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         Professional Wrestling:     more books (100)
  1. Kayfabe: The Secret World of Professional Wrestling (The X-pert X-plains) by Dave Flood, 2000-09
  2. Professional Wrestling: Steroids in and Out of the Ring (Disgraced! the Dirty History of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports) by Jeri Freedman, 2009-09
  3. Headlocks and Dropkicks: A Butt-Kicking Ride through the World of Professional Wrestling by Ted Kluck, 2009-06-22
  4. The Ultimate Wrestling Guide -- An Introduction to Amateur and Professional Wrestling by Walter Maddox, 2010-02-04
  5. The Tables All Were Broken, McNeill's Take on the End of Professional Wrestling As We Know It by Pat McNeill, 2002-04-17
  6. Professional Wrestling: Sport and Spectacle (Performance Studies Series) by Sharon Mazer, 1998-02-01
  7. Wrestling Websites: Professional Wrestling Websites, Cauliflower Alley Club, Wrestlecrap, Wrestling Talk
  8. Inside Out: How Corporate America Destroyed Professional Wrestling by Ole Anderson, Scott Teal, 2003-11
  9. 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
  10. Professional Wrestling Journalists and Columnists: Dave Meltzer
  11. Stacy Keibler: United States, Actor, Model (Person), Professional Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling
  12. Professional Wrestling Moves: Professional Wrestling Holds
  13. Stan Hansen: United States, Professional Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment, Georgia Championship Wrestling
  14. Japanese Professional Wrestling Promotions: All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling, Big Japan Pro Wrestling, Pancrase, Toryumon, Dramatic Dream Team

41. Professional Wrestling Online Museum - Ring Chronicles Hall Of Fame Inductee - A
Includes career highlights and images.
Andre the Giant
Real Name:
Andre Roussinoff
Stats: ' 11" 400-500 lbs.
Born: May 19, 1946 Andre the Giant
By Steve Slagle
Andre the Giant was truly a one of a kind performer. Although his monolithic proportions were sometimes over-exagerated by promoters who billed him as standing 7'4, and later, 7'5, he was without a doubt the overall largest professional athlete ever to compete in any sport. But there was much more to this one of a kind performer than just his size, and he rose to previously unimagined levels of fame and mainstream notoriety. Although he passed away on Jan. 29,1993, his legacy and influence will be felt in this sport forever... Andre The Giant was born Andre Rousimoff in a small farming community in France on May 19, 1946. Over time, it became obvious that the young Andre was, to say the least, not like other children. Although born of "normal" sized parents, he reportedly reached 6`3 and weighed 200 lbs. by the time he was twelve. The "gentle giant" was the ultimate, unbeatable equalizer for regional fan favorites. Wrestling fans always knew in the back of their mind's that if things ever looked too bleak for the "good guys", that Andre could (and frequently did) come in and straighten the territory out with 1 or 2 matches. It was a winning formula for many promoters; when the top face had his hands too full with the local heels, Andre would be called in (to the delight of the fans) and Good would always prevail over Evil.

42. Professional Wrestling
Professional Wrestling There are a lot of good reasons to refrain from calling professional wrestling fake. For one thing, pro wrestlers routinely suffer the sort of grisly and
rotten Library Culture
Professional Wrestling
There are a lot of good reasons to refrain from calling professional wrestling "fake." For one thing, pro wrestlers routinely suffer the sort of grisly and painful injuries one generally associates with the Spanish Inquisition , which is definitely not fake. For another thing, it's highly unlikely that you, the reader, could even once do any of the stunts these guys do 52 weeks a year. And for yet another thing: If you call "pro wrestling" fake within earshot of a wrestler, you will probably get dropped on your head. All that said, pro wrestling is a "work" (one of many colorful and mega-hip "insider" wrestling terms which shall be employed liberally throughout this article). A "work" is a piece of entertainment disguised as a wrestling match, in which the outcome (and usually some elements within the match) have been predetermined by professional writers. There was a time when pro wrestling presented itself as "sports" rather than "sports entertainment." Wrestling as a spectator sport dates back to the homoerotic display of naked Spartans rolling around on the ground together in ancient times. Feats of strength and homoeroticism have a timeless quality, as the movies of Charlton Heston attest.

43. Professional Wrestling Online Museum - Bios - "Macho Man" Randy Savae
Includes biography and photos.
Randy Savage
Randy Savage
Real Name:
Randy Poffo
Stats: 6' 2" 237 lbs.
Born: November 15, 1952
A second generation wrestler , "the Macho Man" Randy Savage has one championship has worn more than five different championship belts. The son of Wrestling Hall of Famer Angelo Poffo and brother of "Leaping" Lanny Poffo, was at one time the most athletically gifted individuals in all of Professional Wrestling. This athleticism was demonstrated during several years spent as a professional baseball player on the minor league teams of the Cincinatti Reds, St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox, during which time he once finished third in the league in home runs and runs batted in.
After wrestling alongside of and sometimes against his father and brother, Randy entered the World Wrestling Federation where he was courted by all of the top managers in the organization. He suprised everyone when he rejected their offers to sign on with an unknown, the Lovely Miss Elizabeth. In truth, Elizabeth was not only known to Randy, she was in fact his wife. Through her coaching and his talent he secured the WWF Intercontinental Championship by defeating Tito Santana for the belt in 1986.

44. | The Official Website For The Prairie Wrestling Alliance
The official website of Prairie Wrestling Alliance, an Edmonton, Alberta based professional wrestling promotion.
The official website for the Prairie Wrestling Alliance

45. Cheerleader Central
Primarily focused on NFL cheerleaders, with some college and high school cheerleaders, athletes, and professional wrestling divas. Photos and mailing list sign-up.
San Francisco 49er Gold Rush
Total pictures: 11 If you want to learn how to find more pictures like these, click here. Pictures, calendars, tradings cards, and videos of the talented and beautiful women of professional cheerleading.
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46. PROFESSIONAL-WRESTLING.LOVE.COM | All Things Professional Wrestling
Around a decade or so ago, boxing used to have truly special bigtime events—usually, though not exclusively, heavyweight encounters that got the world talking.

47. - Your Online Source For Checklists & Information!
Complete checklists of all professional wrestling trading cards, from the late 1800s to current.
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Last Updated On: 9/27/2010
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48. The Professional Wrestling Online Museum - The Professional Wrestling Portal
Ever since the first toon, professional wrestling has been a popular subject within the Homestar Runner body of work. In particular, references to wrestlers from the 1980s and

49. - WWE NWO And NFL T-shirts, WWE T-shirts, Football Jerseys, XFL
Large selection of WWE, ECW, and WCW professional wrestling T-shirts, caps, and jerseys.
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50. Wrestling Rings And Supplies
New and reconditioned professional wrestling rings and supplies for sale.
Build your own FREE website at Share: Facebook Twitter Digg reddit document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard']); document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard2']); Wrestling Rings and Supplies Visit our site for all info, about wrestling rings, boxing rings, MMA rings and cages. We build over 300 per year and send them all around the world. Thank you e-mail me for more information. email Mike Samples

51. LAW - Ladies All Pro
PM Video Productions produces women s professional wrestling videos.
* LadiesAllProWrestling *
LadiesAllProWrestling! Pro female wrestling at it's best!
All titles available by credit card...
Click the picture
for pics, details, ordering and a demo video! Special Events acquired the entire catalogue of Law Matches from PM video in 2006. This was done to preserve the style and expert skill of pro wrestling exhibited by the wrestlers in the mid to late 90's. In a few years, fans won't be able to see wrestling like this, and although the PGWA started it all by featuring GrudgeMatches back in early 1992, Miss Priscilla followed in the PGWA footsteps featuring some excellent matches with some of the same girls that proved wrestling to be a 'sport' more than a 'show' that is often presented today. Special Events bought the rights to the collection and is looking forward to sharing the collection with wrestling fans. Of the many offers to buy this collection, Miss Priscilla acknowledged her confidence in Special Events to preserve the talent of the LAW collection for many years to come. LAW certainly has to be considered a part of wrestling history and preserved for fans to enjoy in the years to come.

52. The Stranglehold * With Brian Stull
Official site for St. Louis only professional wrestling radio show. Features news updates, interviews and interactive fan feedback.

53. Professional
There is a man who comes into my work every day who wears WWF tee shirts and I don't think I have seen him wear the same shirt twice. The first thing he does is change the wrestling

54. Professional Wrestling Online Museum - Ring Chronicle Hall Of Fame Inductee - El
Highlights of his wrestling and movie careers, with photos.
El Santo
Real Name:
5' 9" 210 lbs.
Born: September 23, 1917
El Santo
By Steve Slagle The tradition and history of pro wrestling in Mexico (known as lucha libre ) is rich and deep, with literally thousands of (masked) men thrilling crowds "south of the border" for nearly as long as their North American brethren have in the U.S. Throughout the twentieth century, the popularity and level of respect for pro wrestling in Mexico has often greatly exceeded the "mainstream" acceptance of the sport in America. However, of the many Luchadors that have enjoyed national celebrity status in Mexico, one man in particular transcended the sport in that nation. During his multi-decade career, he created a mystique (both in the ring, and via dozens of feature films) that elevated him in the eyes of his millions of fans to the level of a genuine Living Legend during his life, and near-Sainthood after his death. His skill and good character was so popular in the ring and on film that he influenced not only future Luchadors, but also the nation as a whole. That man was, of course, the one and only El Santo El Santo (The Saint) debuted in July of 1942, winning a 8-Man Battle Royal held in Mexico City. By this time, Huerta, far from being a rookie, was one of the most technically sound luchadors in Mexico. Furthermore, as El Santo, Huerta advanced the boundaries of what was done in the ring by creating his own spectacular moves many of which are now commonplace in modern pro wrestling. Imagine a wrestler regularly unveiling brand-new, never before executed moves such as the Flying Plancha only he was performing these "modern" moves over 40 years ago! That man was the silver-masked, noble hero El Santo...

55. Chaotic Training Center | Pro Wrestling School And Training In Mass
Professional wrestling training center. Includes information about the program, fees, and instructors, along with picture galleries and testimonials.
Do you dream of being a pro wrestler ? Do you want a chance at a WWE tryout? Do you want to perform in front of crowds ? Then check out the Chaotic Training Center - the nation's #1 school for professional wrestling. Students receive hands on training and instruction in all aspects of the sports entertainment industry. Classes are challenging and fast paced and designed for both beginners and experienced wrestlers. Take the first step towards achieving your goals as a professional wrestler and contact us today! More information: Hours of Operation Contact Us ONE-DAY PRO WRESTLING CAMP
Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Have you always wanted to be a professional wrestler? Do you want to get in the ring, but never knew where to start? Do you want to be a part of the most successful school for professional wrestling in America today?
If the answer is "YES" then come to the Chaotic Training Center on Saturday, November 6th for a ONE-DAY Wrestling Camp. The camp is from 10am until 2pm and only $69 per person. This is an opportunity for new students to give the CTC a try and live their dream of becoming a professional wrestler.
The four hour camp is organized and run by the trainers and owners of Chaotic Wrestling, Chaotic Training Center and Killer Kowalski's School of Professional Wrestling. Students will get in the ring, learn basics of professional wrestling, conduct interviews and have the opportunity to ask questions of the trainers. Included in the price of the camp:

56. PROFESSIONAL-WRESTLING.LOVE.COM | All Things Professional Wrestling
The show kicked off with pretty much the only person I actually buy as caring about what happens in the brand versus brand match at Bragging Rights Teddy Long.

57. David 'Lightfinger' West's Home Page
Resources by David Lightfinger West. Includes material that was cut from Dark Champions Murderer s Row, which he co-authored, as well as his rules for Professional Wrestling as a martial art form.
Local Champions Goodies:
Dark Champions - Murderer's Row - My contributions to the product. Now includes the missing write-ups. Champions - The Assassin's Directory - The True story of this ill-fated book. Adventurer's Club - Professional Wrestling - Submitted, but seemingly lost in the ozone. This addition to Ultimate Martial Artist was supposed to add the full maneuvers used in professional wrestling into martial arts. In the author's opinion, Professional Wrestling is the closest simulation we have here in Real Life which shows how a superheroic battle would occur. Worldwide League of Crime Revised - A proposal which I submitted to do with one of my friends. I never got even a rejection notice on it, so I decided to put the proposal out on the web for you to see. David West/
Last modified on: Thursday, January 20, 2005.

58. George "The Animal" Steele :: Professional Wrestling :: WWF
Offical Website of The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame Inductee George The Animal Steele

Home Page
Professional Wrestling Biography of Jim Myers Learning Disabilities ... George Steele in Movies Somethin-Fishy TV Show Motivational Speaking Photo Gallery Contact Us Link to Us ... Blog Site
The Biography of George "The Animal" Steele
Burt Ruby, the wrestling promoter in Michigan during the 50's, 60's and 70's, was the mentor of George The Animal Steele. Burt was the mentor of many super stars including The Sheik, Killer Kowalski, Bobo Brazil, Abdula The Butcher, Leaping Larry Chene, Ricky The Crusher Cortez and Igor.
George started his wrestling career in 1962 wearing a mask and wrestling as The Student. The Student started his career being managed by Gary Hart. Overnight, The Student became a main event star in Burt’s local promotions. As The Student, (George) had the opportunity to learn his trade while wrestling with many of the top talents of the time, under the watchful eye of Burt Ruby. The Sheik came back to the Detroit area to wrestle in 1965. This gave The Student a chance to watch and learn from one of the greatest wild brawling super stars of all time.
Bruno Sammartino, the WWF champion, and his entourage came to Detroit’s Cobo Hall for a big match with Bulldog Brower. The Student was spotted by Bruno’s entourage that night in Cobo Hall and was shortly invited to wrestle in Pittsburgh. They did not want a masked man in Pittsburgh so The Student became George Steele. George was in a couple of tag matches with the great Dr. Bill Miller. Steele and Miller tagged up against Bruno Sammartino and the Batman in main events. Soon it was George Steele vs. Bruno Sammartino for the WWF title. The Pittsburgh Civic Arena was rocking with packed crowds that just could not get enough of the wild brawls that Steele and Bruno were having.

59. Pro-Wrestling Title Histories:Texas
Histories of professional wrestling titles in Dallas/Fort Worth from the 1930s to 1994.
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Symbols Home United States Texas
World Titles Texas Titles Cities Results Articles External Links

60. AAW - Professional Wrestling Redefined
Official Home of AAW Professional Wrestling. News, Superstars, Events, Message Board, Merchandise, and Official Online TV Show.

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