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         Hovercraft:     more books (100)
  1. Hovercraft: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Science, 3rd ed.</i>
  2. Jane's surface skimmers: hovercraft & hydrofoils 1981 by Roy (ed) McLEAVY, 1981-01-01
  3. Hovercraft (Amazing Vehicles Set 2) by Sarah Tieck, 2011-01
  4. American Post-Rock Groups: Isis, Dredg, the Album Leaf, Hovercraft, Explosions in the Sky, the Appleseed Cast, Don Caballero, Califone
  5. Eight Hovercraft by 1966
  6. JANE'S SURFACE SKIMMERS Hovercraft and Hydrofoils 1975-76 by Roy (Editor) MCLEAVY, 1975
  7. Helicopter and Hovercraft Design (The Young Enthusiast Library: The Young Engineer) by Basil Arkell, 1963
  8. The Multitudinous Reef / Icebreaking by Hovercraft / Flowers that Took to the Sea / Giant Spider Crabs from Mexico / Butterflies of the Sea / Point Bonita Lighthouse / Liberty-Ship Reefs in the Gulf of Mexico / The Dolphin Project (Sea Frontiers, Volume 26, Number 2, March-April 1980)
  9. Alternatives to Conventional Railways: Pneumatic Tube, Gyro Monorail, Tracked Hovercraft, Atmospheric Railway, Guided Bus, Aérotrain, Monometro
  10. Hydroplanes and hovercraft (The mechanical age) by William Donlop Ewart, 1962
  11. The Macmillan Visual Timeline of Transportation : From the First Wheeled Chariots to Helicopters and Hovercraft by Anthony Wilson, 1995-01-01
  12. Hovercraft and hydrofoils work like this (The 'Science works like this' series) by Egon Larsen, 1972
  13. Build With Beakman: Hovercraft/Book With Parts and 2 Balloons (Another Project from Becker & Mayer from the Hits TV Show Beckman's World) by Luann Colombo, 1995-06
  14. Hovercraft: Sr.n4, Tracked Hovercraft, Hoverspeed, Hoverboard, Landing Craft Air Cushion, Zubr Class Lcac, Surface Effect Ship

81. Välkommen Till Norra Stavsudda Handel AB
Scandinavian manufacturer of 1 - 6 person hovercraft.
Tel: F ax Norra Stavsudda 153 130 42 Norra Stavsudda Öppettider Lanthandel/Sjömack Lördagar
Väder Norra Stavsudda
Länk .
Aktuellt /9 kom ca 30 st Vattenskotrar i eskader förbi Stavsudda.. Torsdagar kl. 19:00 Möja-Hallen S Slutna och öppna bio-infiltrationer EcoFlush
Ansöknings/anmälningsblanketter om avlopp och kompostering finns längst ned på fliken "Avloppsystem". GILL KOMPOSTBRUNN
Höjd 90cm diam: 120cm, volym: 2 X 350 l.
Grön GAP-plast, rostfria ventiler.
mullis mulltoa
N orra Stavsudda Norra Stavsudda. En levande skärgårdsö med varv, lanthandel, bensinstation, kajakuthyrning, svävartillverkning, krog och möjligheter till "Bed&Breakfast". En av Europas största tillverkare av lätta svävare Nytt telefonnummer: 08-571 50 600
Incinolet Förbränningstoa
Enkel, smidig lösning...

82. Home - Griffon Hoverwork
Commercial new and used hovercraft, passenger services, open deck freighters, security patrol, and search and rescue.
Griffon Hoverwork Bland Group Hover Travel Careers ... Contact us Phone us on

83. Advanced Hybrid Aircraft Home Page - Airships, Hovercraft & Blimps
Designs and builds aircraft, hovercraft and blimps.
Surface Craft Buoyant Aircraft
Light Utility Videos

-(820 KB)
(1.28 MB)
(4.26 MB)
What's New Current Projects
  • (sport, 2 seat, 70 knots)
    Surface Effect Craft
  • Hornet J4/AF (trailerable,
    high tech) Autonomous Drone
Investors Section
  • Bouyant aircraft are BIG
    For more information, click on CapitalMatch
    Look for us under Manufacturing-Industrial Goods or Tranportation/Distribution

Also check out Boat Owner's World The Aviation Ring

84. Hovercraft | Commercial Hovercraft | Heavy Lift Hovercraft | Hoverbarges | Indus
Heavy lift commercial hovercraft and Hoverbarge supplier. 50 to 1000 ton payload.
Heavy Lift Amphibious Solutions
The Hoverbarge, a heavy lift commercial hovercraft
The hoverbarge works like a heavy lift commercial Hovercraft, except it is capable of carrying a much heavier load than an industrial hovercraft, such as 2,500 tonnes. The Hoverbarge is also manufactured from steel rather than aluminium like a hovercraft and has a more robust skirt system for use in the commercial and industrial environment. The Hoverbarge operates at a low speed, providing a stable platform for moving heavy loads. The Hoverbarge is proven technology for moving large heavy loads on a cushion of air. In use since the 1970's, the commercial hovercraft application of using an air cushion to move loads opens up countless possibilities, with payloads ranging from 50 tonnes to 2,500 tonnes. Please review our Hoverbarge section for further information.
The Hoverbarge only exerts 1psi ground pressure when on hover , compared to an average human footprint of 8 psi. The Hoverbarge is fully amphibious and floats when off hover like a standard marine barge. Level ground conditions such as swamps, shallow water, soft mud, ground fast ice, tundra, permafrost, sandbars, wet sand, deep water and land are perfect for the Hoverbarge.
Robust Hoverbarge Skirt - 1.8m Hover height

85. Mariah Hovercraft PTY LTD
Designers and manufacturers of all sizes of hovercraft from 6 person, cargo 2 tonne and upwards.
Latest News: From January 28 to February 5 Mariah Hovercraft will be at the Los Angeles(USA) Boat Show. For more information visit , or come see us at the show. Mariah Hovercraft has now established a presence in the USA, for more details visit What better name for a Hovercraft company. All of our craft models derive their names from famous winds. You are about to enter the realm of Hovercraft technology Where you will Experience the Feeling of riding on a cushion of air hosted and maintained by URL Networks Pty Ltd

86. Buy Hovercraft And Hovercraft Track Days - Flying Fish Hovercraft
UK based company offering one and two seat recreational and commercial hovercrafts. Also, recreation and corporate entertainment services.
Flying Fish Hovercraft Home Follow us Having a special function, fundraising event or similar, then why not contact us and have the thrill of hovercraft at your venue? Supplied with fully trained instructors and safety equipment.
Hovercraft Videos more videos
flowplayer("player", "../Scripts/flowplayer-3.2.5.swf");
Latest News visit blog
Visit our blog for more
Photo Gallery more photos
Flying Fish Hovercraft - home of the Marlin and host of thrilling adventure experiences
Flying Fish Hovercraft was formed in 2001 providing both days out, 'driving hovercraft' for hovercraft nuts, and recreational and cruising hovercraft for individuals and businesses. In mid 2008 we split the company and created Hovercraft Adventures to concentrate solely on providing people with the thrill of hovercrafting at our track. We now have the largest hovertrack in the country with water dedicated to hovercraft giving customers the chance to feel the exhilarating feeling of flying over land onto water and back Whether it's the thrill of a day spent racing against your friends or colleagues - or you're looking to buy a hovercraft for recreational use, you've come to the right place! Hovercraft are a unique and exciting "Big Boys Toy" that will appeal to anyone who loves karting, boating, jet skis or just the rush of adrenaline from flying these machines

87. Radio Control Hovercraft Models - Model Hovercraft Kits, Plans And Parts -  RC
Plans and kits to build and fly your own RC hovercraft.
Home I Model Hovercraft Store I Ordering Information I Brochures I Science I Customers I Gallery I Contact Us I About Us I Site Map Model Hovercraft Store Kits - Plans - Books - Videos Easy to use and 100% secure Quick Access to our Store Departments Shop for RC Hovercraft Kits Shop for Hovercraft Science Kits Shop for Hovercraft Books Shop for Hovercraft Videos ... Shop for Model Hovercraft Plans Fast and Secure 3 Ways to Order Online - By Phone - By Mail Orders usually ship within 24 hours Standard shipping within the US: 2-3 business days Brochure and Catalog Center Ordering Information About About us What our customers say Customer Model Gallery See a Sample of our Kit Construction Manuals Model Hovercraft Building Build Your Own RC Hovercraft Technical Tips and Updates Hovercraft Science Projects Science Project Center Fold-n-Blow demo Hovercraft Hovercraft General Information

88. Michael Metzner - Hovercraft - Homepage
hovercraft racing team site. 1 x World Champion, 6 x European Champion and 4 x German Champion in hovercraft F1 racing.

89. [ Waterside Marine Technology - Home Page ]
hovercraft consultancy - design, construction and operation of many types of amphibious hovercraft for the commercial and military sectors.
Home Page WMT is one of the most experienced independent Hovercraft consultancy companies with personnel who have been involved in design, construction and operation of many types of hovercraft for the commercial and military sectors. Our services include:
  • preliminary and detailed design
  • project management of construction
  • attendance at sea trials
  • route analysis
  • market studies
home portfolio contact links website by Hopkins Online

90. ACV Designs - Hovercraft Index Page
ACV designs, plans.

91. Chris Simpson - Mustang Hovercraft
Photographs and details of his Airlift Mustang.

92. Aeromobile Inc Home Page
US pioneer Dr. William Bertelsen web page - development of gimbal fan, aeroduct system for future mass transportation. Photo gallery.
Aviation and Air Cushion Inventions Aeromobile Inc. is the transportation company founded by one of the great pioneers of hovercraft (air cushioned vehicles), Dr. William Bertelsen. We design, manufacture and sell several different applications of air cushion technology and a fixed wing VTOL airplane. Please read on. Or, download our Introduction to Aeromobile Inc. document. Turbine Arc Wing VTOL Airplane Dr. Bertelsen began his career as an inventor by doing pioneeering on fixed wing VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft. His Arc Wing design promises to create the most efficient and safe aircraft. Recent research from 2005 forward continues to validate this aircraft. Gimbal Fan Amphibious Hovercraft
Aeromobile Inc. manufactures the ultimate in amphibious hovercraft. They are fast, stable and completely controllable. Our flagship amphibian vehicle, pictured at left, is the A-2000. Aeromobile - Aeroduct System
An exciting automated, revolutionary mode of ground transportation that will be THE method of travel in the 21st century. The current problems of congestion, pollution and accidents are solved with the Aeromobile-Aeroduct System. Airport Redesign Air Track All Terrain Vehicle Dr. Bertelsen applied his many findings in the Air Cushion technology field to develop a superior amphibious, all terrain vehicle.

93. 4wings Hovercraft Development Mainpage
Presents maintenance information, advice on suppliers, photographs, and a message board.
Industrial Drive unit#4 78578 Port Isabel - Texas -
Tel .:

You are at : Main page
Main Categories : Go to > F. A. Q Go to > Design Go to > Go to > Hovercraft Models Go to > Tips and Tricks Go to > Plans and Catalogs Go to > Supplier and Material Go to > Hovercraft Gallery Go to > Hovercraft Forum Go to > Help Welcome to 4 At 4wings Hovercraft development we want to provide some information about Hovercraft. Not only show you where you can buy a Hovercraft or Hovercraft plans, but as well as how to maintain your craft - with balancing your prop, get a new skirt ...
We want to point you in the correct direction to find your nearest Hovercraft club. In our "Hovercraft Forum" you can leave an inquiry or info for others. If you are at our web site the first time you will find a short description of all main and sub pages on our "Help - page " .
Each "Main category" has several "Sub categories". To list all pages here at the beginning would make navigating this site a bit confusing. Please select your interest!

94. Hovercraft Racing - Team Camracing
Contains the team s news, diary and photographs.

95. The Official Website Of The Hoverclub Of America
Sponsors events nationwide that include activities for racers, cruisers, and families.
Sponsors Merchandise
Join or Renew ... Contact Us Hoverally at BigSpring, TN 2010 World Hovercraft Championships 2010 Watch LIVE Racing from WHC2010 What's New 8/28/10 - Wabash Cannonball Cruise One Week Away
8/16/10 - Watch Discovery channel on Monday, Aug 23. at 9:00pm ET.

Hoverclub members Kent Gano and Donnie Filaski are featured on the Discovery channel show Ultimate Car Build-Off. Watch as two teams compete to convert a vehicle into a working hovercraft and then put them through the paces in direct competition. 8/8/10 - The World Hovercraft Championships, Towcester, UK. Aug 24-29!!
Click the link above to Watch the racing live on the internet ( ) with daily coverage from noon to 6:00pm GMT. Click the video below for a preview of the World Championships. 8/8/10 - Hoverally 2010 - Rural Retreat, Big Spring, TN Sept 24-26

96. HOVERTECH S.A. - Przedsiêbiorstwo Innowacyjno Wdro¿eniowe.
Producer of professional and recreational craft, with company details and technical information. Miloszyce, Poland. Polish and English

97. Amphibious Marine, Hovercraft Manufacturer.
Builder of the 4 passenger Vanguard SEV.
Phone: (360) 426-3170 Welcome to Amphibious Marine, Inc. Sevtec . Our craft are the quietist, most efficient, and user friendly design available on the market today. Explore our site and discover why. Important News: We are now offering a Vanguard 14 Kit so you can build your very own. Click here to read about it Amphibious Marine, Inc. has been building hovercraft commercially since 1996. The owner, Bryan Phillips, has 18 years experience building and operating hovercraft. Our craft have proven themselves on adventures as far as 1400 miles north to Alaska up the inside passage. Our customers Applications: Commercial Recreation Government Tourist operations, resort hotels, eco tours, remote resort access. Ice Fishing , fly fishing, ice fishing, and trolling. Mosquito abatement. Hunting Mud rescue Tender for larger vessels. Tidal area research and monitoring. Oyster and clam harvesting. Flood water rescue. Hovercraft are immune to floating or submerged obstacles and debris. Duck hunting.

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