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         Human Powered Vehicles:     more books (35)
  1. Cycling: Bicycle, Unicycle, Tricycle, Quadracycle (Human powered), Human-powered transport, Safety bicycle, International Human Powered Vehicle Association, ... Cyclists' Federation, Vehicular cycling
  2. Second International Human Powered Vehicle Scientific Symposium Proceedings by Allan V., Editor Abbot, 1984
  3. New Unified Performance Graphs and Comparisons for Streamlined Human Powered Vehicles by Douglas J. Malewicki, 1983-06
  4. First International Human Powered Vehicle Scientific Symposium Proceedings by Allan V., Editor Abbot, 1982
  5. Third International Human Powered Vehicle Scientific Symposium Proceedings by Allan V., Editor Abbot, 1986
  6. Transportation: Vehicle, Transport Economics, Human-Powered Transport, Conveyor Transport, Cable Transport, Nonhuman Animal-Powered Transport
  7. Beyond the Horizon: The First Human-Powered Expedition to Circle the Globe by Colin Angus, 2008-11-25
  8. Humanpower (Cars Planes & Boats with Muscles for Motors) by Yepsen, 1992-07-31
  9. Pedaling to Hawaii: A Human-Powered Odyssey by Stevie Smith, 2006-05-01
  10. The limits of human performance: Project Daedalus.: An article from: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport by Ethan R. Nadel, 1996-09-01
  11. Oystermen sailing choppy waters: industry seeing worst year since Katrina.: An article from: Mississippi Business Journal by Wally Northway, 2010-04-26
  12. Smithsonian Magazine - January 1985
  13. Nonmotorized Transportation (Transportation Research Record)
  14. Non-Motorized Vehicles in Asian Cities (World Bank Technical Paper) by Michael A. Replogle, 1991-11

21. Events - Competitions - Human Powered Vehicle
Competition to build an aerodynamic, highly engineered vehicles that may be for use on land, in the water or the air run on human power.
MEMBERS ONLY Join Renew Shop ... Home Search ASME: ASME.ORG Events Competitions 2010 HPVC Latin America: UDO Venezuela ... HPVC Results Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) THIS JUST IN... The 2011 HPVC Rules have arrived! Click here to view them now! Details regarding the 2011 events have also been posted below, and will be updated as confirmed.
2011 Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC)
Sponsored by
Human-powered transport is often the only type available in underdeveloped or inaccessible parts of the world, and if well designed, can be an increasingly viable form of sustainable transportation.
All participants must be current student members of ASME and enrolled as full-time students in an engineering program of study. Any student who was enrolled in an engineering program during the previous semester or quarter, but graduated no earlier than six months prior to the competition date, is eligible to participate. The first stage of the competition involves the preparation of a comprehensive design report. The second part includes a design presentation and a series of performance events (sprint/drag race, utility endurance, and speed endurance), held over the course of a weekend. Guidelines and more detailed requirements (including safety measures and tests) can be found in the

22. Bike Trailer - Cargo HPV
Demonstration of practical human powered bicycle transportation a cargo trailer for use behind a bike.
Testing new cargo trailer - October 10, 2002
Juergen Weichert Thanks to Brian Fitzpatrick for the photos. I had to transfer 2 suitcases full of tools from my Dad's car (at his work) to my house, about 3km away. I thought it would be a perfect time to test my new cargo trailer. These suitcases were HEAVY! (about 35lbs each). I wanted to make sure the suitcases were well secured. They had to be properly placed to balance the trailer and not interfere with the wheels. I guess I should get some sort of solid fenders. I used a standard automotive "come-along" with strong webbing to hold everything in place. I planned the trailer as a flat-bed design to be able to accomodate many different types of loads. There are eye bolts as tie-downs along all sides of the trailer. Here I am making sure everything is well secured. Tightening the tie-down. I do NOT want this load to come loose on the road. I looped the webbing through the suitcase handles, and ratcheted the come-along down tight until I could see the suitcases pressing firmly against the trailer framework. I hope I don't bend the trailer...but there is no visible distortion. The framework is one inch square tube, with .049" wall thickness. Cautiously testing...everything seems to be holding well. Look closely and you will see that I used the extra webbing as a safety strap, tied to my seat post....just in case something breaks or comes loose on the road!

we' ve noted in this magazine before, a bicycle is about the most efficient transportation device yet developed. With its light weight and its highly effective roller chainand
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DO IT YOURSELF RENEWABLE ENERGY GREEN HOMES ... RADIO HOT TOPICS Grow garlic Fall foliage DIY outdoor oven Garden planner ... Greenhouses
A look at the latest human-powered transportation devices. - September/October 1981
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Image Gallery The radical Cal-Poly/ A.S.M.E. Phoenix features an aerodynamically favorable composite body (with a tubular substructure) ...minimal ,ground clearance ...and atop speed near the ""double nickel"". Article Tools Image Gallery Print E-mail Comments ... RSS Photos by Bob Keim
Renewable Energy Will Rise to the Challenge A new study predicts we could have one quarter of our energy needs from renewable sources by 2025, ...
Missouri Voters Approve a Renewable Energy Requirement
Missouri creates a stronger market for renewable energy by passing a clean energy initiative....
Horse and Buggy Transportation — Real Alternative Transportation!

24. Big Cat Human Powered Vehicles (Big Cat Human Powered Vehicles, LLC) - Winter Ga
Big Cat Human Powered Vehicles company profile in Winter Garden, FL. Our free company profile report for Big Cat Human Powered Vehicles includes business information such as

25. ME 441 Home
Bike design at CALPOLY San Luis Obispo. Includes background on the first human powered helicopter as well as student bicycle designs.
Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering Dept. ME 441

Home Pictures Tech Movies Lords of the Chain Ring

Welcome the Single Track Vehicle Page. STVD is offered once a year by the Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering Dept. as ME 441. It is taught by Prof. Patterson to promote the advancement of human powered vehicles by "learning by doing". Each student is required to build a single track vehicle by the end of the quarter. This course if offered to students who have completed courses in dynamics and of senior standing. Learn about the history of the Human Powered Helicopter Check out some bicycle designs by ME students. Helpful Tech e-mail:
Last Revision: 16 Jan, 2001

26. Tri-Sled Human Powered Vehicles
Trisled manufactures recumbent trikes and bikes. Each recumbent is custom made to the customers requirements, and will quite often be less expensive than other 'offthe-shelf
Click to enter website

27. Human Powered Vehicles
Human Powered Vehicles come in a number of different types sizes. The most common of course is the twowheeled bicycle (in it's various forms).
HPV's - Human Powered Vehicles Home Related Pages: Rob's Cycling Capers
Bike with child's 'tag-along'
Is this taking the concept of the ride-on-mower
too far? (Source unknown)
Bike with Bob-trailer.
Last Updated:

28. Surreys By Tecnoart Of America, Inc - Quadricycle And Four Wheel Bikes
Manufacturer of four-wheel pedal-powered cycles known as surreys. Offers products for sale and surrey rental business opportunities.
The manufacturer known as Tecnoart di Pensalfini Sante created the Surreys in 1962, and is the leading supplier throughout Europe. In 1985, the Italian manufacturer entered into an exclusive agreement with Tecnoart of America, Inc., a family owned and operated business, to import and distribute the quadricycles. Through their combined efforts Tecnoart Surreys have gained tremendous popularity in America.
Easier than riding a bike, a quadricycle is a stable four wheeled pedal powered cycle, commonly referred to as a Surrey. It is designed to resemble the classic Model T automobile, and to make it possible for people of all ages and sizes to ride/exercise comfortably and worry free. No need to remember how to "ride a bike" because it has bench seats, rack and pinion steering (by
The frame is constructed with heavy gauge tubular steel for strength, then specially treated and powder coated for durability. All other frame components are stainless steel thus preventing rust, keeping "the look" clean, sharp, and attractive for the life of the surrey. Additionally, Tecnoart Surreys are the only surreys in their class equipped with an aluminum diamond plated running board for the comfort and safety of the middle passengers.

29. Welcome To Adventures Of Greg
Details one man s quest to break the trans-Canada speed record.
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30. Champiot, The Great Rowing Machine On Wheels
A four-wheel rowing exerciser. Videos, specifications, pictures, and how to order.
Champiot Rowlake
Register now and receive a $100 dollar rebate in any of our products.
Dear Friends:
with a global patent pending, CHAMPIOT ROWLAKE is a new watercraft for cruising pleasure. Constructed mostly of lightweight aluminum alloy and floating on triple layered pontoons, this stable waterborne vehicle is propelled, forward and backward, and steered by using the arms while seated in comfort. Cruising on water has a new name. CHAMPIOT ROWLAKE. Enjoy the new water sport. CHAMPIOT ROWLAKE.

31. Cycles Of All Sorts | Human Powered Vehicles
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Cycles of all sorts
Human Powered Vehicles
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32. Kinetic Grand Championship - The Original Kinetic Sculpture Race
Three day race in California. Site includes photo gallery and museum.

33. Princeton - PWB 110899 - Human-Powered Vehicles
Barrie Royce (r) with Ben Wukasch '03 (back), Brent Bollman '03 (l) and Robert Wuertz '02 (Photo by Denise Applewhite)
Weekly Bulletin
November 8, 1999
Vol. 89, No. 8
News and features
Human-powered vehicles
Cancer: a complex material

Surviving change

United Way Campaign begins November 10

Sections Calendar Employment Page one Research funding announced ... Athletics
Human-Powered Vehicles
Barrie Royce (r) with Ben Wukasch '03 (back), Brent Bollman '03 (l) and Robert Wuertz '02 (Photo by Denise Applewhite) "The idea is to get students to think about science and engineering as part of real life"
By Steven Schultz By the time students left the second session of MAE 199 this fall, they were sweating. That wasn't because they had spent the last couple hours steeped in problems of physics, fluid dynamics and materials science. It had more to do with sitting on a stationary bicycle and pedaling madly while talking about physics, fluid dynamics and materials science. That's the way it is in Barrie Royce's Human-Powered Vehicles, a class in which the bicycle is as much a teaching tool as the blackboard. The course explores the machines humans have devised to leverage their own strength and propel themselves faster and farther than their own two feet could carry them. It ranges from dugout canoes to human-powered airplanes but focuses on the bicycle. "The idea is to get students to think about science and engineering as something that's part of real life," says Royce, who is professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.

34. Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines! - Bikes Trikes And Choppers Plans
Build recumbent bikes, trikes, and electric vehicles. Complete plans and a forum for builders around the world.
You can build your own bikes, trikes and electric scooters from our downloadable plans! Our plans are made for everyone, from beginners to novice builders.
Our designs only require basic tools and materials that can be found at most hardware stores. All of our plans include many detailed photos and diagrams, and can be easily customized to suit your needs.
Save your money, learn new skills and build your own recumbent bikes, trikes and choppers!
Even if you have never taken a bicycle apart or handled an angle grinder, you can learn all of the skills needed in order to create your own recumbent bike or recumbent trike in a few weekends using inexpensive tools and standard bicycle components. Our plans include many styles of human powered and electric vehicles, and most projects can be built for a fraction of the cost of a new comparable vehicle.
Build a low and fast recumbent tadpole trike, or a sturdy load carrying trike from our plans. You can race local traffic by building a lowracer from our recumbent lowracer plans, or look cool by building one of the radical chopper bicycles from our chopper plans!
None of our bike or trike plans require expensive or hard-to-find parts. You can easily make changes to suit your needs or work with the materials you have on hand. Any standard store welder and a few handheld tools are needed to create your own choppers, custom trikes and recumbent bicycles from our plans, so dive right in and let the sparks fly! Check out some of the free, simple projects and tutorials above if this is your first time building a bike or trike from plans.

35. Category:Human-powered Vehicles - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Subcategories. This category has the following 8 subcategories, out of 8 total.
Category:Human-powered vehicles
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Human-powered vehicles
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Pages in category "Human-powered vehicles"
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36. Nomadic Research Labs
The story and evolution from Behemoth to Microship, water-type HPVs.
Nomadic Research Labs
"Art without engineering is dreaming; engineering without art is calculating." SKR
BEHEMOTH bicycle adventure
(17,000 miles around the US, 1983 to 1991
the kayak
(with location tracking and solar power, 2003-2006)
This is the playground of Steven Roberts, N4RVE, who skipped out of midwest suburbia in 1983 aboard a "computerized recumbent bicycle" and never looked back. Linked from this page are adventure tales, philosophical maunderings, random bloggage, full system designs, technical resources, and how-to material covering a huge range of topics.
In 2009 we opened a store for project spin-offs, boat-hacking goodies, downloadables, and even NRL surplus...
Content on this site has been accumulating for over 20 years, and little treasures are salted away in subdirectories and subdomains that may not be obvious... the search box at the bottom of this page should cover it all. The most recent updates are usually at the Nomadness blog, and real-time news is on Twitter:
Expedition (amphibian pedal/solar/sail micro-trimaran

37. Human Powered Vehicles
It’s been a long time since I was a serious cyclist, but I’m still a sucker for the Tour de France. Maybe it’s schadenfreude, getting to watch some of the best athletes

38. Human Powered Boats
Features photo gallery of categorized watercycles along with a competition and events calendar, classified ads, and a link gallery.

Events Photos Links The term "Human Powered Boat" (HPB) can refer to row boats, paddle boats, pedal boats, canoes, kayaks, surf skis or even rowing shells. The term "WaterCycle", however, almost exclusively refers to a pedal powered boat. We focus on unique and innovative home-built or production manufactured designs involving lightweight and streamlined hulls, pedals, gears, propellers and even hydrofoils, in an effort to continually push the envelope and improve performance. Welcome aboard... Click any picture to visit the Photo Gallery Human Powered Boats Send questions, comments, or requests for more information to the IHPVA Boats Mailing List (free!) is sponsored by Open Water Cycling, Inc.

39. Program: Hpv (updated 10/2/07)
Human powered vehicles range in complexity from amateur homebuilt machines to exotic machines suitable for commuting or touring, such as the Danish Leitra shown below.
Human Power Vehicles - 1 (Program: "hpv")
This exercise is the first of a sequence of six programming exercises based on a common theme (which we will develop and evolve throughout the rest of the quarter) in which we wish to evaluate the performance of human powered vehicles (hpv) for land transportation. Performance refers to the steady state velocity reached versus applied human power under constant specific conditions.
Human powered vehicles have captured the imagination of designers, builders, and riders all over the world, for transportation, load carrying, socializing, racing, and touring. My favorite hpv link is the International Human Powered Vehicle Association site which gives one a glimps into hpv activity throughout the world. A more general directory of cycling related websites is presented in Cycling Resources In 1992, the 200m world human powered land speed record was set by team Cheetah at 68.73mph. This record was broken by Canadian Sam Whittingham during the 2002 Human Powered Speed Championships in Battle Mountain, Nevada at 81.00mph! (This remarkable record has not been broken since - refer to the 2007 World Human Power Speed Challenge history of previous events). During the same event in 2002, Sam's wife

40. International Submarine Races
Annual competition on engineering design featuring university teams. Offers press release archive, newsletters, sponsors and links.
International Submarine Races
Contestants News Sponsors ... Visitor Info
ISR # 11 The Foundation for Underwater Research and Education (FURE) and the ISR Organization announce the dates ofthe at the Naval Surface Warfare Center-Carderock Division, Bethesda, Maryland. Interested parties may continue to contact race officials as listed on the Contacts section of the website.
About the Races
The first human-powered International Submarine Race TM (ISR) was held in 1989 at Singer Island off Riveria Beach, Florida and drew 17 boats. ISR 2 grew to 35 sub team entries in 1991. ISR 3 in 1993 off Ft. Lauderdale drew 44 submarine teams. The 1995 design competition, ISR 4, was the first in a controlled environment. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, David Taylor Model Basin in Bethesda, Maryland became the host of the submarine races. Eleven entries competed. ISR 5 at Carderock in 1997, drew 16 submarine teams Each team must develop a one or two-person "Wet" submarine. Two-person subs must have one person providing the propulsion and the other navigating and steering. Both crew members breathe SCUBA from the air supply carried aboard. Each sub is unique, designed from "scratch," and relies upon novel techniques for propulsion and guidance.The International Submarine Race's TM specific goals are: To inspire students of the various engineering disciplines to delve into broad areas of underwater technology advancement and to provide them an educational experience that translates their theoretical knowledge into reality.

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