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  1. Komazawa University: Komazawa University Alumni, Taizan Maezumi, Dainin Katagiri, Shohaku Okumura, Takuya Yamada, Kyudo Nakagawa, Soyu Matsuoka
  2. Kampfkunst (Japan): Budo, Iaido, Kumite, Kyu, Hakama, Judo, Kendo, Mugai Ryu, Deutscher Jiu Jitsu Bund, Bujinkan, Kyudo, Ninjutsu, Kobudo, Jodo (German Edition)
  3. Kyudo by Unknown, 2002-01-01
  4. Art Martial Japonais: Aïkido, Hakko-Ryu, Zen Hakko Kaï, Iaido, Kyudo, Goshindo, Bushido, L'âme Du Japon, Ninjutsu, Budo, Kenjutsu, Shintaido (French Edition)
  5. Kyudo - Der Weg des Bogens by Luigi Genzini, 2008
  6. Kyudo - El Arte Japones del Tiro Con Arco (Spanish Edition) by R. B. Acker, 1999-09
  7. Buddhist Art and Culture: Buddhist Cuisine, Ajanta Caves, Kyudo, Buddhas of Bamyan, Greco-Buddhism, Greco-Buddhist Art
  8. Gendai Budo: Aikido, Karate, Judo, Kendo, Shintaido, Kyudo, Shorinji Kempo, Yoseikan Budo, Kinomichi, Full Contact Karate
  9. Nakamura Kusatao ron: Shisaku to kyudo (Japanese Edition) by Hakuya Miyawaki, 1987
  10. Wasurerareta michi: Kyudo no seijaku haido no yushu (Fudo to rekishi o aruku) (Japanese Edition) by Junichi Hori, 1984
  11. Zen Kyudo by Chozen; Ji, 1984
  12. Kyudo: The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery (Bushido--The Way of the War
  13. Asobi to kyudo no kokoro: Edo Tokyo no chanoyu 400-nen (Japanese Edition)
  14. Kyudo by Jordan; Galende, Juliana Augusto, 2007

21. Ion Kyudo - Your Focused Kyudo Channel | Watch Kyudo, Share Kyudo, Play Kyudo, S
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22. Kyudo: Japanese Archery
The national governing body for kyudo in the USA affiliated to the All Nippon kyudo Federation (ANKF) and International kyudo Federation (IKYF). Contact addresses and home pages of the USA state organizations and dojo.
Choose... Meishin Kyudojo Asahi America AKR Choose... Meishin Kyudojo Presenters About Kyudo History Spirit Technique Equipment Resources Lessons Images Choose... Asahi America Introduction Resources Bows Arrows Gloves Clothing Accessories Ordering Choose... AKR Arizona Florida Georgia Indiana Kentucky Minnesota Nevada North Carolina Northern California NY/NJ South Carolina Southern California Texas Virginia Washington Wisconsin The American Kyudo Renmei is a non-profit organization operating under the auspices of the International Kyudo Federation (IKYF) and the All Nippon Kyudo Federation (ANKF).
Consisting of eight member federations (Renmei) and five affiliates (Kai) across the United States, the A.K.R. is dedicated to the advancement and instruction of Kyudo, traditional Japanese archery. Current officers are:
Yoshiko Buchanan, President

William Reid, Vice President

Tomio Kato, Vice President

Jannette Curran, Secretary

Andrew Platzer, Treasurer

23. –
Oko Europe, the European kyudo organisation of Zenko International kyudo -founded by kyudo Master Kanjuro Shibata XX
Kyudo, the way of the bow. Kyudo, traditional Japanese archery taught by Kyudo master Kanjuro Shibata XX.
Oko Europe is the European Kyudo organisation of Zenko International founded by Kyudo Master Kanjuro Shibata XX and is dedicated to the practice Kyudo, the Way of the Bow. About Oko Europe Programme Schedule Oko Kyudo Teaching Lineage ... News

24. Kyudo Indianapolis | Mudokwan
The oldest martial arts tradition in Indianapolis, Park Sensei has been teaching Karate, Judo, Kendo, Iadio and Jujitsu in Indianapolis since 1967. Instructing a range of
  • Home Martial Arts
    Kyudo is Japanese archery. It is literally the "way of the bow", a martial art of great skill and devoted practice. Whenever archery began in Japan is, for certain, unknown. No historical records exist in the time that archery must have been going on. In fact, molded metal images depicting a Japanese use of an asymmetrical bow date as early as 330bc. A Chinese document, written in the third century, tells of the people in Japan using a bow that was short on the bottom and long on the top. It was this time frame when the bow was used in war as well as for hunting. As the samurai, or military class, took over power at the end of the eleventh century, the need for archery training grew by leaps and bounds. The first archery schools were founded, including mounted archery for use of the martial art on horseback. By the time the 15th century rolled around, footman archery revolutionized the military skill. By the middle of the 16th century, the use of the bow in war ended. Even though the bow was typically faster, more accurate, and farther reaching than other projectile weapons, the learning curve was extremely steep. In fact, an entire samurai archery group was wiped out in one battle by a bunch of farmers. Kyudo is practiced mostly as sport, but the ideas of ethical and spiritual development guide the practice. Marksmanship is the sought after state, but most competitors are looking to have the most correct form: an expansion that gives a natural release. When the technique is perfect, the arrow will hit the target dead on without fail. It's not simply about emptying the mind and uniting the spirit with the shot, it's also about competitive examination of one's skill amidst difficult situations that can bring about Zen.

Website des Schweizerischen kyudo Verbands (der EKF angschlossen). Informiert ber kyudo - das traditionelle japanische Bogenschiessen - in der Schweiz, die Aktivit ten des Verbandes und die M glichkeiten, in der Schweiz kyudo zu ben.
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26. Kyudo - BattleTechWiki - Classic BattleTech Wiki
This article needs to be updated with material from Experimental Technical Readout Primitives, Volume 1. Once this title clears the Moratorium period, or if it already has, please

27. Advanced Kyudo Intensive With Kanjuro Shibata XX, Sensei
Buddhist Meditation, Yoga and Group Retreats Experience mindfulness, learn how to meditate, take guided Meditation courses, learn meditation yoga techniques buy daily

28. Horie Kyudo Shop
We introduce you about the products, service and information of Horie kyudo Shop.

It was 1857. Japan was approaching to a major turning point in its history. Foreign powerful courtiers were putting pressures on the Tokugawa Shogunate to end Sakoku (closed country policy) for the purpose of free trading. Divided into two groups "Joui-group" and "Kaikoku-group", the country was in a volatile situation over its direction.
Despite the radical movement during this period, time went by slowly and peacefully in a small village in the Northern Greater Tokyo Area. However, Seigorou Horie, the founder of the business, was feeling the change that was happening and spreading across the country.
  • Home Page Open!
  • Pickup Products Yumi made of bamboo
    Mainly made from combination of wood and Madake of Kyushu. Ya made of Duralumin
    It is for Junior and senior high school student, University student and Business peop. Kake
    The Glove made of the skin of Deer.

    29. All Nippon Kyudo Federation
    Short English page with contact addresses.

    30. Kyudo Society Of Florida - Home
    The kyudo Society of Florida practices the art of kyudo as expressed by Kanjuro Shibata XX Sensei. We study, teach and promote kyudo as a meditation style, or heart practice.
    ACTIVITIES SOCIETY KYUDO Our group practices the art of Kyudo as expressed by Kanjuro Shibata XX Sensei, bowmaker to the Emperor of Japan. As part of our practice, we study, teach and promote Kyudo as a meditation style, or heart practice. Receive timely updates about our weekly practices or special events with our e-mail lists For information about Kyudo practice in Florida, please contact Doug Morin, instructor: writeEmail(dm_contact); writeToDoc(ih_credit); writeToDoc(cr_notice);

    31. Kyudo - Meditation Archery
    kyudo is traditional Japanese archery the 'Zen Art of Archery.' Miyako kyudojo in Washington, DC area. Our teacher is Shibata Kanjuro Onyumishi.
    updated 1 Nov. 2010 Instructors Training, Barnet VT Photo by Marie-Antoinette Crivelli
    Meditation Archery
    Miyako Iba
    of Washington, DC
    Click the Fan for
    Local Events
    What Is Kyudo?
    Kyudo is traditional Japanese archery the "zen art of archery." At Miyako Iba, Kyudo is not a sport, but a form of meditation. Starting with the precision of the movements, peaking with the power of the arrow's release, and continuing with everyday life, a process unfolds in which the practitioner has the opportunity to see his or her mind, pure and spacious. To practice Kyudo in this way, one must have a good teacher a master.
    Who is our teacher?
    Kanjuro Shibata, Sensei is such a teacher. Since the early 16th century the Shibata family has maintained an unbroken lineage of master archers and bow makers for the shoguns and warrior families of Japan. In 1877 the 18th Kanjuro Shibata received appointment to the post of official Bow Maker and Archer to the Emperor. Since then, the 19th and 20th Shibata lineage holders have continued to make bows for dignitaries, official functions and for the practice of Kyudo. In 1994, Sensei's son, Nobuhiro Shibata, was recognized as the 21st in the lineage. The 20th Kanjuro Shibata continues as a "Living Treasure of Kyoto," and the head of the Bishu Chikurin-ha branch of the Heki-ryu school of Kyudo. In 1980 Kanjuro Shibata (XX) established his first dojo in the west, in Boulder, Colorado (USA), at the invitation of the Tibetan meditation master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Together, they founded Zenko International with the vision of propagating a culture of enlightened warriorship. Since then he has expanded to over 30 locations in North America and Europe. For a full list, see the

    32. Trondheim Kyudo Klubb
    Klubb for tradisjonell japansk bueskyting med kortfattete opplysninger om bakgrunnen og kontaktinfo.

    33. White Rose Kyudojo - Kyudo
    Purpose. Despite its ostensible esoteric content, kyudo is not a shortcut to a certain development of mind achieved in other Budo by many years of
    The Shooting
    The Outer Target
    The Form
    The movements in formal kyudo are very beautiful and are as complex as the shooting itself-the standard shooting form for a single archer takes twenty minutes during which only two arrows are shot. The use of the hips and the slow positioning of the body, the waiting postures and methods of walking produce considerable strength and flexibility. The mastery of the breathing patterns gives the movements a magical and dynamic pace that is not found in everyday life. This combination of the warrior, the dancer and the monk can teach the archer patience, concentration, relaxed focus, improved decision making, harmonisation with others, and a realistic view of their potential for self- development.
    The Inner Target
    One of the differences between sport and Budo lies in the pursuit, for its own sake, of a certain beauty of movement and moment that goes beyond everyday logic. All the Japanese Budo put the ethic of correct posture and skeletal/muscular balance infused by sincere effort, before effectiveness for its own sake. When that beauty, and the reality of the arrow in flight come together, then something truly magical happens producing a unique experience for the observer and the archer.

    34. Oslo Kyudo Kyokai, Forening For Tradisjonell Japansk Bueskyting - オスロ弓
    Forening for tradisjonell japansk bueskyting. Kontaktinformasjon, treningstider og kart.

    35. Kyudo: Kyudo Society Of Florida, Inc.
    kyudo HOME. ACTIVITIES SOCIETY kyudo When you shoot at the target, sometimes there is too much hope. Your shooting style is full of hope, hope, hope.
    Kyudo HOME ACTIVITIES SOCIETY KYUDO When you shoot at the target, sometimes there is too much hope . Your shooting style is full of hope, hope, hope. It's like people in business who are hoping, hoping, hoping to make lots of money. My one hope is that you can relax. You are hoping, hoping, too much. Meditation is no thinking, all no thinking. I say, heart only should be strong. You should work only on making your heart beautiful. Understand? Kyudo is the same. Kanjuro Shibata XX, Sensei
    1989, Boulder, Colo., U.S.A.
    Read more ...
    Western archery is based on the idea of hitting the target . There is no other reason for doing it. Western bows are made very scientifically for that purpose. However, Japanese bows are made from bamboo, which is cut by people. Since they are made in a natural way, no two are the same, each one is different. To make a yumi is very difficult, and drawing a yumi is also difficult. In Western archery, there are also steps to drawing the bow, but the goal is completely different. Kyudo is very difficult, but it makes no difference whether you hit the target or not. Kanjuro Shibata XX, Sensei

    36. Kyūdō - Wikipédia
    Pr sentation et historique de la discipline.
    Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. (Redirigé depuis Kyudo Aller à : Navigation rechercher Kyūdōjin pendant un tir Concours au temple Sanjusangendo Le kyūdō est un art martial Japonais budō ), issu du tir à l'arc guerrier ( kyūjutsu Cette discipline se singularise de sa contrepartie occidentale par les influences mélangées propres à la culture japonaise: le zen , le Confucianisme et aussi le taoïsme et shintoisme Le kyūdō est une des voies martiales japonaises, cherchant le développement de la discipline du corps et du groupe, par la maîtrise des gestes. Le pratiquant recherche un mouvement parfait, pour pouvoir transcender à la fois le désir de l'ego et l'objectif très terre à terre, consistant à percer une feuille de papier servant de cible, avec un minimum de tension musculaire et un maximum d'énergie spirituelle, ki . La gestuelle esthétique résulte d'une chorégraphie codifiée. Atteindre précisément la cible est la conséquence du bon équilibre entre un corps et un esprit disciplinés et harmonisés. Le deuxième pendant de cette discipline est le développement du tir dans un comportement social entre archers, c'est-à-dire l'étiquette: un tir ne se déroule pas sans qu'un archer ne tienne compte du contexte, de l'environnement et des personnes présentes.

    37. Kyudo: Facts, Discussion Forum, And Encyclopedia Article
    Tao is a concept found in Taoism, Confucianism, and more generally in ancient Chinese philosophy and East Asian religions
    Home Discussion Topics Dictionary ... Login Kyudo
    Discussion Ask a question about ' Kyudo Start a new discussion about ' Kyudo Answer questions from other users Full Discussion Forum Encyclopedia , literally meaning " way Tao Tao is a concept found in Taoism, Confucianism, and more generally in ancient Chinese philosophy and East Asian religions...
    of the bow Bow (weapon) A bow is a weapon that projects arrows powered by its elasticity. Essentially, it is a form of spring. As the bow is drawn, energy is stored in the limbs of the bow and transformed into rapid motion when the string is released, with the string transferring this force to the arrow. Bows are used for...
    ", is the Japan Japan is an island country in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south...
    ese art of archery Archery Archery is the art, practice, or skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow. Archery has historically been used for hunting and combat; in modern times, however, its main use is that of a recreational activity...
    . It is a modern Japanese martial art ( gendai budō Gendai Budo , meaning "modern martial way", are modern Japanese martial arts which were established after the Meiji Restoration . Koryū are the opposite: ancient martial arts established before the Meiji Restoration.-Scope and tradition:...

    38. Homepage
    Hintergrund, Abteilungssgeschichte, Kontaktinfo
    Homepage Die Gruppen Informationen zu Kyudo Trainingszeiten ... Kontakt Dies ist das Portal fr Kyudo in Wiesbaden. Kyudo in Wiesbaden wird derzeit in zwei Gruppen praktiziert: beim JCW und bei Nibukai. Auf diesen Seiten erfahren Sie Wissenswertes ber diese Gruppen und ber Kyudo im allgemeinen. Viel Spa beim Stbern! Fr ungeduldige Durchreisende hier die wichtigsten Links: Die Homepage des JCW finden Sie hier Die Homepage von Nibukai finden Sie hier Wenn Sie Kyudo praktizieren wollen, aber nicht in der Nhe von Wiesbaden wohnen, finden Sie hier eine Liste der Kyudogruppen in Deutschland. Informationen zum hessischen Dachverband aller Kyudokas finden Sie hier Den Dachverband aller Kyudokas in Deutschland erreichen Sie ber seine Homepage hier
    am 20.10. fllt das Training aus
    dieser Mittwochstermin findet leider nicht statt
    (Kat: Trainingszeiten) [mehr]
    Neuer zustzlicher Trainingstermin
    Kyudo am Freitag ab 7:00 Uhr bei Nibukai
    (Kat: Trainingszeiten) [mehr]
    am 23./24.10. findet in Zusammenarbeit mit dem VBW-Nordost und der VBS-Schierstein der nchste...
    (Kat: Veranstaltungen) [mehr] Name Passwort

    39. Kyudo
    Martial Arts Systems and Styles kyudo is traditional Japanese archery
    The Late Master Koyama Shinichiro Traditional Japanese Archery From The Meishin Kyudojo Homepage Kyudo, which literally means The Way of the Bow, is considered by many to be the purest of all the martial ways. In the past the Japanese bow was used for hunting, war, court ceremonies, games, and contests of skill. The old word for Japanese archery was kyujutsu (bow technique) which encompassed the skills and techniques of the warrior archer. Some of the ancient schools, known as ryu , survive today, along with the ancient ceremonies and games, but the days where the Japanese bow was used as a weapon are long past. Modern kyudo is practiced primarily as a method of physical, moral, and spiritual development. No one knows exactly when the term kyudo came into being but it was not until the late nineteenth century when practice centered almost exclusively around individual practice that the term gained general acceptance. The essence of modern kyudo is said to be synonymous with the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. Truth in kyudo is manifested in shooting that is pure and right-minded, where the three elements of attitude, movement, and technique unite in a state of perfect harmony. A true shot in kyudo is not just one that hits the center of the target, but one where the arrow can be said to exist in the target before its release.

    40. Kyudo Aachen E.v.
    Hintergrund, Kontaktinformation und Bildergalerie.
    die kunst des japanischen

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