Fingerboards are also used by skateboarders as 3-D model visual aids to understand potential tricks and maneuvers;

3. Fingerboarding Video
Yep folks, these guys are dorks.......Yep folks, these guys are dorks.

4. Fingerboarding Online Store - Featuring The Best Selection In Fingerboarding Dec
Buy fingerboard products at our online store, including fingerboarding decks, parks, rails, ramps, skateboards and stickers. Offering top fingerboard brands Tech Deck, Wild
Home Fingerboard Decks Fingerboard Parks Fingerboard Rails ... Fingerboard Stickers
Search All Products Fingerboard Decks Fingerboard Parks Fingerboard Rails Fingerboard Ramps Fingerboard Skateboards Fingerboard Stickers Advanced Search Order Status View Cart Checkout Recommends Widgets Whether you enjoy fingerboarding as a hobby or an aid to find new potential tricks and maneuvers on your skateboard then you've come to the right place. Our online store features the best selection in fingerboard products, including fingerboarding decks, parks, rails, ramps, skateboards and stickers.
At we strive to provide you with the best products reason why we only carry top fingerboard brands Tech Deck, Wild Grinders, Stuntz, X Games and many other fingerboarding brands. All of our products come with specialized customer ratings and reviews, making it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.
So browse around our store and we guarantee to have a product or two in store for you, or read our blog to find out more about Fingerboarding!

5. Stay Making: Fingerboarding
fingerboarding has always been a hobby of mine since Junior High. A guilty pleasure I guess you could call it. Man I am getting old, that was about 10 years ago since I started.
Saturday, August 23, 2008
Fingerboarding has always been a hobby of mine since Junior High. A guilty pleasure I guess you could call it. Man I am getting old, that was about 10 years ago since I started. Anyway, I recently discovered the world of wooden fingerboards. Up until this point I have only used Tech Deck fingerboards which are made of plastic. But there is a whole world of homemade wooden fingerboards. Berlinwood based out of Germany I have found to be the best. They are handcrafted perfectly and work really well. Only bad part is that they cost about $30-$35 to get them shipped from Germany.
This is a Berlinwood Wide- Deep Concave. This deck is great, but I thought I could probably make my own That would work just the same. So I gave it a try. These first couple of decks I made out of plies of birch veneer. I call the company Ampersand.
This was my first one. I made the kicks pretty high, a little too high. I also chose not to have very much concave at all. I just never got into that whole thing. I like fingerboarding with an almost flat deck. Maybe with just the slightest bit of concave. I made it wide, about 29mm. That is great because I have large fingers and it's easier to control the board when it is wider. I was pleased with how it turned out. Although it is definetly too steep to easily perform tricks.
So I gave it another shot. This time even wider (31mm-32mm) with lower kicks, and a better shape. I also played around with some graphics on the bottom before lacquering it.

6. Lukes Fingerboarding Domain
Includes trick tips, and skate park ideas.
Welcome to Lukes Fingerboardin Domain Credit Cards Discover Bank Discover Open Road Card - Through the reward program, cardholders earn a full 5% in cash rebates for gas and auto maintenance purchases, up to 1% for general purchases. Cashback Bonus Discover More Card - Therefore, those who plan to spend over $3,000 a year. Hey all you fingerboarders? Thanks for visiting my Web Page and its resources, If you want to see fingerboard tricks and other COOL stuff than this the place you need to be. Don't forget to bookmark my page so you can comeback. Enjoy Enter My Domain

7. Some Smooth Fingerboarding On Vimeo
Mike Schneider meet some of the blackriver teamrider at wunseidel 05.2008 Riders Boris Dietschi / Elias Assmuth / Michael Zimmer / AlJ / Denise Hermann / Lucas Lipovich and

8. Fingerboarding | Skateboarding Magazine
A fingerboard is a miniature skateboard. It has moving parts and the company Tech Deck is the most popular manufacturer of fingerboards. They have support from
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Tags : Fingerboard Mini Skateboards Miniature Skateboard Small Skateboards ...
Posted on 27 April 2008
A fingerboard is a miniature skateboard. It has moving parts and the company Tech Deck is the most popular manufacturer of fingerboards. They have support from these major skateboard companies. You can practice may tricks on fingerboards like the ollie, shove it, nose slides, tail slides, flip tricks, grind tricks and so on. There are many different ramps and obstacles made for fingerboards as well such as the Tech Deck Blind Stair and Ramp Skatepark Here are some of the brands that support Tech Decks. World Industries Skateboards, Darkstar Skateboards, Birdhouse Skateboards, Black Label Skateboards, Plan B Skateboards, Girl Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards, Element Skateboards, Alien Workshop Skateboards. Here are a few video clips of some crazy fingerboarding competitions. Yes they actually have fingerboard competitions and yes they are sponsored by companies like Tech Deck
Here is another one
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9. United Fingerboarding
Por primera vez en la historia del fingerboard existe la oportinudad de participar en un largometraje en DVD de 2FingaRabatt y Fingaspeak, denominada UNITED fingerboarding.

10. Fingerboarding Videos - By Video Site
Tags tech deck fingerboard Comments disabled. You guys need to grow up. I'm trying to help FINGERBOARDERS, as it says in the title.

11. Green Wood Fingerboarding Real Skateboard From
Completely customizable Green Wood fingerboarding real skateboard created by GreenWoodFBS. Order this design on one of the many deck types available made from North American Maple.

12. YouTube - Fingerboarding Comercial
fun fingerboarding ad i dont konw who made this video im putting it here cuz its fun to watch. 009 Sound System Dreamscape

13. TheElementalFingerboard Team
The Elemental Fingerboard Team. Home Team Products Media NEWS The Elemental Fingerboard Team is making a video, called Premi re. this will be the first official fingerboarding
The Elemental Fingerboard Team. Home Team Products Media NEWS: The Elemental Fingerboard Team is making a video, called Premičre.
this will be the first official fingerboarding video from ElementalFingerboarding. We're also looking for more members, if you join in quick, maybe you can still join Premičre.
To join, send me a link which connects to your best fingerboarding video.
Do this through YouTube or eMail, our eMail is:
And my YouTube username is:
SkatingRobert. We hope you join in!
R. Welcome to The Elemental Fingerboard Team's official website. I, Robert Wiebe created the Elemental Fingerboard Team.
I did it to have a team that makes big fingerboard movies and have social contact and fun with eachother.
To get on the team make a video, and post it on YouTube.
Then attatch it to a pm send to SkatingRobert.
He'll check and see if your good enough for the team. The Rules: No Racism, No Flaming, Be nice against eachother. Elemental Fingerboard Team

14. YouTube - Opus 0 Alexis Milant (fingerboard)
219 Add to Added to queue fingerboarding kickflip trick tip by weakfingers 1,833,289 views 121 Add to Added to queue Opus 12 Close Up story by 11matt 156,348 views

15. Fingerboarding Is Not A Crime – Group At
fingerboarding is not a crime group has 13 members at A group for all fingerboarders in If you play with fingerboards for a living, or when you are… is not a crime English Help Come work with us! is hiring Âť
Fingerboarding is not a crime
Join Share 13 members 3 shouts Leader:
Join Policy: Open
Created on: 25 Jan 2008
Description: A group for all fingerboarders in If you play with fingerboards for a living, or when you are bored, you must join this group.
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16. FINGER SPORT !!>> FINGER BOARD !!!! - Finger Sport
Forum fan w fingerboardingu.

Forum Finger Sport Strona Główna
Obecny czas to Pon 23:05, 01 Lis 2010
Obecny czas to Pon 23:05, 01 Lis 2010
Forum Finger Sport Strona Główna

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17. Maplewood Pro Fingerboard Team - The Best Fingerboard Company USA
Maplewood Pro Team by Maplewood Fingerboards your number 1 fingerboarding store. 25 years of quality fingerboard building by the Maplewood Fingerboard family owned and operated by
Home FAQ Contact Us Team ... FBWeekly Products Decks Mapetape Ramps Tuning ... Graphics
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Maplewood Fingerboards
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Youtube Username - Jezp3r
Hobbies: Jesper likes to skateboard, ski, and fingerboards.
Youtube Username - Elijaass

Hobbies: Fingerboarding, Playing football, and hanging out with friends.
Youtube Username - ViktorMcOak

Hobbies: Fingerboarding, skateboarding, and editing.
Youtube Username: DPJCproductions
Name: Dylan Alfinito - From: U.S.A. - Age: 13
Hobbies: Dylan likes to Film real skating and edit movies and videos. He also like to draw graffiti. He has been doing graff art since he was 6 years old. He likes to fingerboard and hang out with his friends. Youtube Username: schaefnbake2424 Name: Ryan Schaefer - Age: 14 - From: USA Hobbies: Ryan likes to play sports and lift weights. He plays football, runs track, and is on the wrestling team. He is devoted to getting his body as strong as possible but when he gets home in his own words and i quote "fingerboarding is my life" My team is different from any other team in the fingerboarding world. It is made up of guys and girls that may not be the best fingerboarders in the world but they have that something special that makes you have to like them all. I would like to say thank you and congratulations to all my team and everyone else that has showed interest in making the Maplewood Fingerboard team. enjoy our graphic fingerboards and remember to have fun above all else.

18. Fingerboarding - Video
Flips,stunts,grindes,slides with a fingerboard.

19. Best Fingerboarding Videos
Don’t forget your knuckle pads. Ok, I know that fingerboarding is pretty silly – but who cares. It’s fun. Great way to kill some time on a rainy day.

Wall of Gray
Concrete Skateboarding Videos Battleground Skatepark Videos
Best Fingerboarding Videos
Best. Fingerboarding Video. Ever. Dramatic angles, cool lighting, good sound, and sick tricks. A day in the life of a fingerboarder. Fingerboarding Tutorial Video. This entry was posted on Thursday, September 27th, 2007 at 6:38 pm and is filed under Links Skateboarding Video . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site.
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    nice vids dude
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    20. Sick Fingerboarding - The Sick Fingerboarding Community
    a community for finger boarders to have fun We are selling marble tables. They are pretty cheap. 15 Dollars for big table 10 dollars for small one.
    if(window.bzplcm)window.bzplcm.ts('hb') if(window.bzplcm)window.bzplcm.ts('cb') @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; if(window.bzplcm)window.bzplcm.ts('ca') Ning Create a Ning Network! Search Sorry, this network is currently unavailable. If you are the Network Creator, click here to sign in If you have questions, please contact the sick fingerboarding administrators by filling out the form below:
    Your Name Your Email Address Your Question
    sick fingerboarding the sick fingerboarding community a community for finger boarders to have fun

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