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         Foxhunting:     more books (101)
  1. Outfoxed: A Novel (Foxhunting Mysteries) by Rita Mae Brown, 2005-07-26
  2. Full Cry: A Novel (Foxhunting Mysteries) by Rita Mae Brown, 2004-10-26
  3. Foxhunting How to Watch and Listen (Derrydale Press Foxhunter's Library (Hardcover)) by Hugh J. Robards, 2006-08-25
  4. Observations On Fox-Hunting And The Management Of Hounds In The Kennel And The Field. Addressed To A Young Sportman, About To Undertake A Hunting Establishment by Donald Cook, 2010-01-11
  5. The Hunt Ball: A Novel (Foxhunting Mysteries) by Rita Mae Brown, 2006-09-26
  6. Memoirs OfA Fox-Hunting Man by Siegfried Sassoon, 2008-11-04
  7. The Unwritten Laws of Foxhunting - With Notes on The Use of Horn And Whistle And A List of Five Thousand Names of Hounds (History of Hunting) by M.F.H., C.F.P. McNeill, 2005-01-04
  8. Foxhunting (Horse & Hound) by Kate Green, 2010-12-01
  9. Chaseworld: Foxhunting and Storytelling in New Jersey's Pine Barrens (Publications of the American Folklore Society) by Mary T. Hufford, 1992-05-01
  10. Treasury of Foxhunting (Derrydale Press Foxhunter's Library) by Norman Fine, 2003-11-25
  11. Ronnie Wallace: A Manual of Foxhunting by Michael Clayton, 2003-10-21
  12. Hotspur (Foxhunting Mysteries) by Rita Mae Brown, 2003-11-04
  13. Hounded to Death (Unabridged Cassette) (Sister Jane Foxhunting Series, 7th) by Rita Mae Brown, 2008
  14. The memoirs of George Sherston: Memoirs of a fox-hunting man, Memoirs of an infantry officer, Sherston's progress by Siegfried Sassoon, 1937

1. Foxhunting
Information on mounted foxhunting (aka riding to hounds), from Matt Simpson's personal perspective.
Fox Hunting
No, foxhunting isn't just an obsolete British tradition, although the sport did originate in Great Britain. But when the colonists came over here to escape the tyrannies of Bad King George, foxhunting was one of the old country traditions they just couldn't do without. It's been going strong on this side of the pond since 1650, when Colonel Robert Brooke brought hounds to Maryland from England. In fact, George Washington (father of our country, the guy on the dollar bill) was an avid foxhunter after he outgrew cutting down cherry trees. It's sort of ironic to think of him wearing a scarlet coat while his soldiers referred to the enemy soldiers as "Redcoats." Speaking of those scarlet coats, did you ever wonder why some people call them pink (or Pinque)? Jim Reeds did, and did some exhaustive research on the subject. And, as long as we're on the historical subject, check out these essays on foxhunting, written by Anthony Trollope and presented on the web by Dean Rudy. And three centuries later, while more trivial pastimes like hula hoops have come and gone, foxhunting is still going strong on both sides of the Atlantic. According to the foxhunting exhibit at the International Museum of the Horse , there are over 150 active hunts in North America, and other estimates put that number over 200. And of course, the British have an even more active

2. Foxhunting In Virginia
Personal photographs of foxhunting in Virginia, USA, along with cartoons, an extensive glossary of foxhunting terms, a detailed description of proper attire, and vast collection
HOME PROPER ATTIRE GLOSSARY CARTOONS ... LINKS Foxhunting in Ol' Virginny Home Page What's New?
Removed all of the stuff that needed updating and maintenance. I don't hunt anymore, but this site may be useful to some folks, so I'll leave the permanent stuff up as a service to humanity.
PROPER ATTIRE CARTOONS Like all complex, anachronistic, and worthwhile activities, foxhunting has a lexicon all its own.
The definitions are organized into three main pages which are accessed via the main Glossary page. Some terms are illustrated with click-to-see photos. What to wear, what to wear... and when... and why. Maybe your hunt doesn't do it quite this way, but this page should give you a general idea of what "proper" means for foxhunting attire and appointments.
Perhaps I'll also get around to illustrating some of this stuff sometime. Enjoy a few dozen of the scores of foxhunting cartoons that could be found in "Punch" magazine since the mid 19thC. Some things just don't seem to change. LINKS PHOTOGRAPHS COMMANDMENTS Here's a partial list of websites for hunt clubs, foxhunting-related organizations, and sources of information.

3. Prints Old & Rare - Fox Hunting
Old English prints. California, US.
Fox Hunting This is a small selection of our Fox Hunting material.
Additional inventory is available. Contact us with your request.
home order
1875 Fox Hunting in the Campagna: Last Meet of the Roman Hunt. This hand colored engraving is from the April 1875 edition of the Illustrated London News. size: 16x11 in. $40
1860: Emperor of France Fox Hunting. Engraved scene from Harper's Weekly, titled "The Emperor and Empress of France Hunting at Compiegne." The emperor and his entourage are shown on horseback, following their hounds through the forest. 11x16 in. $50 Black and white is $40
1892 Zogbaum: Farmer Stops Fox Hunter. Hand-colored engraving from Harper's Weekly, titled "At Bay." Shows a fox hunter on horseback, engaged in a confrontation with an angry farmer who does not want hunters crossing his fields. 11x16 in. $50
Beautiful hand colored engraving from Harper's Weekly dated October 19, 1889. Picture titled, The Richmond County Hunt and Ball. Center picture of people dancing at the ball, large pictures in background of the men hunting. Drawn by T. De Thulstrup. Center fold has been archivally reinforced. 22x16 in.
1882 Picture of an equestrian and his horse running into a bush. Beautifully hand colored wood engraving titled,"Crashing, Through, No choice for the huntsman," drawn by Sturgess from The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News. Shows scene of an equestrian and his horse running into a bush. This image has a mended tear in the upper right hand corner. 12 x 16in. $80

4. KarlsT171WebPage
F ox Hunting Updated 25/04/02. The Fox Hunting debate has been going on for years, today feelings are running high by both supporters on the pro hunt / anti hunt
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F ox Hunting Updated 25/04/02
Please note you may find some photographs disturbing. Enter Here Visitors from October 2000
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5. Horsey Connections
Unmoderated mailing list about foxhunting, horses and hounds.
Electronic Equestrian Connections
What do horses and computers have in common? Many people would probably say "Not much!" But many people seem to be addicted to both. When I first learned about the Internet in 1988, way back when it was primarily used for email and file transfer between academic and research institutions, there were already thousands of horse lovers online, using the net to find and converse with others who shared their interests; and the Electronic Equestrian community has grown tremendously since then. This is a list of a few of my favorites of the many equestrian hangouts in the virtual world.
Equine-L is an email discussion list hosted at Penn State University. If you're unfamiliar with mailing lists like this, it's a way to exchange e-mail with a large group of people sharing some common interest (in this case, horses). E-mail sent to a single address (the list address) is forwarded by the list server computer to all the list subscribers. To subscribe: send an e-mail message to the server at

6. Foxhunting In Aiken, SC
Type Traditional Drag Season midOctober-mid March Hunt Days Tuesday/Saturday Joint Masters Linda Knox-McClean,
Foxhunting Aiken Hounds Type: Traditional Drag
Season: mid-October-mid March
Hunt Days: Tuesday/Saturday
Joint Masters: Linda Knox-McClean,
Eleanor C. Ward, Nancy C. Francis
Contact: (803) 643-DRAG (3724) Aiken Hounds Website
2009 - 2010 Calendar
Why Worry Hounds Type: Live Hunt
Season: early September-late March
Hunt Days: Wed/Fri/Sun
Joint Masters: George Thomas, Jeanie Thomas, Lynn Dillard, Michael Krysztofiak
The Why Worry Hounds were founded in 1996 as a small "farmer's pack,"regiistered with the MFHA in 2000, and formally recognized as a hunt in 2003. Why Worry hunt country consists of the beautiful sandhills in Aiken, Edgefield and Allendale counties in South Carolina; as well as some lovely property in Burke county Georgia. Why Worry Hounds Website Whiskey Road Foxhounds President's Day Hunter Pace! February 15, 2010 Held at Chime Bell Chase - In Aiken Hunt Country, only a few miles from downtown, 10 miles of rolling countryside, friendly, interesting jumps including a water complex with all go-rounds. First Go Round at 9:00 AM Contact: Robin (803) 652-2709 for more information email:

7. Publishers Of Horse And Hunting Related Books.
Author of novels about foxhunting. Ordering information from Anvil Press. Quebec, Canada.
Welcome to the home of the Anvil Press on the world wide web. On this site you can read a chapter from each of the publications, order books on-line and find out various details concerning the Anvil Press. Read the references for Michael Sinclair-Smiths' books! CLICK ONE OF THESE COVERS to read a chapter from one of Anvil Press's releases. What the magazines said about the first book,
HORSE AND HOUND. England It makes hilarious reading from the almost inevitable late arrival at the meet, to the equally inevitable booze up afterwards. There can be no doubts whatever that anyone, either from America or Britain who has been fortunate enough to have had an 'Irish Week' will enjoy this book immensely, Spending a lot of time laughing out loud." THE CORINTHAN
Toronto, Canada. Being an avid foxhunter myself for 27 years this book was certainly a delight. A must for all libraries. SPUR. Virginia. USA Michael Sinclair-Smith has created a foxhunters dream come true bedtime story.
HOUND. England

8. Fox Hunting In Virginia & VA Fox Hunt Clubs
Fox Hunting in Virginia is your resource for VA Fox Hunt Clubs, VA foxhunting information, and more!
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Welcome to Foxhunting in Virginia Foxhunting is a long-standing Virginia tradition, ever since colonial times. George Washington kept a pack of foxhounds! To this day, our beautiful and gracious state is known as a mecca for fox hunters. We hope to impart to you some of the excitement and pure joy of mounted foxhunting in Virginia with news, articles, a calendar of events, a FAQs, hunt reports, and much more. Cindy Morton, MFH Rockbridge Hunt

9. Specializes In English & Fox Hunting Apparel, Appointments, E offers choices in English riding and foxhunting apparel, hunt appointments, hunt top boots, breeches, tack, bridles English saddles.
DisplayMiniCart("ss_cart_0001205421","Subtotal"); document.write(''); The Equestrian Connection's Breeches for Ladies and Children Breeches for Men and Boys Cubbing and Hunting Coats for Men Cubbing and Hunting Coats for Ladies ... Gift Certificates document.write('');
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Fly Protection Products
2512 N. Deane Solomon Rd.
Fayetteville, AR 72701
We are updating our list of hunts. To list your hunt we require a reciprocal link. Please place our logo and link on your site and send us your logo and link. Email information to
Fox Hunts
The Masters of Foxhounds Association
Annapolis Valley Hunt Nova Scotia, Canada Beechgrove Hunt Club Tennessee Harvard Fox Hounds Northeastern Oklahoma Store hours 10am to 6pm, Tuesday-Friday, 10am to 4pm Saturday Central time. Feel free to call us with any questions 479-521-3255, toll free at 877-521-3255, or e-mail us at

10. Foxhunting Calendar Fox Hunting Calendars Field Sport Calendar
Ordering information for the Foxhound Club North America Calendar and foxhunting books by Fine, Higginson, and Mackay-Smith.
Millwood House, Ltd.
P.O. Box 38
Millwood, Virginia 22646-9800
Sporting Publications
Foxhunting Books
Foxhunting Calendars
are available on our Foxhunting Life website:
...a content-rich website for foxhunters and fox hunting enthusiasts offering News, Features, Hunt Reports, Photo Galleries, Norm Fine’s Blog, Travel Directories, Forums, Classifieds, Bookstore, Panel of Experts, Guides to correct Foxhunting Attire and Hunting Etiquette, Hunt Breakfast Recipes, and more.
Millwood House, Ltd.
Phone 540-837-1436 FAX 540-837-3063
email: nmfine@

11. Fox Hunting
Hounded to Death It's not only foxes who are hurt and killed in bloodsports. Horses and dogs also die in the name of a pastime which remains legal in Britain.
Hounded to Death
It's not only foxes who are hurt and killed in bloodsports. Horses and dogs also die in the name of a pastime which remains legal in Britain.
We'd have seen Ms. Fox hiding in the nearest hedge when she heard the hooves, and the hunters cheering the hounds on to catch her. The fox darted away, and now she's getting more out of breath every minute. Now the push is on for the horses to clear high hurdles at breakneck speed to reach the fox. "We know of many of these horses who fell and got injured, "said Ben Stewart, research officer for the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS). " The horses were then destroyed." The fast ride thrills foxhunters: "You could probably get 50 reasons from people for why they hunt, " said Patrick Martin of Bicester Kennels, who’s led foxhunts for at least seven years. "The wind in their hair. The thrill of the chase. The enjoyment of hearing the hounds. The freedom. And the countryside." One hound is shrieking in pain because he jumped onto a barbed-wire fence and can't get off. "Just about every day a hunt goes out, one of its dogs will cut his pads or tail badly on barbed wire," said Paul Gammon, press officer for the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HAS), which has witnessed and tried to save foxes' lives at tens of thousands of hunts since 1962. "When hounds chase foxes, they ignore everything else." Sometimes hounds get bloodied from brambles or broken glass. About once a season, one hound in each hunt pack will fall to his death chasing a fox to the edge of a 100-foot quarry, Gammon reported. "Hundreds of hounds have run into trains an cars and been killed," added Stewart. One train crushed eleven hounds at once.

12. The Book
Ben Hardaway. The foxhunting experiences of this American MFH, including his perspectives on the breeding, training, and hunting of a pack of hounds. Ordering information.
Front Cover Back Cover Ordering Information Book Stores Return to Home Page

13. Fox Hunting
Fox Hunting don't do rock, nor pop, techno or electronica. They do synthesized music to your iPods, car stereos, B Ospeakers and, of course, for the stage.
To get in touch with the band, please see the contact page . Welcome! Flee And Fall
Regular People

Live With It

What If
Now playing:

14. The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group Trade Division: About Derrydale Press
Publishers of books on foxhunting, hunting fiction and sporting art. Maryland, US.
Bridge Works
Ivan R. Dee, Publisher

M. Evans

Taylor Trade Publishing
Roberts Rinehart

The Derrydale Press was the preeminent publisher of outdoor books in North America in the first half of the 20th century. Established in 1927 in New York City by Eugene V. Connett, III, Derrydale’s original 169 titles are the most collectible sporting books in today’s rare book market. Original Derrydales, now selling for hundreds and thousands of dollars each, are so highly sought after because Connett was a genius at designing and manufacturing spectacularly beautiful books printed on imported rag paper and bound in the finest cloth and leather. We are in the process of reviving Derrydale in order to return it to its glory days. High-quality books in fields such as hunting, fishing, horse sports, hiking, sporting art, and the outdoors in general are being sold in limited editions and in more accessible cloth and paper editions to experts and enthusiasts new to these fields alike. The Derrydale Press Foxhunters’ Library alone has already published twelve new books. Derrydale is also in the process of reviving its fine printmaking business with a limited edition hand colored stone lithograph of a brook trout by Connecticut artist James Prosek. Prosek has been described as “the James Audubon of Trout” by

15. Fox Hunting Society
29Everythig you ever wanted to know about foxhunting We are the largest hunting and archery information sites on the Internet.
We are the largest hunting and archery information sites on the Internet. Also, says we are the second most popular sites for visitors. Finally, we get more hits than any other hunting site because there is so much more to see Advertisements Updated Fishing Site
2,550 pages and 18,000 links to fish, fishing guides and where and how to fish Huge Boating and Sailing Site
1,000s of pages and wonderful pictures of Sail and Power Boats plus 100 new pages on Sailing and Naval History from Salamis to WW II Learn about our new, easily affordable Banner Ad only $15 a month for six months to lure your share of our 5,500,000 customers to your site. Fox Hunting Society
Thank you for visiting The Fox Hunting Society. We try to provide the most complete information we can get about Fox Hunting. We update our sources constantly. Our Motto
"Those who would sacrifice freedom for security shall not have, nor do they deserve either one."
Thomas Jefferson Information and Articles
Bookmark this valuable site
  • Calendar of Events
    A calendar of events sponsored by hunts or of interest to foxhunters (hunter paces, point-to-points, etc.)

16. Foxhunting With The Six Fell Packs - DVD And VHS Video
A video showing foxhunting with The Eskdale and Ennerdale, The Lunesdale, The Ullswater, the Melbreak, the Coniston and the Blencathra in the Lake District and the Cumbrian Fells. Online preview using RealPlayer.
Working Horses in Horticulture Sika Deer in Dorset Red Deer of Exmoor Beginners Guide to Heavy Horses ... The Countryman
SALE National Shire Horses A Tribute to Pritch Bland Hunting in Ireland (Vol 1) Hunting in Ireland (Vol 2) ... Working Retrievers
SALE The Last Furrow Staghunting Hunting in Wiltshire Hunting in Dorset ... Ferrets for beginners
SALE Brewery horses Jack Russell club King's Troop RHA Rabbit control ... Check out
Foxhunting with the Six Fell Packs
One of England's most famous fox hunting areas is the Lake District and the Cumbrian Fells. It is here that the Six Fell Packs have their own very famous history and traditions. This video discovers the many fascinating and unusual aspects that stands them apart from other areas. Enjoy some amazing hunting sequences for each pack and discover why hundreds of field sports supporters visit the fells each year to enjoy this unique type of hunting. The six fell packs are: The Eskdale and Ennerdale, The Lunesdale, The Ullswater, the Melbreak, the Coniston and the Blencathra.

17. Fox Hunting
This web site focuses on CRM and building the supporting customer information competency
MVH Today

MVH History

Fox Hunting

Hunt Season


Joint Meets

Hunt Ball
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Fox Hunting Miami Valley Hunt Introductory Guide For Foxhunters Part I - Organization in the Field A. THE MASTER, or MFH, is in overall command of the hunt and his word is final in the field and in the kennels. He decides when and where hounds will meet, what coverts are to be drawn, and when hounds will go home. He is responsible for hounds showing the best possible sport under existing conditions; and he is responsible for the hounds, the staff, and the Field neither damaging nor annoying the landowners who make the sport possible. He is the boss, and during his term of office there is no higher appeal. In many hunts the duties of the Master are divided between two Joint Masters. B. THE HUNTSMAN controls the hounds, indicating to them by signals where he wishes them to draw for a fox, and he is responsible for a fox being well hunted when found. He attempts to be sure that hounds work together as a pack by encouraging the tail hounds and steadying the lead hounds, and in case of a check he must be prepared to assist hounds to recover the line by use of a cast if necessary. His technical decisions must be quickly made, and staff and Field must abide by them or utter chaos will ensue.

18. Fox Hunting - (
The biggest independent support hunting site in the UK. Incorporating issues related to Game Shooting, Fox Hunting and Angling. - The biggest independent support hunting site in the UK. Site last updated: Wednesday 6th May 2009 Front Page News Centre Background Information Information on Hunting ... Contact Us Welcome to Support Fox Hunting, now incorporating Support Game Shooting.
The latest news on the hunting debate, shooting regulation and country sports in general.
Latest hunting news
In-depth sections The View from the Press News archive General information on the hunting debate - including documents and political views
Hunting-related documents
The Scottish ban League Against Cruel Sports: The truth Information on hunting including facts, figures and a special Kids section
About the hunt
Anti-hunters rubbish What the experts say Web links Information on the Hunting Bill going through Parliament.
Hunting Bill 2003-2004 Homepage
Attempts to ban hunting: timeline The Burns Inquiry Our guide to the Hunting Bill - The biggest independent support hunting site in the UK. Incorporating issues related to Game Shooting, Fox Hunting and Angling.

19. Foxhunting - Definition And More From The Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Definition of word from the MerriamWebster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games.

20. The Fox Website | FAQs | Foxhunting
Common queries about foxhunting Overview; Fox ecology and behaviour; Foxes in urban areas; Problems in urban areas
skip navigation The red fox / You are here: The fox website FAQs FAQ s More questions?
Frequently Asked Questions
Top How long have people been hunting foxes in Britain?
For thousands of years foxes have been hunted for their fur and also, surprisingly, for food. In the middle ages, foxes were dug out or bolted from their dens, or driven out of woods, and then either coursed with long-legged dogs or caught in nets. The aim was not sport but to reduce fox numbers. Originally hare and deer were the favoured quarry of sport hunters, but from about 1660 (after the restoration of Charles II) specialised packs of hounds were bred to hunt foxes. However, this was a very slow sport: the hounds met at dawn and slowly followed the scent trail of the fox back to where it lay up. The hunting day was relatively short, and finished once the hounds could no longer follow the foxes' overnight scent trails.
Top How, where and when did foxhunting begin?

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