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  1. National Korfball Teams: Netherlands National Korfball Team, Belgium National Korfball Team, Chinese Taipei National Korfball Team
  2. Ball Games: Association Football, Netball, Australian Rules Football, Field Hockey, Bandy, Rugby Union, Team Handball, Korfball, Juggling
  3. Korfball: International Korfball Federation, Mitcham Korfball Club, Ikf World Korfball Ranking, Beach Korfball
  4. National Sports Teams of Armenia: Armenia National Ice Hockey Team, Armenia National Korfball Team
  5. Sport de Ballon: Moto-Ball, Calcio Florentin, Ballon de Rugby à Xv, Korfball, Jorkyball, Ballon Au Poing, Goal-Ball, Fistball, Torball (French Edition)
  6. Korfball in Catalonia: Catalonia Korfball Team, Korfbal Club Barcelona, Unió Korfbalera Sant Adrià de Besòs, Club Korfbal Vacarisses
  7. Variations of Basketball: Basketball, Six-on-Six Basketball, High School, Association of College Unions International, Korfball, Netball
  8. Armenian Sports Teams: National Sports Teams of Armenia, Armenia National Ice Hockey Team, Armenia National Korfball Team
  9. World Games 2009: Korfball at the 2009 World Games, Roller Sports Inline Hockey at 2009 World Games, Fistball at the 2009 World Games
  10. Korfball Competitions: 2010 Korfball Europa Cup
  11. Korfball Teams: Trojans Korfball Club, Highbury Korfball Club, Korfbal Club Barcelona, Unió Korfbalera Sant Adrià de Besòs

61. Andhra Pradesh Korfball Association
English language site of the Andhra Pradesh korfball Association or APKA, based in India, featuring photos from national championships.
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63. International Korfball Federation
Thursday, 21 October 2010 1102 During the IKF European korfball Championship 22 till 31 October in The Netherlands a LED-Clock Post will be used to supplement the Shot Clock
INTERNATIONAL KORFBALL FEDERATION Main Menu Home IKF events calendar 57 Korfball Countries Tournaments ... Knowledge Bank IKF is recognised by the IOC IKF is member of Syndicate RSS 2.0 Atom 1.0 About this site
International Korfball Federation Leon Simons distinguished by the Dutch Queen Monday, 01 November 2010 15:43 Leon Simons, the retired captain of the Dutch Korfball team, has been awarded today Knighthood in the Order of Orange-Nassau, a distinction by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. Read more... IKF awards Pin of Merit to Johan Wiegerink Monday, 01 November 2010 20:05 The International Korfball Federation has awarded its Pin of Merit to Mr Johan Wiegerink, recognizing his excellent performance as Tournament Director and Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee of the 2010 IKF European Championship. Read more... IKF World Championship 2011 Friday, 29 October 2010 07:35 Following yesterday’s matches at the IKF European Korfball Championship being held in Rotterdam (NED), the final qualifiers for the IKF World Championship 2011 to be held in Shaoxing (CHN) from 27 October – 5 November became known. Read more...

64. Birmingham University Korfball Club
Includes news, events, photos, message board, club information, player profiles, and related links for this UK club.

65. What Is Korfball?
A Brief History korfball, invented in 1901 by an Amsterdam schoolmaster, Nico Broekhuysen, is a game comparable to netball and basketball with
What is Korfball?
Updated December 2005


Pitch layout

Playing korfball
A Brief History
, invented in 1901 by an Amsterdam schoolmaster, Nico Broekhuysen , is a game comparable to netball and basketball with one major exception - the game is designed to be played by mixed teams . It was designed by Nico Broekhuysen in this way because he wanted a game which could be played by his schoolchildren where both boys and girls were able to compete on an equal footing within the same game
The Pitch Layout

Korfball is played by two teams of 8 (4 men, 4 women) on a rectangular pitch 40m by 20m (although smaller sizes have to be used in Britain where most Sports Halls tend to be based on Badminton Courts). The pitch is divided into two halves so that each end is square. At either end, at one third of the length of the square measured from the back line, is a goalpost supporting a cylindrical basket (called a korf - which is the Dutch word for basket) open at both ends with the rim of the korf 3.5 m (11.5ft) from the ground

66. Club Sandwich Korfball
Based in Canterbury, Kent, England, who host an annual beach korfball tournament. Featuring video clips of indoor league matches.

67. The Name Of The Game. Korfball Is A Game For Everyone. Men And Women Of All Ages
korfball is a game for everyone. Men and women of all ages can play. korfball is played on every continent, with the exception of the Antarctic.
The Name of the Game
Korfball is a game for everyone. Men and women of all ages can play. Korfball is played on every continent, with the exception of the Antarctic. Korfball can be played indoors as well as outdoors. And you don't need expensive equipment to play the game. The first thing you need is a pitch (court), divided into two halves called zones. Add two korfball posts (3.5m, shorter for the young), two baskets, one ball and two teams of eight players: two men and two women of each team in each zone (attack and defence). With one referee the game is ready to start.
Korfball: the aim of the game.
The game is fairly simple. You score when you throw the ball through the other team's basket. After two goals the teams change zones: the defenders become attackers and attackers defenders. At half-time the teams change ends. As long as you keep its philosophy in mind, all rules turn out to be straightforward. What, then, is its philosophy? First and foremost, korfball is a team sport. Individual class is essential but there is no room for individual play. Belonging to a team means teamwork; running with the ball or dribbling is not allowed. If you receive the ball while running, stop and pass, preferably to a member of your team! Second, korfball is a mixed sport. Men and women play side by side. But while women are equal in the tactics of the game, while playing it's man to man only. One man may guard one man and one woman may guard one woman. So it's not two against one and a woman may not defend a man nor may a man defend a woman.

68. Basingstoke Bulls Korfball Club
Basingstoke Bulls korfball Club - a brand new club looking for players. Site features details on how to join the club or come and try the sport.

69. The Rules Of Korfball. History Of Korfball.
How to play korfball . THE BASIC RULES AND HISTORICAL FACTS ABOUT korfball. korfball (in Dutch korfbal, which means basketball) is a mixed team sport which is played world
COLLEGE SPORTS SAFE SEARCH How to play Korfball THE BASIC RULES AND HISTORICAL FACTS ABOUT KORFBALL Korfball (in Dutch korfbal, which means basketball) is a mixed team sport which is played world-wide. The game originated in the Netherlands and Korfball is now played in over Forty countries Worldwide and is a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee. One of the wonderful things about Korfball is that the rules allow both men and women to compete equally. Korfball is different from other team sports in that the rules encourage controlled physical contact and gender equality between players. The main components of Korfball are oral skills and co-operative play, with players marking an opponent of the same sex. the game is played indoors in the winter and outdoors on grass or Astroturf in the summer months. The game is now a very popular beach recreation as well. Korfball is played indoors or outdoors on a court divided into two halves called zones. Home.

70. Korfball (The University Of Manchester)
korfball. Club Name The University of Manchester korfball Club Club Contact Rachel Swallow or James McNaughton Phone no 07868597790 or 07772533014
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Club Name: The University of Manchester Korfball Club
Club Contact: Rachel Swallow or James McNaughton
Phone no: 07868597790 or 07772533014
Coach name: Kevin Moss Training times:
Tuesday 7.00pm - 8.30pm (1st and 2nd squad; Skills, Drills, Games)
Wednesday 6.00pm - 8.00pm (Whole squad; Skills and Game practice)
About the club: Although not many people have heard of Korfball before coming to uni, it is definately worth a try if you are looking for something new, fun, and easy to pick up. It is, very simply, a cross between netball and basketball, but with key differences; the main one being that males and females play together. We have 4 squads, competing in various leagues, depending on how seriously you want to play.Whether you want to take part in games against other unis, local teams, or simply just want to come to the pub afterwards, korfball is definately worth a go!
'Purple and Proud': Our club prides itself on having a wide mix of players; from 1st years to postgraduates, all of whom are here to play a gripping sport,have a great time and make new friends too. We regularly take part in visits to other universities to take part in tournaments and at the end of the year, we travel to Amsterdam to take part in an international student competition, which is open to all members. The club meets up for the weekly AU Socials held on Wednesdays, the AU Christmas Ball and various other socials throughout the year aswell, and there is rarely a dull moment as a member of the Korfball squad!

71. Milton Keynes Korfball Club
Fixtures, results and how to come and have a go at playing the sport in Milton Keynes, England and the surrounding area.

72. Trojans Korfball Club - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Established in 1972, Trojans korfball Club is based in Croydon, Surrey, England. They participate in the Dutch sport korfball and are a member of the England korfball
Trojans Korfball Club
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Trojans Korfball Club logo Established in 1972, Trojans Korfball Club is based in Croydon Surrey England . They participate in the Dutch sport Korfball and are a member of the England Korfball Association Europa Shield in 2007 in Vilanova i la Geltrú
edit League History
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The club has been established in the National League for many years and has only recently begun to reap the rewards of its hard labour. From early 2000, Trojans had languished toward the bottom of the National League, often finishing 2nd bottom. This resulted in them playing a playoff match with the runners up of the then Reserve (2nd) Division for the rights to play top flight Korfball the following year. At the time, the 1st team had a mixture of young inexperienced males and older, more experienced females. The males displayed talent and potential at Korfball but needed the guidance of the older, experienced players to point them in the right direction. At this time, the average age of the 1st team males was just 17 compared to the females at 34.

73. Milton Keynes City Korfball Club
Features latest local fixtures, and details on how to try the sport at this club s Monday night sessions at Woughton Leisure Centre in Milton Keynes.

74. About Korfball Info - History - Korfball Rules
korfball is the only mixed team sport. It originated in the Netherlands, at the beginning of the twentieth century. korfball is played in the open or closed field whose
Korfball is the only mixed team sport. It originated in the Netherlands, at the beginning of the twentieth century. Amsterdam teacher, Nico Broekhuysen, devised this game to all students in his class, regardless of sex, it could equally participate. The game quickly gained popularity in its homeland, but also in surrounding countries, so that korfball, as a demonstration sport, was represented at the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp, and 1928th in Amsterdam. In Belgium, the 1933rd was formed korfball International Federation (The International Korfball Federation), whose main goal is to expand korfball all meridians. This global organization provides its members with financial, material and structural support and is most responsible for what is korfball now plays in over forty countries on all continents.
Korfball International Federation was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee, and korfball of the 1985th regularly represented at the World Games.
Korfball World Championships are held every four years, and only two teams had the honor to be up on winning throne. The Netherlands is six times a world champion, and Belgium once.

75. Your Page Title
Information on how to join, fixtures, maps, photographs, and links. Members of the London league based in Surrey, UK.

76. Korfball
A selection of articles related to korfball korfball Encyclopedia II korfball - How to play. korfball is played indoors or outdoors on a court divided into two halves

77. Edinburgh University Korfball Club
Includes general information about the sport, club details and fixtures, tournaments and results, member list, photos, and related links.

  • Home Info
    Welcome to EUKC
    The EUKC is part of the Edinburgh University Sports Union , and competes in the Scottish Korfball League. We currently have 4 teams, including two predominantly made up of freshers. As a sport, Korfball is perfect for beginners, or seasoned athletes wanting to try something new. And, for a mixed sex University sport, the socials are understandably awesome! Check out our website, head down to any of our training sessions, or fire us a quick email if you want to know more! Plus, to ensure you really do keep completly up-to-date on everything korf, send our secretary an email to be added onto the mailing list.
    Latest News
    EUKC at European Championships
    Posted at on 27th Oct '10 by Will Lawton A quick shout out to Kyle, who not only had a birthday yesterday, but is also representing EUKC at the European Championships out in Holland.
    You can follow Scotland's progress and results at
    Also, did anyone leave some Stella in Kyle's room the flat after Kyle's Birthday Party last night? Most of it's in the carpet to be honest, but there's still some dregs in one of the bottles.
    Oh, and Catherine, I keep turning the laptop on and off, but still nothing - I'm not used to Windows, what do I do?

78. Nottingham Korfball Club
Includes player information, teams, calendar, tournaments, photos, and related links. Also features information about the Trent University korfball Club.

79. Korfball An Der Uni München
Informationen zum Studentenkorfball in M nchen.

80. Korfball In Deutschland -
Informationen ber die einzige gemischte Mannschaftssportart der Welt. Mit Angaben zum Spiel, zu Meisterschaften und zu Meldungen.
Springe zur Navigation Springe zum Inhalt Deutsch English Anmelden Impressum Benutzername: Passwort:
Korfball in Deutschland
Die offizielle deutsche Korfball-Website.
Testspiel WTB U16 vs. SKC 3
Vierkampf Niederlande - Roermond

Auswahltraining WTB U12/U14

Auswahltraining WTB U16
... Alle Spiele und Live-Ticker
IKF News
Leon Simons distinguished by the Dutch Queen
IKF awards Pin of Merit to Johan Wiegerink
IKF Website
Noch kein Durchbruch auf internationaler Ebene
Deutsches Team mit einem Sieg und einer Niederlage in Antwerpen

Dominanz der Adler
Mehr Presseartikel ...
DTB Pokal
1. November 2010
Deutsche EM-Helden auf Platz Vier
mehr... 31. Oktober 2010
Korfball-EM auf dem Handy verfolgen!
mehr... 30. Oktober 2010
Nach der zu erwartenden Niederlage gegen Belgien (34:11) im Halbfinale fokussiert sich die deutsche Nationalmannschaft bereits auf das entscheidende Spiel: Das kleine Finale am Sonntag, 31.10.2010, 13:00 Uhr, in der Ahoy-Arena in Rotterdam. mehr... 29. Oktober 2010
EM 2010 auf Eurosport2 und auf der EM-Video-Seite live gezeigt mehr...

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