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         Kitesailing:     more detail
  1. Drachensport: Kitesurfen, Buggykiting, Drachen, Snowkiting, Kitebuggy, Kitelandboarding, Kitesailing, Kitewing, Windfenster (German Edition)

41. The Drachen Foundation: A Non-Profit Kite Education Resource
The Drachen Foundation, a Seattle, WAbased educational non-profit, has been documenting recent developments in kite traction – kite sailing in particular.
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DF Projects/Special Events
Kite Sailing Symposium
Seattle, Washington
September 28-30, 2006 These three innovators have followed very different paths in their kite sailing development. Peter Lynn has been driven by the notion that a personal kite sailboat displaying greater control, speed, and maneuverability will lead to bigger and better boats and kite systems. Dave Culp, on the other hand, has shown that a lower-tech kite, married to any sailboat, will offer higher performance and more sailing enjoyment. Montague has harnessed the power of kites to ocean canoes and has targeted the thrill-seeker and environmental tourist. Drachen Foundation scientific kite experts Joe Hadzicki and Dave Lang will moderate a group discussion probing kite/sail design, hull design, market potential, and a variety of other timely issues. This symposium is located on the water at The Center for Wooden Boats, an interactive museum where small craft heritage is enjoyed, preserved, and passed along to future generations. Please see

42. Folding Kayaks Forum • Information
Accessories Sailing Gear Anyone tried to use a kite for kayak sailing? One of those steerable ones that are also used for wake boards etc. But smaller I guess.. Possible

43. Kite Sailing | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
It is my 50th birthday in 9 days time, and last night when I arrived at what I thought was a dinner party with a few close friend I walked into a full on surprise birthday

44. HB - Adventure Switzerland: Pure Nature - Kite Sailing
Kite Sailing Please find below some sample offerings. Individual and customized charter available.

hot and new who we are where we are ... e-mail us
Kite Sailing Please find below some sample offerings. Individual and customized charter available.
Kite Sailing - Fascination and Adventure Kite Sailing A trendy experience, easy to learn. Kite Sailing, a must to do. Try it yourself, after a basic training you will be able to use the Buggy or even sailing with the inline skates. In Winter, Ski or Snowboar will be used to sail on frozen lakes.
Kite Sailing is available at Silvaplana, Oberwald, Lake Como, Bielersee and Walensee.
Availability and Price: A two day course (2 * 3 hours) is available from EURO 180.00. Half and full day courses are availalbe as well.
Ask for availability and prices.
A group of six persons is minimum required. Information request form back to main page Important notice: Important notice: All excursions will only be made when weather conditions are fine. Therefore we can not guarantee that any booked tour can be made at the planned date. Due to weather or security reasons cancelled tours will not be charged.

45. YouTube - Kayak Kite Sailing
Parafoil kite pulling 15ft tandem kayak

46. Peter Lynn Himself - Winch Systems   
Peter Lynn himself has a lot of valuable information regarding kites, kitesurfing, motors etc. Please take a look and join the newsletter to stay informed
Winch Systems for Kite Sailing.
6m Cat. Winch detail c 2002
Kitesailing will be regulated out of existence before getting properly started if this isn't solved before those who are not believers notice it.
Line extruding from pump tube
Line pushing seal system
And it is certainly possible to build winch systems that address all the above problems, but they will be complex, exponentially so as the number of lines to be controlled increases from 2 to 3, to 4 and often now 5, and the potential for catastrophic snarl ups can probably never be eliminated.
Some accompanying pictures are of a simple four-line winch system for a 6m purpose built kite sailing catamaran in 2002. It has full control while letting out and pulling in, but does not have any system for retaining tension in the lines between the winch drum and the end pulleys, has no direct way for the flier to sense line tensions, nor any registration correction. This boat was potentially lethal- quite a few people have tried it, none were very keen to go again- because of the risk of drum snarls, looping between the drums and end pulleys, lack of feel, and very nervous-making loss of control as line lengths lost register when they were pulled in and let out under varying tension.
Winch Details
8m Tri. on trailer, winch detail, c1993

47. Kite Sailing Yacht Kitano Catches Steady Winds From On High
Kite Sailing Yacht Kitano Catches Steady Winds From On High. The higher the altitude, the faster and steadier the wind blows. That's the concept behind this Kite Sailing Yacht

48. Skybanditz
Kiteboarding Welcome to Skybanditz. We specialize in Kiteboarding in the Miami Area. In the spring of 2001 after all the research and study, traveling, and involvement in the
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  • Home Kiteboarding
    • Training Home Text Size Font Style Cart ( items) Mynxx ... Palatino RokStoriesImage.push('/images/stories/logolarge.jpg'); RokStoriesImage.push('/images/stories/cover/a_resize.jpg'); RokStoriesImage.push('/images/stories/cover/b_resize.jpg'); RokStoriesImage.push('/images/stories/cover/f.jpg'); RokStoriesImage.push('/images/stories/m_resize.jpg'); Kiteboarding Welcome to Skybanditz.  We specialize in Kiteboarding in the Miami Area. In the spring of 2001 after all the research and study, traveling, and involvement in the kite surfing community issues Francisco decided to open SkyBanditz Kiteboarding Center located at Crandon Park, Key Biscayne Florida. Read the Full Story Francisco Escudero Known throughout the Caribbean as the foremost authority on kite boarding, Francisco Escudero brings a lifetime of surfing experience and research to the sport. Read the Full Story Kiteboarding Lessons Our kitesurfing lesson programs will allow you to learn the way you want to, by respecting your progression rhythm and allowing you to find a lesson best adapted to you. You can choose different time formats, from one hour up to several days. There is neither age limit nor prerequisite apart from being able to swim and enjoy spending time in the water. Read the Full Story Online Store All the equipment that you need at great prices on our online store Read the Full Story Level X Learn advance techniques in our extreme classes

49. Kite Sailing Is Now | The Boat Guy Site
Check out the KiteCat and QuadSurfer in various weather conditions around NZ lakes and coastline. Kites used Slingshot 12m Link, 19m PL Venom and 13m Scorpion

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