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         Powerlifting:     more books (56)
  1. Powerlifting Basics, Texas-Style: The Adventures of Lope Delk by Paul Kelso, 1996-05-01
  2. Powerlifting by Barney Groves, 2000-05-23
  3. Winning Weight: Lifting and Powerlifting#06268 by Franco Columbu, Richard Tyler, 1983-10
  4. Powerlifting: A Scientific Approach by Frederick C. Hatfield, 1981-03
  5. Modern Weightlifting and Powerlifting by George Popplewell, 1979-02
  6. Ernie Frantz's Ten Commandments of Powerlifting by Ernie Frantz, 1984-01-01
  7. Starting and Progressing in Powerlifting by Gary F. Zeolla, 2009-05-09
  8. A Practical Approach to Powerlifting by Larry Sheppard and Bill Jamison, 2007-04-01
  9. "Z Last Book You'll Ever Need On Strength Training" by Todd E. Bostrom, 2007-09
  10. Powerlifting for Men and Women: How to Lift Like a Champion by Paul Lewis, 2006-07-14

1. Powerlifting
powerliftingpowerlifting The Juice is Loose Steroids in the sport -By ian smalley. Ordinarily this would be a topic that I wouldn’t touch on, but for many people in
Notes About Power Lifting
September 27th, 2010
-Powerlifting: The Juice is Loose Steroids in the sport
By ian smalley Ordinarily this would be a topic that I wouldn’t touch on, but for many people in powerlifting , and especially those who are new to the sport, it is a relevant one so I will do my best to clear up some misconceptions and clarify for the newbies. #1 The 10% Rule- Guess what, steroids make you stronger, but how much stronger and for how long are the better questions.  I have found that intermediate to advanced powerlifters can expect at least a 10% increase in all of their lifts within a month or two of going on. So if you have a 500lb raw squat you could expect with certainty to have a 550lb squat within 4 to 6 weeks.  If you’re a total newbie to powerlifting or weight lifting in general then the strength difference may be greater. You may gain 100lbs on your bench or squat, but you’re probably scrawny to begin with so who cares. The 10% rule doesn’t account for anyone’s initial cycle, or for a beginner, because everything will be more dramatic- and the reason for that is….
#2 Weight Gain- How strong you are can also vary dramatically based on how much you weigh, at least in relation to the total amount of weight you are lifting. Generally if you put on 20lbs of bodyweight your bench will also go up significantly, as will all the other lifts. While your strength to bodyweight ratio may stay the same, you will move more weight which is often the goal of the sport….So, if you’re on then chances are good you will gain some weight, anywhere between 10 and 30lbs. This accounts for some of the gains in strength associated with being on juice. Most powerlifters who have longevity in the sport start in a lighter weight class and as time goes by they slowly move up one or two classes. This is fairly normal. How many weight classes you jump and in what time frame is where the juice comes in.

2. Powerlifting Australia - Home Page
Official state sporting organization for powerlifting in Queensland, Australia.

3. Powerlifting - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
powerlifting is a strength sport consisting of three events the bench press, the squat, and the deadlift. powerlifting resembles the sport of Olympic weightlifting, as both
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Powerlifting (disambiguation) This article needs additional citations for verification
Please help improve this article by adding reliable references . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed (November 2007) Powerlifting
Squat Movement Highest governing body IPF First played 20th century or earlier, United States Characteristics Categorization Women : 44 kilograms, 48 kilograms, 52 kilograms, 56 kilograms, 60 kilograms, 67.5 kilograms, 75 kilograms, 82.5 kilograms, 90 kilograms Men : 52 kg, 56 kg, 60 kg, 67.5 kg, 75 kg, 82.5 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg, 110 kg, 125 kg Olympic inclusion in process (currently only participates as a Paralympic sport) Powerlifting is a strength sport consisting of three events: the bench press , the squat , and the deadlift Powerlifting resembles the sport of Olympic weightlifting , as both disciplines involve lifting weights in three attempts. It evolved from a sport known as 'odd lifts' which followed the same three attempt format but used a wide variety of events akin to Strongman events. Eventually odd lifts became standardized to the three events (squat, bench, deadlift) and became known as powerlifting. Powerlifters can compete raw or equipped. Powerlifting meets take place across the world but mostly in the United States United Kingdom and Russia . Powerlifting has been a Paralympic sport since 1984 and under the International Powerlifting Federation , is also a World Games sport.

4. Louisiana Tech Powerlifting - Home Of The Iron Dawgs
Louisiana Tech powerlifting website Welcome to the Iron Dawg House. Collegiate powerlifters, this is the online home of the Louisiana Tech Iron Dawgs.
  • Roster News History Alumni ... Home
    Welcome to the Iron Dawg House
    Collegiate powerlifters, this is the online home of the Louisiana Tech Iron Dawgs. Here you will find current and past info on what is the most prolific collegiate powerlifting program in the world.
    USAPL Rookie Meet - January 30th
    Lifters, be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, January 30th. The Louisiana Tech Powerlifting team will be hosting the USAPL Rookie Meet. The event starts at 9am and will be held in the Intramural Center. All lifters not competing, show up, lend a hand and be part of the team!
    The Louisiana Tech Powerlifting Roster
    Find out where they are from....who is in what class, what they lift, etc.
    The current lineup of heavy hitters from Ruston, LA is listed here Roster News History ...
Louisiana Tech University

5. Powerlifting Workouts | Routines And Programs
powerlifting workouts for bench press, squat, and deadlift. Learn how to build muscle mass where you need it to compete in powerlifting.
Powerlifting Training
Alabama Powerlifting Alaska Powerlifting Bench Press Chart Powerlifitng Clothing ... Deadlift Articles
Powerlifting Gear
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You are here: Home Powerlifting Workouts
Powerlifting Workouts
Alan Best Powerlifting Training Routine and Program
Alan best - Currently holds 4th all-time highest lift total in 275 single ply. My workout is based on a 7 week cycle. I call it a 7 week cycle, but in actuality it’s 2- 3 week cycles with 1 deload week at the end.
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Westside Barbell Powerlifting Training Program and Routine
This is an old program written by Dave Tate some time ago for many of his clients who were just getting into this type of training. This program does not use chains or bands because we did not use them at the time.
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Westside Barbell Conjugate Powerlifting Training Explained
Welcome to what the conjugate method is all about. Conjugate means "to couple". With strength training or training for powerlifting you are in the process of trying to combine many methods of training for the development of many different abilities.

6. USA Powerlifting - The Choice For Drug-free Strength Sport, USA Powerlifting
USA powerlifting The Choice for Drug-free Strength Sport
USAPL Home eStore USAPL Blog USAPL Twitter USAPL Facebook
  • Home eStore About Us It is the mission of USA Powerlifting to provide powerlifting competition of
    uniform high quality which is drug tested and available to all athletes who meet the criteria for membership throughout the United States. The USAPL sponsorship program offers individuals the opportunity to become actively involved with USA Powerliftings programs and activities. Latest News 2011 Open Bench Press World Team and Alternates
    Posted Wednesday, October 27, 2010 @ 8:24 AM CDT by Tony Cardella
    Wt Cls Name Decision Body Wt Best BP Brian Siddons Declined Chet Mangra Declined Joe Smith Accept Damian Fronzaglia Accept Adam Mamola Accept Dennis Cieri Accept Tim Anderson Accept Kevin Mayer Undecided John Bogart Accept UNL Jona Leo Accept
    Wt Cls Name Body Wt Best BP Carpino Rank 2007 Rank 2006 Rank Danny Thurman Brady Stewart Michael Kuhns Tim Stroshine Luke Hanifen Maliek Derstine Jeff Snyder Chris Asbury Jonathon Bareng Chris Tran
    Wt Cls Name Decision Body Wt Best BP OPEN Diann Nelson DECLINE OPEN Jennifer Thompson DECLINE Jennifer Gaudreau Accept Koley Hockeborn Undecided OPEN Devan Doan Accept Rebekah Lair Accept UNL Deborah Ferrell Undecided
    Wt Cls Name Body Wt Best BP Carpino Rank 2007 Rank 2006 Rank Liane Blyn UNL Priscilla Ribic Cydney Smith Jill Arnow Laura Styrlund Tammy Walker Erin Walterman Alyssa Hitchcock Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary Maura Shuttleworth Ren Yamashita 2011 Arnold Sports Festival News
    Posted Tuesday, October 12, 2010 @ 9:18 PM CDT by

7. EPF,Elite Powerlifting Federation.Powerlifting Contests In The US
Elite powerlifting hosts powerlifting contests throughout the USA.Bench press,squat,deadlift,push pull full powerlifting.The EPF is the lifters federation. With 25 years
You need Java to see this applet. Site Created By:


Big changes with the new Federation
Read What, Why and How
Want to bring
your own
spotters.... Know the rules New Rules and regulations You should Know
Big Benches Last updated 10/ 08 / 10 Both will have a regional ranking status Your Ad Could Be Here. $15/Month High School Division Ask your gym The EPF can come to contest. We will pay them $5 per lifter plus they can charge food-drinks Two very important reasons why you should send your entry in on time and make the weight class you checked off on your entry form. THE OFFICIAL EPF SHIRT IS HERE Next MA event Nov. 27th 119 Foster Street Peabody Ma. Did You Know? Helpful lifting info Poor mans Monolift Convert your smith rack into a monolift. Gym Warriors The CD is now available. Just $25.00 for the 1st copy and $10.00 for the 2nd. Click here for more details Video All NEW! Wholesale Neck Ribbons and Medals Ten Reason why you should We create all the forms We pay you for every membership mailed in from your event We sell you our trophies/awards for much less We advertise your contest on this website We post all pictures/video from your contest We can do all of your designs if you need at NO charge. Shirts, flyers, ect...

8. SPC - Swiss Powerlifting Congress
Schweizer powerlifting-Verband. Erkl rung von powerlifting, Regeln, Wettkampfkalender, Resultate und Schweizer Rekorde.
Diese Seite verwendet Frames. Frames werden von Ihrem Browser aber nicht unterstützt.

9. International Powerlifting Federation IPF: Home
06.10.10. The IPF is now also present at Facebook and we have also now our own IPF forum online.

10. Powerlifting | U.S. Paralympic Team
powerlifting made its debut as a medal sport at the second Paralympic Games in 1964. Initially offered only to lifters with spinal cord injuries, the sport has grown to include

powerlifting Supplement reviews, weight gain, and descriptions

12. Powerlifting
Official web site focused on powerlifting, bench press and other power sports with a drug free emphasis.
The NASA Magazine NASA - P.O. Box 735, Noble, OK. 73068 You are visitor # since 12-16-99 rm_f1st('0','300','true','false','000000','0DgNEVpQOOa','true','ff0000'); Web Site Table Of Contents Championship Belt Hall of Fame
3 Championship Belts Awarded
$1,800.00 in Free Entries Awarded
100+ Entries
Unequipped Nationals Results

2010 Pro Power Sports Results

NASA Facebook by JT Hall ~ Join Now
Join Today NASA Weekly Newsletter Lifter Ranking Lists ~ ALSO ~ by Clyde Lynn Pro Entry Forms Were Mailed On 9-3-10 Absolute Entry Deadline Was 10-1-10 - Postmarked 2010 NASA "Intelligent Exercise" Presents Pro Power Sports Nationals Worlds Largest Drug Free Pro Meet Sunday, October 17th, 2010 Oklahoma City, OK 2010 Pro Power Sports Results 2010 NASA Pro Power Sports Info In Awards * All Pro Competitors are required by law to complete IRS Form W-9 at the meet and be responsible for reporting his earnings at the end of the year Largest Ohio Regional in Past Decade - RESULTS Masters - Sub Masters Nationals Building Full Head Of Steam Entry Form Here Pro Power Sports Championship Comes Down To Last Deadlift Tyson Meyers-KS and Desmond Phillips-OH Have Battle Royal at Pro PS Nationals - Both exceed 7.0 on Coefficient

13. World Powerlifting Congress
Kieran Kidder WPC Owner * Mike Sweeney - WPC President * Garry Frank - APF President
Kieran Kidder - WPC Owner * Mike Sweeney - WPC President * Garry Frank - APF President
2010 WPC Worlds
Results 2009 2010 AWPC World Championships 2009 Results ... 2010 Raw Worlds Roster World Powerlifting Congress was established by Ernie Frantz in 1986. The World Powerlifting Congress also known as the WPC, consists of 30 countries worldwide that participate in annual World Championships. We provide competitive and outstanding Powerlifting meets, and are successfully known as "a lifter's organization". We pride ourselves on the fact that the vast majority of our officials are active lifters who appreciate fair and consistent judging. The WPC supports the interest of the lifter with constant review of the rules. For further information check out our History page American Powerlifting Federation has earned a reputation for supporting the integrity of the individual lifter, allowing the lifter to be judged fairly and consistently and providing quality contests at all levels. The international arm of the APF is the World Powerlifting Congress. We feel that these organizations will allow each man and woman the opportunity to enjoy Powerlifting as a positive and enjoyable sport. Amateur World Powerlifting Congress is a division of the WPC Congress. The only difference between the two is that the Amateur World Powerlifting Congress or AWPC is tested; all other rules are the same.

14. Powerlifting Watch | Covering The World Of Powerlifting
Footage of Chernov Denis RAW bench press 270kg. Russia, St.Peterburg 24.10.2010
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#1 PLing Supplements
USPlabs Supplements
Supplement Cave
WPF World Championships 2010 Overall Best Team:
Great Britan
United States
Austria login or register older polls results
Powerlifting Federations
Customize Your Training System
Powerlifting Forums
Build Your Library
WPC Worlds in Finland Live! Submitted by admin on October 31, 2010 - 4:44pm. The meet will take place from 11-1 to 11-7.

15. PEI Powerlifting - PEI Powerlifting
PEI powerlifting, records, profiles, training, pictures. News. Site Updates World Master powerlifting Championships. The Icon of PEI powerlifting Tom Nicholls better known
PEI Powerlifting
Island Power
News Site Updates: World Master Powerlifting Championships The Icon of PEI powerlifting Tom Nicholls better known as Big Poppa, is once again the World Master 1 110kgs Champion after his stellar performance in Pilsen, Czech Republic on October 1st 2010. Tom had an 8 for 9 day winning gold in the squat with a 335kg lift, winning silver in the bench with a 245kg lift and winning silver in the deadlift with a 320kg lift and totalling 900kgs winning the gold over all. Its been 7 years since his last World Championship and within that time he hasn't lost a step. Congratulations Big Poppa we are all proud of your dedication and accomplishments!! Atlantic Raw Record Breakers Results The Competition was very successful, Jason Mosher and Tom Nicholls put on a great show as well as raising over $1000 for M.S. Several Island competitors displayed a great show of RAW strength. North American Powerlifting Championships Results

16. Violent Hero Powerlifting Programs, Routines, And Techniques
powerlifting Programs - Tips, Techniques and Outlined Programs
Powerlifting Training
Alabama Powerlifting Alaska Powerlifting Bench Press Chart Powerlifitng Clothing ... Deadlift Articles
Powerlifting Gear
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You are here: Home Powerlifitng Programs
How to Fix a Lagging Bench Press Lockout
Update your training to help you increase strength at the end of the press. Don't wimp out by not finishing a lift you mashed at the bottom.
Bringing up Low End Strength with Better Bench Press Form
Update your training to help you increase strength at the bottom of the press. Learn how to manipulate your different muscles to get the weight off your chest.
Deadlift Training Routines, Programs, and Techniques
For many, the deadlift can be an intimidating lift. Often your meet results ride on it because it’s the final lift, and the fact that you’re already fatigued from the squat and bench make it that much harder to stay tight and execute good form.
Powerlifting General Nutrition Programs
Yep, I said it. These two words seem to go together about as well as “Sumo” and “Diet”, but in the spirit of confronting paradoxical phrases I will address this issue head on.

17. - Powerlifting Articles!
Great powerlifting articles! Learn the secrets to success! Featured powerlifting Article Why powerlifting (and Not Bodybuilding)? By Victor Calia

18. Powerlifting: Is It The Optimal Supplementary Training Activity For Martial Arti
A Conditioning Tactical and Martial Arts article from Dragon Door Publications powerlifting Is It The Optimal Supplementary Training Activity For Martial Artists? by Charles

19. Learn About Powerlifting Federations And Their Respective Items That Make Them U
American powerlifting Federations Rules, regulations, meet locations, records, and membership application.
Powerlifting Training
Alabama Powerlifting Alaska Powerlifting Bench Press Chart Powerlifitng Clothing ... Deadlift Articles
Powerlifting Gear
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You are here: Home Powerlifting Federations
Powerlifting Federations
Powerlifting Federations differentiate between multiple types of powerlifting styles and preferences. If you are new to the sport of powerlifting and would like more information regarding which powerlifting federation is right for you check out the list below.
Glossery of Terms:
  • Federation - Name of governing body for the specific powerlifting federation Division powerlifting federation Divisional requirements.
    Bench Shirts - Specialty Powerlifting Gear designed to enable lifters to press more weight.
    Lifting Suits Squat and Deadlift Suits designed to enable lifters to press more weight.
    Mono - Refers to the use of a monolift. A monolift picks up weight for the lifter so that they do no have to walk out with the weight on squat or lift the bar out of the rack on the bench press.

20. Powerlifting Articles - Check Out Our Powerlifting Training Resources
powerlifting articles to teach proper form and technique for Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, Technique,
Powerlifting Training
Alabama Powerlifting Alaska Powerlifting Bench Press Chart Powerlifitng Clothing ... Deadlift Articles
Powerlifting Gear
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You are here: Home Powerlifting Articles
Powerlifting Articles - Bench Press Technique Pt. 1 Setting the Arch
Powerlifting Articles - How to Properly set up your bench press technique with an arch. Cut bar travel space, and save time on the decent and ascent.
Powerlifting Articles - Bench Press Technique Pt. 2 Get Your Back "Locked" In
These powerlifting articles help you learn to Lock your back in place to help you hold and move the maximum weight possible.
Bench Press Technique Pt. 3 Setting Your Feet
These powerlifting articles help you learn to set Your feet after locking in your back to allow for a stronger and more comfortable bench press.
Bench Press Technique Pt. 4 Gripping the Bar

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