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         Hwa Rang Do:     more detail
  1. Hwa Rang Do: Defend, Take Down, Submit by Mark Cheng; Taejoon Lee, 2005-12-30
  2. The Ancient Martial Art of Hwarang Do - Volume 2 by Joo Bang Lee, 1978-04-27
  3. The Ancient Martial Art of Hwarang Do - Volume 1 by Joo Bang Lee, 1978-04-27
  4. The Ancient Martial Art of Hwarang Do - Volume 3 by Joo Bang Lee, 1978-04-27
  5. HWA RANG DO Student Manual by Dr. Joo Bang Lee, 1996
  6. Research about Han (Korean) race and the educational idea of Hwa Rang Do =: Hanminjok kwa Hwarangdo kyoyuk sasang e kwanhan yŏnʾgu by Keun-Suk Yang, 1985
  7. Hwa-Rang and Chung-Mu of Tae Kwon Do Hyung by Jhoon Rhee, 1973-07-01
  8. Hwa-Rang and Chung-Mu of Take Kwon Do Hyung by Jhoon Rhee, 1973
  9. Chon-ji / Won-hyo and Yul-kok / Tan-gun and To-san / Chung-gun and Toi-gye / Hwa-rang and Chung-mu of Tae Kown Do Hyung by Jhoon; Alvarez, Roberto (translator v1) Rhee, 1963
  10. Hwa-Rang and Chung-Mu of Tae Kwon Do Hyung by Jhoon Rhee, 1977

1. Hwa Rang Do - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Hwa Rang Do is a Korean martial art that was created by Dr. Joo Bang Lee and his brother Joo Sang Lee. This martial art teaches and encourages fighting techniques, weapons
Hwa Rang Do
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article needs additional citations for verification
Please help improve this article by adding reliable references . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed (August 2007) This article has been nominated to be checked for its neutrality . Discussion of this nomination can be found on the talk page (December 2007) This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards Please improve this article if you can. The talk page may contain suggestions. (July 2007) This article may need to be wikified to meet Wikipedia's quality standards . Please help by adding relevant internal links , or by improving the article's layout (February 2010) Hwa Rang Do Hangul Hanja Revised Romanization Hwarangdo McCune–Reischauer Hwarangdo Hwa Rang Do is a Korean martial art that was created by Dr. Joo Bang Lee and his brother Joo Sang Lee. This martial art teaches and encourages fighting techniques, weapons, spiritual training, intellectual enhancement, and artistic pursuits. It has a very involved technique structure.
edit History
The name Hwa Rang Do is Korean for "The way of the Flowering Knights". It was named after the Hwarang, an elite youth order of the Silla kingdom during the

2. Hwa Rang Do | Encyclopedia
Hwa Rang Do is a Korean martial art that was created by Dr. Joo Bang Lee and his brother Joo Sang Lee. This martial art teaches and encourages fighting techniques, weapons, spiritual

3. Hwa Rang Do Wisconsin (
School located in Madison, Wisconsin. This location is also the Midwest Headquarters of Hwa Rang Do. Include history, links, newsletter, and contact information.

4. UWEC Hwa Rang Do / Tae Soo Do
Welcome. Welcome to the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire branch of the World Hwa Rang Do Association. Our organization is led by our head instructor Alex Wittig.
Welcome Welcome to the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire branch of the World Hwa Rang Do Association. Our organization is led by our head instructor: Alex Wittig. The UWEC Hwa Rang Do / Tae Soo Do club is one of the longest running campus clubs. First started in 1994, it is also the second longest running facility for the martial art in the Midwest. Hwa Rang Do is one of the most comprehensive martial arts programs in existence. We train in everything from Basic Self Defense to Full Sparring programs, including Grappling, Open Hand Fighting, and Weapon Fighting. Hwa Rang Do can trace its martial tradition back 2000 years to the Silla Dynasty in Korea, while its structured martial art program has been around since 1960. The main focus of our training is in personal excellence and growth on all levels.
Classes are held in the wrestling room of the McPhee Center. Enter through the doors near the parking lot, go down the first set of stairs on the left, turn left, then right around the corner is the wrestling room.
Questions? Email

5. For Information About Hwa Rang Do In Chicago
School offers instruction in Hwa Rang Do, and its undergraduate program Tae Soo Do. Includes history, class schedule, philosophy, training principles, instructors, and contacts.
Martial - Healing Art of Nobility Our Masters
Welcome to the Ancient Art of Hwa Rang Do
The tradition of the Hwarang warrior combat skills have been passed down continuously for 58 generations. These skills began in the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla some 2,000 years ago, where they were used by the elite guard to unify the Korean peninsula for the first time. Many generations later, these skills were passed secretly (1392-1960) from master to student in the secluded mountains of Korea. Beginning in the year 1942, Suahm Dosa, a hermit monk, began teaching two brothers, Joo Bang Lee and Joo Sang Lee, in this all encompassing art. Hwa Rang Do teaches all aspects of self-defense, plus a multitude of strategies and tactics. Equally important is that Hwa Rang Do teaches integrity and personal responsibility by emphasizing the balance of mind and body. Hwa Rang Do helps to maximize the students sense of self-discipline, honor, and respect. Hwa Rang Do/Tae Soo Do Facilities in Chicago are currently located at University of Chicago and University of Illinois You can also find Hwa Rang Do / Tae Soo Do in Urbana/Champaign, IL

6. Martial Arts - HWA RANG DO EAST COAST - KOREAN MARTIAL ARTS - 908-964-1020
ABOUT HWA RANG DO Hwa Rang Do is both a martial and healing art. The martial system combines hard and soft techniques including kicks, hand strikes, throws, joint locks
Hwa Rang Do is both a martial and healing art.
The martial system combines hard and soft techniques including kicks, hand strikes, throws, joint locks, grappling, weapons, and more. Practitioners learn how to fight standing up from a distance and in close, as well as on the ground. Yet Hwa Rang Do is more than just an effective method of personal combat and self-protection. It is a traditional martial art through which one can develop her or his mental acuity to the fullest, thereby achieving harmony of mind, body and spirit. Battle of the Orient XXIII
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Saturday, 9 October 2010
Union High School Gymnasium 2400 North Third Street Union, New Jersey 07083 Download HRD Battle Packet
with Registration Forms.

7. Hwa Rang Do® Portland Club
School in Portland Oregon. Includes history, instructor profile, and class schedule.
contact us
We have moved to a new location! See Schedule and Location for details.

8. HwaRangDo Phoenix - Hwa Rang Do
Korean Martial Arts Academies in Phoenix Arizona Hwa Rang Do Tae Soo Do
Celebrating 28 years of teaching! Welcome To Please select your connection speed: Phoenix Academy News: HWA RANG DO PHOENIX ACADEMIES CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US NORTH PHOENIX ::: 623-412-3136 ::: EMAIL: Website Design By:
Updated By: Ari Asulin

9. Hwa Rang Do East Coast - Long Island
This academy is the official New York headquarters in Long Island, New York. Includes photo album, school directory, and contact information.
Click here to go to MasterCard Website 3240 Sunrise Highway East Islip, NY 11730

10. Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters
Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Tae Soo Do Martial Art World Headquarters Home page
Hwa Rang Do Tae Soo Do
Korean Martial Arts' Lineage
Korean Martial Arts:
HwaRangDo, TaeSooDo, TaeKwonDo,YuDo, HapKiDo, GumDo, SsiRum, TaeKyon. Japanese Martial Arts: KarateDo, Kempo, JuJitsu, AiKiDo, KenDo, JuDo, OkinawaTe Chinese Martial Arts: Kung Fu, TaiChiChuan, Wushu Philippine Martial Arts: Escrima, Kali Thai Martial Arts: Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) Other Martial Arts Savate, Boxing, Wrestling, Sambo World Headquarters
13762 Newport Ave. Suite #201
Second Floor
Tustin, CA. 92780
Phone:(714)731-5425(KICK) Fax:(714)731-5420

11. Learn About Hwa Rang Do - A Centuries-Old Martial Art From Korea
Japan, China, and Korea, as well as a number of other Asian countries in the Far East, are famous for being the birthplace of many of today's bestknown martial arts. More

12. Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy, Complete Martial Art Training In The Twin Citie
School located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Features art description, instructor profiles, discussion forum, gallery, school information, and student sections.
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Welcome to our official Website
Welcome to the Minneapolis, MN branch of the World Hwa Rang Do Association. Please feel free to have a look around, and we hope you enjoy your time at our site. This site will assist you in learning more about our Academy and our martial art, Hwa Rang Do and our undergraduate program Tae Soo Do.
As a student of this martial art you will develop strength and learn to strive at developing your maximum potential. Here at our school all ages of children and adults experience many positive benefits gained through the growth that training in our system provides. Please check back often as we will continue to add more features to this site as time goes.
FREE Self-Defense Classes
In the hopes of bettering our community, the Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Academy is opening its doors and expertise to the general public for FREE Self-Defense Classes. While our regular curriculum has tons of effective self-defense techniques and concepts for our students, we feel it is important for everyone to learn something just in case the situation arises. Our school really wants the neighborhood and community to be a positive and safe place for all, so click the banner or go here for more information about this special public service.

13. Hwa Rang Do
Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Tae Soo Do Martial Art Netherlands Home page
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Vlissingen - Nederland Welkom Instructeurs Geschiedenis Do Joo Nim ... English if(window.OAS_AD) OAS_AD('Bottom');

14. Hwa Rang Do: Korean Martial Art - Types Of Martial Arts
Offers information about Hwa Rang Do as well as many other styles of martial arts.
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Types of Martial Arts
Martial Arts Schools and Information Home Martial Arts Schools About Contact
Hwa Rang Do
Hwa Rang Do is a Korean martial art that employs over 4,000 diverse combat techniques and over one hundred weapons. The use of each technique and weapon is taught in a logical progression. New Hwa Rang Do students, who are not familiar with martial arts, are encouraged to enter introductory Tae Soo Do, which is a beginners course of the art. Both martial arts were founded by Dr. Joo Bang Lee. The literal translation of Hwa Rang Do is flower man way. A man must nurture strength, honor, and virtue. Only then will he bloom like a flower and this is the only way. These are the teachings instructed to each student and practitioner. Despite the translation of the arts name, this art was named after the Harang. The Harang were an elite group of Koreans who were educated in the finest martial arts facilities. There is a lot of controversy over who created and coined the techniques associated with Hwa Rang Do. Many practitioners say that they were instructed by the Harangs, while others claim they were taught by Dr. Joo Bang Lees teachings. Nevertheless, Dr. Joo Bang Lee currently holds the Supreme Grand Master title of Hwa Rang Do. He has been residing in the United States since 1970, where he currently has schools that instruct his techniques. New students learn effective methods of ground fighting and grappling. Some of the main weapons used in an introduction to Hwa Rang Do include: The Sang Jyel Bong (nunchaku), Jang Bong (long staff), and the Gum Mu (sword).

15. Hwa Rang Do / Tae Soo Do World Headquarters
the original korean martial and healing art. hwa rang do tae soo do
MARTIAL AND HEALING ART HWA RANG DO TAE SOO DO " We are proud of Hwa Rang Do's special and specific identity.
The honorable integrity of our martial art is different than
other non-specific generic martial arts!
HRD History HRD Founder HRD Timeline Founder's ...
Re: M/A's Today
Welcome to the homepage of the World Hwa Rang Do Association. This is the home to the one and only governing organization of the martial arts Hwa Rang Do and Tae Soo Do . Here you will find comprehensive information about the principles, philosophies, and history of this art, as well as listings of all legitimate and certified Hwa Rang Do Black sashes, Tae Soo Do Belts, instructors, masters, and dojangs.
Also be sure to check out the History, Founder, and Martial Art Historical information located on the left navigation bar. These sections contain a great deal of information regarding the historical development of the Korean martial arts and their Way.
on YouTube!

16. Hwa Rang Do - Buddy Week Is Here - Come In For A Free Lesson Today!
Looking for a martial art school right here in L.A.? Look no further
HRD Student Online
Resource Center
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will be recorded for security purpose. This section of the web site is only available to HRD active students.

A free association of Korean based martial artists with backgrounds in Hwa Rang Do, Kuk Sool Won, Tukong Moosul, and Hapkido.
Welcome! With over 26 years experience in martial arts and the fitness industry I have integrated traditional, time proven methods of training from martial arts and professional sports/fitness with modern, cutting edge techniques to achieve maximum health and performance. My many years of experience as both a patient and a trainer with Wagner Chiropractic has given me invaluable insight helping to develop a method of exercise that safely allows intensive training to achieve maximum results in fitness and in most cases rehabilitate preexisting conditions. Whether you need to get in shape for employment, learn martial arts/self defense or wish to dramatically improve your life, a phone call is the first step and we guarantee we'll help you accomplish your goal. For more information please call Bob Donnelly at 818-517-0894 This portion of the site is under construction and will be updated weekly. THE SOCIETY OF THE HWARANG PAGE:
Korean Arts
Other Arts


Items for sale

18. Hwa Rang Do Downey/Norwalk - Home
This Academy is a branch of the World Headquarters of Hwa Rang Do . There are many Hwa Rang Do academies throughout the United States and the world, which are all certified by
Hwa Rang Do Downey/Norwalk
Norwalk CA
@hwarangd onorwalk .com ... Dojang Rules
The Norwalk Hwa Rang Do® Academy is a traditional martial arts school, which teaches and maintains the high values and moral ethics of classic Eastern philosophies. The school is headed by Kyosa Nim Jesus Hernandez a Second Degree HRD Black Sash. Though the goals are serious, and the training rigorous, the Academy provides a warm and friendly environment for all - men, women and children. We are open 6 days a week and have classes for men, women and children of all ages and skill level. The goal here at our Academy is to understand balance, maximize our human potential, and ultimately achieve harmony with the self, humanity, the world, and the universe. We take our art, our training and our school seriously but we also know how to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. It is this intensity of spirit within a familial environment that has allowed our school and art to flourish over the years
What We Do
The Norwalk Hwa Rang Do/Tae Soo Do Academy is proud to build strong memebers of the community and provides students with an education in self defense with firm grounding in ethics and etiquette.  Ethics tenets include

19. - Hwarangdo Blog
Includes information about this style and its differences from other styles, profiles of Danish instructors, photos, and related links. In English and Danish.

20. Hwa Rang Do - University Of Chicago
Welcome to our Hwa Rang Do /Tae Soo Do club website. Our club is recognized as a sport club at the University of Chicago and is a branch of the World

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