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         Hovercraft:     more books (100)
  1. The Techniques of Scott Robertson 4 How to Draw Hovercraft and Spacecraft
  2. Passenger Ships of Russia: World War I Passenger Ships of Russia, Ss Czar, Ss Kosciuszko, Barguzin Class Hovercraft, Ss Czaritza
  3. JANE'S SURFACE SKIMMERS Hovercraft and Hydrofoils 1983 by Roy (Editor) MCLEAVY, 1983
  4. Hydroplanes and Hovercraft. by W D Ewart, 1962
  5. A Study of a Skirtless Hovercraft Design by Edward A. Kelleher, 2004
  6. Jane's Surface Skimmers 1984: Hovercraft and Hydrofoils
  7. JANE'S SURFACE SKIMMERS Hovercraft and Hydrofoils 1976-77 by Roy (Editor) MCLEAVY, 1977
  8. Jane's Surface Skimmers: Hovercraft and Hydrofoils 1978 11th edition by Roy (editor) McLeavy, 1978-01-01
  9. JANE'S SURFACE SKIMMERS Hovercraft and Hydrofoils 1979 by Roy (Editor) MCLEAVY, 1979
  11. Hovercraft Design and Construction
  12. British Rail Hovercraft Limited and Hoverlloyd Limited by The Monopolies and Mergers Commission, 1981
  13. JANE'S SURFACE SKIMMERS Hovercraft and Hydrofoils 1978 by Roy (Editor) MCLEAVY, 1978
  14. Draft Hovercraft (Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims) (Amendment) Order 1998; Draft Merchant Shipping (Convention on Limitation ... (Parliamentary Debates: [1997-98) by Edward O'Hara, Great Britain, 1998-04-16

61. Viper Hovercraft Has Moved
Designers, and manufacturers of 2 to 4 seater hovercraft. Supplier of plans, kits and components.
The Viper Hovercraft website has moved.
If this page does not automatically redirect within 10 seconds, please click this link to transfer manually. Thankyou

62. Hovercraft - EVA Database - Command & Conquer 4, Red Alert 3, Zero Hour And More
In order to facilitate deployment of their forces in theatres of war, GDI extensively utilized hovercrafts. It is an amphibious vehicle or craft, designed to travel over land
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63. DHS Technology Department
School-built hovercraft.
DHS Technology Department
DuQuoin High School is located in southern Illinois. The technology department has built a hovercraft with a 10 horsepower air-cool engine. The high school race team has had a lot of interesting learning adventures while building and hovering this all-terrain vehicle. If you would like to know more, please contact us by using the e-mail address at the bottom of the page. And now, a few words from a hovercraft pilot: You haven't lived until you have hovered! Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook My Favorite Web Sites Angelfire - Free Home Pages
Free Web Building Help

Lycos - Search the Web

CareerPath - Where Employers and Employees Click
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters


64. Canadian Air Cushion Technology Society
Active in the development and application of air cushion technology, primarily in transportation with hovercraft.
Canadian Air Cushion Technology Society The Canadian Air Cushion Technology Society (CACTS) is a constituent society of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI). Under the CASI parent organization, its purpose is to serve the air cushion technology community (hovercraft). The CACTS, although small in numbers, still plays a a dominant role within the Canadian and world hovercraft community. Nevertheless, the Society is seeking ways to broaden its mandate to continue to provide a meaningful technical focus and means of dissemination of air cushion technology information through national symposia and the publication of papers in the respected technical journal ( Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal ) from time to time. The CACTS is a scientific and technical society dedicated to advancement of the art, science, technologies and applications of air cushion technology, through:
  • The provision of facilities for the exchange of information among members, particularly with regard to hovercraft and related technologies;

65. Hovercraft - Wiktionary
A vehicle supported on a cushion of air, able to traverse many different types of terrain and travel over water, used for transport hovercraft
Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary Jump to: navigation search

commercial builder of 1- 4 person recreational craft.
STARCRUISER HOVERCRAFTS Retirement gets even better - let's take a look an electric hovercraft! More PHOTOS - click here! VIDEOS!!! - click here! That's Bob and Verdon - flying airplanes and later launching rockets! Did I say "retirement" - NO WAY! Build yourself a wonderful solar cooker - save on electricity! We looked all over the net and talked to friends from Australia and went with this version. A solar oven - Don't worry about heating up the kitchen! I use this regularly to do 144 chocolate chip cookies! Simple to make and maintain - just use solar power and GO GREEN! This is our solar water heater to the kitchen area of our underground home! Works awesome! Insulated hinged doors top and bottom to provide additional sunlight gathering and to close at night and when cloudy to prevent heat loss. This sale is by a private party. FOR SALE - 4 COOOOOOL HOVERCRAFTS!!! Check out photos and prices, and then contact the gentleman! Ready to rock and roll and be at the next hover meet! WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR OWN PERSONAL MODEL HOVERCRAFT - ONE THAT REALLY WORKS? Buy it directly from the manufacturer - not the "other guys"!

67. Recreation Hovercraft
Hovertechnics hovercraft Manufacturer of high quality hovercraft with personalized customer service
tel (269) 461-3934
fax (269) 461-3936
High quality hovercraft with personalized customer service
go where no one else can! There is no experience quite like flying a hovercraft. You will be amazed at the feeling of flying from land to water and back again! Hovercraft can open up new possibilities for exploration and fun as you travel over many different terrains. Glide easily over ice and water to make the most of winter recreation or fly through swamps and mud to find that secluded fishing spot. The Hoverjet , our most economical craft, is perfect for taking a short cruise.
The Hoverjet GT has a larger engine producing more horsepower, a higher payload and more fun!
40 hp
(400 lbs)
Engine: Payload: 60 hp (400 lbs) The Hoverstar LC has a longer cockpit and is ideal for family fun or commuting to an island home. The Hovertour 700 has the most room of all of our recreational craft. It also has more horsepower and a higher payload.

Distributor of personal recreational machines, with maintenance tips and suggested uses.
Main Page
An Owner's Perspective

Slider Hovercrafts Product Overview
Mechanical Info


Contact Us is a registered division of Jensen Technical Services, Inc. based in Lemont, IL. U.S.A. We represent and sell the Slider, a State of the Art personal recreational hovercraft produced by Pacific Hovercraft, NZ Limited. See the " An Owner's Perspective " page to learn about owning a hovercraft, the enjoyment you will get out of it, locations to take it to, maintenance tips, and other interesting tidbits of information only an owner can give you. Also, the " Art Gallery " page has some great pictures. Please take your time and check out our entire site. We're sure you'll enjoy it. Need an adrenalin rush? Check out this video from the 2002 Hover Rally in Terre Haute, Indiana. RIGHT-Click here and "save target as" to download the video (about 6.3MB) and play it locally, or if you have a CableModem or DSL connection, you can stream the video . (Video courtesy of Charles K. Dixon.) If you experience any problems with this web site or have any comments or suggestions for additional content and/or related links, please feel free to e-mail

69. Sensei's Library: Hovercraft
Sensei's Library, page hovercraft, keywords EndGame, Life Death, Go term. SL is a large WikiWikiWeb about the game of Go (Baduk, Weiqi). It's a collaboration and community site

70. Hovercraft
The hovercraft was invented by British engineer Christopher Cockerell (later Sir Christopher).
Lock and Key of the Kingdom
Hovercraft Home History Defence Transport ... Shipping
'The Princess Anne' entering harbour on 10 September 2000. The hovercraft was invented by British engineer Christopher Cockerell (later Sir Christopher). He produced his first working model in 1956 and three years later his first full size test craft was produced by Saunders Roe. On 25 July 1959 the, Cockerell designed, Saunders Roe Nautical One (SRN1), successfully completed the first cross Channel hovercraft crossing from Calais to Dover, exactly fifty years after Bleriots first Channel flight
The first regular passenger service from Dover started on 1 August 1968 when the Dover to Boulogne service was inaugurated by the SRN4 hovercraft Princess Margaret. The craft was owned by Seaspeed, the hovercraft operating subsidiary of British Railways, and ran from the new hoverport built at the Eastern Docks . In August 1969 a second SRN4 was delivered and the Princess Anne opened a second route from Dover to Calais.

71. Alaska Hovercraft - An Industry Leader In Commercial Hovercraft
Commercial craft for cargo and passengers.
When you need to move cargo or personnel over land or water, Alaska Hovercraft has the answer. Alaska Hovercraft sells and leases commercial-size hovercraft. Alaska Hovercraft was built on the principles of service to the customer and are dedicated to providing a marine vessel that is environmentally friendly and safe. Alaska Hovercraft also offers a full range of maintenance, parts and customer support. You can purchase a hovercraft-or maybe leasing is a better option. Alaska Hovercraft has the Bare Boat Lease if you're interested in using just the hovercraft. Or consider the Full Time Lease for a turn-key approach-supplying the crew, maintenance, parts and fuel on a per day or week basis. Each vessel is U.S. Coast Guard certified for commercial use. Choose from two models appropriate for your requirements:
  • The AP.1-88 can transport up to 80 passengers. The LACV-30 model is a fully amphibious high-speed cargo carrier. This 30-ton payload hovercraft has been proven in operations over Arctic ice, desert sand, and open water.

Anchorage, Alaska 99502-1809

72. Hovercraft - Matrix Wiki - Neo, Trinity, Wachowski Brothers
hovercrafts' serve as the defense force for the city of Zion. hovercraft are manned by a mixture of redpills and naturalborn humans. The ships vary in size, armament, and crew
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73. Hover Centre Of Canada
hovercraft or air cushion vehicles as amphibians or automatic.
9 Wakdale Ave.
t has been said we have entered the FIFTH DIMENSION of the TRANSPORTATION ERA: First came Ships Second Trains Third Automobiles Fourth Aircraft and now the Fifth Dimension AIR CUSHION VEHICLES or the more commonly called "HOVERCRAFT" Roy D. McCulloch ABOUT HOVERCRAFT THE AMPHIBIAN T he Air Cushion Vehicle or "Hovercraft" as the inventor named it rides on a self-generated cushion of pressurized air which frees it from surface contact, this principle was adopted in England by Sir Christopher Cockerell with the construction of the World's first "Hovercraft" the SRN-1 which made it's Official Public appearance by skimming across the Channel from England to France and the 'DAWN OF A NEW INDUSTRY' evolved. THE HOVER CENTRE OF CANADA REPRESENTS THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES
ACV 500 The ACV 500 ACV 600 The ACV 600 like its sister ship above this vessel has increased payload carrying capability and is ideally suited for Emergency Evacuation and Utility Services. For more information about ACV-500 or ACV-600 click on the image specifications are available.

74. Griffon Range-Hovertravel Hovercraft
Supply new and preowned amphibious Griffon hovercraft in Southern Africa. From 5 to 100 seater craft.
The rugged rigid inflatable Griffon 375TD with a full payload of 375kgs, travels over marshland at 30 knots. This craft can be towed behind a Land Rover on a hover-on hover-off road trailer.
The Griffon 4000TDX traverses a gravel bar at high speed. The Mark II version of this craft carries a payload of up to 7 tonnes or 60-80 people.
Two of the Royal Marines four Griffon 2000TDX(M) hovercraft escort the inventor of the hovercraft, Sir Christopher Cockerell, aboard the first of two 2000TDX craft used for crash rescue at Rio de Janeiro Airport, Brazil.
click on the model No: for a large image of that particular model.
The Griffon Range Model No:
MK 2

MK 2

MK 2
Length (m) Beam (m) Height on cushion (m) Passengers(incl driver) Payload (tons) Engine - Type
- Power(Kw/Hp) Diesel
Diesel Diesel 2 x MTU Speed at full payload (knots) Fuel Consumption (Letres/hr) Approximate obstacle Clearance (m) Maximum recomended wave height for passenger operations (m) home hovercraft pre-owned advantages ... contact

75. Australian Hovercraft
Manufacturer describes prototypes and current designs, with illustrations and technical specifications. Based in Western Australia.
  • Home About Velocity 30
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    Hoverflight 30
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Latest News
Velocity 30 hovercraft available for immediate sale!

76. Hovercraft Museum Charity Website
hovercraft Museum Charity Website the only hovercraft Museum in the world

77. Hovercrafts
Manufacturers of commercial and recreational hovercraft.

78. Hovercraft
hovercraft. hovercraft is Sadie 7~bass Cambell 2000~guitar Dash 11~drums. History hovercraft was formed in 1993 by Sadie 7 and Cambell 2000. Previously they had played together in
Hovercraft is:
Sadie 7~bass
Cambell 2000~guitar
Dash 11~drums
Hovercraft was formed in 1993 by Sadie 7 and Cambell 2000. Previously they had played together in Space Helmet which was formed when Sadie first moved to Seattle. Also in Space Helmet was Cambell's brother and other members of the band Magnog . After Space Helmet broke up, Cambell moved to New York only to move back to Seattle. Hovercraft released one single, "0,0,0,1" with their first drummer Jerome230 aka Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam and Sadie's husband). After he left the band, they took a year and a half break before they found a new drummer named Carl. With Carl they recorded "Stereo Specific Polymerization" were on Repellint Records. But in 1997 they went to Mute America Records with "Akathisia". Later dash 11 replaced Carl completing the band. Their latest album "Experiment Below" came out after 5 years of work and thought. Durring one tour Sadie's husband Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam sat in on drums. He also has an alias for the band, but I'm not sure what it is at the moment. Discography:
Zero Zero Zero One, 7" on Repellant Records, 1995.

79. SCAT Technologies Pte Ltd
Designs and manufactures hovercrafts for passenger transport, sea ambulance, search and rescue, and sport. Singapore.
Welcome to SCAT news
SCAT Technologies , the leading designer and manufacturer for
" all season - all terrain " vehicles is finally back! Come in and enjoy our range of products, including
Hovercrafts for both recreational commercial purpose,
the new SCAT Wigship and a wide range of
amazing Accesories for Watersports. SCAT is a world leader in the manufacturer of
personal hovercrafts. It has earned the reputation for
being the most reliable, economical and maneuverable
recreational hovercraft ever produced. It currently manufactures
its range of hovercrafts in Singapore and China.
SCAT constantly improves on it's models by employing new product and material, innovations and design and production capabilities to meet modern requirements of improved efficiency and reliability. Factory Update: Swivel Sweeper No distribution/copying without the permission from the SCAT webDesign by Christian Maria Laase -

80. HowStuffWorks "How Hoverboards Will Work"
See Back to the Future 2 ? Drool much over those hoverboards? Find out how these devices will work and see one that already does!; OAS_AD('TopBanner'); HowStuffWorks
Search HowStuffWorks and the web
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  • Introduction to How Hoverboards Will Work Hovercraft Basics The Airboard Lots More Information ... See all Devices articles
  • How Its Made Videos
    Hovercraft Basics
    It's really amazing how simple a hovercraft is. In fact, you might have all of the components for building a simple hovercraft in your house right now. Whatever components that you don't have can be purchased at a local hardware store. Here's a list of everything you need to put together a homemade hovercraft:
    • Leaf blower or vacuum cleaner that can reverse its air flow
    • Large piece of plywood
    • Large piece of plastic
    • Small section of PVC piping
    • Contact cement
    • Staple gun
    • Electric drill
    • Skill saw
    • Plastic can lid
    • 1-inch bolt and nut
    This Web site walks you through all of the steps of building a simple hovercraft. Children should ask for their parent's permission before attempting to build a hovercraft on their own.

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