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         Jump Rope:     more books (100)
  1. Classic Jump Rope Rhymes: The Schoolyard All-Stars (Realworld Guides) by Klutz Press, 1997-04
  2. Jump! Jump! (Books and Stuff) by Cindy Chang, 1996-04-02
  3. Games With Rope and String (Oakley, Ruth. Games Children Play Around the World.) by Ruth Oakley, 1989-03
  4. Smart-Rope Jingles: Jump Rope Rhymes, Raps, and Chants for Active Learning by Rosella R. Wallace PhD, 1993-01-01
  5. Rimbles: A Book of Children's Classic Games, Rhymes, Songs, and Sayings: Old-Fashioned and New-Fashioned Ways to Play or Say: Hopscotch, "Who's It?", Jump Rope Rhymes, Jacks, Sticks and Stones. For Parents, Teachers, and Even Children (First Edition) by Patricia Evans, 1961
  6. The Bobby Hinds Lifeline Jump Rope by Robert Hinds, 1975
  7. The Jump Rope, Green Level Grade 1: Levels 12-14 (Rigby PM Plus) by Jenny Giles, 2000-07
  8. Lifeline jump Rope by Bobby Hinds, 1975
  9. Chinese Jump Rope (Funpax) by DK Publishing, 1998-03-15
  10. Jump Rope
  11. Jump!: The Nick Guide to Jumping Rope (Let's Just Play) by Nickelodeon, 2006-03-23
  12. Double Dutch: A Celebration of Jump Rope, Rhyme, and Sisterhood by Veronica Chambers, 2002-01-01
  13. Pumping Plastic: A 12-Week Jump Rope Workout/Book, Audio Cassette and Jump Rope by John Cassidy, 1989-08
  14. Jump in! (jump rope techniques): An article from: Jack & Jill

61. Learn The Ropes - Jump Rope Classes For All Ages
Offers recreational and fitness jump rope classes for adults and children.
Home Page LEARN THE ROPES is Niagara's premier jump rope program that offers classes for both children and adults. The goal is to provide an effective and fun way to keep individuals active and increase physical fitness at any age. JUMPING ROPE can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, making it one of the most efficient workouts possible. It tones muscles in the entire body and increases cardiovascular conditioning. It also maximizes athletic skills by focusing on agility, coordination, timing and endurance. This program was founded by Melissa McLean who was an 18 year member with the Lincoln Leapers Jump Rope Team , which is a competitive jump rope team out of Beamsville, Ontario. She has been involved in competitive jump rope as an athlete and a coach and has traveled the world performing, competing and helping to promote this sport. Over the years she has won over 45 Provincial, National and World titles competing in individual, Double Dutch and team events. Some other highlights include traveling to Brisbane, Australia for the 2004 World Championships, performing numerous half-time shows for the Toronto Raptors and appearing on Tara Lipinski's figure skating television special.

62. Jumping Rope
United States Amateur Jump Rope Federation. Detroit News Story on Jumping Rope Contact a local community, university or fitness facility.
Brought to you by the Department of Kinesiology and Health at Georgia State University Jumping Rope
  • Jump Rope Appropriate footwear
  • Double foot jump - Both feet take off from the ground slightly and land together. Alternate foot jump - The "skipping technique" where feet are alternated up and down while the rope makes it’s revolution.
  • Alternate foot jump - The "skipping technique." (See above description.) Running Step - A slight jog is incorporated while jumping/skipping over the rope. A slightly faster pace with increased intensity. High Step - The moderate run with a high knee lift to increase intensity.
  • Cross Step - While in the air during the jump phase, cross lower legs slightly and land with legs crossed. Side to Side - Alternate landing areas from left to right. Use caution as getting familiar with where the rope might go may take time.
Muscle Groups:
  • Legs - Calves and Thighs Abdomen Chest Shoulders Back Arms
  • Use a floor surface that is even, non abrasive and limits friction.

63. Planet Jump Rope
Organisatie die tracht de sport Rope Skipping to promoten aan het grote publiek.


64. Nortech: Skipping Ropes - Jump Ropes - Speed Ropes - UK
Specialise in mail order bulk sales of jump ropes (skipping ropes) to individual schools, LEA s, Sports Partnerships, health sports fitness clubs. Includes details about Jump Uk and their training courses for schools, the jump ropes available, links and an order form.

65. The Games > Jumping Rope
Coverage of jumprope games. Jumprope related topics Jump-rope rhymes The Double Dutch Divas Streetplay Jump-rope discussion area
Jumping rope
The Games
The biggies


Skully (Bottlecaps)

Asses up

Box Baseball

Spaldeen-game discussion
Girl power Clap and Rhyme Hopscotch Jacks Jumping rope ... Girl games discussion Other games Baseball cards Marbles Ringoleavio Running around Tools of the trade Spaldeens (and other balls) Playgrounds Stoops Streets ... Walls FB.init("2806c9b0f3f8f72c3b14f13c98a40f09"); on Facebook Jump-rope related topics Jump-rope rhymes The Double Dutch Divas Streetplay Jump-rope discussion area Jumping rope: The leaps that know no bounds by Click for bigger picture Sidewalk Jump-rope at a 1999 NYC street festival. When I was a small child my 30-something father, six and a half feet tall, cut an awesome figure in his long navy blue overcoat as he entered our courtyard on his way home from work in the evening. One who had never seen him before might have gasped as he approached, but we 5 and 6 and 7 year olds from the neighborhood broke into giggles. We knew what was coming, not just who, as we hiked ourselves up on tippy toe and turned that rope as high as we could get it. Even then, Dad would have to hold his coat up over his knees and bend over at the waist as he jumped (ne'er a miss) and sang his preamble to Teddy Bear Teddy Bear: "My mother, your mother lived across the way, 2-4-6 East Broadway; every night they had a fight and this is what they'd say..." Just goes to show you the joys of Jump-rope know no bounds of age, size or gender. It's fun, plain and simple, and has caught the attention of kids of all ages through the years. It is in fact considered by some an art form and by others a sport, as demonstrated by

66. Jump Rope Exercises: Jump Rope Exercises On Sale.Buy Now Jump Rope Exercises Ava
Save Money to Buy Jump Rope Exercises.Order Jump Rope Exerciseshere.Look more of Jump Rope Exercises Comparison of the best deals and offers available.

67. Home
Competitive/demonstration jump rope team from Greenbelt, Maryland. Includes a list of achievements, pictures, membership details, and a calendar of events.

Flash Required
Flash Required Welcome Membership ...

for a trial practice.
GSS Vintage Team Performs at the White House Easter Egg Roll
Flash Required
Flash Required WELCOME
Established 18 years ago, the Greenbelt S.I.T.Y. Stars is an experienced jump rope team that inspires kids to fitness. S.I.T.Y. is an acronym for S ensational I nspiring T alented Y
2009 White House Easter Egg Roll

Adult Jumpers Video
Watch A Video Of The Adult Jumpers Practicing A Double Dutch Routine
Mystics Performance
Watch A Video Of A Halftime Performance At A Mystics Game
Fall Jumper of the Session Taylor B. Sponsor A Star Campaign

68. RopeSport Jump Rope Workout
Ropesport jump ropes for exercise workout. Just like Jump In and the upcoming sequel.
RopeSport is not currently accepting orders from our Web Site.
Please check Target and other local retail store locations for RopeSport products.
RopeSport is a jump rope, fitness and exercise company that specializes in jump ropes jump rope products
Benefits ... Press Releaes
RopeSport jump rope exercise workout combined with proper jump ropes and workout videos is a must have for burning calories and a complete body workout.

69. New Hebrew Words
The modern Hebrew for words such as blog and jumping rope , in numbered lists with no discernable order.
Welcome to The new Hebrew Site...
( If your browser seems stuck, please press this line. )

70. 10-Minute Workout: Jump Rope To Skip Yourself Slim
Burn 135 calories fast with this jump rope express workout that sculpts your shoulders, chest, arms, and legs.

71. Fire Arts Collective
Troupe of fire performers, dancers, and artists specializing in fire poi, double poi, staff, fingers, fans, batons, snakes, hula hoops, and jump rope. Includes photo/video gallery. Located in San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area.
Fire Arts Collective A Bay Area troupe of fire performers, available for parties, clubs, corporate events and more! We specialize in fire poi, double poi, staff, fingers, fans, batons, snakes, hula hoops, and jump rope. Fire eating LED lights , and stiltwalking also available. Bios Photos Videos Calendar History Press Safety Info Lessons Links Moves Toys About Us Booking Info Contact Us all images property of Fire Arts Collective send comments about this website to

72. The Real AAU Jump Rope > Home
The Real AAU Jump Rope, AAU Jump Rope, Jump Rope
/* PLHIMMenu script ID:PLHIMAIJYdXD */ Contact Us Monday, November 01, 2010
  • Event
    • Brochure Find An Event Records ... Background:
      Page width and Font size:
      You are here : Home Web Site 2011 National Championship Nationals Jump Rope National Championship at AAU Junior Olympic Games
      July 27th to August 1st
      New Orleans, LA
      More Info (
      2010 AAU Junior Olympic Games in Hampton Roads, Virginia Wed, 25 Aug 2010 13:49:29 -0400 Once again, Jump Rope was a complete success at this year’s AAU Junior Olympic Games. Last August 3rd to the 7th, Jump Ropers from all over the United States, Singapore, Australia and Canada, came together to compete; demonstrating why Jump Rope is a fast growing sport. We look forward to next year’s AAU Junior Olympic [...] Know An Amazing Young Athlete? Fri, 06 Aug 2010 18:30:06 -0400 Future AAU Leaders Program at the 2010 Convention! Thu, 08 Jul 2010 14:55:36 -0400 **Registration Deadline Extended to 8/15/10** October 25th – October 29th, 2010 San Juan, Puerto Rico Become part of the Future Leaders Program! The AAU of the United States Inc is making a concerted effort to discover and develop its next generation of leadership during our bi-annual 2010 convention. The AAU has been directed by volunteers for 122 years. Come [...]

73. Kangaroo Kids - Precision Jump Rope Team
Howard County s precision jump rope team. Includes history, team members, performances, and jumping information.
Kangaroo Kids is a precision jump rope team from Howard County, Maryland. Their rope jumping is choreographed to contemporary and traditional music, where every foot jumps in unison and every rope hits the floor simultaneously. This unique combination of exercise and dance is enjoyable to perform and exciting to watch.
The mission of Kangaroo Kids is to promote physical fitness and goodwill by example and by demonstration of their jumprope skills. As fitness ambassadors, Kangaroo Kids performs numerous Jump Rope fitness shows and conducts demonstrations, workshops and competitions each year to spread the benefits of this form of physical fitness around the world.
Jumping rope is possibly the single most comprehensive and beneficial form of exercise a person can do! It can be done just about anywhere - alone or in a group - and can easily be incorporated into anyone's lifestyle.
This sport quickly improves fitness levels, builds self-esteem, and - most importantly - demonstrates that exercise can be fun and enjoyable! Jumping rope is effective, easy to learn, inexpensive, portable, great for any age, and the most fun you can have on two feet!
JUMP through our site and learn more about our team and this great sport!

74. Jump Rope Store
Learn how to purchase the correct jump rope and save big on your next jump rope.

75. Westford & Boston| Dance Lessons
Ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, movement and motion, cheer dance, and jump rope. Also birthday parties in Westford, Massachusetts.
Westford, MA 01886
Ta-Dah!Studio of Dance is celebrating
19 years of quality dance education in our brand new
state-of-the-art facility with 3 studios!
Voted Westford's Number 1 Choice for dance lessons, three consecutive years, and Regionally number one!
Located off of Littleton Road (rte. 110) in Westford, MA
1 Park Drive, Suite 16

  • Dance lessons for children as young as 2 1/2
    Beginner dance lessons for preschoolers
    Ballet dance lessons through advanced pointe work Tap and Jazz dance lessons for adults and children Hip-Hop, Cheer and Competitive team dance Musical Theater/Drama Dance
Boston-area families can instill confidence in a child's life through dance lessons in our nurturing, exciting environment. Our class curriculum will serve the development of each and every student, and our instructors are specialized in their dance subject and level. Our only concern is quality dance education and our philosophy is that the dance experience should be rewarding and enjoyed by all. We are pleased to be able to provide our dancers with three spacious studios, all equipped with floating dance floors. Ample parking, a convenient location, and a large waiting area are favorites among our parents.

76. Parkview Baptist School - Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Education With An Eternal Fou
The team performs at numerous schools each year, encouraging kids to embrace hearthealthy habits and inspiring them to participate in the Jump Rope for Heart program, a

77. Default Viral Title Player
Physical education teacher Lynn Kelley, who founded the Kings Firecrackers13 years ago, said the video of their performance at an Army vs. Navy game in February was posted to the

78. Home Page
Youth Program Created by Olympian Wrestler Anthony Buddy Lee in his Woodbridge, Virginia neighborhood. This program is designed to teach children Life Skills through the use of a jump rope. Buddy s program is endorsed by the US Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
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