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         Powerboat Racing:     more books (18)
  1. Searace: A history of offshore powerboat racing by John O Crouse, 1989
  2. Powerboat Racing on the Chesapeake by William W. Mowbray, 1995-10
  3. Radio Control Racing Powerboats by Karl-Friedrich Kaupert, 2007-07
  4. Powerboat Racing by Jay H. Smith, 1995-05
  5. Power-boat Racing by N. Shakespeare, 1968-06
  6. Radio Control Powerboat Racing by John Finch, 1996-02
  7. Powerboat Racing by Bill Shakespeare, 1968
  8. Wettbewerb (Schifffahrt): Blaues Band, the Great Tea Race of 1866, Offshore Powerboat Racing, Blaues Band Des Bodensees, Blaues Band Der Weser (German Edition)
  9. Offshore Powerboat Racing by Lambert M. Surhone, Miriam T. Timpledon, et all 2010-06-24
  10. The Oregon Wolf: Pacific coast powerboat racing, 1904-1927 by Don Peterson, 1978
  11. Go Ahead Boys and the Racing MotorboatKay Ross by Kay Ross, 2009-07-14
  12. Chrysler Laser Classic 200: New York City Offshore Powerboat Race Presented By Hawk Racing Team N.Y. Official Program (September 24, 1983) by Hawk Racing Team N.Y., Chrysler Corporation, 1983
  13. History of Offshore Powerboat Racing by John O Crouse, 1989

1. F1 Powerboat World Championship - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Terry Rinker has dominated the series so far with four championships; 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2008. See also. Motorboat racing; Offshore powerboat racing
F1 Powerboat World Championship
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from F1 Powerboat Racing Jump to: navigation search Category F1 powerboat Country or region International Inaugural season Drivers Teams Engine suppliers Mercury Marine Drivers' champion Guido Cappellini Teams' champion Zepter Team Official website F1 Powerboat Racing An F1 powerboat rounding a buoy F1 Powerboat World Championship is a competition of powerboats with rules similar to Formula One car racing. Each F1 powerboat race lasts approximately 45 minutes following a circuit marked out in a selected stretch of water, usually a lake, river, or sheltered bay. Qualifying periods decide the formation of the grid, and timing equipment records the performance of competitors to decide the final classification and allocation of championship points. The sport is governed by the Monaco based Union Internationale Motonautique UIM , International Power Boating Association).
edit Format
Inaugurated in 1981, F1 powerboat racing is a Grand Prix style event, similar to Formula One automobile racing, in which teams compete in 13 venues around the world each season. In the 2006 season, 27 drivers competed for 12 teams, with 24 boats competing in any one race. The races take place along a track of approximately 350 meters with multiple turns, over which the boats can reach 240 kilometers per hour (150 mph). The races are longer than most powerboat races at approximately 45 minutes, but still shorter than most automobile races.

2. Offshore Powerboat Racing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Offshore powerboat racing is racing by large, specially designed oceangoing powerboats, typically point-to-point racing. Probably one of the largest, most dangerous, and most
Offshore powerboat racing
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards Please improve this article if you can. The talk page may contain suggestions. (May 2007) Class1 offshore powerboat Offshore powerboat racing is racing by large, specially designed ocean-going powerboats , typically point-to-point racing Probably one of the largest, most dangerous, and most powerful racing machines of all, the extreme expense of the boats and the fuel required to participate make it an expensive and elite sport citation needed citation needed In Europe, Middle East and Asia, offshore powerboat racing is led by the UIM regulated Class 1 and Powerboat GPS (formerly known as Powerboat P1). In the USA, offshore powerboat racing is split between the OPA Races, SBI/APBA/UIM races and the OSS races. Although there are team sponsors, the sport is still an amateur sport financed by a mixture of private funding and commercial sponsors. One of the benefits of sponsoring an offshore powerboat team, as stated by team owner and driver Bjørn Rune Gjelsten , is that in Formula One motor racing, 1 million will only allow a small space, whereas in offshore powerboating, this covers the whole of the boat.

3. Powerboat Racing | New Jersey Boating -
At 7,500 rpm, there's a whole lot of shakin' going on. But lucky for Ed Smith, ownerdriver of the race boat Cleveland Construction, all the moving parts of his twin 750 hp

4. Untitled Document
APBA is the sanctioning body for all types of boat racing in the United State.

5. Mini GT Powerboat Racing
Mini GT Powerboat Racing in Minnesota, sanctioned by the American Powerboat Association.
Powerboat Racing
An old dream revived
    Tentative Racing Schedule for 2006
  • Moose Lake, MN June 10, 11
  • Little Falls, MN June 25
  • Crosby, MN July 29, 30
  • Hill City's Park X August 5, 6
More races are in the works. Check in again soon! M y first season as a powerboat racer (2005) has come and gone, too quickly of course, as summer always does. Wow, what an experience! Racing Boat For Sale
More info.
Actually, this all started in the late 1960s when I became obsessed with small, speedy powerboats. I paid $150 for an 8-foot Minimax "punkinseed" and a 1950s vintage Mercury Mark 20. What a hoot! The next year I built my first boat, a 3-point hydroplane. I soon got the bug to take up racing, but it never happened, and for the next 35 years or so I assumed it never would. Well, it's never too late, it turns out. My rookie year came in 2005, at the age of 50, racing against kids as young as twelve, and veterans up to 79 years old. In my homebuilt, slightly modified "Tunnel Mite," I finished as high as 3rd place, and as poorly as 9th (last place) as well as one DNF (Did Not Finish). Actually, I didn't finish that 9th place race, either. But they were kind enough to give me a placing, and thus the few points that go with it. I've got a new boat under construction for 2006, my own design this time, and I'm confindent it will be a winner. Or least a contender. Well, it should float anyway. See

6. UIM : Home
World governing body for powerboat racing.
Recognised by the International Olympic Committee Member of SportAccord and ARISF Home Newsletter 09 /2010 - October edition 04 Oct 2010
is now available
X-Cat ouboard engine rule clarification
16 Sep 2010
Following a review of the engine inspections ....
Launch of the 2010 Environmental Award
20 Aug 2010
is now available
The 83rd UIM General Assembly welcomes Int. Olympic Committee to Malta
21 Oct 2010
The 83rd UIM General Assembly held in Malta on the 17th of October represented a key moment for the sport of powerboating.
UIM President paved way for significant synergies with boating industry at Genoa Int. Boat Show
12 Oct 2010
The 50th Genoa International Boat Show is one of the main boating exhibitions worldwide
The UIM Class 1 World Championship in Stresa
11 Oct 2010 What a great show! The UIM Calendar contains the advance program, podium, results and photography click here to access powered by sportcentric

7. Powerboat Racing | Powerboat P1 | P1 Grand Prix
Offshore powerboat racing is racing by large, oceangoing powerboats, typically point-to-point racing.

8. VR Sports Powerboat Racing Review For PC - GameSpot
Arcade racing fans looking for a change of pace may very well be intrigued by VR Sports' new Powerboat Racing. Unfortunately, the game suffers from so many flaws that it
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    VR Sports Powerboat Racing Review
    Arcade racing fans looking for a change of pace may very well be intrigued by VR Sports' new Powerboat Racing. Unfortunately, the game suffers from so many flaws that it barely stays afloat. Arcade racing fans looking for a change of pace may very well be intrigued by VR Sports' new Powerboat Racing. After all, most games in the racing genre plop you behind the wheel of a landlocked car while this game lets you take on a series of complex canal-like racecourses in a sleek, offshore racing watercraft. Unfortunately, the game suffers from so many flaws that it barely stays afloat. Like any decent arcade racer, Powerboat Racing offers a variety of gameplay modes. Arcade mode is your basic run around the course against human or AI opponents, while championship mode offers a string of arcade runs that form a "season." Shootout is an elimination tournament in which the last place finisher is booted after every race (until only one racer remains), and challenge is a one-on-one, two-lap race. The game also offers practice, time trial, and slalom modes, each of which can help you learn the controls and the tracks - and believe me you'll need this practice time if you hope to do well in the game.

9. Power Boat Shootout, Corpus Christi Texas, Texas Offshore Racing, Elaine Motl
The only offshore powerboat race in the state of Texas.
The Powerboat Shootout in Corpus Christi
is on Hiatus
Event Production by:
EM Marketing Co., Inc.
309B North Water Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
Phone: 361-985-1555
Fax: 361-985-1559
Email EMMktg@AOL.COM

10. Super Boat International, Key West World Championships, Boat Racing, Offshore Ra
Super Boat International Produces Powerboat Racing Events of the Worlds Fastest Offshore Race Boats.

11. Powerboat Racing
Powerboat Racing Cheats, Powerboat Racing Codes, Powerboat Racing Hints, Powerboat Racing Tips, Powerboat Racing Tactics
Powerboat Racing Tips
-It's imperative that you work the trim when hitting big jump ramps at high
speeds. Specifically, trim down before you hit the ramp (to prevent a 360-degree
somersault), and trim back up again while in the air (for maximum speed when
you hit the water). Run Home Run Back

12. WHM  MOTORSPORTS - Offshore Powerboat Racing
Super Cat offshore powerboat racing team. One of the largest and fastest boats racing in the Offshore Super Series.
Home OSS Homepage OSS Schedule OSS News ... 2009 WHM MOTORSPORTS

13. Offshore Super Series
The Offshore Super Series (OSS) is an offshore powerboat racing organization founded in December 2003 by 30 of the top offshore race boat teams in the USA. The teams were
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14. Powerboat Racing - Videogame By Stricor
The Powerboat Racing coinoperated Videogame by Stricor (circa 1998), and it's history and background, screen shots, cheats, repair information, manuals, machines for sale and

15. AMF Offshore Racing
This website is dedicated to preserving and further educating the public about the most Extreme class in the world of Offshore Powerboat Racing.

16. VR Sports Powerboat Racing - PC - Cheat Codes - GameSpy
VR Sports Powerboat Racing cheats and cheat codes at GameSpy Check out the latest cheats and cheat codes for
IGN Entertainment Games: IGN GameSpy FilePlanet TeamXbox ... Battlefield Heroes document.write('Join our community.'); Messages: Unread
Log In Register Help The Web Home PC Xbox 360 Wii ... Contact Us Cheats: All PC Xbox 360 Wii ... More... Guides: All PC Xbox 360 Xbox ... VR Sports Powerboat Racing (PC) Developer: Promethean Designs Developer: Promethean Designs Developer: Promethean Designs Publisher: VR Sports Publisher: VR Sports Genre: Racing Release Date: March 15, 1998 (US) Release Date: February 24, 1998 (UK) Release Date: March 15, 1998 (US) E for Everyone VR Sports Powerboat Racing (PC) Developer: Promethean Designs Developer: Promethean Designs Developer: Promethean Designs Publisher: VR Sports Publisher: VR Sports Genre: Racing Release Date: March 15, 1998 (US) Release Date: February 24, 1998 (UK) Release Date: March 15, 1998 (US) E for Everyone Game Overview Review Articles Screenshots Videos Cheats Walkthrough
Enter these in the password section:
  • pbr - You get to race slalom eps - You can race championship fan - You can race the catamarans in minnow dip - You can race the catamarans in pike urn - You can race all the catamarans PDL - Unlock secret level The Mines
Enter these for your name:
  • big - Racers will have big heads sml - Racers will have small boats pow - Racers will have big engines win - cpu boats will be slow
Additions by - Submitted by: patrick Know a cheat that we don't?

17. Team BoatRacing Zone
Powerboat racing team from Finland. Drivers race in three different classes F2000, S850 and T-400.
Top Menu: Main Gallery Junior History ...
Welcome To TBR Team BoatRacing Zone
Sample navigation menu:
Team Members Junior Members Tom Blomqvist Boatracing Team was registered in 1997 by six guys with a mutual interest, boatracing. Later on another driver joined and the name changed from Tom Blomqvist Boatracing Team to TBR BoatRacing Team. Now the new generation is driving and the name might have to change to TBR Racing Team. Because 2 of the juniors are racing with motocrosses instead of boats.
TBR : Racing team SEASON 2010 START! TBR goes motocross in Pärnu, Estonia.
Where two of the junior members of TBR are getting used to drive their bikes again.
Old News:
Old News

18. The Official Website Of The New Zealand Power Boat Federation Inc
New Zealand Powerboat Federation. The Acknowledged National Authority for Powerboat Racing in New Zealand.
  • Home NZ Champions Monday, November 01, 2010 Official Website of the New Zealand Powerboat Federation The Acknowledged National Authority for Powerboat Racing in New Zealand
    Upcoming Events
    No events
    Well done James and Ross Murdoch, winners of the 2010 UIM Word Jet Boat Marathon in Mexico.
    Welcome to the website for the New Zealand Power Boat Federation Inc, which was formed in 2002 by a group of power boat racing administrators, representing five codes.
    • The acknowledged National Authority for powerboat racing in New Zealand, which administers the international rules and also allocates and presides over all World Championship events. Recognised by Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC), receiving funding for specific purposes on behalf of its members. Formulated a strategic plan to further its objects in an endeavour to grow the profile, further participation, improve the professionalism and increase publicity of all the member codes. Encourages youth participation.

19. Racing Powerboat Plans
Racetested tunnel boat and v-bottom boat plans for the amateur boatbuilder, boat racer or high-performance boating enthusiast.
All Plans Tunnelboats V-bottoms Jackplate ... Sitemap "It is a pretty sight when it is stretched out. The only part in the water is about the back 6 inches of the pad."
Mike M., Tabor City, NC USA, about his Pro Vee News continues (with photos)
in new window
Racing Powerboat Plans
Build Your Own High-Performance Tunnelboat or V-bottom Tunnelboats

Jackplate Plans

Bob's Store

Pro Tunnel
Mini Tunnel
Pro Vee
Mini Vee

If you are looking for a small, high-performance boat that you can build and drive, then you've come to the right place. Whether you want to race or just go fast or are looking for a new boatbuilding project, one of my designs may be just right for you. All of my designs have been built, tested and raced in American Powerboat Association sactioned races. All of my plans include step-by-step building instructions, which you can view BEFORE you purchase. Two ways to get your plans by email (free shipping) or postal mail. Start your boatbuilding project today! I am now offering plans for FOUR high-performance boats, displayed above. Please follow the links under the photos to make a purchase, or to find further information about the individual designs, including VIDEO from APBA races These are NOT kneel-down boats.

20. Powerboat Racing Ireland - Home
Powerboat Racing Ireland, East Coast Powerboat Club Written by Webmaster Tuesday, 14 September 2010 Round 6, National Powerboat Championship, New Ross, September 12th
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Home Round 6, New Ross, Results Written by Webmaster Tuesday, 14 September 2010 Round 6, National Powerboat Championship, New Ross, September 12th
That's it, it's all over (except for P750)!
What a great event! Racing on tidal waters makes it more challenging to run, but everyone agreed it was a good one. Thanks to everyone we caught a few big floating logs just on time! It was the last of the National championship 2010 so racing was very tight. Everyone was out there looking for the last few points.
As soon as it was over, the F2 pilots were looking to race another heat as they had enjoyed the whole action so much. The good smell of the hot dinner waiting on shore was barely enough to avoid the riot and send them back home!!! A big thanks to everyone for all the help in making our race a success, particularly

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