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         Recumbent Cycling:     more detail
  1. The Recumbent Bicycle by Gunnar Fehlau, 2004-01
  2. Bicycle Technology: Understanding the Modern Bicycle and its Components (Cycling Resources) by Robert Van der Plas, Stuart Baird, 2010-06-30
  3. Off the Rails: Moscow to Beijing on Recumbent Bikes by Tim Cope, Chris Hatherly, 2004-08-30
  4. The Recumbent and the Upright: A Bicycle Adventure by Two Retired and Unfit Cycle Enthusiasts, That Grew into a Ride Across the Continent by Sheryl Van Fleet, 2008-02-25
  5. Cranking the bent--observations, mysteries, and exercise.(three-wheel recumbent bicycling)(Cover Story): An article from: Palaestra by Arno Horwerth, 2005-01-01

1. Recumbent Cycling (MemeMachineGo!)
Around town with my 'bent, I'm often asked Is that thing hard to ride? and I say No! Now this looks hard to ride.
Wouldn't you like to be a vector, too?
Some of the best of MemeMachineGo!
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Recumbent Cycling
posted by Zed on September 16 2002 09:17 Around town with my 'bent, I'm often asked: "Is that thing hard to ride?" and I say "No!" Now this looks hard to ride. Permalink
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2. Recumbent Cycling Link Directory
Recumbent Cycling links. Our link directory contains many bike related web sites add your website or url in minutes.

3. Recumbent Biking Page
Discover the closest feeling to flying the comfort of gliding along on a recumbent bicycle. It's a great workout too!
" RE: recumbent bikes and age. There's a reason recumbents are disallowed in normal competition: they go faster and they don't, ahem, damage your down tube, if you know what I mean." (AG) Reasons to get a recumbent bike! Reasons to not get a recumbent How a bike hater became a bike fan! Erectile dysfunction and bikes ... Wide-net Information Portal Last Updated: Sue's Recumbent Cycling Site The Recumbent Experience! Louisville Chiropractor says recumbents are the most healthy form of cycling! Recumbents are getting more popular - from Alaska news Dr Louis Maharam (fitness advisor to the astronauts and fellow with the American College of Sports Medicine!) on upright biking: " Some men [cyclists] have had erectile dysfunction...Some women get numbness and complain of orgasmic dysfunction as well ... Usually these things are not permanent, and just by changing the seat it gets better. " (

4. Recumbent Cycling Start Page
Why use a recumbent bike? How to choose a recumbent bike?
recumbent cycling
Articles Links Contact ... RSS
Welcome present and future recumbent riders, enthusiasts and prospects. This web site has been created to share some experience in choosing and riding recumbent bicycles and tricycles. I am planning to add articles about every aspect of riding a recumbent. Starting with advice for beginners and not ending with reviews of different models of recumbents. Please take a look at the article index page to see what information is available. I am currently working on a series of articles about how to choose a specific model of recumbent bike. Be warned, reading about recumbents and test riding them can be very addictive. You may soon want to have your own recumbent bike. But I think it is a positive addiction. Just don't spend more money for your bike than you can afford. What you will not find here is information about recumbent exercise bikes. We like to ride outside and airflow and changing landscape are an essential part of it. Stationary bikes are too boring. Please bookmark this web site and come back from time to time. We continually add content. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed. I will make a blog posting every time after adding new content. If you have any questions or ideas for improvement or if you want to contribute content don't hesitate to

Here from her factory in Santa Cruz, CA, we present the Grand Dame of the recumbent cycling industry, Melanie Vizzusi. With her company, Free Form Fashions, Melanie has been

6. Trikes New Zealand
Manufacturer and importer of tricycles, recumbent cycles, tandems and hand propelled cycles. New Zealand.
We hope you enjoy browsing through our new website with lots of useful products for rehabilitation, recreation and competition. At Trikes New Zealand we are dedicated to offer a wide range of bicycles and tricycles, all custom-made, to give more mobility or simply to enjoy life on 2 or 3 wheels. Brian Gilbert started building Worldrider and Lorenz tricycles for a few local clients from his well-known bike shop in 1986. We work close together with institutions for the disabled throughout New Zealand to guarantee the highest possible level of product quality and service. Brian Gilbert is the national coach for the Paralympics New Zealand Disabled Cycle Team. This keeps us in touch with the newest developments for your advantage. contact us : our motto is "nothing is impossible".
why us products custom ... southend cycles

7. Recumbent Cycling In Edinburgh, Scotland
Locations. Click on a location name below to see more great activities in the area. United Kingdom Edinburgh Categories. Click on a category name below to see more similar

8. Organic Engines
Manufacturer of recumbent cycles and pedicabs. USA, FL.
Organic Engines
-Strength of Steel, Power of Blood
Welcome to Organic Engines
Welcome To Organic Engines Click on the image or text to get more information.
The Long Juan


The SUV PediCab

The SUV Cargo Trike
The Triclops Trike

9. The People Of Recumbent Cycling
In Recognition of Their Contribution to Our Sport Karl Abbe fairing maker(Zzip Designs) Allan V. Abbott cyclist(IHPVA world record) founding member Rick Ashabranner cyclist (RAAM)
The People of Recumbent Cycling
In Recognition of Their Contribution
to Our Sport
Karl Abbe fairing maker( Zzip Designs
Allan V. Abbott cyclist(IHPVA world record) founding member( IHPVA
Rick Ashabranner cyclist (RAAM)
Mary Arneson
James Alex Artis blogger ( Cycling Experiences...
Karta Purkh Atehortua cyclist( RAAM Record
Paul Atwood bike builder( Bike E
John Axen writer( Recumbent and Tandem Rider Magazine)
Dave Balfour
cyclist( WRRA record Bryan J. Ball publisher( BentRider Online Richard Ballantine founding member( BHPC Alan Barnard blogger( ecovelo) Warren Beauchamp publisher( WWW.RECUMBENTS.COM) Shari Bernhard race organizer(HPRA Florida Challenge) Andrea Blaseckie cyclist( IHPVA World Record Bernhard Böhler cyclist( world HPV champion Aurélien Bonneteau cyclist ( WRRA Record Grant Bower bike builder( Vision E.B. Boynton bike builder( Pedi-Plane Richard Guy Briggs founding member ( Human Powered Vehicle Operators of Ottawa) Sheldon Brown cycling guru( Tim Brummer bike builder( Lightning Bob Bryant publisher(Recumbent Cyclist News) Barbara Buatois cyclist( world HPV champion ) (RAAM record) Mike Burrows bike builder( Windcheetah and Burrows Engineering ) founding member( BHPC Graham Butler bike builder ( Intrepid Equipment Craig Calfee bike builder( Calfee Design Dries Callebaut bike builder( WAW Paulo Camasmie bike builder( Catrike Sarah Kay Carrel cyclist( 24 Hours of Sebring Bill Cassidy cyclist ( WRRA Record Scott R Chamberlain blogger Boston Recumbent Users Group Lucinda Chandler trike tours(

10. Dynamic Insight Fitness - Health And Fitness - Recumbent Cycling Advantages
Health and fitness tips, articles Recumbent cycling advantages Very comfortable to use Major muscle groups working Back is supported Hands are free to use
About Us Contact Us Home Products ... Health Articles
Health and fitness tips, articles
Recumbent cycling advantages
Very comfortable to use
Major muscle groups working
Back is supported
Hands are free to use
More efficient fat burner and heart, lung exerciser
  • The back support allows you to sit with your shoulders back and relaxed. Your lungs are open, instead of restricted as when leaning forward on an upright cycle. No handlebars also means your hands are free to do other things, such as read a book or magazine. The lower seat position of the recumbent cycle makes easy access onto the cycle. Your not havinh to lift your leg up over the mounting to get onto the cycle. Recumbent cycling is especially ideal for special population users such as pregnant women, lower back pain sufferers and the elderly.
See our range of recumbent exercise bikes More health and fitness articles Top of page Home ... Web site design by Chris McIntosh Design

11. Ryan Owners Club - Home
A source of information for owners of recumbent bicycles built and/or designed by Ryan Recumbent Cycles.
Welcome to the Ryan Owners Club! News: Len Vreeland Roger Pierce finally has a page here on the site too! David Harris has his own page after a similar delay! • Ryan Owners Club co-founder Bob "WolverBob" Krzewinski has updated the tips page Photos of Tony Yerex's Gulfstream bike next to his Gulfstream jet! great pictures of their very nice Vanguards This site was created by Bob Krzewinski (of the WolverBents recumbent rider group) and Paul Bruneau as a source of information for owners of bicycles designed or built by Ryan Recumbent Cycles. Owners of similar bikes (such as Longbikes, Infinity, DeFelice and of course, the father of them all, the Avatar 2000) may find some good information here, too. To help with some of this information, we have set up a Yahoo! Group called " ryanownersclub ". Membership is open to anyone. There is a mailing list, but archived messages can also be read at the group page. The Ryan Owners Club also has a database , which we can use as a kind of a guestbook that will provide information about the bikes that are out there. It is one of Paul's goals to learn as much about the different Ryan (and Avatar) bikes as possible (things like how many are still in service, which serial numbers were built when, etc.) Paul has been able to gather a good deal of material that he hopes to add to the site over time. In the beginning, the History section will have a large amount of material, which is going to grow. The scrapbook section is starting to be loaded with pictures related to our favorite bike.

12. EBent Recumbent Cycling
National Geographic has published it’s list of the Top 10 Cycling Routes. This is an interesting list and one to take a look at if you are planning a tour.
eBent Recumbent Cycling
A Bent Look at Self Contained Touring
National Geographic Names Best Bike trails in the World
La Route Verte Top 10 Cycling Routes. This is an interesting list and one to take a look at if you are planning a tour.  Many of the miles on these routes are not paved and suffer from Bike Trail Syndrome. From the National Geographic book  Journeys of a Lifetime
  • La Route Verte, Canada  The newly completed Route Verte (Green Route) crosses the province of Quebec from east to west, running for more than 2,485 miles (4,000 kilometers) along carefully selected rights-of-way and rural roads. Well signed, it’s easy to follow and includes directions to interesting sites. The terrain and vistas vary immensely, from calm stretches along the St. Lawrence River to mountain views in the Laurentides. Underground Railroad Bicycle Route, U.S.A./Canada  The Adventure Cycling Association developed this route from Mobile, Alabama, to Owen Sound, Ontario, to honor the bravery of slaves trying to reach freedom and those who helped them. There are five segments, adding up to a total distance of 2,057 miles (3,310 kilometers). Sites along the way highlight the route’s history, from former slave markets to museums dedicated to African-American history.
  • 13. Long's Cycle Supply - Cycling Apparel At BlowOut Prices: Recumbent Cycling Headb
    XPD8 Coolmax 8-Panel Men's Cycling Shorts Bibs $48.95; O2 Waterproof Cycling Jacket 3 Flow Performance Cycling Jacket $44.95; Body Care Premium Knee Warmers $22.99
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    14. Happy Riders - Home
    Owner operated company offering unique bicycle tours in historic France with recumbent (and hybrid) bicycles, bilingual guides, luggage transfer, distinctive lodgings, superior service, small groups and value packed prices.

    15. # Recumbent Cycling
    There are so many exercise bikes available that it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Spinning bikes, stationary bikes, dual action bikes, and recumbent bikes are probably some of the
    Recumbent Cycling

    16. Team Bacchetta - Recumbent Cycling Team
    Recumbent Cycling Team Bacchetta Recumbents Rider Information Team Bacchetta Team Bacchetta Member Bio - Jim Verheul. Name Jim Verheul

    17. Recumbent Cycling
    WEB SITES OF INTEREST Bent Rider Online Martin Krieg's National Bicycle Greenway IHVPA Mikes Recumbent Trikes The Trike Pages. RECUMBENT PUBLICATIONS
    Home Retailers Manufacturers Sponsorship ... Icebiking Locate a Recumbent Apparel Manufacturer BOURE' BURLEY KUCHARIK MT BORAH A What to Wear
    When Riding a Recumbent

    Preview All 2006 Recumbent
    A Recumbent Is For You.
    Bent Rider Online

    Martin Krieg's National Bicycle Greenway IHVPA

    Mikes Recumbent Trikes

    The Trike Pages

    Bent Rider Online

    Recumbent Cyclist News
    RECUMBENT BOOKS The Recumbent Bicycle by Gunnar Fehlau ARTICLES OF INTEREST About Recumbents History of the Recumbent Bicycle INTERNATIONAL RECUMBENT CLUBS (IHPVA) International Human Powered Vehicles Association NATIONAL RECUMBENT CLUBS Human Powered Vehicle Association REGIONAL RECUMBENT CLUBS Alabama (LASERR) Loose Assemblage of SouthEast Recumbent Riders Arizona (BRAG) Bent Riders of Arizona Group California Los Angeles Recumbent Riders San Diego Recumbent Riders District of Columbia (WHIRL) Washington's Happily Independent Recumbent Lovers Florida (LASERR) Loose Assemblage of SouthEast Recumbent Riders Central Florida Recumbent Riders Georgia Atlanta Recumbent Cyclists (LASERR) Loose Assemblage of SouthEast Recumbent Riders Kentucky Louisville's Relaxed Recumbent Riders' Group Illinois Chicagoland Recumbent Riders Indiana Bloomington Area Recumbent Riders Michigan Michigan Human-Powered Vehicle Association Minnesota Minnesota Human Powered Vehicle Association Nebraska Omaha-Nebraska Country Cruisers New Jersey (MARS) Metro Area Recumbent Society New York (MARS) Metro Area Recumbent Society The Recumbenteers of Western New York (RARE) ... Rochester Area Recumbent Enthusiasts Ohio

    18. Recumbent Cycling - Spanish Translation - Word Magic English-Spanish Dictionary
    Spanish Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of English Word 'recumbent cycling' cycling.php

    19. ‘BentRider Online
    Dedicated to promoting recumbent cycling. Contains reviews of new bikes, editorials, recumbent events, industry rumors.
    Quicklinks: Home Extras
    Message Board
    Links ... BUYER'S GUIDE!!!
    Please Support Our Sponsors Listed Below Aerospoke Amling's Cycle Angletech Arkel ...
    Member/Partner PRICE REDUCTION and FREE GIFT!!!
    For more information on how to take advantage of this offer, go to Thank you again for all of your humbling support. (NOTE - If you already have a Member/Partner subscription and want to take advantage of the new pricing, go to your Paypal account and cancel the old one then sign up for the new less expensive version.) October 29th, 2010 in Blogs
    Azub Eco Trike
    Managing Editor October 29th, 2010 in Reviews Azub Bicycle Man tadpole trike ... EcoVelo The first product I chose to profile in this series in the Aerospoke October 27th, 2010 in Blogs Accessories Aerospoke RANS ... RANS October 27th, 2010 in Blogs RANS UStream
    Big Sale on Catrike R Spec Models
    From Catrike Web Site October 27th, 2010 in Blogs Catrike tadpole trike
    HPVelotechnik Introduces New Options and Accessories
    The Gekko fx folding trike has gotten all of the attention after Interbike, but HPVelotechnik has also introduced several new innovations at accessories for the rest of their line. They seem to be the most proud of the SnakeSeal.

    20. Links To Pages About Recumbent Cycling
    Home Articles - Links - Contact - Blog - RSS Links to related web sites. The Human Powered Vehicles / Recumbent Resources Page in the information source and consumer guide
    recumbent cycling
    Articles Links Contact ... RSS
    Links to related web sites
    • The Human Powered Vehicles / Recumbent Resources Page in the information source and consumer guide directory of provides articles and links to products related to recumbent bicycles. The International Human Powered Vehicle Association is an association of national associations and organizations, dedicated to promoting improvement, innovation and creativity in the use of human power, especially in the design and development of human-powered vehicles. Recumbent Cyclist News ist the #1 print publication for recumbent cyclists. Unfortunately it can only be delivered in the U.S. Sheldon Brown has written many articles and collected a lot of information about bicycle technology. His web site is not related to recumbents but apart from frame, seat, and steering the technology of recumbents is the same as on standard bicycles.

    Articles Links Sitemap ... RSS

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