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         Human Powered Vehicles:     more books (35)
  1. Submersible Human Powered Research Cycle: SHARC by Joseph Klementovich, 1994
  2. Optimal design of hybrid electric-human powered lightweight transportation by Edwin M Odom, 2001
  3. Sustainable urbanization in megacities: The role of nonmotorized transportation by Amrita G Daniere, 1998
  4. Development of an interface system for the design of submersible internal arrangements and hull forms (U.S.N.A. - Trident Scholar project report) by Kyle T Turco, 1993
  5. Fatalities of heterogeneous street traffic by Joseph Fazio, 1998
  6. Sustainable transportation strategies for third world development by Michael A Replogle, 1988
  7. Are natural gas vehicles in your future?: An article from: Management Quarterly by Scott Welk, Jane Hoge, et all 1994-06-22

41. Human Powered Vehicles
Design alone can affect the energy intensity of personal mobility
Human Powered Vehicles
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The Ground Hugger XR2 recumbent bicycle was recently developed as an in-house project. It takes the idea of lifestyle impacts on energy demand a bit farther. We’ve seen how a sort of "purist" attitude can become a mindset and get people turned on to certain activities. I n the name of fitness, people run until they drop from exhaustion with no actual destination in mind. And smart, educated folks like us do manual labor, like weightlifting and rowing stationary machines, without actually accomplishing anything, other than feeling and looking better. Today, cycling enthusiasts pay $2,000 or more for high-tech bicycles that provide little real additional benefit in actual performance - once you break the $1000-dollar price barrier. Most of the appeal has to do with the pleasure of enjoying fine craftsmanship and beautiful design, and getting turned on to a sort of mental image of what it means to be part of an elite group - to sort of wear the image. So with the right practical support and innovative product design, it’s easy to envision that the idea of combining fresh-air fitness with the need to go somewhere could become the "in" thing to do. It just wouldn’t be cool anymore to use a ton of hardware to travel three miles to work. These are mindset challenges that can be influenced by product design and marketing messages.

42. Decavitator
History, specifications, manufacturing methods and other information related to a human-powered hydrofoil.
Decavitator Human-Powered Hydrofoil
Check out the videos , brush up with the hydrofoil basics , or go to the table of contents for a complete listing of documentation. Please see the reading list for aero/hydro dynamics references. On 27 October 1991, Mark Drela pedalled the human-powered hydrofoil, Decavitator , to a world-record speed of 18.5 knots (9.53 meters/second) over a 100 meter race course on the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts. In the spring of 1993 the Decavitator team was awarded the DuPont prize for the fastest human-powered water craft. This prize was to be awarded to the first team to break 20 knots over a 100 meter course, or to the team with the fastest speed on record as of 31 December 1992. A Little Background Information... The trek to the world record flight began in 1988 as Daedalus team members Marc Schafer and Bryan Sullivan returned from Greece. At that time they decided to build a human-powered vehicle (HPV) that an armchair athlete could operate. Marc initiated a student-run project (under MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program - UROP) with funding from the MIT SeaGrant program. When the $25 000 DuPont Prize was announced in 1989, the goals of the project changed and speed became the primary objective. For the rest of the story, see the history page.

43. Articles About Human Powered Vehicles - Los Angeles Times
Human Powered Vehicles News. Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Human Powered Vehicles from the Los Angeles Times

44. Mike's Boating Page
Photographs of different kinds of human powered boats and stories about outings and races with them.
Family Member Web Sites Hobbies Web Cam History Personal Info ... My Employer Bicycling Computers Kinetic Sculpture Racing Boating Human Powered Vehicles Photography ... Inventing Welding E-books GPS

Welcome to Mike's Boating Page
My son Christopher aboard our Escapade pedal boat.
Richard Ehrlich
towing 6 year old Lauren Ball behind his Current Designs Kawak using Bob Stuart 's Spin Fin pedal prop drive unit. Here is another picture of it. Richard can tow Lauren about 30 meters at a time. Here is the boat I used to cross Puget Sound from Alki Beach to Bainbridge Island and back with the Sound Rowers racers in 1999. Since then I've crossed the Sound many times in my Escapade and Cadence
My Boats
Escapade and Cadence Paddle Wheelers Festivals Lake Chelan 1999 canoe Cowichan Bay 1995 Budd Inlet, 1999 ... Cowichan Bay 2000 Stories YA Paddlewheel Axle Photos Cow Bay Links Stories YA's First Race More Cow Bay Links Stories Pt. Defiance Kayak Symposium 2005 Web Log (blog) 2005-now For a list of Frequently Asked Escapade Questions , go here . For a list of Frequently Asked Cadence Questions , go here Here is a comparison shot of the Harken and Escapade pedal/prop drive units.

45. Human Powered Vehicles
Personal development extends beyond the 8 hour workday at WSM. Engineer Chris Clouser invested nearly 1000 hours of his personal time developing and building this exotic HPV.
Human Powered Vehicles
Personal development extends beyond the 8 hour work-day at WSM . Engineer Chris Clouser invested nearly 1000 hours of his personal time developing and building this exotic HPV. The skills he developed during this project will be invaluable in serving WSM customers. Engineers at WSM are encouraged to pursue personal projects in order to enhance both theoretical and practical skills. Many of the parts on this vehicle were made by Chris in WSM 's in-house prototype facility. Few companies remain where the engineers are able to spend time in the shop. We feel that it essential that our engineers be able to exhibit a practical side to their design abilities in order produce an easier-to-manufacture and more reliable product. This extreme machine is a recumbent, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, independent suspension mountain bike. The vehicle weighs about 50 lb depending on accessories. It has anywhere from 6 to 13 inches of travel depending on shocks and mounting configuration. It is a working prototype which exhibits the function of several innovative new concepts. Several aspects of this vehicle are still under development. Equal length A-arms were chosen for their ability to perfectly control camber throughout the entire range of travel at degrees of roll (body roll being minimized by rider technique). Bump steer has been accounted for, and the steering is a near perfect Ackerman. Caster, camber, and toe is fully adjustable as is the seating.

46. Penninger Radio
Precision machining, design, build, fabrication and welding, Pro-Cut, Traveler Trike
Penninger Radio has moved to
PenningerRadio .com Welcome to
A Penninger Group company A new name for an old company Penninger Group has purchased TelComm Systems
of northern Alabama
and will operate in Illinois as
for the distribution of wire and cable. If you work on towers, electrical installations, communication infrastructure, or are a independent contractor using wire or cable, then We are the best source for your needs. (wholesale only)
Contact Information:
Telephone Fax Postal address
911 Atlantic Dr.
West Chicago, IL 60185
Electronic mail
General Information: PennComm

47. Rezachek & Associates' Energy & Environmental Resources - Human Powered Vehicles
Information about various types of human powered vehicles. Rezachek Associates' Energy Environmental Resources Human Powered Vehicles Page 1
Human Powered Vehicles - Page 1 Aqua-Cycle Watersport Products Aqua-Cycle Watersport Products are turning heads from Florida to California to Cape Cod and from Bora Bora to Hawaii to the Cayman Islands. Unique, fun, safe, and rugged are their trademarks. Made of tough Space Age Polymer (polyethylene plastic) to withstand sun, rain, salt water, abrasions and rental abuse, Aqua-Cycle Watersport Products are found on beaches, bays and marinas where only rugged products can survive. Australian National Pedal Prix The Australian National Pedal Prix is a competition where teams design and construct a human powered vehicle (HPV) and test it for a 24-hour period under race conditions. The HPV is mechanically similar to a bicycle - the driver sits in a seat and uses pedals to move it along. In addition, there are some hybrid vehicles in the competition, which also contain an alternate power source, such as an internal combustion engine or a solar powered electrical engine. The HPV isdriven on a bitumized road surface, and is seen as a viable form of transport for people seeking a healthy lifestyle. Bicycle Links O' Rama Links to bicycle companies, components, races, etc.

48. Human-powered Vehicles Topics At Duck Duck Go
Baggage cart Baggage carts, luggage carts or trolleys are small vehicles pushed by travelers to carry individual luggage, mostly suitcases.

49. Recumbent Rides & Clubs By Cycle America
Directory listing of recumbent bicycle rides and clubs in the US by Cycle America the NBG in action.
Regular Recumbent Group Rides (US)
(clubs noted in italics)
Arizona California Colorado ... Find a Ride Partner(s)
  • Alabama/Georgia (north state)
  • Monthly rides - 1st Saturday each month, 9AM CST from Hokes Bluff, AL city hall. Dave Burgess: 205-492-3454, Arizona
  • Tucson area : .We ride almost every weekend and welcome new members as well as visitors from out of town. Our rides average 25 - 35 miles and usually include breakfast either in the middle of the ride or at the end. Tucson R.I.D.E.R.. (Riding In Desert Environment Recumbent) .. Contact Bruce Tucker at 520-299-7146 or
  • Phoenix/Scottsdale area : Rides every Thursday evening at 6:30pm and Saturday morning at 8am. Thursday rides 15-20 miles, Saturday rides 20+ miles. Pace is conversational and no one gets left behind. All rides include a meal stop. Second and fourth Thursday and Saturday of each month start from Bike Emporium / Dr. Bike
  • Phoenix/Scottsdale area First, Third and Fifth Thursday and Saturday of the month start from Recumbent Central BRAG (Bent Riders Arizona Group).

50. Big Cat HPV - Creators Of Catrike And Catbike - Recumbent Trikes And Bikes
Designs, makes and markets a recumbent trike for the United States. Information on products, photo gallery, and contacts. Based in Orlando, Florida.
Dealer Login - Catrike dealers enter your exclusive area to place orders and check status of orders and shipments. Phone:

51. The Termite Taxi
Plans to build a quality homebuilt recumbent without welding. Features brief overview, specifications and contact information.

52. Recumbent Bike,hpv, Best Bikes For Health And Exercise.
Recumbent history, homemade bikes, description of different styles, events, streamliner racing.
The recumbent bike brings out the kid in you!
What in the world was that? A recumbent(HPV) what? Who's ever heard of a recumbent bike?
Recumbent bike,HPV,health, exercise, fast, bent bikes, bicycles, recumbent bicycles, comfortable bike
When you think about riding bikes, does it really rock your boat? Is there really anything that excites you, or gets your juices flowing? Well, probably not, if you're thinking about the typical bike. I'm talking about that bike that almost everyone has hanging from the rafter in the garage. You know the one I mean. The same one you have, and your neighbor down the street, that you get out on Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day for a quick spin around the block. Then it's back to its well reserved place hanging from the rafter again. Why is that? Aside from the fact the seat is usually uncomfortable after about 15 minutes, and that the legs are not in real good shape, it's possible there aren't many other reasons. So the key word here is… comfort! Right? Come on…admit it! If it's not comfortable what's the fun in that! So what's my point here? I thought you'd never ask.

53. Human Powered Vehicles (HPV)
1635 Quequeg TNBT, Gabriola Island, BC, Canada, V0R 1X5 Phone (250) 2478379 Fax (250) 247-8361
1635 Quequeg TNBT, Gabriola Island, BC, Canada, V0R 1X5
Phone: (250) 247-8379 Fax: (250) 247-8361
Human Powered Vehicles (HPV)
Mr. Georgi Georgiev's initial first passion was creating Human Powered Vehicles. From his world renowned background and training in sculpting, Georgi knew he would be able to conquer the world of Human Powered Vehicles with state of the art designs and creations that would be untouchable! With his Varna Team riders, Georgi set off to establish his reputation within the Human Powered Vehicles' elite. Since Georgi's conception and creation of his first Varna HPV, Team Varna immediately won world record after world record. Mr. Georgi Georgiev has won so many world records with the creations of his HPV's that he has astounded the elite in this sport and firmly established Team Varna as the premier leader in technology and design to this day! Team Varna's World records have NOT been surpassed! The IHPVA (International Human Powered Vehicle Association) is an association of national associations and organizations, dedicated to promoting improvement, innovation and creativity in the use of human power, especially in the design and development of human-powered vehicles. The HPVA is the former IHPVA and now the association for USA, Canada, and still for all English-speaking individuals worldwide who do not have their own national association. Design by JPH Studio

54. Ryan Owners Club - Home
A source of information for owners of recumbent bicycles built and/or designed by Ryan Recumbent Cycles.
Welcome to the Ryan Owners Club! News: Len Vreeland Roger Pierce finally has a page here on the site too! David Harris has his own page after a similar delay! • Ryan Owners Club co-founder Bob "WolverBob" Krzewinski has updated the tips page Photos of Tony Yerex's Gulfstream bike next to his Gulfstream jet! great pictures of their very nice Vanguards This site was created by Bob Krzewinski (of the WolverBents recumbent rider group) and Paul Bruneau as a source of information for owners of bicycles designed or built by Ryan Recumbent Cycles. Owners of similar bikes (such as Longbikes, Infinity, DeFelice and of course, the father of them all, the Avatar 2000) may find some good information here, too. To help with some of this information, we have set up a Yahoo! Group called " ryanownersclub ". Membership is open to anyone. There is a mailing list, but archived messages can also be read at the group page. The Ryan Owners Club also has a database , which we can use as a kind of a guestbook that will provide information about the bikes that are out there. It is one of Paul's goals to learn as much about the different Ryan (and Avatar) bikes as possible (things like how many are still in service, which serial numbers were built when, etc.) Paul has been able to gather a good deal of material that he hopes to add to the site over time. In the beginning, the History section will have a large amount of material, which is going to grow. The scrapbook section is starting to be loaded with pictures related to our favorite bike.

55. Mike's Human Powered Vehicle Page
The following are pointers to Human Powered Vehicles (HPV's), in which I have a bit of interest Some MPEG movies of videos I took at the 1994 Human Powered Flight Symposium in
Family Member Web Sites Hobbies Web Cam History Personal Info ... My Employer

Welcome to Mike's Human Powered Vehicle Page
Bicycling Computers Kinetic Sculpture Racing Boating Human Powered Vehicles Photography ... Inventing Welding E-books GPS The following are pointers to Human Powered Vehicles (HPV's), in which I have a bit of interest:
Some MPEG movies of videos I took at the 1994 Human Powered Flight Symposium in Seattle: Yuri Helicopter , and the Oregon Helicopter (9 MB). A movie of the Pogo Foil (15MB) is also available. Click on the photo icons above for a much faster download from YouTube!
I took some MPEG movies at the Great Port Townsend Bay Kinetic Sculpture Race Oct. 1996. The parade (17MB) , the road race (22MB) , and the water entry (45MB) can all be seen. Click on the photo icons above for a much faster download via YouTube!
Here are some pictures I took at that race. Here is a link to the 2002 Human Powered World Speed Championships , held in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Lots of interesting photos, etc. Here are the only movies on the web of which I am aware showing some of the human powered aircraft from the Japanese Birdman Rally at Lake Biwa from a few years ago: movie 1 movie 2 movie 3 movie 4 5MB, and

56. Steve's Homebuilt Wood Framed Recumbent Bicycle - Recumbent Bike Share
Images and construction details of two custom, wooden recumbent bikes.




... Contact
Update! This portion of the ManyTracks site is now in "Archive Mode"
Content is current through the spring of 2010 but I will no longer be updating or accepting submissions. Too many other fun things going on.
A special thanks to all of you who have contributed to this site! A few years ago I decided that I absolutely had to have a recumbent bicycle but being a humble homesteader-type it was obvious that if I was going to ride a recumbent I'd have to build it myself. Since I am a wood worker with limited welding skills, it seemed logical to build my bike out of wood. What followed was the construction of two wood-framed recumbents; first 'Woody' and a bit later, 'TreeBike' and below you'll find links to the documentation of these two projects. What is Recumbent Share? Recumbent Share is a spot where recumbent bike home-builders are sharing their bikes with you! Check it out For now though, this part of our site is being devoted primarily to all those home builders who have sent in photos and stories of their recumbent creations. I hope you enjoy seeing and reading about these fine and very personal creations.

57. Category:Human-powered Vehicles - Wikimedia Commons
Media in category Humanpowered vehicles The following 9 files are in this category, out of 9 total.
Category:Human-powered vehicles
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58. Recumbent Bike, Trike, And Exercise Fitness Bicycles
Purchase support for recumbents in form of in-depth-reviews, resources, manufacturer and dealer directory, parts and accessories listings.
@import url( ); // 26f2c0bd88ed1fe0be78a57439b97490 vz.graphicsDir = ''; vz.outlineType = 'rounded-white';
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Recumbent Bicycle Manufacturers
Who Makes Recumbent Bikes?
Recumbent Trikes
For many the quest to discover what's out there will lead directly to recumbent bicycle manufacturer's sites. Bicycle dealers with experience and broad lines can be few and far between for those of us not fortunate enough to live in the few hotbeds of Recumbent Bike activity. Want to know what that bike weighs? Convert ... 8 comments
Recumbent Tricycles
Who makes Recumbent Trikes?
Note: You may want to visit the Bike Manufactures page as well, as some make both and this page is primarily listings for Trike Companies.
  • Cat Trike - aka Big Cat Human Powered Vehicles, LLC. This is one sweet little Trike! And this is the first site I've come across that really knows how to showcase their product - PICTURES. Hi-resolution pictures of the Trike frame more
Parts and Wheels
List of Parts and Wheel manufacturers
  • Aero Spoke Wheels - Aerospoke is one of the most recognized and respected names in composite wheels Alex Rims - manufacturer of bicycle rims.

59. Human Powered Vehicles
Would you like to try a different sort of bike/ trike? Are you a lie back and enjoy it sort of a person? Have you ever been on a recumbent cycle?
RETURN TO TRADING INDEX Would you like to try a different sort of bike/ trike? Are you a lie back and enjoy it sort of a person? Have you ever been on a recumbent cycle? Do the following appeal to you?
  • No more wrist strain
  • No more backache
  • No more neckache.
  • No more saddle soreness
YES? The cycling position on recumbent bikes and trikes offer:
  • High levels of physical comfort whilst cycling
  • Relaxed riding position
  • High visibility on the road compared to a conventional bike
Why not try out a recumbent or two as an extension to a Site Visit or as a dedicated day? We can offer: ˝ /1 day hire, initial tuition, pre- planned routes on minor roads using the following machines.
2 Wheels
Flevo Bike
The Ross Recumbent
3 Wheels
4 Wheels
Brox is the human powered vehicle
Also available upright trike ( Pashley Premier) and other conventional bikes. Longer term hire by arrangement.

60. Thoughts And Ideas Over Building A Trike
Guide to building custom recumbent trike with pictures and links to needed resources.
Thoughts over building a trike
This is nothing less than as simple story about me building a trike. Whit this telling I will try to give you some advises on the road to a homebuilt bike. Do not just read this story, there is plenty on the internet. In the end of this document, there are additional links to more homebuilders with their hints and advice. Do look on them too. Even on those who have built two-wheelers. Certain things in this document are applicable on two-wheelers too, but because of the fact that I have built a three-wheeler it do goes like this. You do not have to read about Ackermann to build a two-wheeler, but you do have to read Bicycle Steering Geometry and An Introduction to Bicycle Geometry and Handling.
Really boring but so important... What should it look like?
There are two sorts of Trikes, Tadpole or Delta
Find someone who has already built the one you want to build and is willing to share his drawings, or go and buy the drawings from a trike manufacturer (could be expensive). The advantage you get by choosing something somebody already has built is that it is already tested (hopefully). You do get fewer errors.
Decide everything about your bike. Decide what equipment you would like it to have before you start building it.

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