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         Karate:     more books (101)
  1. Korean Karate: The Art of Tae Kwon Do by Duk Sung Son, Robert J. Clark, 1968-06
  2. The Kids' Karate Book & Karate Belt by Michael J. Dunphy, 1999-04-01
  3. Goju Ryu Karate Do Kyohan by Gogen Yamaguchi, 1999-09-19
  4. Lethal Karate Strikes - Secrets of the Meridians by Cliff Field, 2010
  5. The Karate Kid Part III by B. B. Hiller, 1989-06
  6. The Karate Way: Discovering the Spirit of Practice by Dave Lowry, 2009-01-13
  7. Shotokan Karate: Unravelling the Kata by Ashley Croft, 2006-10-01
  8. The Advanced Shotokan Karate Bible: Black Belt and Beyond by Ashley P. Martin, 2008-10-10
  9. Karate Girl by Mary Leary, 2003-10-13
  10. Three Golden Pearls on a String: The Esoteric Teachings of Karate-Do and the Mystical Journey of a Warrior Priest by Thomas White, 1993-01-12
  11. Sabaki Method: Karate in the Inner Circle by Kancho Joko Ninomiya, Ed Zorensky, 1998-10-01
  12. Karate Dottie and the Treacherous Treehouse (Volume 1) by S. F. Varney, 2009-08-03
  13. Barefoot Zen: The Shaolin Roots of Kung Fu and Karate by Nathan J. Johnson, 2000-12

101. Uechi-Ryu Karate Do Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, UK
Uechi-Ryu karate Do in the Hedge End, the South of England.
Contact Webmaster Black-Eagle Martial Arts Equipment Master Sken One of the most renowned Muay Thai Boxing masters in the world Martial Arts Clubs UK SouthernUK Listed in SouthernUK travel pages UK Information
A directory, information and guides to cities, towns and villages in UK for residents, visitors and business Uechi-Ryu Kenyukai Europe Kamikaze First class karate equipment Glamourotica Seriously Sensual and Strictly Confidential
Uechi-Ryu Karate Do Hedge End, Near Southampton A member of the Uechi-Ryu Kenyukai Europe Uechi-Ryu Karate in Hedge End, Southampton. Uechi-Ryu Karate is one of a very few traditional Okinawan styles of karate that are still practiced today. Uechi-Ryu is practiced both in the UK and in numerous countries world wide. A Uechi-Ryu practitioner can be confident that he could visit any Uechi-Ryu dojo across the world and be able to fit in with the new club. Unlike so many other styles of karate, Uechi-Ryu is still taught the same across the world as it is in Okinawa; it has not been changed by numerous so called 'experts' who think they know better than the original Karate Masters. This club is part of the Uechi-Ryu Karate Do Kenyukai Europe. The Kenyukai in Europe is headed by Master Takami Takayasu; one of the most respected Uechi-Ryu Masters in the world. The Kenyukai has numerous other geographical associations/clubs around the world with its Headquarters at the Dojo of Master Kiyohide Shinjo in Kadena, Okinawa. Master Shinjo is without a doubt an excellent Karate Master.

102. Isshin-ryu Karate-do
Dojo, instructors, and news. San Francisco, California
@import url('karate.css'); home dojo Isshin-ryu schedule instructors history contact
Welcome to the home of Berkeley Isshinryu, a dojo serving San Francisco Bay Area students of Isshin-ryu Karate.
about the dojo about Isshin-ryu location and schedule instructors dojo history contact us Whether it is difficult or easy to practice, difficult or easy to understand, you can only practice.
The study of martial arts is the practice of finding balance between extremes.
This is true from the smallest details to the broadest principles. At our dojo, we seek the productive middle way between extremes of practice. Our workouts are rigorous, but we emphasize safety (martial arts cease to be a source of self-defense if we injure ourselves in practicing). We are respectful, to each other and to the martial traditions in which we train, but we value dialogue, and questions. Click here to view our workout schedule and location. A person's heart is the same as Heaven and Earth.
The blood circulating is similar to the Moon and Sun.
-Tatsuo Shimabuku
The first character, 'I', means one.

103. WhiteFst
Terminology, instructors, photographs and news. Palm Springs, California
Welcome to our Dojo Web Pages - - - - Sensei Arnold Sandubrae - Hachi Dan - - - - Sensei Pat McConnell - Roku Dan - - - - Sensei Jay Doster - Yo Dan - - - - Sensei Dave Petersen - Yo Dan - - - - Sensei Tom Tweedie - Yo Dan - - - - Sensei Mauro Casadei - Yo Dan - - - - Sensei Alesandro Mularoni - Yo Dan - - - - Sensei Elio Gasperoni - San Dan Sensei Marcello Santini - San Dan Michelle Allen - Ni Dan - - - - Kelley Tweedie - San Dan - - - - Carlo Picasso - Ni Dan - - - - Frank Gibford - Sho Dan Terri Miller - Sho Dan John Langwell - Sho Dan Cristian Tomassini Sho Dan Alessandro Cenni Sho Dan Alessandro Tomassoni Sho Dan - -
Palm Springs California
I hope that the following Page Links that pertain to our Dojo will give you Pleasure and a few things to Think about.... .... .... Perhaps, just Perhaps, you can also learn something....
on the Isshinryu Fist of your Choice below and Enjoy....
Created for you... for your enjoyment... and mine as well....
Please notice Contributions by our
Dojo Family
Thoughts, Point of View, and Cowmentary.

104. British Karate Association
Listing courses, instructor information, tournaments, links and membership information. Caters for all styles of karate.
Welcome to The British Karate Association
This is our second coaching course, the first was a big success.
An application form can be down loaded from the
Instructor News section and should be sent to Iain to confirm booking. More info Iain Abernethy 01900 829406 – email –
Senior instructors in all discipline
No yearly registration fees
Membership includes insurance : Accident and liability cover
Instructor insurance available for instructors.

105. Home : International Traditional Karate Federation
Site features description of traditional karate, technical information, pictorials, news, events, organization links and contact information.
ITKF presented Mr. Robert Fusaro (USA) with his 8th Dan.
30th European Championship will be held in Jerusalem, Israel in November 2011.
Regarding 2010 ITKF Summer Camp.
ITKF International Office has moved. Update the contact information now!
Results of the 15th Pan American Championship
News: ITKF presented Sensei Nishiyama with his 10th Dan. News: Mr. Lech Walesa, former President of Poland and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, was presented with an Honorary Black Belt by the ITKF. News: Results of the 5th Traditional Karate World Cup held in Poland on October 10th. Sale: New edition of the Traditional Karate Competition Rule Book Now On Sale. Last Updated: 10.18.2010 1930 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 503, Los Angeles, CA 90057 Phone: 213-483-8262 Fax: 213-483-4060 E-mail: o International Traditional Karate Federation The International Governing Body of Traditional Karate International Traditional Karate Federation International Traditional Karate Federation Website

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