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         Kyudo:     more books (30)
  1. Kyudo: The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery (Bushido--The Way of the Warrior) by Hideharu H. Onuma, Dan De Prospero, et all 1993-07-15
  2. Kyudo: The Way of the Bow by Feliks F. Hoff, 2002-05-14
  3. Illuminated Spirit: Conversations With a Kyudo Master by Dan Deprospero, Jackie Deprospero, et all 1997-02
  4. Illluminated Spirit: Conversations With a Kyudo Master by Dan Deprospero, Jackie Deprospero, 2007-12
  5. Kyudo by Juliana Galende, 2008
  6. Kyudo the Japanese Art of Archery by William R.B. Acker, 1998-02-15
  7. Kyudo by Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome, et all 2009-12-24
  8. Kyudo: The Art of Zen Archery by Hans J. Stein, 1988-09
  9. Do: Aikido, Karate, Kendo, Iaido, Bushido, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Kyudo, Nanbudo, Japanese Calligraphy, Yoseikan Budo, Koryu Uchinadi, Jodo
  10. Archery: Quiver, Arrow, Quarrel, Kyudo, History of Archery, Mounted Archery, Target Archery, Archery Games, Turkish Archery, Deer Hunting
  11. Tir à L'arc: Kyudo, Arc, Arc Long Anglais, Histoire Du Tir à L'arc, Yabusame, Arc à Poulies, Flèche, Tir à L'arc Aux Jeux Asiatiques de 2006 (French Edition)
  12. Kyudo Manual Volume 1 Principles of Shooting (Shaho) Revised Edition by Sakae Urakami, Yozaburo Uno, et all 1994
  13. Kyudo: The Way of the Bow by Feliks F. Hoff, 2002
  14. Bogenschießen: Bogen, Liste Der Olympiasieger Im Bogenschießen, Berittenes Bogenschießen, Kyudo, Compoundbogen, Traditionelles Bogenschießen (German Edition)

61. Kyudo
Specializing in traditional kyudo equipment. Includes bows, kimonos and kakes. Located in Japan.
FOUCHER ENTERPRISES The international shop of traditionnal Kyudo equipment Around the world mail order website.
Catalogue Bows Arrows Kakes Kimono ... Profile
Our contact:

62. Sambu Kyuguten, Kyudo Equipment
Web shop featuring a range of kyudo equipment. Includes bows, arrows, gloves, accessories, dojo equipment and books.
Yugake - Gloves
Yadzutsu - Quivers


Items shipped from USA
New Products ...
Important Links
Welcome Guest! Would you like to log yourself in
Welcome To Sambu Kyuguten!
We are happy to provide access to our online catalog in English! Our goods can be shipped to just about anywhere in the world, feel free to inquire for details
ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: Please review our new procedures for handling orders via our English website, they are detailed on the Order from Sambu page
Beginner's Set Promotion
We are offering a special promotion espcially designed for beginner's purchasing for the first time.
Buy all of the following items:
1 Chuto or Koto Yugake
1 set of 6 arrows
1 makiwara arrow 1 uniform set (uwagi, hakama, obi, tabi) Get a FREE solid color yadzutsu! (price of this set varies depending on the options chosen)
Featured Products
Kyudo Manual Vol. 1 (English)

63. San Francisco Muyoshingetsu Kyudo, The Spiritual Path Of Archery
kyudo, the way of the bow as taught by Sagino Shihan, is a path of selfrealization. It reveals the truth and wisdom at the bottom of your heart. The San Francisco Dojo

64. Asahi Archery Dealing With Kyudo And Archery Products. ꡼ƻΤ
Supplies a range of kyudo equipment including bows, arrows, accessories, and books. Located in Japan, site in English and Japanese.

65. Kyudo - Japanese Archery
Japanese archery is one of the more traditional arts from Japan. It teaches discipline and respect.
Kyudo - Japanese Archery
Japanese archery is one of the more traditional arts from Japan. It teaches discipline and respect.
Thursday, February 11, 2010
Kyudo - Japanese Archery
Most kids wanted a bow and arrow, and I was no different. I pleaded with my parents to let me to purchase a bow using my savings. Like most people in North America, the bow I purchased had a grip in the center dividing the bow into two equal lengths. And like most kids, I did not consider consequences of placing a target on a ladder and shooting towards our house. Now in my defense, we did have a very long back yard. But apparently not long enough.
Days later when my mother was cleaning the bathroom. I heard her scream
Kyūdō . Kyudo translates as the way of the bow
Like all martial arts, the history and evolution of Kyudo leads to many paths and myths. The Japanese bow was created centuries ago. In the Chinese chronicle Weishu (written before 297 AD) it described the Japanese bow, thus it existed nearly 3 centuries after the birth of Christ and who knows how much earlier.
Today, there are various styles of kyudo, just as there are many styles in karate and jujutsu. Some writers suggest that the first style of kyudo (or

66. KYUDO Shooting The Japanese Bow
Presentation of a book on Japanese and English Technical Terms translated by Hans Gundermann. Example pages and contact information for ordering.
Presentation of the book:
Shooting the Japanese bow KYUDO
The Correct Basic Movements
Written and published by Hans Gundermann Drawings by Professor Inagaki Genshiro Yoshimichi, Tokyo, Japan Scenes from daily life in Tsukuba, Japan For comments or orders please contact me at Japanese page Gundermann's profile
ASHIBUMI: placement of the feet
DOZOKURI: preparing the upper part of the body
YUGAMAE: 3. basic position
UCHIOKOSHI: to lift the bow ...
Some example pages

67. Kyudo-Engilish
A Japanese site with some English content. Movie of a kyudoka, Japanese texts with English translation, a Japanese-English kyudo dictionary.
-Japanese Archery-
from December 20, 1996 [Last Update on April 21, 1997] [Japanese]
If you don't have Japanese font, click here to see Japanese page!
October, 1994
Hokkaido University VS Otaru University of Commerce
Kyudo Movie!!(952KB)
Kyudo Movie Small Version(233KB)
SHAHO-KUN ... Japanese-English Dictionary
If you don't have Japanese font, click here Hokkaido University Kyudo-jo Mail to Maintainer

68. Kyudo | Define Kyudo At
Main Entry kyudo Part of Speech n Definition the Japanese martial art of archery, involving rhythmic movements and meditative concentration Etymology 1933; Japanese kyu

69. White Rose Kyudojo - London
This dojo in London is the oldest public kyudo club in Great Britain, features training address and email, club history, and kyudo background.
Welcome to the web page for the White Rose Kyudojo, based in London we are the oldest public Kyudo club in the UK. Founded in 1986 the club has played a prominent part in the development of Kyudo in the UK and Europe. Whether you are experienced in Budo or Archery and wish to refine your understanding, or someone who has discovered Kyudo through books or the Internet, you are welcome to participate in our beginners courses which are run throughout the year. During these courses you will not require Kyudo equipment as the club makes this available.
White Rose Kyujo
Home Club History Aims Kyudo Gallery ... Contact

70. Kyudo - Definition
kyudo (弓道) (The Way of the Bow ) is the Japanese art of archery. It is a modern Japanese martial art (a gendai budo). In Japan, by most accounts, the number of female kyudo
Kyudo - Definition
Kanjuro Shibata XX practicing Kyudo Kyudo The " Way of the Bow" ) is the Japanese art of archery . It is a modern Japanese martial art (a gendai budo In Japan , by most accounts, the number of female kyudo practitioners is at least equal to and probably greater than the number of male practitioners. Contents showTocToggle("show","hide") 1 Purpose of Kyudo
2 Kyudo Equipment

3 Kyudo Technique

4 Kyudo Rankings
6 See also
Purpose of Kyudo
In its most pure form, kyudo is practiced as an art and as a means of moral and spiritual development. Many archers practice kyudo as a sport, with marksmanship being paramount.
Kyudo Equipment
The yumi (Japanese bow) is exceptionally tall (standing over two meters), surpassing the height of the archer ( kyudoka ). Yumi are traditionally made of bamboo, wood and leather using techniques which have not changed for centuries, although some archers (particularly, those new to the art) may use synthetic (i.e. laminated wood coated with glassfiber or carbon fiber) yumi. Ya haya ; female ya

71. Kyudo-Verein Silbersee-Dojo Hasbergen E.V.
Basisinfos, Trainingszeiten, Vereinsgeschichte, Anleitung zum Selbstbau von Pfeilen.
Kyudo-Verein Silbersee-Dojo Hasbergen e.V. 1985 - 25 Jahre - 2010 Home Was ist Kyudo Mehr... Silbersee-Dojo: - Verein - Training - Termine Selbstbau: - Pfeile - Sehnen Links Kontakt ... Impressum

72. Shambhala - Arts
photo credits Marvin Moore kyudo. kyudo, the way of the bow, can be described as a form of standing meditation. Under the direction of Shibata Kanjuro Sensei and senior
Contemplative Arts Bugaku Kalapa Cha Kalapa Ikebana Kyudo ... Maitri Five Wisdom Energies
photo credits: Marvin Moore Kyudo Kyudo, "the way of the bow," can be described as a form of standing meditation. Under the direction of Shibata Kanjuro Sensei and senior instructors, students learn an ancient form of Japanese archery using traditional bows. Practice takes place every Monday, 6pm-7:30pm
at Kozan Iba, 900 Herring Cove Rd., Halifax
For information about Kyudo in Halifax please call
Sam West , (902) 406 6483, See also
I how you can help I website credits
Halifax Shambhala Centre
, 1084 Tower Rd., Halifax, NS, B3H 2Y5, 902 420-1118

73. Kyu-Do Japanisches Bogenschießen In Wien (1024x768)
Shomen-stil in Wien. Trainingszeiten, Kontaktinfo, Links und Bilder vom eigenen Dojo.

74. Home
Welcome ! To practice and study in the rich traditions of Japanese kyudo is to receive an invitation to experience body and mind with depth and fullness.
Zen Kyudo home

Welcome ! To practice and study in the rich traditions of Japanese Kyudo is to receive an invitation to experience body and mind with depth and fullness. Kyudo is a life long pursuit of personal reflection, vow, and dedication that brings you to strive to work harmoniously in relationships with others. You are invited to explore the visual and written imagery of Kyudo, the Japanese yumi, as well as students' efforts striving along the way. This site is dedicated to students engaged in the living practice and study of Kyudo based in traditional values of the Heki-ryu Bishu Chikurin-ha school of Kyudo, though not excluding the practice and values of other traditional schools of Kyudo. Additionally, this site is a vehicle to present the yumi of Don Symanski, their making, maintenance, care and availability. The architects of the site are students engaged in both Kyudo and the grounding practice of Zazen sitting meditation. I wish to express my appreciation to these friends as well to the greater Kyudo community over the years. Please report any problems or questions about this site to webmaster : zen(at)

75. Kyudo / Japanisches Bogenschießen Und Intuitiver Bogensport
Trainingszeiten, Texte zur Schie echnik und mentalen Aspekten im japanischen und westlichen Bogenschie en, Linksammlung.
Auf Tastatur F11 Der Weg des Pfeils aus dem Bogen -Video Vorschau:


Kyudo -Welt

intuitiver Bogensport Schnuppertermine
sitemap Finnish Kyudo ... Bogensport-Turnierkalender r* H. Reutlingen , Metzingen, Stuttgart, Hechingen, Herrenberg, P. aus Sicht der Heki Ryu Insai Ha

76. London Kyudo Society: Home
Home. The London kyudo Society is a private voluntary body established to promote the practice of kyudo the traditional art of the Japanese bow.

77. Kyudo – Die Kunst Des Bogenschießens | Kyudoverein Neandertal
Information zu Geschichte und Gegenwart der Kampfsportart kyudo, sowie ber die Arbeit, Motivation und Zielsetzung des kyudoverein Neandertal.
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Kyudo – Die Kunst des Bogenschießens
Der Kyudoka kniet ab, grüßt das Ziel und streift den langen Kimonoärmel von der linken Schulter. Er steht auf, geht entschlossenen Schrittes zur Abschusslinie, kniet dort wieder ab, wendet sich zur Kamiza und legt den ersten Pfeil ein. Langsam steht er auf, setzt aufmerksam seine Füße und überprüft seine Haltung. Erst greift er die Sehne, dann den Bogen mit festem Griff, hebt ihn weit über den Kopf. Aus der Mitte des Körpers zieht er den Bogen auf, bis der Pfeil an der rechten Wange anliegt. Sein Körper wird fest, sein Geist wird ruhig. Beide sind auf das Ziel gerichtet. Ausgeatmet steigert er seine Kraft bis zum Maximum, bevor sich der Schuss löst und der Pfeil geradlinig zum Ziel fliegt, das Mato aus Papier durchbohrt und von der Sandschüttung leicht zitternd aufgefangen wird. Der Schütze verharrt eine kurze Zeit mit ausgebreiteten Armen, bevor er den zweiten Pfeil schießt, der ebenfalls trifft. Scheinbar unbeeindruckt geht er an die Honza zurück, kniet ab und streift den Ärmel des Kimono wieder über, ordnet die Kleidung und verlässt nach einer Verbeugung in Richtung Ziel den Schießplatz. Kyudoverein Neandertal e.V.

78. Kyudo F.A.Q. :: Index
Forum Topics Posts Last Post ; kyudo Questions about kyudo Here you can ask Questions about everything regarding kyudo. Your questions will be answered by the chair of kyudo
Kyudo F.A.Q.
Heki Ryu Insai Ha
FAQ Search Register Profile Log in to check your private messages Please refer HERE before Log in
Kyudo F.A.Q. Forum Index
Please refer HERE before Please refer HERE before Kyudo F.A.Q.: Dummy
Kyudo F.A.Q. Forum Index
View unanswered posts Forum Topics Posts Last Post Kyudo Questions about Kyudo
Here you can ask Questions about everything regarding Kyudo. Your questions will be answered by the chair of kyudo of the University of Tsukuba, Mori Sensei.
Moderators morishita naokazu Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:16 pm
Questions out of scope
Here you can find every question that can not be answered in this forum.
Moderators morishita naokazu Sun Dec 27, 2009 10:19 am
Feedback / Inquiry Please write your feedback or inquiry about Kyudo FAQ. Please do not make those kind of posts on "Questions about Kyudo" forum. Moderators morishita naokazu Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:52 pm Walli All times are GMT Log in Username: Password: Log me on automatically each visit New posts No new posts Forum is locked Impressum Powered by phpBB

79. Kyudo …the Road Less Traveled
The latest word is that the 2011 American kyudo Renmei seminar has been approved by the ANKF and will be held at Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota.
Kyudo Blog: One Opinion
Posts Comments
AKR Seminar 2011
September 27, 2010 by JM The latest word is that the 2011 American Kyudo Renmei seminar has been approved by the ANKF and will be held at Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota. The closest airport is Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport. The schedule is as follows:
Check with your sensei for more information as it becomes available and you may check the following link, as well: I know we are all looking forward to getting together once again. See you there! Posted in Kyudo
September 19, 2010 by JM More than grass and string.
It is heart,
It is connection. The bow knows the Way.
The doing is in the not doing.
Do not interfere with the way. Control and desire destroy beauty.
Striving for non-striving,
No trying. Movement creating art,
Flowing as smoothly as time,
One second to the next at its own pace. Posted in Archery Japanese Archery Kyudo Random ...
September 5, 2010 by JM The truth of a thing is the feel of it, not the think of it.

80. Begriffe Unter Denen Wir Gefunden Werden Wollen
Wiener kyudogruppe in der Tradition von Kanjuro Shibata
Begriffe unter denen wir gefunden werden wollen:Kyudo, japanisches Bogenschieen, Zenbogenschieen, Zen, meditaitves Bogenschieen, intuitives Bogenschieen, Yumi, Ya, Mato,Shibata, Gako, Kyudojo, dojo, Kai,Bogenschieen, Bogenschiessen, Wien
Kyudo in Wien, OKO, Zenko, Mato, Makiwara, Wiener Kyuodbegegnung, Dominik-Hofman-Halle, Wiener-Berg-Dojo, japanische Kampfkunst, Herrigel

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