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  1. La vertiginosa moda del jorkyball.(deporte): An article from: Contenido by Gabriel Rello, 2004-07-01
  2. Sport de Ballon: Moto-Ball, Calcio Florentin, Ballon de Rugby à Xv, Korfball, Jorkyball, Ballon Au Poing, Goal-Ball, Fistball, Torball (French Edition)
  3. Sport Dérivé Du Football: Football à Trois Côtés, Baby-Foot, Subbuteo, Tennis-Ballon, Rollersoccer, Jorkyball, Football à 7, Foot à 5 (French Edition)

1. Jorkyball - Soccer 2 On 2 Official Web Site
jorkyball is a modified form of 2 on 2 soccer taking influence from squash. It is played in a 10m x 5m cage on artificial turf with the possibility of using the walls to place the
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The Gold Rush

The new Gold Rush from January 1st, 2010.. become the #1 Jorker... Competitions
Events Calendar, Results, Standings, News, Photos and more... E-shop
Official licensed products for you from our authorized dealers... World Licensed Clubs
Browse our database and look for the club nearest to where you leave... Archive
Pictures, Videos, Press Review, Reports and more... Official Suppliers
Companies authorised to sell Jorkyball products, equipments and serv... Add your mail to newsletter! select language Belgio Deutschland Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Messico Polonia Portugal Spain 2010, FIJA Competitions
The 2010 FIJA Competitions Official Schedule; le Calendrier Officiel des Comptitions FIJA 2010; il Calendario Ufficiale delle Competizioni FIJA 2010. Next: Ftbol Ftbol Bordeaux, France, June 3rd-6th Convenzione ALITALIA,Roma-Milano

2. 4 Man Soccer
Includes a description of the game, rules, and where to play.
Modified Soccer
You head to the gym hoping to find enough people to get a game of indoor soccer going. Upon arriving at the gym, you notice that its pretty empty. There are only 3 other guys in the soccer gym. Just as you are about go give up on the idea and head home, one of the guys runs up to you and asks if you up for a game of jorkyball, cause they need 4 players.
"Its just like soccer, only smaller." he exclaims. We can play in the racket ball room. Its really simple and quite a rush. You agree to give the game a chance. The next thing you know you there is a soccer ball ricocheting of the wall, flying towards your head. Your first reaction is to duck, but instead you jump up and block it with your body. Then you kick forward. The ball rushes towards the goal, past both opponents. Then you hear a clang, the clang of the ball hitting the goalpost. You see the goal's net moving. You have scored. Jorkyball is the 2-on-2 version of soccer. It's played on a smaller court, usually indoors. Jorkyball is a more relaxed game than traditional soccer, but it is very fast paced. It has become very popular because it is much easier to get a game going because you need only 4 people, not Soccer's 22. Jorkyball is a new twist on the world's favorite sport. It has been called "the sport of the new millennium." Its first big event was at the 1990 Football (soccer) World Championship in Italy. Its popularity has grown tremendously since then. Now clubs can be found in France, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the USA.

3. Jorkyball Argenteuil 95 Val D’Oise, Foot En Salle, Salle De Musculation Argent
Em resumo… Web Site Corporate Kit Kit Torneios Sinaliza o Merchandising Kit E A instala o jorkyball
JORKYBALL ARGENTEUIL 95 accueil goodies news jouez ... presse Accueil Bienvenue sur le site du Jorkyball d'Argenteuil !
Les clubs : Tous les Jorkyball de France
Contactez nous..
Le centre Jorkyball Argenteuil en chiffres :
3 terrains de 2x2 Jorkyball
1 vestiaire hommes et 1 vestiaire femmes
1 salle de musculation Page Suivante (Qu'est ce que le Jorkybal?) INDEXA Dico du Net Meilleur du Web Mirti ... Reference Sport

4. Official Jorky Ball Website
Online guide to the new sport of jorkyball This website is designed to give you as much information as possible about the new and
Home Overview Rules History ... Open a club Jorkyball is played by four players.
2 vs 2
Welcome to the website
This website is designed to give you as much information as possible about the new and exciting sport of jorkyball. You may not of heard about it before but it is steadily growing in popularity across Europe and America.
The sport is loosely based on the traditional game of football, but the major difference is that it is a two a side game as opposed to the normal eleven.
We have compiled a list of clubs and federations around the world so if you are interested in taking up the sport all the information you need to start playing should be contained in this website.
If you have any questions about the sport or if you have some additional information that we could add to the website please do not hesitate to contact us by using the E-mail link below.

5. Jorkyball - Soccer 2 On 2 Official Web Site
Reglas b sicas de este deporte, historia, eventos y enlaces.
Jorky Ball Espana Select country: Select country Central-Northern Europe Eastern Europe Eastern Europe Mexico Home Reglas Bsicas Historia Eventos ...
La Tienda Jorkyball

Compra tu baln, camisetas, y membresas con descuento... Torneos
Descubre todos los torneos que se celebrarn en Jorkyball Madrid.... The Gold Rush
Conviertete en el mejor Jorker de tu club, de Espaa y del Planeta... Clubes de Jorkyball
Busca en nuestra base de datos y encuentra el club mas cercano a donde vives Archivo
Fotos, Videos, Reportajes, Archivos de datos y mucho mas Proveedores Oficiales
Compaias licenciadas para la venta de productos, equipamientos y servicios Jorkyball. Add your mail to newsletter! Exito Evento Mundo Deportivo
Exito del Jorkyball-Ftbol 2x2 en los actos previos del partido del domingo 8 de Octobre en el Estadio Camp Nou de Barcelona. Acerca del Stand del periodico Mundo Deportivo, el Jorkyball-Ftbol 2x2 hizo la delicia de los mas jovenes en la giornada festiva Planetfutbol Bara, exito Jorkyball
El Jorkyball Futebol Dos he tenido un gran exito de publico, aficionados y jugadores; en los 5 dias del Salon torneos, partidos amistos y exhibiciones en continuo, gracias a el quipo de Jorkyball Sports Club Barcelona de Santa Coloma de Gramenet

6. A Brief Guide To The Sport Of Jorkyball
Online guide to the new sport of jorkyball The History of the Game jorkyball is based on the game of football and was invented by Gilles Paniez in 1987 in a garage in Lyon, France.
Home Overview Rules History ... Open a club Jorkyball is played by four players.
2 vs 2
Welcome to the website
The History of the Game
Jorkyball is based on the game of football and was invented by Gilles Paniez in 1987 in a garage in Lyon, France. During the first three years the game was played on a single pitch in France and then it was exported to Italy in 1990. By the year 2000 the Italians had set up more than 100 pitches.
At the moment there are 25 pitches in France, 8 in Spain and 4 in the UK, giving a total number of more than 150 pitches in the whole of Europe (60% are indoor and 40% are outdoor).
Jorkyball is now played in Italy, France, Great Britain and Spain by more than 15,000 people, most of whom are associated with the various clubs across Europe.
The game has only recently been exported to the USA. The sport of Jorkyball is now governed by the Federation of the International Jorkyball Associations, which overseas the sport throughout the world. Each nation has there own federation to oversee their respective countries. There are now annual national leagues, a champions league for the clubs of Europe and a European Cup for national teams to compete in. The game is played by both sexes and all ages.

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8. JORKYBALL® LYON Sud - Foot Indoor 2 Contre 2 -
Pr sentation des trois terrains de jorkyball de Lyon Sud et de leur espace bar-snack. R gle de ce sport. Rh ne (69).

9. Jorkyball | Facebook
Welcome to the Facebook Community Page about jorkyball, a collection of shared knowledge concerning jorkyball.
Jorkyball 158 people like this.
to connect with
Wall Info Fan Photos Jorkyball + Others Jorkyball Just Others Jorkyball joined Facebook. March 27 at 6:35pm See More Posts English (US) Español More… Download a Facebook bookmark for your phone.

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10. Dailymotion - Jorkyball - Une Vidéo Sports Et Extrême
Finale de la coupe du monde de jorkyball Rennes Would you like to comment? Create a free account!

11. Jorkyball - Wikipédia
Un article de l encyclop die libre historique, extrait des r gles, liens.
Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Aller à : Navigation rechercher Cet article ne cite pas suffisamment ses sources Si vous connaissez le thème traité, merci d'indiquer les passages à sourcer avec ou, mieux, incluez les références utiles en les liant aux notes de bas de page Modifier l'article Le Jorkyball , parfois appelé 2x2 Jorkyball , est un sport collectif peu connu dérivé du football et inspiré du squash Comme pour le football, deux équipes s'affrontent, et l'objectif est de marquer (mettre le ballon dans le but adverse) un plus grand nombre de fois que son adversaire, sans utiliser ses bras. Comme pour le squash, ce sport se joue en salle sur un terrain de 10 mètres sur 5, dans lequel il est possible d'utiliser les parois pour marquer (contrairement au football en salle Physiquement très intense car il n'y a que très peu d'arrêts de jeu, les matches se jouent à 2 contre 2.
modifier Histoire
Le Jorkyball a été inventé par Gilles Paniez en 1987 dans un garage à Lyon, et pendant 3 ans se jouait sur ce seul site, avant de trouver son essor lors de la

12. Jorkyball - Soccer 2 On 2 Official Web Site
Sito ufficiale del jorkyball football soccer fija The Gold Rush The new Gold Rush from January 1st, 2010.. become the 1 Jorker

13. YouTube - Jorkyball Cesson
jorkyball de Cesson (35)

F d ration regroupant des quipes masculines et f minines, jeunes ou v t rans de jorkyball, sport d riv du football, du billard et du squash, il se joue dans des quipes de 2 contre 2.

15. YouTube - Jorkyball !!
2 contre 2 sur 10 m de long et 5 de large.

Pr sente le club, actualit s, plan d acc s. Moselle (57).

17. MySpace - JORKYBALL METZ - 30 - Male - FR -
Myspace profile for jorkyball METZ with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more

18. JorkyBall92 :: Foot En Salle 2 Contre 2 à Chatillon
Click here for http// is a free URL redirection service. If you have a homepage with a long or difficult URL you can get a permanent

19. JorkyBall Nancy | Foot Salle 2x2 | Fut4 | Fut5 | Accueil
Pr sente le club, actualit s, plan d acc s. Meurthe-et-Moselle (54).
JorkyBall Nancy, foot salle 2x2, Fut4 et Fut5 à Nancy. Le Jorkyball Nancy vous accueille tous les jours de la semaine. Venez découvrir ce sport en plein essor. Pour toutes informations et réservations, contactez nous au Toutes les informations sur le Club du Jorky Nancy. Résultats des compétitions. Les entrainements. Les tarifs et les prix. Formulaire Contact E-mail JORKYBALL Nancy 21-25 rue Marcel Brot Parc d'activité Jacques Mayer 54000 Nancy Téléphone : 03 83 17 22 22 Contact 21-25 Rue Marcel Brot Parc d'Activité Jacques Mayer 54000 Nancy Tél : Horaires Ouvert 7 jours sur 7 Du Lundi au vendredi de 10h00 à 22h15 Samedi / dimanche de 9h00 à 20h00 Partenaires
Bienvenue sur le site du JorkyBall Nancy
Foot salle 2x2 Jorkyball®, 4x4 Fut4 et 5x5 Fut5® sur Nancy.
Tarifs et détails
Nancy remporte la coupe de France !!!
Félicitations aux club de Nancy pour cette belle victoire !!!
Nouveau forum Inscription forum
Prochains évenements
Vidéo Jorkyball®
Site de la LFJF
Résultats Ligue 1 Franconville 1 - 31pts - +22
Nîmes 1 - 29pts - +19
Nancy 1 - 27pts - +12
Caen 1 - 25pts - +4
Wissous 1 - 21pts - -5
Lyon 1 - 21pts - -7
Avignon 1 - 17pts - -9
Sète 1 - 15pts - -12
Lille 1 - 14pts - -24 Résultats Réserves Franconville 2 - 29pts - +14 Lyon 2 - 26pts - +17 Caen 2 - 24pts - +7 Nîmes 2 - 22pts - +5 Sète 2 - 20pts - +6 Nancy 2 - 16pts - -14

20. Jorkyball
It's free and anyone can join. Already a Member? Login to contact Futsal jorkyball N mes Enciera.

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