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         Powerlifting:     more books (56)
  1. Motives of Male Athletes With Lower Limb Paralysis for Participating in the Organized Sport of Powerlifting.(Brief Article): An article from: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
  2. Ubaldina Valoyes: Chocó, Powerlifting, 2007 Pan American Games, Summer Olympics, Olympic Weightlifting
  3. Powerlifting (Know the Game)
  4. Powerlifting. (Demonstration Sports) (The 1991 ISSOG: Special Olympics International): An article from: Palaestra by Michael Paciorek, 1992-01-01
  5. Powerlifting: Multipole Expansion
  6. Inside Powerlifting by Terry Todd, 1978-06
  7. Power technique: A photo-sequence analysis of championship powerlifting technique, squat-bench press-deadlift by Mike Lambert, 1984
  8. PowerLifting: Levantamentos Básicos
  9. John Kuc speaks on powerlifting by John Kuc, 1982
  10. Powerlifting USA (volume 26, no. 11)
  11. Crains Muscle World: Who's Who in Powerlifting by Everett Maylen, 1989-01
  12. Powerlifting USA - August 2007: How to Squat 1000 Pounds!
  13. Powerlifting: A Guide for Coaches and Athletes by Gary Benford, 1986-04
  14. New dimensions in powerlifting by Mike Bridges, 1980

41. Arnold USA Powerlifting Championships - Powerlifting Competition
The Arnold USA powerlifting Championships is a popular strength competition that will feature the best male and female powerlifters in the United States.
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    Arnold USA Powerlifting Championships
    The 2011 Arnold USA Powerlifting Championships at the Arnold Sports Festival will grow again next year as the in popular strength competition is directed by USA Powerlifting for a fourth straight year. USA Powerlifting, based in Columbia City Ind. , has more than 5,500 members who compete in an organization committed to drug-free competitions. The group is also the only U.S. member of the International Powerlifting Federation, the oldest and largest governing body for the sport of powerlifting. The IPF, founded in 1971, has members in more than 100 countries. The 2011 Arnold USA Powerlifting Championships will consists of five that will be held in the Greater Columbus Convention Center's E160s and E170s rooms or on the Arnold Fitness EXPO Stage:
    USA Powerlifting Raw Challenge
    (8 a.m.-7 p.m., Friday, March 4 in E160s and E170s)

42. Powerlifting (sport) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
powerlifting (sport), an offshoot of Olympic weightlifting and weight training that emphasizes sheer strength more than technique, flexibility, and speed.
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Table of Contents: powerlifting Article Article Related Articles Related Articles External Web sites External Web sites Citations ARTICLE from the powerlifting an offshoot of Olympic weightlifting and weight training that emphasizes sheer strength more than technique, flexibility, and speed. Powerlifting (formerly called odd lifts or strength sets) was developed primarily in the United States and England by weightlifters who felt that Olympic weightlifting events placed too much emphasis on technique and not enough on sheer strength. In 1965 the first national powerlifting championships, hosted by York Barbell Company and sanctioned by the

43. Melbourne University Weightlifting And Powerlifting Club
Dedicated training facilities for squat, bench press, deadlift.
Powerlifting News
Australian Powerlifting Championships
August 12, 2010 Shock defeat! That was the fate of Melbourne University at the 2010 Australian Championships, the Club going down by 2 miserable points to Queensland University, courtesy of some unfortunate bombouts. Minh finishing up with a 217.5kg deadlift. On to 82.5kg and things looked up. Ultra dedicated Chris Seville showed that virtue pays off, with talented newcomers edged out by his solid 687.5kg for a second title in a row. Back in 5th in a good standard field David Encino Man Platzer added another 40kg to his best, but spared most of the furniture and fittings in an unusually placid outing. Stephen Pritchard Bench Pressing 270kg on his way to a 940kg total Simon the Likeable pushing up 185kg Back in another special event, Intervarsity, the Club lost out again, the mysteries of the Jame scoring method shunting us down to third. Very promising (although actually representing Deakin) Small Luke Helmke took out the 75s, whilst Adam Trudgeon benched well. Paris was there in body, if not spirit, to be pipped by only 377.5kg in the 100kg class. Luke Helmke taking the intervarsity 75kg division Full competition results - Robert Wilks You can order a professional DVD of your lifting session from John Myers. For a lifetime memory of your lifting! Order a DVD of your session at the 2010 Australian Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships. $35 per session including postage. Contact

44. The Real AAU Powerlifting > Home
The Real AAU powerlifting, AAU powerlifting, powerlifting Adult powerlifting Substance Abuse Program ; The National Center for Drug Free Sport
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Little Falls Family Shares A Strong Bond Mon, 11 Oct 2010 16:05:00 -0400 Original post: Morrison County Record One day, 10-year-old Beth-el Algarin is dressing up her little sisters and having a fashion show. The next, she is setting dozens of powerlifting records at a world championship meet. After the competition, she thinks the trophy she just won would be an excellent candy holder. For the past year, [...] Rye Working Mom Breaks National Powerlifting Record Fri, 08 Oct 2010 17:05:05 -0400 Originally posted: Rye Patch Many working moms feel overwhelmed by the weight of their responsibilities, but not Rye mom and business owner Maria Diaz. Not only does Diaz, 42, juggle two local businesses and two kids, she also finds time to train for competitive powerlifting (also called deadlifting or weightlifting). In May, 123-pound Diaz set a [...] AAU Athlete on nationally-syndicated television show Daytime Mon, 27 Sep 2010 15:09:50 -0400

45. Olympian Powerlifting Puro
Articolo che espone i vantaggi del powerlifting praticato senza l uso di farmaci e abbigliamento di sostegno.

46. Michigan High School Football Coaches Association |  Powerlifting
Contact Vince Leveille at (989) 8238534 or if you would like your powerlifting tournament on this website. Documents require either Adobe Acrobat Reader

47. Unbenanntes Dokument
Bietet Rekordlisten, Wettkampftermine und Wettkampfresultate sowie Steckbrief von Aktiven. Neben Fotos und Videos finden sich auch die Regeln der World powerlifting Federation (WPF).

48. Powerlifting
The Rice powerlifting Team was developed to support Rice students, faculty, and staff interested in developing strength via......Rice powerlifting Team. Club
Rice Powerlifting Team Club Description - Contact Information Team Captain, Thomas Burnett: I began lifting weights in high school in order to get strong enough to make the varsity baseball team. Though my baseball career is long over, weightlifting is still a large part of my life. I have found that weightlifting is enjoyable both in itself and as a sport-specific training program. My vision of the Rice Powerlifting Club is to introduce its members to the sport of powerlifting, to develop strength for whatever goals we might have, and foster a love for leading a healthy, physically active lifestyle. Tom Burnett The human body was never designed for a sedentary lifestyle. It was made to hunt saber-toothed tigers and walk forty miles a day." Arnold Schwarzenegger Team Captain, Cisco Rivero : I have long felt that a void existed here at Rice for an association of individuals adamant about physical fitness through strength training. Only through the establishment of a club, or network, of weight training enthusiasts could that goal become a reality. Thus was born the impetus for the Rice Powerlifting Club. Powerlifting is the opportunity to strengthen both body and mind against one's ultimate medium to test your resolve, perfect your body, and feel good about yourself. So make it happen. See you in the gym. Cisco Rivero Faculty Advisor, Dr. Gibson:

49. Powerlifting Watch | Covering The World Of Powerlifting
Footage of Goryachok deadlifting 316kg@75k National Record powerlifting IPF Ukrane Champ 2010. This lift exceeds the top ranked singleply American lift by 56lbs!

50. Powerlifting @Weighty Matters
Weighty Matters is an archive on the web for powerlifting and bodybuilders.
Powerlifting Competitions
My First Powerlifting Meet (LONG) a USPF meet held June 2001 in Seguin, Texas, 30 miles from San Antonio, as told by fitness and diet guru (and MFW personality) Lyle McDonald. The USAPL Washington State 2000 Holiday Classic , including lifting legend John Binkowski.
Here is some video from the meet. My Account of the USAPL Washington State 2000 Championships , held in April, where I totaled 930 pounds. Photos from the USAPL 2000 Washington State Championships , featuring pictures of me and others at the meet. Miscellaneous tips on How to Compete in Powerlifting Meets Rookie Mistakes in PL Competitions, by Doug Daniels. How to Psyche Yourself Up for a Max Lift How to Focus Prior to Lifting at a Meet , a debate among elite powerlifters. Tips on How to Lose Just Enough to Make Your Weight Class Advice on Powerlifting Equipment for Competitions , what to buy first, which brands are best. Everything you wanted to know about Bench Shirts , including how to get the damn things on. The Year 2000 Oregon USAPL Championships with reports by lifters Jason Burnell, Dean Reese and others.

51. Strength Sports
BLOG about strength sports such as powerlifting, bodybuilding and realted informations
Strength Sports
This BLOG is dedicate to all strength sports......I try to present many great sportmans through their training theories, pictures, interviews, workouts ....Also, I have plenty of strength / muscle mass gaining / weight loss articles...and I hope that all visitors will get motivation and good training informations! Anyone who want to contribute to all kind of RAW (pure...hardcore) lifting are more than welcome!:)
Mariusz Pudzianowski
Blog Archive
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    Strength Sports
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    Sunday, May 4, 2008
    The Science of Hypertrophy Introduction
    Brief Physiology and Endocrinology
    Angiotensin II is a factor that down regulates AKT, reduces circulating IGF levels and increases protein breakdown and programmed cell death in muscle tissue. Limiting any expression of this factor is extremely valuable. It seems that stimulation of IGF combats the effects of Angiotensin II as well.
    In vivo research studies
    - The Basic Rep
    - How Many Sets?

52. - History - Powerlifting
This document contains a history of court powerlifting power lifting. It is a page in the History section of, the largest collection of sports information on the
Sports History
Alpha Index Index by Sport History Bits Forum ... Search
Table of Contents
Strong Man Origins
In the late 19th century, when weightlifting was just beginning to develop as a sport, there was a wide range of lifts. Many of them were novelties performed by the professional strong men who performed with circuses in Europe, in music halls in Great Britain, and on the vaudeville circuit in America. Other lifts were used primarily for training, but were sometimes included in competitions. Among them were the dead lift, the supine or back press, the deep knee bend, the belly toss, the wrestler's bridge, the barbell curl, the one-arm swing, the upright row, the bent press, and the behind the neck press. At the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis, there was an all-around dumbbell event in which competitors had to perform nine one-arm lifts, a single two-arm lift, and an optional lift. When the British Amateur Weight Lifting Association was founded in 1911, it listed 42 official lifts for which it would approve records. During the 1920s, there were two national weightlifting organizations in the United States, the American Continental Weight-Lifter's Association (ACWLA) and the Association Of Bar Bell Men (ABBM). They both recognized records for a wide variety of lifts, although some of them were relegated to exhibitions, not competitive events.

53. Son Light Power --
Competition results, records, contact information.
"Son Light Power Lines" News Page 2010 Competition Results Jan 2010 Jan Picture Page Feb 2010 Feb Picture Page ... December Picture Page 2010-11 Competitions 2010-11 Competitions Entry Forms ANPPC National Records
ANPPC National Records

ANPPC World Records
ANPPC World Records
LNPS National Records
Lifetime Natural Powerlifting

SLP National Raw Records
National Raw Records

SLP National Records
National Records

SLP State Bench Press Records
State Bench Press Records
SLP State Deadlift Records State Deadlift Records USA RAW Bench Press Records USA RAW Bench Press Records Son Light Power International Powerlifting Federation Son Light Power Gym 122 West Sale Street Tuscola Illinois Fax 217-253-5429 Visitors: Thursday, October 21, 2010 06:15 PM

54. Powerlifting | Training | Routines | Workouts
powerlifting's 1 Resource for powerlifting training, routines, and workouts. We also strive to have the most current information about supplements, and gear.
Powerlifting Training
Alabama Powerlifting Alaska Powerlifting Bench Press Chart Powerlifitng Clothing ... Deadlift Articles
Powerlifting Gear
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We are the powerlifting sport's supplement store. Find the best selection and lowest overall prices on over 4500 powerlifting supplements . Also reach your hardcore training goals with:
  • Powerlifting - Powerlifting Benchpress, Squat, and Deadlift Training Tutorials and Techniques. Powerlifting Workouts - Learn the Powerlifting Techniques of World Champion Powerlifters Can Impact Your Training. Powerlifting Programs - Nutrition, Regimens, and Powrlifting Workout Programs to Achieve Success. Powerlifting Supplements - We're Powrlifting Lifters On The Inside. We Will Let You Know What's Hot and What Works.
We Are Dedicated to Bring You the Best Information Available on Powerlifting.

55. European Powerlifting Federation EPF: Home
EPF - This page features records, results, and images.
You are here: Home
The Master Bench Press Championships are running well in Hagondange. Watch the championship by entering "Live Championship TV". The Newsletter No. 3/2010 is online:
click here please
The report of the final day at the Western European Championships in Hamm, Luxembourg is online now: click here please A report on the first day of the Western European Championships in Hamm, Luxembourg is online: click here please
9 nations took part in the WEC in Luxembourg and France (Men) and the Netherlands (Women) won the team awards. Ielja Strik from the Netherlands and Anibal Coimbra from Luxembourg won the best lifter awards. Western European Championships starts tomorrow in Hamm, Luxembourg with 21 Women and 40 Men nominated. Congratulation to the following lifters: Mariya Chepil UKR, setting new Masters 1 world record with 120Kg, Korkia-Aho Tuomas FIN, new world junior record 342.5Kg and Ilka Schwengl AUT new European Master 1 record The European Open Bench Press receive media coverage from the large media corporations TASR and SITA, they were also coverage from Slovak TV. Czech TV did interview with several Czech lifters.

56. Powerlifting | IronOnline Health And Fitness Database
Bodybuilding, weight training, nutrition Dave Draper's IronOnline, over 2,500 pages of insight, motivation, an active community forum board, blog and wiki database.
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Ever wonder why powerlifters have big, er, girths? You think that's fat? Not so, not even. Since powerlifting is a low-population sport, it's likely you've never been around powerlifters in training. They don't train in fitness clubs; you won't see any powerlifting at Bally's. Take a look under the surface of this Men's Health article by Stephen Perrine on extreme powerlifting lifestyles.

57. Ball State Powerlifting
Home to some of the most powerful strength athletes in the collegiate ranks.
Lifters Wanted Welcome to:
Ball State University Powerlifting More info email here
DC Barbell Now Open
Join Team below for more info

58. Powerlifting USA Magazine
powerlifting USA Magazine the source for the latest training tips, lifter interviews, nutrition, lifting records and meet results

59. Southern Powerlifting Federation
Event calendar, weightlifting news, links, and information about the organization.
Home Forms Results Calendar ... Latest Contest Photos SPF World Championships View more photos from this meet Latest Contest Results Southern Alabama Powerlifting Championship View Meet Results VIRGINIA OPEN POWERLIFTING and BENCH PRESS CHAMPIONSHIP View Meet Results Bash for the Cash Powerlifting and Bench Press Multi-Ply View Meet Results SPF/WBPLA World Powerlifting and Bench Press Championship View Meet Results SPF / GPC Multi-Ply World Championship View Meet Results West Tn. Powerlifting and Bench Press Championship View Meet Results More Contest Results Upcoming Meets Fall Madness (Dallas Tx.) Full Powerliftinjg and Bench Press More Information SPF Fall Men's Open 2010 Men's Open Powerlifting More Information ... Powerlifting Tips

60. Powerlifting - Seymour Community School District
Seymour Community School District Welcome to the powerlifting Web page! powerlifting is for males and females who are willing to work hard in the weight room and enjoy
Powerlifting Welcome to the Powerlifting Web page!
Powerlifting is for males and females who are willing to work hard in the weight room and enjoy competition on an individual and team basis. The club travels to three or more regional meets each year. Each meet is divided into weight classes and into divisions. There is a freshmen-sophomore division and a junior-senior division, so underclassmen compete against their own age. There are medals for each individual weight class. The lifts at each meet include: bench, squat, and deadlift. Powerlifting is a good club to be in if you want to improve your physical fitness and enjoy competition. Advisors: Dave Bauer, Dale Volkman 2010-2011 Schedule
  • December 11 @ Seymour January 8 @ Appleton Xavier Febuary 5 @ Neenah Febuary 26 @ Omro (this is for athletes who have not yet qualified for state but are very close) State Meet March 11-12th @ Eau Claire North Nationals March 25th-27th @ Corpus Christi, Texas
Seymour's State Champions Troy Noack Sara Collar Brian Salentine Jason Morrow Todd Vandenheuvel Jamie Pasch Jayna Vandvoort Amanda Court Megan Williams Grant Kuehl
Jamie is the only lifter in State History to be a four time State Champion!!!!!

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