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  1. The Floorball Book: Formations and Tactics by Tidus, Ian Carrie, 2010-03-17
  2. Floorball in Canada: Canadian Floorball Teams, Canada Men's National Under-19 Floorball Team, Canada Men's National Floorball Team
  3. Sport in Iceland: Glima, Keflavík Íf, Icelandic Society for American Football, Icelandic Floorball Committee, Round Iceland
  4. 2006 in Floorball: 2006 Men's World Floorball Championships, 2005-06 Men's Eurofloorball Cup Finals
  5. Floorball Government Bodies: Asia Oceania Floorball Confederation, Floorball Canada, United States Floorball Association
  6. Floorball in Latvia: Men's national floorball team of Latvia, Latvian Floorball League, SK Blazma, ASK | Lielvarde, SK Latvijas Avize, Rubene
  7. Sport in Latvia by Sport: Athletics in Latvia, Basketball in Latvia, Chess in Latvia, Cricket in Latvia, Floorball in Latvia
  8. Floorball in Finland: Men's National Floorball Team of Finland, Tapanilan Erä, Salibandyliiga, Tikkurilan Tiikerit, Espoon Oilers
  9. Köniz: Floorball Köniz, Gurtenfestival, Bundesamt Für Migration, Losinger Construction, Bundesamt Für Metrologie, Gurtenbahn, Sulgenbach (German Edition)
  10. Schweizer Unihockeyverein: Floorball Köniz, UHC Lok Reinach, SV Wiler-Ersigen, UHC Dietlikon, Jona-Uznach Flames, UHC Uster, Vipers Innerschwyz (German Edition)
  11. 2007 in Floorball: 2007 Czech Open
  12. Floorball Players: Finnish Floorball Players, Latvian Floorball Players, Swedish Floorball Players, Henrik Larsson, Ainars Juskevics
  13. 2002 in Sports: 2002 Men's World Floorball Championships, 2002 World Championship of Ski Mountaineering, 2002 in Sumo
  14. National Floorball Teams: Canada Men's National Under-19 Floorball Team, Canada Men's National Floorball Team

1. Floorball Association Of WA - Home
Details on floorball in Western Australia, including where to play and who to contact.

2. - History - Floorball
This document contains a history of floorball, with an account of how the sport is played and a list of men's and women's world champions. It is a page in the History section
Sports History
Alpha Index Index by Sport History Bits Forum ... Search
Table of Contents
Floorball, also known as unihockey, plastic bandy, floor bandy and soft bandy, was originally developed during the 1960s as a game for schoolchildren in Sweden. Several other countries have come up with similar games. Some writers trace floorball's origin to floor hockey, an American game that uses a plastic puck and sticks. (Floor hockey, in turn, probably derived from street hockey.) According to this account, floor hockey went to Europe, where the puck was replaced by a plastic ball. That's possible, but documentation seems to be lacking. In any event, it was in Sweden that floorball took root and developed as a sport for adults. Specifically, it began in Sala, Sweden, in 1979, when a group of recent secondary school graduates led by Christer Gustavsson began to play floorball as they had learned it during their school days. That meant a relatively small playing area, small goals, and no goalie. The game didn't prove satisfactory at their age, though, so they decided to move the game to a larger court, enlarge the goals, and add a goalie. That worked. The Sala Floorball Club was formally organized on Sept. 21, 1979, and the new sport caught on quickly, not just in Sala but throughout Sweden.

3. Victorian Floorball Association
Victoria, Australia. News, clubs, where to play, discussion forum and links.

4. Australian Floorball Association
Contains contacts, a newsletter, championship teams, a listing of places to play, and rules.
Australian Floorball Association
Main Menu
Floorball Videos
Australian Floorball Association Wednesday, 27 October 2010 08:44
The Pedersen Collection
The AFA would like to sincerely thank The Pedersen Collection for their generous support in sponsoring equipment for our goal keepers for the upcoming Mens World Championships to be held in Finland in December. As a currently unfunded sport, we rely heavily on our sponsors and are very grateful for their assistance. A message from The Pedersen Collection: "Sponsoring Australian goal keepers is very important to us and we want to be a part of developing the sport in Australia by providing the goal keepers with the best equipment available."
Three former Finnish premier league goal keepers started to design their own brand in 2004, because they couldn’t find goalie gear that was good enough in terms of usability, armour and quality, for example. Followed by two years of designing and heavy testing the Pedersen Collection brand was found in 2006 in Finland. We believe Pedersen Collection equipment is by far the best available in the market and we put a huge effort into making our brand world famous. Not to say special equipment, like goalie gear, cannot be made overseas, but we trust Finnish quality and therefore all of our equipment is made in Finland. We believe quality and innovation are what our customers want too.

5. Floorball - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
floorball, a type of floor hockey, is an indoor team sport which was developed in the 1970s. floorball is most popular in areas where the sport has developed the longest, such
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article needs references that appear in reliable third-party publications Primary sources or sources affiliated with the subject are generally not sufficient for a Wikipedia article. Please add more appropriate citations from reliable sources (April 2009) Floorball
A floorball match between Sweden (yellow) and Finland (white). Highest governing body International Floorball Federation Nickname(s) Innebandy, Salibandy, Unihockey Characteristics Contact Minimal Team members 6 at a time Categorization Indoor Floorball , a type of floor hockey , is an indoor team sport which was developed in the 1970s. Floorball is most popular in areas where the sport has developed the longest, such as the Czech Republic Finland Sweden Norway and Switzerland citation needed The game is played indoors on a gym floor, making it a year-round sport at the amateur and professional levels. There are professional leagues, such as Finland 's Salibandyliiga and Sweden 's Svenska Superligan While there are 49 members of the International Floorball Federation (IFF), the

6. Floorball California - Basic Rules
floorball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today! It is simple, fun, fast and very intense. It is especially rewarding for players with technical skills.
about floorball basic rules our products links of interest ...
Here are some basic rules to get you started.
When playing floorball you are not allowed to:
  • Check, Block, Trip, Hit or Hold your opponent Hit, Kick, Block, Lift or push down opponent's stick Hit the ball with your stick or foot above knee level Lift stick above waist level Kick ball twice Jump to reach ball Play, if any part of your body except feet touches ground Touch ball with hand Pass your stick between players legs Question or comment on referee's decision
You can view the complete floorball rules here or visit the International Floorball Federation website at

Will be in the middle of August. More info to follow. We have all the latest gear from Salming and our own brand FBC.
If you don't see the item you're looking for, don't hesitate to email us an inquiry.
Floorball California 8018 E. Santa Ana Cyn. Rd. #100/206 Anaheim Hills CA 92808 Tel: 714-493-9980 email:
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7. World Floorball Linkpage
Links sorted by nations.
Welcome at World Floorball Linkpage Home Send Link Statistics Advertise ... Search Countries World Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Bolivia Brazil Canada Czechia Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Great Britain Hungary India Ireland Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania Malaysia Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland USA Last five Links added Search:
Ruinaulta Devils Valendas
(Club) UHC Hoefen (Club) UHC Gladiators Muensingen (Club) Milton Keynes Phantoms Floorball Club (Club) Floorball club Galaks (Club) Where is your Link?


8. Official USA Floorball Association Website
Information about floorball in the United States, local clubs, national teams, and rules of the sport.
USA Floorball Association Start
USFbA start

What's floorball

Floorball in the US

Contact information

L.A. Floorball
U.S. National Champions 2010!
Next U.S. Championships Will be in Texas!

The Next U.S. Championships will be hosted by Jukka Kotti in Texas. It will be held in August in conjunction with the Texas Shoot Out tournament. Precise dates and locations will be posted as soon as set. No Limits for Floorball U! With a new design, new name and a lot of energy Floorball U is a North American Floorball blogg worth following! Chighisola Starting up In Massachusetts! Dennis Chighisola, well renowned hockeycoach has decided to get floorball started on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Teacher Recommends Floorball! A physical educator has found floorball Boards in Texas! Get Ready for a Shootout! Floorball's growing in Texas! "It is a sport that America's kids need!" Students in Austin are learning about floorball What is the Zorro move? Find out now! Email us your North American Floorball News now! In the future you will be able to click here and find news and notes from the different regions.

9. Index
BLAST JAWS The Jaws Stick series is a whole new innovation in the floorball industry. We have revolutionized the traditional floorball blade to cater to players who dare to
Call Toll Free +1.800.732.4318 Blog Summary Widget NEWS BLAST JAWS 
The Jaws Stick series is a whole new innovation in the Floorball industry.
The special Jaws Fin at the heel of the blade secures ball in good position for all shots. Combined with the teeth like grooves at the middle of the blade and the malleable ball pocket at the tip, better power distribution, ball control and shooting velocity are guaranteed.
This extraordinary blade fitted together with our lightweight shafts, looks good feels great and is intended to shock the Floorball world
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10. World Floorball Linkpage
Contains links to associations and clubs, tournaments, and online shops.

11. NSW Floorball
Information about leagues, teams, reasons to play, pictures and tips for beginners.
Build your own FREE website at Share: Facebook Twitter Digg reddit document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard']); document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard2']); Logo competition Gallery NSW Floorball Mission Statement NSW teams ... Media Releases NSW Floorball NSW BEST IN COUNTRY 10th Oct 2002 German Robert Blanke gave NSW the winning goal to back up team-mate Scott O'Brien's 4 goal spree against the Vics at Canberra on the weekend to claim the AFA title. In a see-sawing match, NSW shot to a 2-0 lead early... more NSW 5 defeated Vic 4 (2-2, 3-4, 5-4) GLEBE FLOORBALL EMERGE VICTORS 27th Oct 2002 In a quality round of matches Glebe Floorball Club held out two tough nail biting matches to take maximum points against Newcastle Crabs and Northern Beaches at Newcastle Basketball Stadium yesterday evening.... more Write your thoughts on floorball and this site in the Guestbook RESULTS AT THE END OF 4th ROUND (of 12) NSW FLOORBALL LEAGUE NOW POSTED Schools competition results, points league and efficiency league coming NSW Floorball is set up to help its member clubs develop the sport and encourage representative competition.

12. International Floorball Federation - IFF
The federation was founded in 1986 and is the governing body of floorball worldwide. Information about the sport, rules and regulations, and events including world tournaments.

13. Ontario Floorball/Unihockey Federation (OFUF) - FLOORBALLONTARIO.COM
What is floorball? floorball is a fastpaced, exciting, safe and low-cost type of indoor hockey. It resembles floor hockey or ball hockey but is played with light-weight plastic

14. Floorball California - Home
floorball is an awesome sport for all ages and skill levels. floorball WILL grow and excel in schools, sport clubs, recreation centers, at home etc. Start club leagues, corporate
about floorball basic rules our products links of interest ...
Hi and thanks for visiting FloorBall California.
If you are new to this sport you will never regret getting started - It's such a fun and great game. If you are a current player you already know this, either way I hope this site will be useful to you. FloorBall California has everything you need to play floor ball. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we have what you need to play your best game! Our site offers all skill and price levels of Floorball Sticks, Goals, Rinks, Start - Up Kits, Blades, Goalie Equipment, Protective Equipment, Floorball Apparel and more. Floorball is an awesome sport for all ages and skill levels. Floorball WILL grow and excel in schools, sport clubs, recreation centers, at home etc. Start club leagues, corporate leagues, kid leagues or have some great family fun around the house. Exhibition games and demos are currently available in Southern California. Join So.Cal.United Floorball Club (Anaheim, CA) - The Home Team of Floorball California . We practice Thursday evenings in Anaheim (not far from Disneyland) between 8-10PM. Click HERE to conveniently pay for the practice games.

15. Belgian Floorball Federation: News
About floorball in Belgium, national floorball league tables, club links and national team.
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Created by the Ontario floorball/Unihockey Federation, with information on floorball in Canada, how to get started, official rules, local teams, tournaments and equipment.

17. Cambridge Floorball Club
Contact; Guestbook; About floorball. The Rink; Game Time; Participants; Equipment; Fixed Situations; Penalties; Goals; Event Calender. Training schedule; Tournaments
Welcome to Cambridge Floorball Club's home page - We have been playing since May 2001. We mainly play for fun, with the occational friendly game or competition for those who are more competative.
How do I join Cambridge Floorball Club? - We currently train every Tuesday at Chesterton Sport Centre , 20.00-22.00. To view the full 2010 training calendar click here! . Anybody interested is welcome to join, or just come along to try it. We play mixed teams so both male and female players are welcome. Don't hesitate to send us an e-mail , or just pop down to a training session.
What equipment do I need? - Not much, sticks are available to borrow for those who don't have one. Just bring yourself, indoor shoes, a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.
Not sure what floorball is? - The name Floorball is actually a bit daft (floorball could mean anything where a ball is used on a floor). Other names for it is Innebandy (in Swedish), Salibandy (in Finnish), Unihockey (in German/Swiss). The game Uni-Hoc, which is played in many English schools, is very similar to floorball. Floorball is a relatively new sport in the UK with only about 20 recreational clubs active at the time of writing. All the clubs are open both for men and women, mixed teams. For more information on Floorball in UK have a look at

18. FloorballPro Inc.
floorball equipment including sticks, blades, accessories, goaltender equipment, floorball rinks and goals. Based in Toronto, Canada. Sell to Canada and USA.






THE PRODUCTS Sticks Blades Grips Gear Bags ... 2010 Salming Sticks The brands Salming Blast Exel Why Buy from Us ... BOOK A WORKSHOP Our Crew Your First Stick FBP Sales Team Sponsored Players Event Calendar ... Contact us
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19. Floorball Coaching & Equipment
13 Shining Stars, a niche floorball coaching company, was set up in 2006. Helming the company is Ms Jill Quek, Singapore’s top lady floorball player.
13 Shining Stars Floorball Academy
  • Home Services
    • Coaches
      • Alvin Tay ... Comments
        • Welcome to 13 Shining Stars Floorball Academy
          13 Shining Stars, a floorball coaching company, was set up in 2006. Helming the company is Ms Jill Quek, Singapore’s top lady floorball player. Our team of Senior Coaches has also represented Singapore to play floorball over the years. Their playing experience on an international level gives them an advantage when they coach local teams. Since its inception, 13 Shining Stars has established a name amongst schools looking for dedicated and experienced floorball coaches. School teams coached by 13 Shining Stars have consistently won medals at the various school tournaments. This is testimony to the calibre of coaches 13 Shining Stars employs. Apart from coaching schools at a competitive level, 13 Shining Stars also promotes the sport at a recreational level through workshops, clinics, and tournaments for schools and companies. These sessions can be tailored to suit PE classes, orientation programmes as well as post exams activities and camps. Companies can also introduce floorball as part of their healthy-living activities.
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20. Balwearie FBC
Fife club offering floorball for people from age 12 and up. About the two teams Bees and Thunder, players, training sessions and league standings.
Balwearie Floorball Club
  • Home News Teams ... Downloads
    • Amsterdamned 2010 Floorball Marathon Innsbruck Hotshots Ayr Open 2010 ...
      Floorball is an indoor team sport played using composite sticks with a plastic vented blade where the aim is to put a light plastic ball into the opponent's goal. Floorball is most popular in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland, and is also played in several other countries, such as Norway and the Czech Republic. It is gaining popularity in many other places as well, including some countries outside Europe, such as Canada, Singapore, Japan, Australia and the United States. Floorball is played in a court by six players per side. The objective of the game is to score goals by playing a plastic ball into the opponent's goal net, which is placed at the opposite end of the rink. The players may control and redirect the ball using a stick with a blade that is often curved at one end. Players must not use their hands, arms or head to play the ball on purpose. One may use other body parts. It is also allowed to play (especially stop) the ball once by foot, but not to score goals or pass to teammates. A floorball team consist of 5 field players and one goalkeeper, whose primary job is to stop the ball from entering the net, and who is permitted unique gear towards that end. The goalkeeper is not permitted a stick. The playing field is 40 x 20 metres and enclosed by a board with rounded corners (50 cm tall). The goal cages are 1.60 x 1.15 m and 65 cm deep. The sticks are made of plastic or carbon and a bit over 1 metre long. The shaft is no longer than 99 cm and a blade of a different kind of plastic is attached to its end. The ball is made of plastic, is 72 mm in diameter, has a maximum weight of 23 grams, and has 26 holes in it.

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