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  1. Sport de Ballon: Moto-Ball, Calcio Florentin, Ballon de Rugby Ă  Xv, Korfball, Jorkyball, Ballon Au Poing, Goal-Ball, Fistball, Torball (French Edition)
  2. U.S. National Women's Goalball Team.: An article from: Palaestra
  3. U.S. Women's Goalball Team becomes first disabled OTC resident program.(Bits & Pieces): An article from: Palaestra
  4. Goalball at the Paralympics: Goalball at the 2008 Summer Paralympics, Goalball at the Summer Paralympics
  5. Men's Goalball Team overcomes the odds.(USABA)(U.S. Association of Blind Athletes, United States team)(Brief Article): An article from: Palaestra
  6. Moving in and moving up, or goalball blazes a trail in training center history.(blind athletes training for 2004 paralympic games): An article from: Palaestra
  7. Michigan and South Carolina teams win gold at Youth Goalball Nationals. (USABA).(U.S. Association of Blind Athletes National Youth Goalball Championships): An article from: Palaestra
  8. Goalball Bei Den Sommer-Paralympics: Sommer-Paralympics 2008|goalball, Sommer-Paralympics 2004|goalball, Sommer-Paralympics 2000|goalball (German Edition)

Includes history, rules, how to play, results, organizations, links, and news.
Created by... Darren Hamilton By overwhelming requests I am in the process of updating D's Goalball Links.
Please send any info, comments, or ideas you would like to see added to: D's Goalball Links
    History - Development of the Sport Goalball!
How to Play Goalball - A Brief Overview...
IBSA Rule Book - Official Rules 2010-2013
Goalball Video - Tournament Game Videos.
Audio Goalball Commentary - Audio Network
Tournament Results
Other Goalball Site - Check'em Out
Scheduled Goalball Tournaments
Sport Organizations - That promote the Sport of Goalball.
Latest Goalball News!
Paralympic Links - Various Sites
MONTREAL OPEN GOALBALL TOURNAMENT - Montreal Quebec Canada, January 22-24, 2010. Final: Women: Ontario North-East VS Ontario South-West ... 7-6 - EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS
The European Championships in Munich August 21-30, 2009 produced some incredible action, with the ladies of Great Britain winning their first ever championship, defeating reigning champions Finland in the semi-finals, and Denmark in the final. Goalball Equipment - Where to buy Equptment
Referee Zone - Info for Ref's
Long Ball Lounge - Under Construction
Canadian Junior Goalball Canadian Junior Goalball Links.

2. Welcome To The 'USA Goalball Web Site' - Goalball, Paralympic Sport, Blind And V
The 'USA goalball Web Site' is your site for all things goalball, across the USA! goalball is a Paralympic sport played by athletes who are blind or visually impaired. Learn


Latest News

What Is Goalball?

Who Can Play?
Site Map

"Lack of Sight
Does Not Equal
Lack of Talent,
Dreams, or Desire."

The Home for All Things Goalball Across the USA! The Darryl Green Memorial Fund You can help the family of Darryl Green by giving to the Darryl Green Memorial Fund. Darryl, a goalball athlete from Philadelphia, was killed in a hit-and-run on June 3, while attending the USABA Goalball National Championships in St. Augustine, Florida. Please help the family deal with this tragic loss by donating to the Darryl Green Memorial Fund today. Read the full story on our Latest News page now. Why Are We Here? This site is here to grow and promote the Paralympic sport of Goalballacross the United States of America. Come on in! You can join the USA Goalball Discussion List to ask questions and meet other players, coaches, and goalball enthusiasts. Read our What IS Goalball page to learn about this highly competitive Paralympic sport played by men and women, boys and girls, who are blind or visually impaired. This great sport might already have teams playing in your community right now. Check out the How To sections on playing or starting a team. Solid information awaits all who want to learn more. Even if there is not yet a team playing goalball in your area, you can start playing as an individual, or start a team in your area. The information and resources you'll need are here for you on and through this Web site.

3. Goal Ball Fanclub
Information about the rules, history and background for this sport, a guide on how to start playing, and discussion forum.
Introduction Who can play? Rules FAQ ... Contact us Introduction
Goal ball is a highly competitive sport played three-against-three, indoors on a gym floorprimarily by blind and visually impaired athletes.
Games are usually quite competitive and exciting to watch. Two teams play on either end of the 60x40 foot court. Players are blindfolded to make the game fair. The object is to throw a three-pound Goal ball, which is sort of like a heavy basketball, past the opposing team.
Now you may be asking yourself, "how do the players keep track of the ball if they're blind?" The ball has bells in it... sounding a lot like Christmas "jingle bells..." that allow the players to listen for it. When they hear the ball coming towards their end of the court, they dive, usually head-first, towards it hoping to block it with their body and stop it. If all three players miss the ball and it goes past the back line, it is considered a goal. The team with the most goals wins the game. History
Goal ball was invented in 1946 by Austrian, Hanz Lorenzen, and German Sepp Reindle, in an effort to help in the rehabilitation of blinded war veterans.

4. IBSA - International Blind Sports Federation - Technical Department Section /
Team sports for the visually impaired played by 2 teams of 3 players each. Technical subcommittee. Rules of goalball. Part of IBSA (International Blind Sports Federation) site
About I.B.S.A. News Technical Dept. Competitions ... Addresses and Contacts Technical Department Section / Goalball
General Information
Goalball was invented in 1946 by Austrian, Hanz Lorenzen, and German Sepp Reindle, in an effort to help in the rehabilitation of blinded war veterans.
The game was introduced to the world in 1976 at the Paralympics in Toronto, Canada and has been played at every Paralympic since. As well every four years a World Competitions has been held with the first being in Austria in 1978. Since that time the popularity of goalball has increased to where it is played competitively in all IBSA regions.
Goalball forum
Goalball Sections
General Information News Competitions Subcommittee Rules ... Top Athletes

5. Goalball - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
goalball is a team sport designed for blind athletes. It was devised by Hanz Lorenzen (Austria), and Sepp Reindle (Germany), in 1946 in an effort to help in the rehabilitation
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with Torball Discuss The Swedish goalball team at Athens Paralympic games Goalball is a team sport designed for blind athletes. It was devised by Hanz Lorenzen (Austria), and Sepp Reindle (Germany), in 1946 in an effort to help in the rehabilitation of visually impaired World War II veterans . The International Blind Sports Federation ( IBSA ), responsible for fifteen sports for the blind and partially sighted in total, is the governing body for this sport. The sport evolved into a competitive game over the next few decades and was a demonstration event at the 1976 Summer Paralympics in Montreal . The sport's first world championship was held in Austria in 1978 and goalball became a full part of the Paralympics from the 1980 Summer Paralympics in Arnhem onwards Participants compete in teams of three, and try to throw a ball that has bells embedded in it into the opponents' goal . They must use the sound of the bell to judge the position and movement of the ball. Games consist of two 10 minute halves Blindfolds allow partially sighted players to compete on an equal footing with blind players
edit Court and equipment
International Blind Sports Federation rules require the field of play to be 18m long by 9m wide (about 19.7 yards by 9.8 yards).

6. Goalball--The Great Equalizer
Future Reflections Special Issue Sports, Fitness, and Blindness goalballThe Great Equalizer. by Vasantha Ayilavarapu
Future Reflections Special Issue: Sports, Fitness, and Blindness back contents next
GoalballThe Great Equalizer
by Vasantha Ayilavarapu Editor’s Note: When we think of inclusion of blind students in sports, we usually think of adapting games that have evolved for players with perfect vision. Here is Mrs. Ayilavarapu to describe a different approach to sports and inclusion: As a resource teacher of blind and visually impaired students in a school-based program at Federal Hill Preparatory School, a Baltimore City public K-8 school, I am constantly facing the challenge of facilitating inclusion and promoting acceptance of my blind students as equals in all areas by their sighted peers. At that sensitive age, nothing works better than sports in creating opportunities for interaction. All children love sports and relish the challenge of “fighting it out” on a sporting field. In my quest for sporting activities appropriate for my students and their sighted peers, I discovered goalball, thanks to the ever-innovative National Federation of the Blind and a local nonprofit organization, Common Senses. As those of us who work with blind students know, goalball is played with a special ball that is about the size of a basketball with a similar texture and bells inside to provide sound clues. The lines on the playing area are tactual. Whenever one player needs to pass the ball to another, he calls to the player and the other player taps the floor to let him/her locate the position of the receiving player. When turning this into an inclusive game, both blind and sighted students wear blindfolds (sleepshades) and use sound and tactile cues to play the game. Any player who needs to leave the playing area is escorted off the court using sighted guide techniques, since the players are not allowed to take their blindfolds off on the court.

7. Goalball
The Swedish goalball team at Athens Paralympic gamesgoalball is a team sport designed for blind athletes. It was devised by Hanz Lorenzen (Austria), and Sepp Reindle (Germany), in

8. Home Page []
Posted 6/07/2010 Venom is Now THE 2010 Men's goalball National Champions! They are repeat champions for the third time for PA goalball! Pa goalball won in 1999,2000 and 2002
Home Athletes Results Goalball ... Contact Us Posted 6/07/2010 - Venom is Now THE 2010 Men's Goalball National Champions! They are repeat champions for the third time for PA goalball! Pa Goalball won in 1999,2000 and 2002,2003 and 2009,2010 Darryl Green Tribute Goalball Links PA Goalball on Facebook PA Goalball Blogs Goalball Scoreboard Utah Goalball ... NYABA Organization Links Blind Sports Organization USABA NWABA UTAH ... NYABA Helpful Links The Audio Network Goalball Info Would you like to advertise or become a sponsor on Pa
Pa Goalball ordered new jerseys from
Thank you to Custom Hockey Jerseys. Feel free to call or email them for additional information or with any questions you may have about your next set of custom hockey uniforms.
Home Page
Welcome to Pa Goalball
Welcome to the PA Goallball Site. PA goalball has been committed to become one of the best goalball groups in the USA. Winning 6National Championships in the last 11 years.
6 National Championships
9 National Championship Game Appearances winning 6 all Done in a 11 year span 1999-2010.

9. Goalball
Illinois School for the Visually Impaired 658 East State Street • Jacksonville, Illinois 626502130 Toll Free 800-919-5617 • Voice 217-479-4400 • TTY 217-479-4415
Illinois School for the Visually Impaired
658 East State Street • Jacksonville, Illinois 62650-2130
Toll Free: 800-919-5617 • Voice: 217-479-4400 • TTY: 217-479-4415 • Fax: 217-479-4479
• E-mail: ISVI About Us
Vision for the Future

Who to Contact

Advisory Council

Campus Tour

Directions to ISVI
... Prospective Students News ISVI Happenings Online With ISVI Tech Tips Calendars Annual Weekly Student Meal Menu Supplying Treats for Students Weekly Menu Parents Parents Need to Know Tips For Parents Who to Contact First Goalball Competition at ISVI Congratulations to the ISVI Goalball team members as the Illinois School for the Visually Impaired (ISVI) hosted its first goalball competition in the school's history. Illinois vs. Wisconsin The Routt Catholic High School girls swim team members and cheerleaders along with various ISVI faculty, volunteered their time to work the contest. Their help was outstanding and extremely appreciated. In the girls' contest, the ISVI started their undefeated streak at home and in the season with a 12-5 victory against the Wisconsin Center for Blind and Visually Impaired (WCBVI). Team Illinois Girls' Goalball presently sports a 1-0 record.

10. Canadian Blind Sports Association
CBSA governs goalball in Canada and advocates within the sport system for Canadians who are blind/visually impaired
Navigation listing Home About CBSA Board Policies ... Archives Canadian Blind Sports is the recognized national sport organization for the Paralympic Sport of Goalball, and advocates within the sport system for Canadians who are visually impaired or blind.
Canadian Blind Sports News
2010 IBSA Goalball World Championships
Download Full Release - IBSA Goalball Worlds - Final Day
2010 IBSA Goalball World Championships
Day 5 Update
Download Full Release - 2010 IBSA Goalball Worlds - Day 5
2010 IBSA Goalball World Championships
Day 4 Update
Download Full Release - 2010 IBSA Goalball Worlds - Day 4 2010 IBSA GOALBALL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS DAY 3 UPDATE Download Full release - IBSA Goalball Worlds - Day 3 Update 2010 IBSA GOALBALL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS UNDERWAY Canadian Women 2 - after two days of competition, Canadian Men run into penalty trouble and sit at 1 - 3 DOWNLOAD - Full Release 2010 Goalball world Championships
Paralympic Gold Medalist Annette Lisabeth Retires from International Goalball Competition Download Full Release - Annette Lisabeth Retires
Canadian Blind Sports Goalball Teams Make Successful Trips Overseas
Download Full Release - Goalball Team Succesfull Overseas
2010 Canadian Blind Sports Junior Goalball Championships
Culminate with Ultra-Competitive Finals on Sunday
BC Junior Men Defend 2009 Title; Ontario Junior Women Back on Top

Propose un guide sur les clubs de torball et goalball dans le monde, r glements, liens.

12. Goalball
Welcome to the goalball Scoreboard, we are a new goalball site that is looking to be a Central Online Portal for Tournaments, Results, Stats, and Online Tournament Coverage.

13. Goalball | U.S. Paralympic Team
The U.S. Paralympics goalball Classification Policies Procedures fall under the U.S. Paralympics national classification strategy.General documents that are applicable for all

14. Kentucky Goalball
Provides team information, player profiles, practice location, and related links. Supported by the Kentucky Association of Blind Athletes.

15. Goalball Books And Pictures - Books & Pictures About Your Favorite Pursuit, Hobb
goalball news National title is the goalball for WA team inmycommunity Oct 5, 2010 Now 33, Mr Rowe will represent WA in the National goalball Games in Brisbane early next month

16. Goalball
Governing body for the sport within the United Kingdom. Includes development plan, events calendar, mailing lists, and contacts. Features text only and graphic versions of site.

17. Goalball UK
This is a mySportSite sports website. We are pleased to welcome you to the new official website for goalball UK.
Monday November 01 2010 :: User Login :: :: Create User Account :: World Championship 2010 + European Championships 2010 +
  • Championship Information Championship Blog
Summer Paralympics 2012 + About Goalball +
  • Goalball Rules Attack / Throwing Guidelines Defence Guidelines Coaching Those Visually Impaired Get Involved! Goalball Courses Equipment Information
Local Teams + Contact Details for Goalball UK Featured Sponsors
07993 visitors
since June 11, 2010
Welcome to the Official Goalball UK Website!
We are pleased to welcome you to the new official website for Goalball UK.
Goalball UK has been set up as a new organisation created to act as the governing body for the sport throughout the UK. It is funded by Sport England and Sport UK.
Update on London 2012 Applications for the London 2012 Games Maker voluntering programme opened to the UK public on 15th September. Up to 70,000 volunteers will be needed to make the Games happen, from athlete escorts to stewards and radio operators. Specialist sports, medical, press operations and anti doping volunteers have been applying since July and 8,000 applications have been received to date - almost half the number of specialists required. The application process closes on 27 October 2010.

18. SportsVision - Goalball
Enabling individuals who are blind or visually impaired to participate in competitive sports and leisure activities
skip to content Enabling individuals who are blind or visually impaired to participate in competitive sports and leisure activities Home About SportsVision Visions Newsletter ... Related Links Goalball THE GAME OF GOALBALL
By Dian Heil (The following information was taken from the book Goalball, by Eugenia Kriebel and Joe R. Dominquez and an article written by Stephen Kearney and Rosanna Copeland.) Because of the recent mainstreaming of visually impaired children into the public schools, physical educators are constantly looking for new ways to involve these children in their classes on an equal basis with the other children. Goalball places the visually impaired child on equal terms and gives them the chance to be "part of the group." The game takes little equipment and helps all children with tracking, spatial awareness, orientation, coordination, and teamwork.
Goalball was developed following World War II as a rehabilitative activity for newly blinded veterans. Several European countries claimed its origin...Belgium, Austria, and Germany. The European countries have been involved with the game since the mid 1940's. The game was designed specifically for the blind to help them gain skills necessary to a newly visually impaired person.
The game can briefly be described as an indoor court game for the visually impaired. It is played on an indoor court about the size of a volleyball court. The actual court measures eighteen (18) meters by nine (9) meters for both men’s and women's play. The entire end line (9 meters in width - approximately 30 feet) is the goal area.

19. Seite Der Deutschen Nationalmannschaft Goalball
Hintergrundinformationen zum Thema goalball-Sport, Spielerportraits deutschen goalball-Nationalmannschaft, Terminhinweise und n tzliche Links f r Blinde und Sehbehinderte.
Diese Seite kann nicht angezeigt werden.

20. BORP - Goalball
Come out and try BORP's goalball program. We practice each week, take part in local competitions, and whenever possible travel regionally and out of state. If you are just
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A Beautiful Game that Moves, Moves, Moves
Photo at left: Jessie Lorenz dives to render a difficult save merely routine.
Jessie, a Paralympian (Silver Medal 2004) and World Champion (2002),
is maddeningly difficult to get the ball past.
At right: Mike Finn follows through with perfect form after a power shot.
It's Big in Europe ...
World War II veterans created goalball as a sport for the blind and visually impaired. The game has no direct antecedent-it is an original sport. Goalball is played avidly in Germany, France, Denmark, and England, to name just a few of the 104 countries that now nourish the sport.
At left, Lucy Greco, a Paralympian for Canada, stays low as she winds up to shoot.
At right, Paralympian Scott Blanks (Sydney 2000) struggles to make a save.

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