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         Pole Vaulting:     more books (43)
  1. Above and Beyond: Tim Mack, the Pole Vault, and the Quest for Olympic Gold by Bill Livingston, 2008-11-30
  2. Illustrated History Of The Pole Vault by Jan Eric Johnson, Russ Versteeg, 2008-01
  3. Biomechanical aspects of learning pole vault.(BIOMECHANICS): An article from: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport by Istvan Kovacs, Bela Vago, 2007-02-01
  4. Chasing the bar: Lake Hamilton pole vaulter owns second-best jump in nation.: An article from: Arkansas Business by Philip Seaton, 2009-05-04
  5. Practical coaching techniques for the pole vault by Guy Kochel, 1981
  6. Mechanics of the pole vault by R. V Ganslen, 1973
  7. USA Track & Field pole vault education program: Pole vault education manual by Rick Attig, 2000
  8. Scientific approach to high jump and pole vault: Teaching methodology, technique & training (Abiprint Physical Education series) by A. S Sohi, 1979
  9. USOC/TAC Sports Science Service Project 1986 pole vault report by Peter M McGinnis, 1986
  10. USOC/TAC Elite Athlete Project 1984 pole vault report by Peter M McGinnis, 1984
  11. Pole vault (Track and field movies on paper) by Ken Doherty, 1957
  12. USOC/TAC Scientific Services Program 1987 pole vault report by Peter M McGinnis, 1987
  13. The pole vault, (On cover:Cline-sports library, Book 9) by Dean B Cromwell, 1939
  14. Pole vault analysis: UCLA/Pepsi International, May 1983 by Peter M McGinnis, 1983

41. Bartolina Athletics Pole Vault Camp Home Page
Bartolina Athletics provides pole vault camps and instruction in the pole vault as well as track and field equipment sales. It is owned and operated by 2008 USA Olympian Erica Bartolina.
MM_preloadImages('images/halloweenvault.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('images/dsc00095_ndvn.jpg'); BARTOLINA ATHLETICS
Be Safe. Have fun. Jump high.

Location ... Equipment Sales
Halloween Vault Competition
October 31st 
Costume catagories winners:
Best All-Round Costume Taylor Keller "the Pimp"
Most Creative Costume Brandon McDaniel "the Spartan"
Best Costume for Pole Vaulting Lacy Sanchez "Lady Gaga"
Best Spectator Costume Brady Johnson "Woody"
Vault Winners: Open Women's Competition: Alice Ford 11'6" Open Men's Competition: Kovey Simmons 15'6" High School Girls: Hailey Deichmann 9" High School Boys: Dalton Duvio 13'6" Club Altius Season's Greeter Friday Camp 2008 Olympians Erica Bartolina and April Steiner Bennett and Coach Michael Bartolina host a pole vault clinic in preparation for Club Altius' Season's Greeter Competition.  Come join us for 3 hours of valuable pole vault instruction and a chance to chat with the Olympians! December 17 6-9 pm Granbury, TX Bartolina Athletics' instructional pole vault camps and clinics are designed to place an emphasis on giving individual attention in a safe and supportive environment.   All events are coached by 2008 Olympian Erica Bartolina.

42. Pole Vault Training And Coaching - Pole Vaulting Articles
Everything Track and Field has many great pole vaulting articles to assist the pole vault athlete and coach!

43. - Complete Madness Resources And Information.
Pole vaulting sports management agency. Includes a group of pole vaulters who train and compete together worldwide, with an emphasis on entertaining crowds and having fun. Athletes, results and fixtures, photo gallery, training tips, links.

44. Pole Power | Popular Science
And that's why pole vaulting is such hungry work, my friends! Adam Weiner is the author of Don't Try This at Home! The Physics of Hollywood Movies.
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    Pole Power
    The remarkable physics of a powerful vault By Adam Weiner Posted 01.02.2009 at 11:38 am 4 Comments
    It's rather hard to believe that the world record in the pole vault is over 20 feet. That's twice the height of the "high dive" at your local pool. Expertise in the pole vault requires speed, skill, strength, and kamikaze-style fearlessness. It also requires a method to convert the kinetic energy of the approach into the maximum possible gravitational potential energy. That's where the pole comes in. Pole vaulting without a pole is called the high jump, and although the world record in that event is an astonishing 8 feet or so, somewhere in the process of jumping, as we transfer horizontal motion into vertical motion, we lose some of the energy of the approach. Also, high jumpers can't approach the bar at a full sprint, because biomechanically you can't generate the maximum vertical push-off while running at top speed. However, notice those extremely flexible poles in the video. As long as they don't break, it's that elasticity which makes it possible to transfer the kinetic energy of the approach into elastic potential energy in the pole. The elastic energy is then reconverted to kinetic energy (with the motion redirected upward), and that is in turn transformed to gravitational potential energy at the top of the vault.

45. Sergey Bubka —
A brief biography about the pole vault champion Sergey Bubka in
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Nov 1, 2010
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46. YouTube - The Best Of Pole Vaulting
pole vaulting. The Strokes Reptilia

47. Advantage Athletics | Your Track & Field Resource
Training methods for sprints, hurdles, pole vault, jumps, throws, and weight lifting.
Cufon.replace('h1, h3'); Choose A Sport Discus Sprints Hurdles Steeplechase Shot Put Javelin Hammer Weight Throw Pole Vault High Jump Long/Triple Jump Training Weight Lifting Specials
Sprint Start Sled Refurbished Newton Elite Starting Block The Topper Red (Small Elastic Cord) for 12' - 13' Poles
Improve your Track and Field technique and efficiency by using the sport equipment found in Advantage Athletics. Choose A Sport Discus Throw Distance Run Hammer Throw High Jump Hurdles Javelin Throw Long Jump Pole Vault Shot Put Sprints Stunts Triple Jump Weightlifting Sequence photos of sprinting, long jump, triple jump and more will help you improve your technique. We offer personal training for Sprinting, High Jump, High Hurdles, Low Hurdles, Javelin Throw and more. We have developed some of America's top athletes.

48. Pole Vaulting
New Heights Gym Reaching New Heights with Mind, Body, and Soul

49. Sky Athletics
Pole vaulting club in Arizona.
  • Home Contact us Camp Stuff Club Info ... Promote Your Page Too
    Sky Athletics pole vault club of Phoenix, Arizona. The facility is designed to offer vaulters of all levels a place to work toward becoming a better vaulter. Our goal as a pole vault club is to provide vaulters with supervised instruction, training, and competitions that will enable them to jump higher and safer. We reach these goals through specific training programs designed around the proper learning progressions for the pole vault. All training sessions are approximately two hours long and are supervised and administered by a Sky Athletics staff coach. The training programs will be designed with three specific purposes:
    -General preparation for competitive season
    -Fundamental skills and alternative training
    -Fine tuning for peak competitive jumping
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    Download Sky Athletics ... Club Brochure Fall 2010 Practice Schedule
    Time: Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays (S ometimes Thursday will replace Fridays. See Calendar for those weeks.)
    Camp Brochure
    DEC. 28-29, 2010

50. GLENTHAM SPORTING PRODUCTS PTY LTD - Glentham Sporting Products
Australian manufacturer of pole vault and high jump landing pits.
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Oakleigh Sth, 3167
Vic, Australia
Tel: +61 3 9544 6177
Mobile: 0419 377 378

Home Page
Sporting Products Theraplay Foam Shapes ... Location Map at_attach("menu_parent1", "menu_child1", "hover", "y", "pointer"); at_attach("menu_parent2", "menu_child2", "hover", "y", "pointer"); at_attach("menu_parent3", "menu_child3", "hover", "y", "pointer"); at_attach("menu_parent4", "menu_child4", "hover", "y", "pointer"); at_attach("menu_parent5", "menu_child5", "hover", "y", "pointer"); at_attach("menu_parent6", "menu_child6", "hover", "y", "pointer"); at_attach("menu_parent7", "menu_child7", "hover", "y", "pointer"); at_attach("menu_parent8", "menu_child8", "hover", "y", "pointer"); at_attach("menu_parent9", "menu_child9", "hover", "y", "pointer"); at_attach("menu_parent10", "menu_child10", "hover", "y", "pointer"); Glentham Sporting Products is a family owned and operated business that has been operational for over forty years. We also produce an extensive range of Theraplay Foam Shapes, which are widely used by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to assist individuals to further develop their motor skills, and co-ordination in an imaginative and fun way.

51. Track And Field Equipment, Pole Vaulting Poles, Gymnastics Mats, Physical Educat
Manufactures and retails equipment, including pole vaults, discus carriers and pits; also offers gymnastics equipment and shelters.

52. Pole Vaulting - Training - World Of Sports Science
The pole vault is a sport where the successful competitor must combine a high level of athletic prowess with the development of unerring and fluid technique.
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Pole Vaulting
The pole vault is a sport where the successful competitor must combine a high level of athletic prowess with the development of unerring and fluid technique. Pole vaulting also involves a consideration of the advanced technologies used to construct the pole; the physical characteristics of the pole will be critical to the generation of the lift necessary to take the athlete over the bar. As with many of the disciplines that are predominately in the public eye only during Olympic competition, the pole vault is a relatively simple event. The vaulters must clear a bar, positioned above a landing mat, using a long pole with which to propel themselves upward for leverage to assist in the clearing of the bar. The event commences with a run up along a track. The athlete runs as fast as possible, holding the long pole. The pole is thrust into a pre-positioned box on the track surface, and the athlete converts the forward motion along the track into vertical lift. The pole provides considerable flexion, as it absorbs and then releases the energy of the athlete generated by the approach as the pole is straightened. As the vaulter nears the bar, the pole is used for balance as the vaulter angles his or her body across the bar, falling onto the landing mats below. In international and Olympic competition, each athlete is provided with three opportunities to clear the determined heights. The winner of the competition is the last vaulter to have cleared a height; in the event of a tie, where one or more competitors have each missed three jumps at a height, the tie is broken through determining the least number of misses at the earlier heights.

Coverage of long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault performances by scholar athletes in Texas middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities.
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Wednesday, February 04, 2009
Member of Lancaster girls track team dies at 16
Wednesday, February 4, 2009
By RANDY JENNINGS / The Dallas Morning News
month after suffering seizures that were caused by a form of encephalitis.
Sharla Butler was a sophomore at Lancaster.
Butler, a sophomore, was the youngest of Sonia and Raymond Butler's four children.
Two older sisters, Sha'Ray and Shira, also ran for Lancaster and attend Kansas and Jacksonville State (Ala.), respectively, on track scholarships.
Lancaster coach Beverly Humphrey said Sharla could have been the best in the Butler family and one of the best to compete for Lancaster.
As a 4-foot, 8-inch freshman, Butler advanced to the Class 4A Region II meet in the 400 meters.
"I had big plans for her," said Humphrey, who has coached Lancaster to eight straight state championships. "Her goal was to someday compete in the Olympic Trials, and I believe she could have done it." Members of the Lancaster team prayed together after Tuesday's practice. Family members thought she was improving after treatment, but Sha'Ray Butler said her sister had an eight-minute seizure on New Year's Eve. She was rushed to a hospital, but her condition deteriorated over the next few days. She eventually lost consciousness.

54. Pole Vaulting Tips |
Pole Vaulting Tips. Pole vaulting is a track and field event most popularly recognized in the Summer Olympic Games, where men have been competing since 1896 and women since 2000.
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Home Sports Pole Vaulting Tips
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Pole Vaulting Tips
By Alex Oppenheimer eHow Contributor updated: December 1, 2009 I want to do this! What's This? Pole vaulting is a sport entailing strength, skill and concentration. Pole Vaulting Tips Pole vaulting is a track and field event most popularly recognized in the Summer Olympic Games , where men have been competing since 1896 and women since 2000. The objective is to use a pole, usually made of fiberglass or carbon fiber and measuring anywhere between 10 feet and 17 feet, to vault over a horizontal bar. Pole vaulting is a sport that takes much practice to be able to excel at and fine tuning of skills to make for a smooth attempt each time out. It is broken down into five main segments: approach, plant, takeoff, swing-up and clearance.
The Approach
  • The approach is the run or sprint down the runway leading up to the raised bar. This is done to create more generated energy in the process of planting the pole and, in turn, creating a greater potential of height.
  • 55. Athletics Wollongong Inc
    Sprints, long and middle distance walks, high, long and triple jump, pole vault, discus, shotput and javelin. Upcoming races and past results.

    56. San Diego Hall Of Champions Sports Museum » Pole Vaulting
    Breitbard Hall of Fame. The highest honor for any San Diego athlete is induction into the Breitbard Hall of Learn more

    57. YouTube - The Vault - Pole Vault Video Mix
    400 Add to Added to queue Pole Vaulting Mix by Masurao79 79,378 views 358 Add to Added to queue Athens Olympic, Athletics, Mens Pole Vault Final by dimonigirona 271,186 views

    58. USA Pole Vaulting
    Desert Vista High School in Arizona Sets The Standard In High School Girls Vaulting
    Desert Vista High School in Arizona Sets The Standard In High School Girls Vaulting
    May 25, 2010 Desert Vista High School in Phoenix Arizona, becomes the first high school in the nation to have 5 girls over the 12 foot barrier. Coached by USATF Pole Vault Development National Staff Member, Jeff Guy, the team leapfrogged the 3 girl barrier set by the 2001 Atascadero High School Girls Pole Vaulting Team (coached by Olympic Bronze Medalist, Jan Johnson) with 5 girls who have soared over the 12 foot barrier and two others at 11'03" and 10'06". Click here to read the article on MileSplit Arizona.
    Take The USA Pole Vault Survey!
    February 9, 2010 We invite you to take the Pole Vault Survey! This is an important survey created by USATF Pole Vault Development/High Performance National Staff Member Richie Mercado. By taking the survey, you can help better serve the needs of pole vault coaches and athletes in the United States. Like the census, the results and analysis from the USA Pole Vault Survey will give us vital information to plan future programs and development goals for USATF Pole Vault High Performance/Development Programs. Click here to take the survey!

    59. Pole Vaulting Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers And More - CafePress
    Shop our large selection of pole vaulting gifts, tshirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique pole vaulting designs. Fast shipping.

    60. Articles About Pole Vaulting - Baltimore Sun
    Pole Vaulting News. Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Pole Vaulting from the Baltimore Sun

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