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         Landyachting:     more detail
  1. Land-yachting to Central America;: A trailer's-eye view of our nearest Latin neighbors by Etta Payne, 1960

1. Kirrawee Land Yachts,Land Yachting Experiences From £65.00
Club serving the South East of England. Contains newsletter, FAQs, forum, related links, and information about Kirrawee Land Yachts which are made in Kent.
Home of the largest land yacht fleet in the south east. Call Joe 9am-8pm Warning Falling Prices! Land Yachting Taster Land yachting taster is the perfect way to experience land sailing for the fist time. 3 hours of total fun!. Click Book now! Introduction to Land Yachting Introduction to land yachting gives you more time sailing and gives us greater scope to teach yacht handling skills for faster turns and higher speed over the ground. 4 hour sailing. Click Book now! Land Yachting Iron Man The iron man is aimed at keen sailors of water craft and total speed demons, Like the taster and introduction you will be instructed through from the basics of land yachting moving through to fine tuning your skills and moving on to use the full 3km long beach recording speed runs on a personal GPS. Sailing time on this experience is a full 6 hour tide. Click Book now How to find us Click for map But Just stop before you get to the sea! we have our golden tickets ready for dispatch at a moments notice. The perfect gift for young and old, our land yachting experience days are second to none. Call today for next day delivery of your gift certificate Check out this customer video shot on a spring day with steady 20mph breeze!!

2. Landyachting - Landsailing - Landyacht Seagull
Landyacht designer and builder, Seagull Compagny is the world leader of landyachts, thanks to innovation, design, and performance. The landyachts designed by J.P Krischer are
Seagull is the worldwide leader
about landyachts,
thanks to its innovations,
design, and performances.
Choose and enjoy
the well-known landyachts
designed by
Jean-Philippe Krischer...
for a good practise of landsailing.
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3. Morfa Bay Adventure - Land Yachting
Land Yachting. We provide land yachting sessions on the famous Pendine sands home to numerous successful and unsuccessful land speed record attempts at the beginning of the 20th
Home About us Activities Packages ... Contact Land Yachting We provide land yachting sessions on the famous Pendine sands - home to numerous successful and unsuccessful land speed record attempts at the beginning of the 20th century. Experience the rare sport of land yachting at the home of speed - where better to try it - and where else can you do it? Half day sessions available - minimum group size 4 although if you are less get in touch and we may be able to sort you something Back to activity list

4. Activity Workshop - Land Yachting
The land yachting section of the Activity Workshop, giving a brief guide for beginners
top Skydiving Helicopter flying Snowboarding ... Lacrosse Land Yachting Hiking Electronics Language GPS ... Rants
Land Yachting
Land yachting? Sand yachting? It amounts to more or less the same thing. A perfect solution if you want to go sailing but aren't near a large body of water; or if you don't want to get wet! Ideally sand yachting would be on a beach (a large, flat, firm beach with not too many sunbathers), but land yachting is the more general term, for sand, deserted airfields, or any other suitable surface. Depending on the outside temperature there is also the possibility of ice yachting, but we won't go into that here.
So what is a land yacht?
Put simply, it's like a long, thin, three-wheeled buggy with enough room for one person to sit inside. The wheels are like small bicycle wheels, with tyres, and the single front wheel does the steering using foot pedals inside the buggy. Push your right foot forward to go left, and push your left foot forward to go right. It's quite easy. But of course it wouldn't be sailing without a sail, so attached to the top is what looks just like a windsurf sail. A rope is attached through pulleys to the sail, so that tweaking the tension in the sail, and the angle it presents to the wind, results in ever greater speed.

5. Landyachting And Ice Sailing Clubs In Mablethorpe - The Seaside Town For Holiday
landyachting and Ice Sailing Clubs in Mablethorpe the seaside town for holidays in Lincolnshire on UK East Coast
Mablethorpe for Seaside Holidays in Lincolnshire Homepage Town ... Home/Garden Landyachting and Ice Sailing Clubs Lincolnshire Land Yacht Club Gareth Rowland
Email: Meets at: Mablethorpe Beach Visit our website by clicking here
On the Atlantic shores of Southern Ireland British Ice Sailing - click here for our website Homepage Town Entertainment ... hosted and managed by Bowhunter Websites incorporating Community Lincs (Websites)

6. Welcome To Land Yachting In Kent U.K.
Land yachting club serving the South East of England
The Home Page of
Land Yachting in Kent Land yachting is a truly green sport, with no noise, pollution or site damage. Welcome to the home page of the Kent Landyacht Club. Whatever your interest in land yachting, we can help. If you are thinking of taking up this sport, there are details of exciting training courses. If you would like to purchase your own yacht, then we can help, with both new and used machines always available. The British Landsailing pages (BFSLYC) have links to land yachting resources world-wide. We hope you enjoy this site.
Want to know more telephone 07727826373 NOW ! or Email
Our Forum Site
What kind of person takes up land yachting?
Links to other clubs and resources
Thinking of building your own land yacht?
"A bad day on the beach is better than a good day at work!" Click here for our exciting come and try sessions
Home Page
Kent Club Training ... E-mail

7. Carrovelismo
The employment of the wind like power to drive in earth arises like an application of the concepts used in the water, to take advantage of the force of Eolo through a sail
Landyachting - Little History
The employment of the wind like power to drive in earth arises like an application of the concepts used in the water, to take advantage of the force of Eolo through a sail
The Egyptians were the first ones that register data on the use of landyachts
Faraón Amenembat II of the XII dynasty (2000 B C) was probably the precursor of this means of locomotion with true "wind carriages powered" that were employees to mobilize troops.
The next application was the Romans in the year 405 B.C. when Flavius Vegetius wrote in a titled work Epitoma rei Militaris on a car pushed by the wind.
The Chinese were also, on the other hand, innovative in distant times. Emperor Liang Yuang Ti in his knowned writings as Chin Liu Tzu, and making a correlation of times that in the year 247 B C., Koatschang Wu-Shu built a Landyacht able to transport thirty men for hundred of kilometers in a day."
And arriving to our age, already in 1543 exist in Europe, a certain Johan Fiedrich that built a terrestrial vehicle with sail The most overwhelming test gave it by Simón Stevin, a Engineer and Mathematical of Brugges born in 1548, when in 1598, for responsibility of the Prince of Orange, the Count Maurice from Nassau, built a true "

8. Windsport International - Sailing, Land Yachting, Boat Spares & Repairs
Provide sailing, windsurfing, landyachting and multi action holidays and courses at three sites in England.
Welcome to Windsport International Windsport International have a simple philosophy:- only the best will do! Based in the heart of Cornwall, Windsport offers Watersports Tuition, Land Yachting, Cat Sailing, Boat/Equipment for hire and for sale, as well as boat storage, repairs and advice.
We also run a mail order Catamaran Spare Parts Service - check out our online store at

9. Blown Away Land Yachting Experiences In St Andrews, Scotland
Blown Away is a mobile outdoor experience company which specializes in beach based activities. which include landyachting, Beach Kayaking, Zapcatting, Beach Olympics and many more.
Blown Away is a mobile outdoor experience company which specializes in beach based activities. these include Landyachting, Beach Kayaking, Zapcatting, Beach Olympics and many more. Action takes place on sandy beaches and shorelines around Scotland. Looking For An Experience.... Give the best present ever with Blown Away Gift Voucher... Discover More AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,28,0','width','276','height','184','title','BLown away home page slideshow','src','Blownaway slide show 10','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','Blownaway slide show 10' ); //end AC code Join us Follow us Watch us
... Contact Us

10. Land Yachting Wales : Morfa Bay Adventure
Land yachting instruction Pendine Sands South Wales - Morfa Bay Adventure
"A quick note of thanks from me and my team for a challenging but awesome weekend at Morfa Bay. We will be back in the summer for Gorge Walking,Mountain Biking and maybe even Coasteering!! Pass on our best wishes to Geth,Merv,Andy,Phil et all. Thanks again" Chris from Swindon

Land Yachting Our land yachting activity vouchers are ideal for those who wish to experience the thrill of travelling at speed inches above the famous Pendine Sands - home of numerous land speed records and attempts. Suitable for beginners, the land yachting activity voucher experience is also a great alternative for experienced sailors wishing to test their knowledge on dry land. Travelling at speeds of up to 35/40 mph inches from the sand, on such a historical beach, what more could someone ask for!!! What does the land yachting session entail Our land yachting sessions start with a safety briefing and a quick chat about various techniques and turns, and a little knowledge about harnessing the wind etc You will start off on a figure of 8 course, learning basic turns, and then progress onto a more advanced course learning more difficult and quicker land yachting turns

11. Land Yachting « Dunewriters
Land Yachting involves moving along the ground at whatever speed the wind will allow. This is another of those sports where men and women can have equal fun.

12. Rainbow's End Cam - Land Yachting
Land Yachting index page to pictures of trips and links to other land yachtpages.
Land Yachting One of our latest passions is Land Yachting. After many years of kite buggying around land yachts at Alvord , El Mirage, and even Ivanpah Dry Lakes, we purchased our first land yacht in May of 2005. It's a yacht originally built as a single by Rich Crnich of Bend, OR., which we had converted to a twin.
Rich goes over our new land yacht with Morrie Here are pictures from some of our past trips Here are some links to some other sites about Land Yachts Seescapes Productions, Inc.
Send an e-mail to the
Website last updated: August 24, 2010 Home
Live Camera View
Panorama NWBPA ... Land Yachting

13. Land Yachting - Outdoor Sports In Scotland UK - Land Yachting In
Visit Scotland the official Scottish tourist board offers you all information about land yachting in Scotland UK

14. Blown Away Land Yachting Experiences
Land yachting combines the grace of sailing with the adrenalin buzz of motor racing – imagine yourself sitting a few inches from the ground and racing your friends
Sponsors Book Now: Tel: 07784 121125
Email: Beach or Water - We have something to offer you, all year round.
It requires no previous sailing experience and the basic skills can be mastered within an average of 15-20 minutes. The experience will be based around a half day session at varying locations throughout Scotland, but we can take our land yachts to any location throughout Scotland. Frequently used Blown Away venues are:
West Sands-St Andrews, fife See Map
Lunan Bay-Arbroath, Angus
Belhaven Bay Dunbar, East Lothian West Sands, St Andrews as our main location as it is fairly central, well known and easy to get to. The session starts with the all important safety brief and kit issue. Our BLSA instructors will talk you through the basic techniques and give you a quick demo before you have a go in the land yacht. As the session progresses you will master how to start and stop the land yacht and do basic turns. Then as your confidence grows, you will perfect figure of eight turns giving you greater flexibility with the craft and before you know it, you will be racing along the beach against your friends and experiencing the buzz that land yachting can bring.
As you will have mastered the art of Landyachting you can have some time for free sailing before the presentation of awards.

15. Seagull :: Char à Voile De Loisir, Compétition Et Tout-terrain - Landyacht, La
French designer and builder of landyachts. Includes slide show, specifications, company history, and contact information.

Seagull is the worldwide leader about land yachts,
thanks to its innovations, design, and performances.
votre dossier (pdf)
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16. Land Sailing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Land sailing, also known as sand yachting or land yachting, is the act of moving across land in a wheeled vehicle powered by wind through the use of a sail.
Land sailing
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For the colloquial term used to describe the large automobiles, see landyacht An early 20th-century sail wagon in Brooklyn, New York Land sailing , also known as sand yachting or land yachting , is the act of moving across land in a wheeled vehicle powered by wind through the use of a sail . The term comes from analogy with (water) sailing . Historically, land sailing was used as a mode of transportation or recreation . Since the 1950s it has evolved primarily into a racing sport Vehicles used in sailing are known as sail wagons sand yachts , or land yachts . They are typically three-wheeled vehicles that function much like a sailboat , except that they are operated from a sitting or lying position and steered by pedals or hand levers . Land sailing works best in windy, flat areas, and races often take place on beaches , air fields, and dry lake beds in desert regions. Modern land sailors, generally known as "pilots," can go three to four times faster than the wind speed, because of Bernoulli's principle citation needed A gust of wind is considered more beneficial in a land sailing race than a favorable windshift. A similar sport, known as

17. Discover Land Yachting, Yacht Speed Of 40mph, Learn Control
Discover Land Yachting, an introduction lesson to Land Yachting. Experience reaching speeds of around 40mph, all equipment included.

18. New Land Sailor Design
MY New Land Sailor Design. Design Requirements . A primary design requirement was that the Land Sailor operate in wind speeds below 10 mph. Down to as low as 6 or 7 mph if possible.
MY New Land Sailor Design.
Design Requirements A primary design requirement was that the Land Sailor operate in wind speeds below 10 mph. Down to as low as 6 or 7 mph if possible. This meant that it must carry a large sail. I checked Windance at Hood River for a large reasonably priced large sail and was able to come up with an 8.8 m^2 used windsurfer sail in good condition at a good price. Another primary design requirement was that the system be easily portable, not easy for a yacht that must carry a large sail. Design Implementation The picture on the left is of the "T" or center section of the yacht. Aluminium plate 3/16 in. thick is bolted to both the top and bottom to provide structural stifness. The picture on the right is of the rear axel tubes. They have a plate welded on the end to which a steel plate is bolted. The steel plate has a 5/8 in. bolt with the head welded to its back side. Click here to continue. RETURN to the LORD Main Page.

19. Serendipity Land Yachts, Ltd.
Serving San Francisco, The Monterey Peninsula and the Silicon Valley for tours, charters, airport transfers, and commuter contract and special event shuttles.
About Us Our Services Our Fleet Our Drivers ... Contact Us Customer Service:
Serendipity has provided shuttle transportation to Silicon Valley for over 17 years. Learn More
Serendipity works diligently to provide excellent service from the Management of every account to the delivery of the service. Learn More
A listing of links for alternate transportation options.
Click Here
Name: Email:
Serendipity offers commute alternative transportation shuttles for transit connections or intercampus service. We specialize in customized programs, marketing support and assistance in gaining any available government funding. We help make mass transit a viable commute alternative for employees and employers in Silicon Valley. Call us today Serendipity has been serving major Silicon Valley Companies with their transportation needs since 1989!
Operating Authority Customer Service TCP: 81130 USDOT: 507108 Sunway eBay Cisco Home ... Contact Us

20. Calm Weather Fails To Hit Overnight Land Yachting Challenge
From News. Published September 12, 2010
Published: September 12, 2010
Calm weather fails to hit overnight land yachting challenge
A lack of wind almost blew away plans for a 12-hour endurance land yachting event to be held in Brean. A breeze is essential to blow the land yachts along the beach, but when calm conditions settled over the beach as the event was launched, members of Brean Land Yachting Club decided to go ahead anyway, so walked around the course for the 12 hours instead. "Rather than cancel it, we decided to walk around the course on the beach during the 12 hours of the challenge between 8pm and 8am," organiser Martyn Hale told of local lady Julie Selway early this year. Martyn said: "When we reached the beach in the afternoon we thought we had the perfect day for our challenge. It was warm, dry and, most importantly of all, windy!" "By 4pm our banners were in place, the yachts were causing interest and the barbecue was lit. By 5pm all pilots taking part were ready and many sausages and burgers had been consumed." "But by 6pm, when the four Standarts and two Class 5's were attempting to sail, the wind was steadily dropping, and finally they came in at 7.15 to set the challenge course."

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