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         Paddleball:     more books (16)
  1. Racquetball and Paddleball: Fundamentals (The Merrill sport series) by Ralph L. Wickstrom, 1972-06
  2. Paddleball and Racquetball by A. William Fleming, Joel A. Bloom, 1973-06
  3. Racquetball/paddleball (Physical education activities series) by Philip E Allsen, 1977
  4. Paddleball: How to Play the Game by Howard Hammer, 1979-06-25
  5. Beginning paddleball (Wadsworth sports skills series) by Andrew J Kozar, 1967
  6. Beginning Paddleball by Grambeau & Riskey Kozar, 1969
  7. Paddleball How to Play the Game by Howard Hammer, 1976-01-01
  8. Racquetball, Paddleball & Platform Tennis by N. MacLean, 1978
  9. Beginning Paddleball by Grambeau and Riskey Kozar, 1967
  10. Jesus to the Rescue Jesus Hits the Spot Paddleball
  11. Beginning Paddleball
  12. Paddleball: How to Play The Game by Hammer Howard, 1974
  13. Can grandpa play racquetball? by Wallace E Hight, 1978
  14. Racquetball for men and women, by John W Reznik, 1972

1. Paddleball Web Site, Tournaments, Events, Places To Play, Paddles For All Paddle
A resource for paddleball players that includes an area for players looking for players, an event calendar, tournament information, as well as links to equipment, paddles and
Paddleball .com
Paddle Gift Ideas
Paddle Sports on the Web
The Golden Dragon Graphite New Paddles are here!!! Places to Play
California - Connecticut - Florida - Georgia - Illinois - Indiana - Maryland -

Michigan - New Jersey - New York - Pennsylvania - South Carolina -

Tennessee - Texas - Wisconsin
... Paddles
The largest selection of paddles at competitive prices. Paddle Ac cessories
Paddle Balls and Accessories to improve your game such as:
Wrist Exercisers, Handi Gym, Dynaflex, Jumping Super Rope, etc. 4 Wall Paddleball Game Rules Calendar of Events Court Measurements document.write('<');document.write('! ');

2. - Home
2010 Outdoor 3Wall paddleballTournament Saturday August 7th More Info National Doubles Results available on Tourney Results Tab See new paddleball website
National Paddleball
Four Wall
Paddleball Home Tourney Info Membership Tourney Results ... Places to Play Paddleball
Links: Table Tennis
Table Tennis
Hillbilly Paddles
Otto League

We have raised the entry fees for tournaments and have changed the payment structure: The deadline for tournament entries is the FRIDAY BEFORE the tournament date. All those entering by the deadline will be charged $35 per player (a $10 discount). From the deadline to five days before the tourney you may still enter the tourney but will lose the discount, the fee becomes $45 per player. AT FIVE DAYS BEFORE THE TOURNEY DATE ENTRIES WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED If you plan to play, but have an obstacle keeping you from signing up you may contact Lorri Brigham to ask that a spot be held for you. The player must do this by the Sunday before the tourney, the entry fee will be $45 per player. Lorri will communicate with the player if a spot can be held and the date/time the commitment must be made by. If a player enters the tourney then withdraws with less than 5 days notice there is a $10 per player penalty. Please understand all of this is being done in an effort to make tournaments run more smoothly.

3. The Paddle Company! Paddleball One & Four Wall, Platform Tennis & Paddle Tennis
Produces paddles for paddleball, platform tennis, and paddle tennis.

PADDLEBALL PLATFORM TENNIS PADDLE TENNIS ... ACCESSORIES Welcome to The Paddle Company's Official Website! Supporting Our Troops! Paddle Sports Flourish in Iraq! Last year we donated some equipment to the guys and gals in Iraq. We recently got a very nice letter from a Sgt. Daughtry. It seems he and his buddies are getting good use out of our paddles and balls, relaxing during their "down" time. Here we see Sgt. Daughtry getting ready to take care of business. Sure hope he's not planning on using that paddle against the enemy! We wouldn't want him to wind up in front of the I.C.C. for war crimes, although it's fun to imagine K.S.M being paddled rather than waterboarded. We are a family owned business and have been manufacturing and supplying quality equipment for the sports of Paddleball, Paddle Tennis, Platform Tennis and Fronton for over 15 years. Our attention to customer service cannot be matched by multi-national corporations or huge impersonal stores. We always strive to put the sports enthusiast first! On this site you will find information about these fast-growing sports, together with complete details about our wide range of paddles and where you can purchase them. Our titanium, graphite and wood paddles are all made to the highest standards of quality and will satisfy players of all levels. We also carry game sets, balls, nets and other accessories to satisfy the growing popularity of all paddle sports all over the world.

4. Paddleball (Sports/Paddleball)
paddleball was created at the University of Michigan in 1930 by Earl Riskey, a Physical Education instructor in that
powered by dmoz Sports Paddleball Share on twitter digg delicious Swiss Army Knife ... FAQ
Paddleball (Sports/Paddleball)
Paddleball was created at the University of Michigan in 1930 by Earl Riskey, a Physical Education instructor in that university. It is played in one of two versions: 1-wall paddleball and 4-wall (indoor) paddleball. The latter is similar to a racquetball court. Game is played with a rimless paddle and a ball slightly smaller than a tennis ball. Paddleball may by played by two players (singles) or four players (doubles). The object is to win the rally by serving or returning the ball so the opponent is unable to return the ball to the front wall before it touches the floor twice. Points are scored only by the serving side when it serves an ace or wins a rally. Match is won by the side that wins two of a possible 3 games by scoring 21 points first (lesser points for a win are also common). If the games are tied 1-1, the tie-breaker game is won by the side that scores 11 points first.
Platform Tennis / Paddle Tennis

5. Https:// - Paddleball
Contains information on the history of the sports, playing rules and related links.
Web hosting Custom Email SiteBuilder
History of The Game Rules Links
Paddleball is generally played on a court with a single wall.
The court is 20 feet wide and 34 feet deep. The wall is 16 feet high and should have a fence about 4 feet high on its top. The short line is 16 feet from the wall. This leaves 18 feet between the short line and the long line; served balls must land in this zone. The service line is 9 feet behind the short line; the server must stand between those two lines. The service line is marked with lines at least 6 inches long. The sidelines are continued about 3 feet behind the long line to help determine if a served ball is long (a fault) or out (a side-out.)
There would be another pair on the other side of this wall. The fence at the top of the wall helps keep balls from being lost.
The game is usually played singles or doubles. Singles play is described below.
There is a short line about halfway from the wall to the baseline, and the sidelines are extended a few feet past the baseline.
The service line is indicated by ticks about halfway between the short line and the baseline, and indicates where the serving player must stand when serving. The sidelines continue to the top of the wall.

6. PaddleBall
World renowned paddles and straps An idea inspired by a toy from our past. Great for cheek to cheek play.

7. Paddle Ball - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
This article is about a oneperson game. For a sport often called paddleball , see paddleball (sport).
Paddle ball
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Paddleball Jump to: navigation search This article is about a one-person game. For a sport often called "paddleball", see paddleball (sport) Paddle ball is a one-person game played with an attached ball and paddle. Using a flat paddle with a small rubber ball attached at the center via an elastic string, the player tries to hit the ball with the paddle in succession as many times as possible. The paddle is usually made from either wood or plastic , although other materials can be used. This child's toy is common in Hasidic and Amish communities which have prohibitions on electronic toys citation needed . It is also known as "prokadima" The elastic string can be shortened by pulling it back through the paddle and tying it off. The toy is constantly referenced in the TV show Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends . The main character 'Blooregard Q. Kazoo' claims to be a paddle ball expert, but through the entire stretch of the series he has yet to hit the ball once with the paddle. His excuse is that all of the paddle balls given to him are "broken". In one episode which?

8. Paddleball - Outdoor Games -
Buy paddleball at Sports Authority the nation's preeminent full-line sporting goods chain. Shop online or in-store for your favorite brands - Nike, Under Armour, The North Face

9. Paddles For All Paddle Sports, Paddleball, Paddle Tennis, Platform Tennis, Padel
paddles for all paddle sports, paddle racquets, paddle balls, sport accessories, paddle tournaments, where to play, finding people to play paddle, how to play the game, custom
Closed Temporarily

10. YouTube - PADDLEBALL
paddleball is a fast, rhythmic game that challenges your reactions and coordination. Play it one or two handed, alone or with friends. Players Jan, Eric and Huong Video

11. The United States Paddleball Association
Welcome to the national site for OneWall paddleball. Welcome to the new site for the United States paddleball Association. Enjoy browsing thourgh the site.
Welcome to the national site for One-Wall Paddleball Welcome to the new site for the United States Paddleball Association. Enjoy browsing thourgh the site. Support the U.S.P.A., be a member !! Valid USPA Membership required for all Sanctioned Events To Log in or Register (click here) View our current Member list Total Visitors:
New ! USPA 24 hour Telephone / Fax Number Here you can leave a message for the USPA Board, register for an event, or fax in your enrollment form Fight Hackers, Spammers, Spywares !!! Click the links below, Please contact us with any questions or comments about this web site.

12. Paddleball
Welcome to the official site for the San Diego Senior Olympics! We) encourage lifelong fitness for the 50+ population and offer a series of competitive and recreational events

13. Paddleball Paddles - Pacific Sports Warehouse
Order your paddleball Paddles online at Pacific Sports Warehouse

14. Paddle Sports News! - Paddleball One & Four Wall!
We make titanium graphite and wood paddle racquets, balls game sets nets for paddleball, platform tennis and paddle tennis. Products and equipment for all types of paddle

PADDLEBALL PLATFORM TENNIS PADDLE TENNIS ... ACCESSORIES The Sports of Four Wall Paddleball and One Wall Paddleball are growing tremendously in popularity!
Announcing the new Anthony Fiorino paddle! Click it in the sidebar on the right for full information. Independent Review The Ice Man Graphite Signature
Paddle was featured on
Sports Product Review

Check out what they had to say! Tournament News! We recently helped sponsor the Levittown Paddleball Club tourney in P. R. The tournament took place in late November and these guys sure look like they had a good time playing in the sunny Caribbean weather. The competition was fast and furious - Check out their moves. It's great fun watching skilled competitors doing what they love! What's in a name? Many times it's an acurate description of a place, person or thing. Such is not the case with The Paddle Company's latest offering for paddle-sports- the "Mariposa." Check out Eddie Laboys' review of The Mariposa paddle! National Paddleball Association Official Tournament Schedule for 2009 Take a look at the schedule and get in on the games!

15. Paddleball |
Permanent url for this item http// Use the html snipplet below to add a thumb nail image to most sites a href= http//
This Model was created by qwertyuio with Constructor , created on 28 Aug 2004, last modified on 17 Feb 2005. Launch paddleball Permanent url for this item: Use the html snipplet below to add a thumb nail image to most sites: <a href="" title="open this item on"> <img src="" width="120" height="80" alt="paddleball" /> </a> Use the BBCode snipplet below to add a thumb nail image to most forums: [url=][img][/img][/url] Sodaplay is a project by Soda Creative Ltd. with support from NESTA . Sodaplay requires Java 1.5 or later, download it for free from . (Additional icons by Silk Icons.

16. Paddleball | Define Paddleball At
–noun a game played on a handball court following the same basic rules as handball, but in which players use shorthandled, perforated paddles to hit a ball resembling a

17. The Mercury - Paddleball Team Recruits Volley Record Holder
The UTD paddleball team has successfully recruited the No. 1 ranked player in the country to the Comet team.

18. One Wall Paddleball - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
One Wall paddleball is an American ball game that consists in hitting a small rubber ball against a single wall by using paddles. It can be played in singles (1 versus 1) or in doubles
One wall paddleball
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search A typical paddleball paddle. One Wall Paddleball is an American ball game that consists in hitting a small rubber ball against a single wall by using paddles . It can be played in singles (1 versus 1) or in doubles (2 versus 2). The general rule of the game is that the ball must hit the wall without touching the court floor more than once in order to be a valid rally . The balls are usually of the colors black blue green and originally, the paddles were made of wood , although new materials have replaced them throughout the years (such as graphite and titanium paddles). The Black Beauty paddle pictured on the right was actually designed by doubles champion, Chris Lecakes and manufactured by Nat Marks of MarCraft. The original Black Beauty paddle remains in the possession of the Lecakes family. The game is popular in places where the weather permits outdoor plays such as New York Florida New Jersey Connecticut ... California and Puerto Rico , although indoor courts, albeit rare, exist. Tournaments are ruled by the

19. Paddleball On Windy City Novelties
9 Wood paddleball Game, Neon paddleballs 9'' Wood Paddle Ball. You can show off your coordination with this individually packaged paddle ball game.

20. Paddleball - Free Sports Game From AddictingGames!
paddleball, a Free Sports Game from AddictingGames Lost Your Paddle? Try This One.

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