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         Human Powered Vehicles:     more books (35)
  1. Human-Powered Vehicles by Allan V. Abbott, David Gordon Wilson, 1995-07
  3. Toronto Islands: Toronto, Lake Ontario, Toronto Harbour, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Quadracycle (Human- Powered Vehicle)
  4. A more practical HPV.(INPUT OUTPUT)(human powered vehicles): An article from: Mechanical Engineering-CIME by Jeffrey Winters, 2010-08-01
  5. Second International Human Powered Vehicle Scientific Symposium by International Human Powered Vehicle Association, 1983-01-01
  6. Human-Powered Vehicles: Bicycle, Rickshaw, Unicycle, Human-Powered Transport, Bobsleigh, Luge, Kayak, Sled, Canoe, Galley
  7. Human Power: Human-Powered Vehicles, Human Power Devices, Bicycle, Rickshaw, Unicycle, Human-Powered Transport, Bobsleigh, Luge, Kayak, Sled
  8. Freight Bicycle: Bicycle, Tricycle, Human- powered transport, Hawker (trade), Bicycle trailer, Boda- boda, Cycle rickshaw, Quadracycle (human- powered vehicle), Pashley Cycles
  9. Bike Cult: The Ultiamte Guide to Human-Powered Vehicles by David B. Perry, 1995-01-01
  10. Unicycle: Human-Powered Vehicle, Single-Track Vehicle,Bicycle, Penny-Farthing,Crankset,Bicycle Pedal
  11. First International Human Powered Vehicle Scientific Symposium by International Human Powered Vehicle Association, 1982-01-01
  12. Bike Cult: The Ultimate Guide to Human-Powered Vehicles by David B. Perry, 1995-07
  14. Assisted human powered vehicles and velomobiles - wettergeschutzte Elektrofahrrader: Proceedings of the 4th Velomobile Seminar Assisted Human Powered Vehicles", ... Interlaken, Switzerland, August 18, 1999

81. Handbike Austria
European Handbike Circuit - Austria; race schedule, reports, pictures, results, handcycle rules, archive
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82. U.S. Handcycling - U.S. Handcycling
National governing body of American handcycling.
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Handcycle Season Opener Returns to Florida in February
Thursday, 21 October 2010 17:16 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: with Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) and Invacare/Top End, a leading maker of premium handcycles and racing wheelchairs, to create the “Top End/PVA Euro-America Marathon Championships.” The event will be held on February 6, 2011 and will be competed in conjunction with the latter stages of the running marathon. Details on the overall event and online entry information can be found at The Top End/PVA Euro-America Marathon Championships will offer racers a total cash purse of $5,000.00 and is expected to draw some of the world’s very best handcyclists to what organizers foresee to become a staple event not only for the world’s best but also for emerging handcyclists. The handcycling championships will have separate male and female divisions as well as divisions for Masters and Quadriplegic competitors. “The Top End/PVA handcycling event was one of the best and most inspirational elements of our marathon weekend last year,”

83. OzHPV Home Page
Organized HPV events in Australia. Includes event information and schedule.
Local info Hot Topics
Welcome to the website of OzHPV.
OzHPV is the national association of human power vehicle enthusiasts in Australia, mainly recumbent cycle riders, who have a keen interest in human powered vehicles (HPVs). We conduct local social rides as well as , have a bi-monthly newsletter and participate in social issues relating to transport. There are thriving OzHPV groups in many locations. HPV riders have a free spirit and this spirit is alive and well in Australia. Our intention is to promote HPV's as a way to travel and as a way of reducing polluting motorised transport. . This page was last modified:

84. The Recumbent Bicycle And Human Powered Vehicle Information Center
The only racing series in the United States for recumbent and Human Powered Vehicles (HPVs). Includes events calendar, overview and history, along with information regarding the .deciMach Prize For Human Powered Speed.
Buyers Guide Forums Information Buy/Sell Communities Build/Tech Racing Site
The only racing series in America for Recumbent and Human Powered Vehicles Race Results and Pictures Rules and Classes Calendar of Events Contact the HPRA ... HPV Records Anybody can participate in these races. No licenses required. Below are examples of some of the racing classes:
Stock class - No fairings allowed
Super Stock Class - Only front or rear fairing
Super Street Class (type 2)
Streamliners - Any amount of fairing
Womens class - No fairings allowed
Trike class - 2 wheels in front or back Site hosting provided courtesy of

85. Cycle Rickshaw
An idea for modernising cycle rickshaw or human powered vehicle. Reduces operator fatigue by converting sideways movement into forward momentum.

86. HPV Deutschland E.V. - HPB
A non-profit portal for the Human Powered Vehicle Society provided by Delft Waterbike Technology, The Netherlands. Features racing events calendar, press releases and articles, design information, teams and boats, and links.
Human Powered Boats Championships Homepage
Small HPB Championships Hamburg 2008 - klick here

World HPB Championships Rostock 2007 - klick here

European HPB Championships Wackersdorf 2006 - klick here

General Information - English version
Allgemeine Informationen - deutsche Version

87. Home Page For Victorian Human Powered Vehicle Community
Located in Victoria, Australia, and includes ride information, member photos, and links.
News Rides Ride Reports Members ... Calendar Latest Steve Nurse's new book! "An Illustrated Guide to the Cycling Zoo" Check it out below. If you have any ads or items that have sold please let know. For Sales Anyone wanting to add ride reports or add photos of their bikes please contact
Home Page
Welcome to the Human Powered Vehicle Community in Victoria, Australia
A new book on cycling and recumbents
NEW! One of our members, Stephen Nurse, has self-published a book about the topics he loves most - cycling and recumbents. Its called "An Illustrated Guide to the Cycling Zoo" and you can see a bit more about it on our For Sales page.
Come and Try days
The usual Come and Try Day is on the first Sunday of the month at St Kilda Pier. See rides page. Please join our active mailing list at vichpv on yahoo groups. You will need to create a yahoo ID. **Note this site is being gradually updated. Please contact the if you have a question** VicHPV Community is a website for Victorian's interested in Human Powered Vehicles or Recumbent bikes. Most members of the community are also members of OzHPV,

88. An Index Of Quadcycles
Focused on the proliferation and improvement of the 4 wheeled bike. Features links to manufacturers and related resources to earth conscious types of transportation.

89. Variable Exercise Bicycle
Offers overview and photo gallery of a cable-driven bike with independent pedals and an infinite array of gear ratios. It is useful as a rehabilitation tool. Features videos on the bike and riding.
Variable Exercise Bicycle
(Click On Photos For Full Screen Views)
Phone, USA: (808) 572-9712
In this view the pedal plates are rotated to their extreme clockwise position (fourth notch on the top of the pedal plates), the pedal shafts are fully extended, and the seat and handlebars are rearward. the small separation of the axis of hip rotation of the rider from that of the pedal shafts results in most of the leg movement being in the hips and focused on the gluteus maximus and the lower abdominal muscles. The pedals can be moved alternately (as shown) in order to simulate no-impact running exercises. They can also be moved together in the same direction resulting in torque being transmitted to the upper body. This torque can be resisted by triceps, biceps, deltoids, pectorals, abdominal muscles, erectors ect. To effect a complete upper body workout.
The pedal shafts have been shortened, the pedal plates are in the extreme counter-clockwise position (first notch), and the seat and handlebars are forward. With this geometry there is a large separation between the axis of the hips of the rider and that of the pedal shafts so there is greater involvement of the quadriceps and biceps femoris muscles that extend and flex the knees. Also the upper abdominal muscles are more involved as the pedal lift is higher.
This is a close-up of the two pulleys on the right side of the rear hub. They are equipped with internal roller clutches which transmit torque to the rear wheel only in the forward direction and free-wheel when turned rearward. The inner pulley engages the rear hub on the pedal downstroke only and it has two slots. The diameter of the inner slot is approximately twice as large as that of the outer one. In this case the downstroke cable is positioned in the large-diameter inner slot which effects a low-gear range that makes it possible to climb very steep hills. Once a hill is crested and the gear ratio increased, subsequent pedal downstrokes automatically return the cable to the smaller, high gear slot. There is no chance of the cables slipping on the pulleys as they are positively locked by knotted ends.

90. June Moxon
The sculptures race at events throughout the USA. Judged for art, engineering, pageantry and speed, these vehicles race on mud, pavement, sand, and water.

91. Human Powered
The discussion of any type of equipment or transportation using human muscles, usually leg muscles with cranks and chains. This includes generators, mills, drills, presses, boats, planes, and land vehicles.
Solar Hydro Wind Biofuel ... Search
The discussion of any type of equipment or transportation using human muscles, usually leg muscles with cranks and chains. This includes generators, mills, drills, presses, boats, planes, and land vehicles. If a human muscle powers it, it's on topic. -
Pedal Power: Spinning for the Future at CCAT
By Ben Erickson Pedal power energy has been in use since the nineteenth century. Pedal power uses the most powerful muscles in the body: the quads, hamstrings, and calves. When pedaling in a circular motion at sixty to eighty revolutions per minute, with the use of toe clips, almost every muscle in the human legs can be used to make energy. Ninety-five percent of the exertion put into pedal power is converted into energy. The average rider at a continuous road speed of twelve miles per hour can produce a quarter horsepower, or enough energy to light two, one hundred-watt light bulbs (Wilson 1977). The average, fit, adult rider can produce only 75 watts or 1/10hp when

92. Team-Y-Knot, 2010/1
Contains pictures, movies and commentary of their projects. The first sculpture, Chips N Dips, ran in the 2002 Arcata to Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Race.
Team-Y-Knot's Still Going! That's right folks! We're still at it in 2010!
What is it you ask? It's a race of human/wind/gravity/sun and/or
friendly extraterrestrial powered kinetic sculptures. Here's a link for the race:
It's been a while! Team-Y-Knot's been at it thru 2010!
We built a new smaller lighter faster craft first run in 2007.
Shown here as Raiders of the Lost Art, going down Dead Man's.
Here's one from this year as Yeti Andretti, after just finishing the race, 3rd place speed!
4th year's stories.

3rd year's stories.

2nd year's stories.
1st year's stories. ...
Other links.
All for now, Veg

93. Home, HTML Redirection Example
Features news, photos and competition information on the school s bid to compete and set the world speed record.

94. The North American Velomobilist Website
The velomobile self-contained, fully (or semi-) enclosed bicycle-based vehicles. Commercial acquisition sources as well as roll-your-own designs and construction techniques.
The North American Velomobilist Website Created by Ethan Davis What is a velomobile? Here are a few pictures of some of the most commonly found commercially manufactured velomobiles. Click on the picture for a link to the velomobile's homepage
Although velomobiles are currently being used by some people in Europe as a practical and environmentally responsible means of personal transportation, there are very few being used in North America. I feel that the velomobile has a role to play here in North America as well. If you agree, this website is intended as a resource to help you in obtaining a velomobile for your own use whether you decide to build it yourself, or buy a road ready machine. To make it more user friendly, I've rearranged the website and provided intra-site links organized in the outline format below. Please click on the Earth icon above for a more in depth introduction This past Summer I got to test ride the new Mango VM by - good stuff! (photo courtesy Erik Wannee) Feel free to Email me with comments or suggestions regarding this website.

95. Recumbents And Technomadics
Offers an extensive list of home pages of recumbent riders around the globe. Also, features articles and views of the author, along with videos of various bents.
If you've seen my .sig, you'll probably know that I have a recumbent bike. If you'd like to see some pictures of a wide assortment of 'bents, and other Human Powered Vehicles, check out the International Human Powered Vehicle Association as well as Mark Matarella's new (well, new when added the link...) site. You may also wish to check out the home pages of some fellow recumbent riders. (As of early '97, it has upwards of 100 people on it.) If you wish, you can read my FAQ on these rather weird bikes that tend to get one's picture in the paper. (The IHPVA FAQ was originally based on this one.) And here is a post I made to the HPV list in July '94 entitled, "New 'Bent Owner's Comments Log." I was rather surprised recently to see the results of a Webcrawler search on the word "recumbent." A picture of a Back to Back Recumbent from the Smithsonian Magazine. There's also a very nice website for the magazine, Bicycle Culture Quarterly. And Recumbent Cyclist News, which is very popular among recumbent riders, has recently (late '96) put up a page, too. HPV Mailing list archive A little experiment.

96. 1st Recumbent Wing
Devoted to designing and building recumbent bikes. 3D CAD graphics of various recumbent designs. Links to builder resources.
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97. Recumbent Bicycles, Bents, Trikes, Hpv!
Cycle America resource site featuring adult tricycles, three and four wheelers, dealers, streamliners, fairings, windscreens, recliners, laid back bicycles

98. My BikeE Recumbent Bike
A page about my BikeE recumbent bicycle, with many BikeE and Santa Cruz (California) bicycling links.

Sadly , BikeE, formerly the world's largest recumbent bike manufacturer, went out of business in August 2002. I continue to ride and this page continues to be about the BikeE, and as BikeE was the closest thing there's ever been to a mass-market recumbent, you'll still see a fair number of BikeEs around in general. Even though, again, BikeE has been out of business for eight years, used BikeEs are still easy to find , and people continue to seek them out due to their comfort, ease of use, style, and low price. However, if you're looking for a bike similar to the BikeE in terms of being a basic, low-cost, easy-to-ride recumbent, but from a manufacturer that's still in business and able to support it, I recommend that you check out the Easy Racers EZ-1 or the Cycle Genius Sparrow In September of 1998 I bought a used purple BikeE recumbent bike through the BikeRoute classifieds , and have been having a lot of fun with it ever since. This is the basic "

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