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  1. Drachensport: Kitesurfen, Buggykiting, Drachen, Snowkiting, Kitebuggy, Kitelandboarding, Kitesailing, Kitewing, Windfenster (German Edition)

21. GPA E.V.
Salg af drager og br t til kitesailing.
GPA e.V.

22. KiteShip - Innovation In Tethered Flight
Mating windpowered solutions to engineering challenges since 1978. From speed sailing records to remote logging and stone-moving - from elevated yacht-racing sails to practical
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Sep 21, 07 New Wind Power Tech Could Change Cargo Shipping - KiteShip Making Breakthroughs By: Terry McSweeney SAN FRANCISCO, Sep. 21, 2007 (KGO) - An East Bay company is hoping to harness wind power in a... Apr 19, 07 Dec 12, 06 Sailing an Oil Tanker; NYT Magazine - KiteShip is featured in the New York Times Magazines "6th Annual Year in Ideas" in their Dec 10, 2006 issue. The article is available...
KiteShip Corporation builds wind power for ships. And for yachts, transoceanic deliveries and support craft. And for Aerospace and industrial - any application where large amounts of controlled, inexpensive power from in situ wind energy is needed. We are a group of forward-thinking sailors, designers and visionaries. We've been using the fundamental advantages of traction kites for three decades. Our goal is to bring this technology to the world. KiteShip holds multiple world records and patents for our products and accomplishments.
Our Mission
KiteShip develops and markets Very Large Free Flying Sails (VLFFS) and control systems, technology and techniques for launching, controlling and recovering same aboard boats, ships, industrial and aerospace applications. Such craft may include

23. Surfing & Kite Sailing ''It's About Community. It's About You!'' Learning to Control a Smaller Kite Through Cable Manipulation at Kailua Bay, Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii.
Sponsored By:'s Curious Resident Photographer
Learning to Control a Smaller Kite Through Cable Manipulation at Kailua Bay, Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii.
The History of KiteSurfing
Although the sport of KiteSurfing
is new, it is not a one-man invention, and people have been playing with the concept for a long time. In fact, in China and Polynesia, kitesailing was a form of transportation in the Pacific Rim beginning in the 13th and 14th century! Indonesian and Polynesian kite fishermen dragged their canoes with kites, as early as the 12th century.
In the early 1800's, British inventor George Pocock enlarged common kites and flew them in groups to pull carts on land and boats on the water. His efforts resulted in what were, at the time, the fastest speeds on land and water. Pocock's kites were fully controllable, using 4 lines, just as we use today. His boats and carts could sail upwind, his boats could beat other boats he raced against. His original patent number was GB5420, dated 1826.
In November 1903, American inventor Samuel Cody kitesailed across the English Channel. In the late '50s individuals used the concept of being trailed by a parachute/wings above and on water. In the mid 1970's, Englishman Peter Powell developed the dual line control and built a 2-line delta kite with which he sailed small dinghies. These were the first commercially successful 2-line deltas, based on Francis Rogollo's patents of the early 1940's. They were marketed for use with boats and buggies, and in fact,a stack of 6 Powell deltas was used by Englishman Keith Stewart with a nine foot catamaran to cross the English Channel, purposely duplicating the Samuel Cody's 1903 crossing.

24. Kitesurfing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding is a surface water sport that uses the wind to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard (similar to a wakeboard).
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding is a surface water sport that uses the wind to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard (similar to a wakeboard ). The terms kiteboarding and kitesurfing are interchangeable. There are a number of different styles of kiteboarding, including freestyle (most common and utilises standard kite and board) or wake-style (flatter water using board with bindings) and wave-riding which is focused on big waves using a board designed for wave riding. A kitesurfer or kiteboarder uses a board with or without foot-straps or bindings, combined with the power of a large controllable kite to propel the rider and the board across the water. In 2006, the number of kitesurfers has been estimated at around 150,000 to 210,000, with 114,465 inflatable kites sold that same year. . Kitesurfing has become more popular than windsurfing as a watersport because it is easier to learn the basics and because it is much easier to transport the necessary equipment. citation needed The sport is becoming safer due to innovations in kite design, safety release systems, and instructions. Riding styles have evolved to suit riders and conditions, such as wakestyle, waveriding, freestyle, freeride, jumping, and cruising.

25. Dave Culp Speedsailing
Find news, details on the activity and links to the Amateur Yacht Research Society.
Dave Culp SpeedSailing
e-mail: Here's my proa "Whigmaleerie" during a speed run at the 1987 Johnnie Walker/RYA Speed Trials in Weymouth, England. She's powered here by a massive 5-stack of 12 ft Flexifoil kites on 150' flying lines (the fifth kite is pale yellow, and can just be seen). That's an array 12 ft wide, by 32 ft high, with over 14 sq. m. area, on a boat weighing just 140 lbs.
Photo by Jonathan Winters You can search this site!
World Wide Web
You are the:
visitor to this site
Amateur Yacht Research Society (AYRS)
Speed Sailing Rules and Regulations and FAQ's
Everything you ever wanted to know about official WSSR sanctioned speed sailing rules and a comprehensive FAQ (frequently asked questions).
Why Kites?
So, why sail with kites at all? And particularly, why use them for high speed sailing? Here's the scoop.
Kiteboat Photo Gallery
Here's a bunch of photos , both of boats I've designed/built and of kites I've flown over the years. (Yes, many photos are in black and white, do not adjust your set.)
Arnulf Refsnes' kite launching system , with some prior art on the mechanism. Also, a link to his new website:

26. YouTube - Kite Sailing Is Now
Check out the KiteCat and QuadSurfer in various weather conditions around NZ lakes and coastline. Kites used Slingshot 12m Link, 19m PL Venom and 13m Scorpion proto. Attaching

27. KITESURFING INFORMATION, (aka Kite-Sailing, Kite-boarding).
The world's first commercial kitepowered sailing crafts. Kite Sailing is growing rapidly internationally, opening the door to all kinds of ocean and lake adventures.
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28. Kite Sailing Yacht » Yanko Design
The Kite Sailing Kitano Yacht designed by Stefani Krucke introduces kite sailing technology to the leisure sailing yacht class and benefits from the many advantages that

29. Wavelength Magazine: Kayak Kiting
That was the summer I also decided to try kite sailing. I’ve never done a lot of kite flying from shore, but that didn’t deter me. We all remember poor, pathetic Charlie
  • Home Planet Kayak
    From the Rainforest: Ups and Downs in Kiting
    October-November 2006
    This is an article from WaveLength Magazine, available in print in North America and globally on the web.
    By Dan Lewis Kite sailing into Raft Cove, northern Vancouver Island. Dan Lewis photo. In 1990 I circumnavigated Vancouver Island with the goal of mapping the remaining old-growth forests of the Island. That information was already available in satellite photos (cutting edge technology back then), but we wanted to ‘ground truth’ the data—actually visit these areas, see them for ourselves, and experience the smells, tastes and adventures that do not show up in satellite imagery.
    To this end we were mapping ‘viewsheds’ from the water—trying to figure out exactly which hills and mountain ranges were visible from a kayak travelling along the coast. The tools used were a grease pencil on laminated 1:50,000 topographic maps. As we paddled, I would watch the landscape carefully and mark which features I could see. That was the summer I also decided to try kite sailing. I’ve never done a lot of kite flying from shore, but that didn’t deter me. We all remember poor, pathetic Charlie Brown and his failed aeronautical attempts, but there aren’t any trees at sea, right? So how hard could it be?

30. Kite Sailing Freighters : Open Desktop Mechanic
kite sailing freighters Sunday Jul 09, 2006. I was wondering when someone in the shipping industry would come around to inventing the obvious, a kite assisted ocean freighter.

31. Le Site D'Eole: Cerf-volant De Traction Et Arodynamique
Le kitesailling par Guillaume Lemaire. Actualit s, photos et liens.
Kite surf voile de traction Buggy wings Traction Flysurf Kite Vitesse aerodynamics
Extrem Sport ! Montain Board Boards .... speed
var site="sm3siteeole"

32. Kite - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
In the last two decades several kite sailing sports have become popular, such as kite buggying, kite landboarding and kite surfing. Snow kiting has also become popular in recent
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Kites Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Kite (disambiguation) Yokaichi Giant Kite Festival held on the fourth Sunday every May in Higashiomi, Shiga , Japan A man flying a kite on the beach , a good location for flying as winds travelling across the sea contain few up or down draughts which cause kites to fly erratically. A kite is a tethered aircraft The necessary lift that makes the kite wing fly is generated when air (or in some cases water) flows over and under the kite's wing, producing low pressure above the wing and high pressure below it. This deflection also generates horizontal drag along the direction of the wind. The resultant force vector from the lift and drag force components is opposed by the tension of the one or more lines or tethers The anchor point of the kite line may be static or moving (e.g., the towing of a kite by a running person, boat, or vehicle). Kites are usually heavier-than-air, but there is a second category of lighter-than-air kite called a kytoon which may be filled with hydrogen, hot air, methane, or helium; these stay aloft with or without wind; at calm they float; at wind they receive lift from buoyancy and aerodynamic lift. Kytoons have been made in toy-scale as well as military large scale.

33. FREE Kiteboarding Video Articles FAQ | Kite Sailing Lessons | Kiteboarding Lesso
http// Kitexcite kite school brings you FREE kiteboarding lessons videos, articles kite sailing and kite surfing lessons Avoid COSTLY Mistakes and

34. The World Of Kite Sailing - SailNet Community
With rapidly growing popularity, kitesailing (or kite-surfing) has won over former windsurfers and quickly become the successor to that sect of the
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    Forums Articles Galleries Boat Reviews ... Racing Articles The World of Kite Sailing User Name Remember Me? Password Not a Member? Register FAQ Members List Members Map ... Search this Thread Like this article? Digg It! or Bookmark it! permalink SailNet vbmenu_register("postmenu_72580", true); Contributing Authors Join Date: Jan 2000 Posts: 88 Rep Power: 11 The World of Kite Sailing
    With rapidly growing popularity, kite-sailing (or kite-surfing) has won over former windsurfers and quickly become the successor to that sect of the sport. Wind junkies beware, there is a new sailing discipline out there that might just force your wallet open, rearrange your life's priorities, and produce a little friction on the homefront. But don't worry, those few nights you might have to spend on the couch will be worth it, I can assure you. Kite-sailing (or kite-surfing) has arrived on the scene and is causing quite a disturbance in the households of windsurfers, wakeboarders, and small-boat sailors alike. Because they use a large kite to harness the wind, kite-surfers can enjoy the rush of speed sailing, the freedom of wakeboarding without a boat, and the ability to fly higher than any wind-surfer has dreamed of jumping. And because these kites fly well above the water, they're less subject to the inter-medium friction that bedevils boats and windsurfers. But that's not the only plus. Due to their small size, the kites (when packed) and the relatively small boards are really convenient as onboard toys. And kite sailors can travel with their rigs by air without any additional baggage charges.

35. Kite Sailing From California To Tahiti - Anne Quemere |
Anne Quemere kite sailing from San Francisco to Tahiti in her tiny kite boat to kitesail her way across the Pacific ocean. Rower Anne Quemere kite sailing across the Pacific in
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    Kite Sailing from California to Tahiti - Anne Quemere
    Boating and Sailing News 05 Nov 2008
    San Francisco - As Americans gathered at the polls yesterday to elect Barack Obama president,  Anne Quéméré headed out under the Golden Gate bridge in her tiny boat to kite sail her way across 4,350 miles of Pacific ocean. The solo adventurer hoisted her big red kite, and with a smile and wave yelled “we’ll see you soon in Tahiti,” as her 18 foot (5.5 meter) boat slowly excelerated away into the Pacific swells. Anne waited a long time for this weather window, and Tuesday was just the chance she was looking for. North-by-northwest winds of 15 to 25 knots expected to hold for a few days are now helping Anne clear the busy shipping lanes, and should get her boat to the trade winds, which she hopes will propel her all the way to French Polynesia. But, according to Anne, "there isn't much to do to control the weather, that is why it is still called an adventure I guess?" 42 year old Anne, who successfully completed a similar kite sailing voyage across the Atlantic in 2006, had this to say before heading out to sea: “This is the full realization of this project. This is it. Nothing was easy, even to reach the departure line. The coordination is not as easy as it might appear. It took a great deal of energy, time, conviction and motivation.”

36. The Drachen Foundation: A Non-Profit Kite Education Resource
Not the least of his contributions to the possible success of mainstream kite sailing is his media savvy and marketing expertise. Audience participation was a key feature to the
Site search Web search
DF Projects/Special Events
Kite Sailing Symposium
Seattle, Washington
September 28-30, 2006 click to view
larger image Kite Sailing Symposium Audio Podcasts
Peter Lynn, Sr. followed with a sometimes lighthearted look at his 20+ years of kite sailing experimentation. He provided a serious historical context and gave credit to the modern pioneers, Bruno Legaignoux, Corey and Billy Roeseler, and others. He also discussed his own approach, in making a single-person, kite sailing watercraft. This led to the land-based kite-buggy and has culminated in the KiteCat, a twin-hulled, four-ruddered boat that can be transported, assembled, and sailed by one person. It is an economical approach that will appeal to the sportsman with water close by and wind in abundance. Pete Lynn, Jr. gave a technical explanation of the problems inherent to kite sailing. His technical expertise, as well as his hands-on experiences were interesting, amusing, and stimulating. Pete is developing remote control systems and highly efficient kites to push the envelope. Dr. Richard Ruiterkamp also provided theoretical basis to the arguments for kite sailing. Involved in the Delft University LadderMill project, he showed the progress of remote-controlled kites in a LadderMill-based sailing craft. Audience participation was a key feature to the success of the symposium and thanks go to Olav Aleksander Bu, Billy Roeseler, George Dyson and others who gave their insight to the discussions.

37. - Peter Lynn Kite Sailing - Watercraft - Kite Cat
The Canadian Wind Rider, Peter Lynn Watercraft Kite Cat, the best kite catamaran in the world
About Us Experiences Products Traction Kites ... Contact Us
Watercraft Peter Lynn Canada Kite Cat
Water Craft - for traction kite sailing Kite Cat - Kite Sailing Catamaran Launching a Kite Cat-Video The NEW Peter Lynn KiteCat (2005)
: Length overall 4.3 m, width 2.0m, weight 35kgms. Glass fibre planing hulls, stainless steel frame.
Four rudder foot operated steering - 2 forward , 2 at rear.- for very fast and precise turning.
Main seat: fabric, adjustable. Passenger seat; glass fibre (optional).
Packed dimensions (for shipping): 4.15m x 0.5m x 0.5m, 1.0 cu.m , 40 kgms.
Transport : fully assembled on car or SUV roof rack- can be taken off and on by one person.
Recommended Kite Engine :19sq.m Arc style Venom for the entire wind range up to 50km/hr plus (experienced users).
Upwind performance : Competitive with most conventional sailing craft.
Downwind and reaching performance : very fast. Max. speed to date:- more than 50km/hr .
Wave tolerance : very stable - useable to about 1.5m (front measure) surf with care and skill.

38. Kite Sailing And Surfing | | Sailing News
Kite Sailing and Surfing. %%metadescription%%. If it has a Sail, It is in Here.
Find: Everything This Category ADD Listing Latest Popular Directory ... Directory: Kite Sailing and Surfing
  • Clubs and Associations
    Kite Surfing and Sailing Schools

  • Pages: [1] Kite Sailing and Surfing: Kite Sailing and Surfing The complete source for Kitesurfing in Panama
    Information about kitesurfing in panama: where to kite, wind forecast, tide charts, photo gallery, safety and more.
    Kiteboarding Articles, Kiteboarding Forum, Kiteboarding Pictures, Kiteboarding Videos

    Kiteboarding, kitesurfing. Kiteboarding articles, reviews, forums, pictures, kiteboarding destinations and pictures.
    KiteFlix free videos

    Welcome to KiteFlix, where the best Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing videos, photos and pictures are free. Call it Kite Boarding, Kite Surfing or Fly surfing? It is the best extreme sport we have captured on film or pics. Kite Flix movie clips are free streaming video or high speed video downloads, mpeg, avi, windows media, wmv, kiteboarding videos, quicktime kiteboarding videos.
    Phone Address Phone ... Kite Sailing Discover plans, links and a brief article about gaining maximum speed across water.

    39. ISAF : Kite Sailing
    ISAF is the governing body for the sport of sailing. It provides information on World Standings, Race Officials, Sailors, Olympic Classes
    MNA Site Classification Marketing Newsletter ... Meetings Search Sailor Login ISAF code: Password: Remember me Register Forgotten password Home News ... Archive - February 2005 Kite Sailing News Index News Archive RSS Feeds Sailors News ... ISAF XRR Format 25 February 2005, 11:15 am Kite Sailing
    WSSRC News
    The following statement is to clarify ISAF's position in respect of kites and the outright World Sailing Speed Record - 500 metre course. At the ISAF Executive Committee meeting of 5-7 February 2005, ISAF considered a request from the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSR) on whether a 'kite' could establish and claim the outright World Sailing Speed Record. The position of ISAF is that, at this stage, a claim on the outright World Sailing Speed Record by a kite would not be endorsed. Kite records will continue to be ratified by the WSSR Council in sail area divisions and kite speed sailing events will be observed and monitored as normal. Kite records have their own section on the WSSR website To clarify the WSSR Council position concerning kite surfing, WSSR Rule 2 states that, in addition to the World Sailing Speed Record (the outright record), records can be established in the following sail area divisions: 10sq.m, A Class, B Class, C Class, D Class, and a division for sailboards with kite sails. ISAF recognizes the World Sailing Speed Record Council as the international authority responsible for ratifying World Sailing Speed Records.

    40. Kite Sailing
    World Sailing Speed Record Council ALG Malik BOUCHANAFA Leucate, FRA May 2003 38.28 kts USA Robby NAISH Aringa, ESP
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    Kite Sailing Men ALG Malik BOUCHANAFA Leucate, FRA May 2003 38.28 kts USA Robby NAISH Aringa, ESP Jul 2003 FRA Emmanuel TAUB Leucate, FRA May 2004 Emmanuel TAUB Fuerteventura, ESP Jul 2004 RSA Olaf MARTING Walvis Bay, NAM Oct 2004 Olaf MARTING Walvis Bay, NAM Oct 2005 FRA Alexandre CAIZERGUES Luderitz, NAM Oct 2007 USA Robert DOUGLAS Luderitz, NAM Sep 2008 FRA Sebastien CATTELAN Luderitz, NAM Oct 2008 FRA Alexandre CAIZERGUES Luderitz, NAM Oct 2008 FRA Alexandre CAIZERGUES Luderitz NAM Nov 2009 Women NOR Tuva JANSEN Leucate, FRA May 2003 33.23 kts FRA Charlotte CORSORTI Leucate, FRA Apr 2004 Charlotte CORSORTI Leucate, FRA Apr 2005 Aurelia HERPIN Walvis Bay, NAM Oct 2005 RSA Sjoukje BREDENKAMP Walvis Bay, NAM Oct 2006 Sjoukje BREDENKAMP Luderitz, NAM Oct 2007 Sjoukje BREDENKAMP Luderitz, NAM Sep 2008
    National KiteSail Records
    Men ALG Malik BOUCHANAFA Leucate, FRA May 2003 38.28 kts

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