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         Pencak Silat:     more books (33)
  1. Silat: Silat Melayu, Kateda, List of Silat Styles, Silat Medan, Weapons of Silat, Liu Seong Kuntao, Pencak Silat, Karambit
  2. Sport En Indonésie: Pencak-Silat, Sepak Takraw, Pekan Olahraga Nasional, Grand Prix Moto D'indonésie, Komite Olahraga Nasional Indonesia (French Edition)
  3. Islam En Indonésie: Chinois D'indonésie, Ternate, Pencak-Silat, Jemaah Islamiyah, Cirebon, Religion Traditionnelle Javanaise, Sultanat de Pasai (French Edition)
  4. Indonesian Pencak Silat Pukulan Cimande Pusaka by Pendekar Sanders, 1999-01-01
  5. Sport (Thailand): Muay Thai, Sepak Takraw, Pencak Silat, Sommer-Paralympics 2008|teilnehmer, Krabi Krabong (German Edition)
  6. An Indo-Malay Martial Art: Pencak Silat Pertempuran by Sean Stark, 2006-01-01
  7. WORLD OF MARTIAL ARTS Magazine July/August 1999 (Krav Maga, Training in the Philippines, The Patterns of Kali and Pencak Silat, Blades of Japan, Aerobic Martial Arts)
  8. Indonesian Martial Arts: Kateda, Pencak Silat, Pukulan Pentjak Silat Serak, Persatuan Gerak Badan, Tapak Suci, Cimande, Kuntao, Bakti Negara
  9. Pencak Silat in the Indonesian Archipelago (Indonesian Edition) by O'Ong Maryono, 2002-12-31
  10. Pencak Silat Indonesian Martial Arts Dictionary by T. Sastranegara, 2002-11-09
  11. Pencak silat: Merentang waktu by O'ong Maryono, 1998
  12. Indonesian pencak silat pukulan cimande pusaka by William F Sanders, 1999
  13. Pencak Silat Pertempuran: Vol. 2
  14. Silat Melayu: Silat Melayu, Silat, Pencak Silat, Sanskrit, Indian Martial Arts, Buddhist, Silat Pattani, Hang Tuah

Pr sentation de cet art martial indon sien et de ses diff rents styles. Informations, pr sentation des clubs et de l association, forum de discussion.
  • Accueil PENCAK SILAT AFPS AFPS-FFKDA ... SILEK MINANGKABAU Nous vous souhaitons une excellente rentrée de saison 2010/2011 et nous vous invitons à explorer notre site afin de mieux connaître le Pencak Silat et trouver le club le plus proche de chez vous Bienvenue sur le nouveau site de l’AFPS. Le site est en cours de réalisation. Merci pour votre compréhension
Nous vous souhaitons une excellente rentrée de saison 2010/2011 et nous vous invitons à explorer notre site afin de mieux connaître le Pencak Silat et trouver le club le plus proche de chez vous
Selamat datang !
Bienvenue sur le nouveau site de l’AFPS. Le site est en cours de réalisation. Merci pour votre compréhension
Vidéo coup de cœur
Ils nous font confiance

22. Master O'ong Maryon's Pencat Silat Page
Master teacher and Pencak Silat scholar O ong Maryono provides information on the Keluarga Pencak Silat Nusantara school, and detailed insights into the development of this art. Discussion board, numerous articles in EN and Bahasa, information on media, and a photo gallery.
Biography Keluarga Pencak Silat Nusantara Reflections-articles in English and Malay Articles from Biography Keluarga Pencak Silat Nusantara Reflections-articles in English and Malay Articles from ... e-mail O'ong

23. Pencak Silat Blogspot
The last post I spoke about the name of Pencak Silat Pertempuran, it's foundations and reason for use. in this blog post, I want to address one of the Big Picture ideas
Pencak Silat Blogspot
Blog site for Pencak Silat Pertempuran enthusiasts.
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Pencak Silat is all about ratio...
One of the foundational components of what I teach, is that from start to finish, you need to have 'techniques" that are roughly the equivalent to one beat.
Another way to say it is, that the ratio of your techniques, in response, need to be of an equivalent ratio, or at least equivalent enough. (If you're attacking, then the opponent/attacker needs to be figuring it out, and that's good for you.)
Any longer than a 1 to 1 ration and the effectiveness of your techniques diminish exponentially over time. As the saying goes, "strike while the iron's hot!"
Likewise, it's important to consider the relationship between what the opponent/attacker is doing and my response. This is all part of the same conversation. Why? Because the longer something lasts, either your attack or defense, or theirs, the greater the likelihood that the relationship will change.
If it changes (the relationship), what worked .25 seconds ago, may no longer work . As a result, you've got to put yourself out there, commit and hope that your commitment was appropriate.

24. Pencak Silat - Play Pencak Silat At Free Games 14
At the dawn of 20th century, chaos reigns. You must fight to restore order.
Home Latest games Most Played Games Best games ... Links
Pencak Silat
Play "Pencak Silat" in full size of your screen
Information Advertising File name: pencak_silat.swf
Play Count:
1 Player Fighting Flash
Description of Pencak Silat game:
At the dawn of 20th century, chaos reigns. You must fight to restore order.
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Do you like to play Pencak Silat
5032 of 5106 persons voted like for this game! If you liked play Pencak Silat , you may also enjoy... Add game to your web or blog! Ivan Drago
Ivan Drago is a fictional boxer played by Dolph Lundgren who was featured in Rocky IV in the Rocky series.Take your raw Soviet power to the streets and make 'em run red with the blood of all lawbreakers. Gary and The Attack of the Brain-Eating Shape Shifters from Mars You must defeat the aliens by gathering up their source of power slushies. This is how you complete the levels. Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden Osama Bin Laden has been captured. Are you a bad enough dude to kick his ass? Roboxer 2 Taking punches would hurt, so why not let your little robot take all the abuse. Order to Go The town is infiltrated by rebels and it's your job to to drove them away.

25. Inner Wave Pencak Silat
indonesian Pencak Silat that trains internal and external aspect of human body (martial Arts)
Home About Us Profile History Welcome To Inner Wave Pencak Silat Walk-ins welcome Monday through Friday from 6pm-9pm.
Call Guru Daniel at 970-402-6956 for a FREE introductory lesson.
Click here to be contacted for a Free Class
Click here to view our YouTube Channel Click here to download our demonstration movie
Click here to goto our New England branch
Click here to goto Archipelago Sandata, LLC
Inner Wave Pencak Silat
4103 S. Mason
Fort Collins, Colorado
For questions or comments about this web site please email

26. Pencak Silat Pamor Badai Belgium
De stijl van Guru A.D.Nelson. Scholen zijn in Kapellen en Borsbeek waar tevens lokaal nieuws over te vinden is. Verder is er een Pencak Silat forum.
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27. Pencak Silat - Free Online Games (FOG)
A cool Martial arts game where you have to defeat the enemy and become a Defender of the Motherland.

28. Pencak Silat | Facebook
Welcome to the Facebook Community Page about Pencak Silat, a collection of shared knowledge concerning Pencak Silat.

29. Home | Pencak Silat - Persaudaraan Setia Hati
De offici le website van de PSH in Nederland, gevestigd in Amersfoort. Informatie, foto s, films en nieuws over Pencak Silat, de stijl, lessen en over de vereniging.
Home Contact Links Zoeken
  • Actueel Pencak Silat Over ons Lessen Media
    Welkom op onze website
    Pencak Silat "Pentjak Sielat" . Het is een verzamelnaam voor verschillende stijlen die door de jaren heen zijn ontwikkeld. Door invloeden van andere stijlen of vechtkunsten heeft de Pencak Silat zich ontwikkeld tot wat het nu is. Op dit moment zijn er meer dan 250 verschillende stijlen ieder met zijn eigen kenmerken. Persaudaraan Setia Hati is de stijl die beoefend wordt door onze vereniging. Dit is een traditionele stijl dat afkomstig is van het eiland Java.
    Over ons!
    Pencak Silat in Amersfoort en omstreken. Bij ons is Pencak Silat meer dan "aanvallen en verdedigen" . Respect voor elkaar, discipline en voor elkaar klaar staan zijn een aantal kernwoorden. Naast de lessen verzorgen wij activiteiten voor onze leden en kan je deelnemen aan seminars, nationale en internationale kampioenschappen. Daarnaast wordt er altijd voor een gezellige sfeer gezorgd, zowel binnen als buiten de lessen.

30. Welcome To The Pencak Silat Store! Pencak Silat
eMerchandise Group, LLC 1866-787-4376 1-610-693-6077

31. Welkom - Manyang-Meyboom
Pencak Silat vereniging voor het beoefenen van de stijl Manyang. Geschiedenis en informatie over Pencak Silat, de school, de lerares en de trainingstijden in Den Helder.

PENCAK SILAT Federation of India is the only national affiliated body of PENCAK SILAT organization. The domicile of CB PERSILAT is at Padepokan Pencak Silat Indonesia (PnPSI
PERSILAT, an acronym of Persekutuan Pencak Silat Antarabangsa or the International Pencak Silat Federation, which was founded in Jakarta on March 11th 1980, is the only one international organization of Pencak Silat in the world. The founding fathers of PERSILAT, that is those who involved directly in the activities of idealizing, initiating, thinking, discussing and realizing the things related with the establishment of PERSILAT, consist of 13 figures coming from Indonesia (IPSI), Singapore (PERSISI) and Malaysia (Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports). They were: Tjokropranolo (Indonesia) Eddie M. Nalapraya (Indonesia) Junaedi (Indonesia) Yanuarno (Indonesia) Suhari Sapari (Indonesia) Haryadi Mawardi (Indonesia) Hisbullah Rachman (Indonesia) Harsoyo (Indonesia) Oyong Karmayudha (Indonesia) Yacub Mohammad (Singapura) Johari Urief (Singapura) Rahman Hasan (Malaysia) Zainal Abidin (Malaysia) Since at the moment of its founding (1980) until the year of 1983, PERSILAT was managed collectively by a Presidium consisting of 7 members. Eddie M. Nalapraya was determined as Chairman of the Presidium. The duty of Presidium was among others to organize PERSILAT Congress. The first PERSILAT Congress was organized by the Presidium in the year 1983 in Kuala Lumpur.

33. Perguruan Pencak Silat Pamor Badai
School die Nederland vertegenwoordigd in Diemen en Venserpolder. Informatie over Pencak Silat, de stijlen, de training, de leraar en wat foto s.

34. SSI - Sketsa Silat Indonesia ::
Tulisan dan artikel mengenai pencak silat Indonesia.
@import url( "" );
SSI - Sketsa Silat Indonesia ::
Sketsa May 17, 2008 6:01 pm UNDUR DIRI Assalamualikum wr wb SSK atau Sketsa Silat Indonesia, mulai 18 Mei 2008 bertepatan dengan HUT IPSI yang ke 60, akan undur diri dari hadapan pecinta silat semua, Semoga tulisan dalam SSI dapat memberikan manfaat bagi kita semua terutama penggemar beladiri pencak silat pada khususnya, dan tidak lupa kami mengucapkan terima kasih atas kunjungan anda dan mohon maaf bila dalam tulisan di web ini kurang berkenan di hati anda, semua semata-mata kami tulis karena kecintaan kami pada pencak silat. walupun SSI tidak aktif lagi anda bisa menggunjungi website yang memiliki semangat yang sama di : Terima kasih Tetap SemangaT Comments (0) Sketsa November 3, 2007 4:44 pm Target Juara Umum Dianggap Realistis
Target Juara Umum Dianggap Realistis
JAKARTA SEA Games mendatang. Alasannya, atlet yang bertanding di dua kejuaraan tersebut berbeda.
Menurut pelatih Indro Catur Haryono, meskipun secara teknis kemampuan mereka tidak berbeda jauh, tim yang dipersiapkan berangkat ke

35. Pencak Silat (Female Single Combat Club)
Pencak Silat (Penjak Silat) is a Southeast Asian martial art consisting of two parts – handto-hand combat and armed combat.
female single combat club Main Page Site News Combative Activities Our Interviews ... UREF = ""; document.write (UREF)
Pencak Silat
Photo from the website Pencak Silat Pukulan Bongkot (Belgium)

Pencak Silat
(Penjak Silat) is a Southeast Asian martial art consisting of two parts hand-to-hand combat and armed combat. It is not just a martial art but also a part of the culture of the Malay World having a long history. This art is widely known in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and among the Malay-affiliated communities in Thailand. The art has also reached Europe, and is especially popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. Due to its self-defense application and gracefulness, women willingly practice Silat.
The word-combination Pencak Silat has an ambiguous meaning. Probably, the best translation is the following: Pencak is skillful body movements for self-defense; Silat is a combat application of Pencak. Masters say: No Silat without Pencak but Pencak without Silat is useless. In other words, Silat is, in fact, a fighting style. The best cultural achievements of South-Eastern Asia, India, China and Japan have been accumulated, polished and worked into the large variety of Pencak Silat forms.
Pencak Silat has developed rapidly during the twentieth century and has become a competition sport under the rules and regulations of the International Pencak Silat Federation PERSILAT ) *). Currently, Pencak Silat is being promoted by PERSILAT in several countries. Pencak Silat has become so popular international sport for men and women that international tournaments, World and European championships are held as well as championships of South-Eastern Asia. Besides physical competitions, each Silat tournament includes artistic exercises

36. Silatbeksi
Situs tentang PPS Beksi dan berita - berita seputar olahraga pencak silat.
" Berbaktilah Engkau Kepada Sesama Insan " obj=new Object;obj.clockfile="5012-red.swf";obj.TimeZone="JOG";obj.width=151;obj.height=50;obj.wmode="transparent";showClock(obj);
Beranda BEKSI
Perguruan Pencak Silat BEKSI H. Hasbullah
Jl. Cileduk Raya No. 18A/4 Ruko ITC Cipulir Mas Lt. 02 Cipulir, Kebayoran Lama Jakarta Selatan. 12230 , Indonesia Anda Dapat menghubungi: H. Basir,SE: Endang S.H: Agus Salim: Hamdi:
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Kalender Blog
Sekapur Sirih
Ilmu Bela Diri BEKSI adalah ilmu bela diri yang memadukan antara seni, keindahan, ketepatan dalam mencapai sasaran, kekuatan, kecepatan serta kedinamisan dalam gerak dan olah pukul yang serta sikut yang keras. Kesemuanya itu terangkum dan tertata secara apik melalui dimensi gerak, pukulan serta sikut yang keras yang merupakan ciri khas tersendiri yang membedakan ilmu bela diri BEKSI dengan ilmu bela diri lainnya.
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Berikut ini nama-nama Kolat PPS BEKSI * Kolat Larangan Kreo
* Kolat SMU 90
* Kolat SMU Muhamadiyah
* Kolat SMU Satria
* Kolat KPBD
* Kolat Bintaro
* Kolat Cipulir
* Kolat Rempoa
* Kolat Cipete
* Kolat Kebayoran Lama
* Kolat Manbaul Khair
Atraksi BEKSI yang anda suka?

Beach Pencak Silat 2008. Program 2008. European Pencak Silat Championship 2008. WELCOME TO THE WEBSITE OF PERSILAT. This official website of PERSILAT is managed by the Central
Home PERSILAT Regulations PnPSI ... Halaman Indonesia Search
Beach Pencak
Silat 2008 Program 2008 European Pencak Silat Championship 2008
WELCOME TO THE WEBSITE OF PERSILAT This official website of PERSILAT is managed by the Central Board of PERSILAT (CB PERSILAT). PERSILAT is the only one international organization of Pencak Silat in the world. The domicile of CB PERSILAT is at Padepokan Pencak Silat Indonesia (PnPSI), Jakarta, Indonesia. PnPSI is the Big Home of all members of the Big Family of Pencak Silat throughout the world. Please join this website. In this website you can find fresh information and news, summit questions, send suggestions, and discuss about all things connecting with Pencak Silat and its organizations. The executive manager of this website is Notosoejitno, Head of Pondok Pustaka PnPSI, and Private Assistant of the President of PERSILAT.
Thank you for your kind attention, and good luck.

webmasters 2006

38. Silat Barongsai
Zelfverdedigingsstijl met invloeden uit de Silat en Pukulan vechttechnieken. Informatie over de trainingen in Etten-Leur. De school is onderdeel van de Qigong Cirkel.

39. Pencak Silat Pertempuran (Combat Silat) - Home Of Perguruan Pencak Silat Pertemp
This system of pencak silat is a unique blend of Malaysian, Sumatran, Javanese, Balinese and Maduran methods which, when combined, give the student of Pencak Silat Pertempuran
Read About Silat Pertempuran
Watch Silat Pertempuran Videos
Visit Silat Pertempuran Groups
Go To Silat Pertempuran Events ...
Combat Silat is a system of silat that works to address the personal combat needs of todays world.
Recent Blog Posts
pencak silat pertempuran details
Conversations with a silat student

pencak silat celing seminar february 21st

... Contact Us
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40. Pencak Silat Guide: A Guide | Inter Martial Arts
A guide to Pencak Silat / Penchak Silat / Pentjak Silat, from the largest Martial Arts Guide on the net. Including instructional videos, legends, origins and more.
Sitemap Contact Us Find us on: RSS Feed Twitter Facebook Welcome sign up for free Go back to : Home Martial Arts Style Asian Martial Arts
Pencak Silat
Original name : Pencak Silat / Penchak Silat / Pentjak Silat Founded by : Indonisian Natives circa 1000AD Country of origin : Indonesia
Learn about this style
History Philosophy Grading Practice ... Legends
Introduction to Pencak Silat
Pencak Silat is a martial arts form popular in Indonesia and is a combination of the two terms that refer to fighting styles in two different locations in Indonesia. The term Pencak is a term utilized in central and eastern Java, while the term Silat is used in Sumatra. Aside from the locations, the word Pencak is something that would refer more on martial arts performance, while silat is more on the art of self defense. By joining these two terms, they have unified the form of martial arts in the entirety of Indonesia in 1948. The growth of pencak silat is very rich, when it comes to history. Due to the absence of written records, the basis of Pencak silat's history is archaeological artifacts that can be traced several centuries back in the Malay group of islands. It has also been stated that the Srivijaya and Madjapahit warriors have showed their expertise when it comes to this form of martial arts.
Martial Media
Learn The Forms
Learn the techniques
View Members uploaded: Search: More on Pencak Silat The weapons that were used in the Indonesian Pencack Silat are kris or a dagger, kujang or a sunda blade, batang or a regular rod made from bamboo, badik or makasar blade and many more. Aside from this, Pencak Silat has incorporated grappling styles, other Arabian weaponry, and colorful costumes like sarong. This type of martial arts has also been used in order to protect themselves from Dutch invasion. However, due to further invasion, Indonesian settlers were driven off and bringing the Pencak Silat tradition with them to the Malay land.

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