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         Show Jumping:     more books (100)
  1. The Masters of Show Jumping by Francesca Ann Martin, 1991-04
  2. Anne Kursinski's Riding and Jumping Clinic: A Step-by-Step Course for Winning in the Hunter and Jumper Rings by Anne Kursinski, Miranda Lorraine, 1995-08-01
  3. Visions of Show Jumping by Elizabeth Furth, 2000-06-01
  4. Reflections on Riding and Jumping: Winning Techniques for Serious Riders by William Steinkraus, 1997-12-01
  5. Show Jumper (Saddle Club(R)) by Bonnie Bryant, 1999-04-13
  6. Jumping Problems Solved by Carol Mailer, 2005-11-01
  7. Show Jumping for Fun or Glory: A Training Manual for Successful Show Jumping at All Levels by Ernest Dillon, 2003-03-15
  8. A Young Person's Guide to Show Jumping by Tim Stockdale, Judith Draper, 2006-02-06
  9. Show-jumping summer (Crown pony) by Catherine Carey, 1976
  10. 101 Jumping Exercises for Horse & Rider by Linda Allen, Dianna Robin Dennis, 2002-11-18
  11. The American Jumping Style (Doubleday Equestrian Library) by George H. Morris, 1993-08-01
  12. Courses for Horses: A Complete Guide to Designing and Building Show Jumping Courses by Christopher Coldrey, 1991-09-01
  13. Jumping for Kids by Lesley Ward, 2007-05-14
  14. The Show Jumping Book by anon`, 1978-01-01

1. Show Jumping - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Show jumping, also known as stadium jumping or jumpers, is a member of a family of English riding equestrian events that also includes dressage, eventing, hunters and
Show jumping
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search A youth competitor show jumping in Denmark Show jumping , also known as "stadium jumping" or "jumpers," is a member of a family of English riding equestrian events that also includes dressage eventing hunters and equitation . Jumping classes are commonly seen at horse shows throughout the world, including the Olympics . Sometimes shows are limited exclusively to jumpers, sometimes jumper classes are offered in conjunction with other English-style events, and sometimes show jumping is but one division of very large, all-breed competitions that include a very wide variety of disciplines. Jumping classes may be governed by various national horse show sanctioning organizations, such as the United States Equestrian Federation in the USA . However, international competitions are governed by the rules of the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI).
edit Hunters or jumpers
See also: Show hunter Show hunter (British) Proper show jumping attire, as seen in the show jumping phase of a three-day event. Attire at an event includes a mandatory armband as seen here, although the armband is not required in general show jumping.

Show jumping is a tough, combined struggle to conquer the obstacle, faults and time, in a flowing gallop. In show jumping there is no point where can a horse read his rider's mind
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The birth of Show Jumping took place in 1866 when a class for show jumpers was held at a Harness Show in Paris, France. Fifteen years later he sport came to England, known as lepping competition. By the 1900's jumping took place at the more important shows with separate classes for ladies riding side-saddle. Of course long before there were classes in shows, horses were jumping and when the forward seat was developed, riders could aid the horses success in clearing obstacles.
An Italian, Captain Caprilli, proposed the natural method of riding, based on observations of horses jumping at liberty and his teachings dominate the world of show jumping to this day. He allowed the horse's head and neck to remain unconstrained, unlike the previous method riders used of leaning backward and impeding the horse's take off by weight and rein. He taught a forward seat which relived the horse's back and kept the rider's weight from disturbing the horse's balance. For many years thereafter, foreign officers were sent to Italy for training.
The style of jumping called Grand Prix first took place in France in 1866 and show jumping was included in the Olympic Games in 1912, but it took the formational of the Federation Euestre Internatinale to standardize show jumping rules between countries. England formed, in 1907, the first International Horse Show which is still the scene of the finest jumping competitions in England. Although it wasn't until 1965 that the first Grand Prix took place in the Untied States the sport of jumping has thrived throughout the world and is now a national sport in most countries.

3. Show Jumping: Facts, Discussion Forum, And Encyclopedia Article
English riding is a term used to describe a form of horse riding that is seen throughout the world. There are many variations in English riding, but all feature a flat English
Home Discussion Topics Dictionary ... Login Show jumping
Show jumping
Discussion Ask a question about ' Show jumping Start a new discussion about ' Show jumping Answer questions from other users Full Discussion Forum Encyclopedia
Show jumping , also known as "stadium jumping" or "jumpers," is a member of a family of English riding English riding English riding is a term used to describe a form of horse riding that is seen throughout the world. There are many variations in English riding, but all feature a flat English saddle without the deep seat, high cantle or saddle horn seen on a Western saddle nor the knee pads seen on an Australian...
Equestrianism Equestrianism refers to the skill of riding or driving horses. This broad description includes both use of horses for practical, working purposes as well as recreational activities and competitive sports.-Overview of equestrian activities:Horses are trained and ridden for practical working...
events that also includes dressage Dressage Dressage is a path and destination of competitive horse training, with competitions held at all levels from amateur to the Olympics...

4. Show Jumping - Clear Round Ring Unaffiliated Show Jumping Shows
Show Jumping. Holt Farm holds regular unaffiliated show jumping shows throughout the year. A trophy is awarded to the winner of each class and rosettes
Show Jumping
Holt Farm holds regular unaffiliated show jumping shows throughout the year. A trophy is awarded to the winner of each class and rosettes are awarded 1st to 10th place. All show jumping classes and warm up will be on an all weather surface and parking is on hard standing car parks.
Combined Training and Evening Clear Round information is on our Evening Events page. AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,29,0','width','388','height','329','src','flash/show_jumping','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','flash/show_jumping' ); //end AC code Please click on this link for a Show Jumping Entry Form and printable Show Jumping Schedule
All classes are ridden on an all weather surface, and warm up is on an all weather surface. The show atmosphere is always calm and relaxed and so is suitable for the nervous or novice horse or rider.
24 October 19 December 13 February 21 November 16 January 13 March
Class 1 - Intro - fences 1'9 / approx 0.55m*

5. Show Jumping
Show jumping, also known as stadium jumping or jumpers, is a member of a family of English riding equestrian events that also includes dressage , eventing , hunters

6. EQUESTRIAN SHOW JUMPING SPORT HORSES Horse and Show Jumping, equestrian history and development of the sport.
EQUESTRIAN SHOW JUMPING HOME BIOLOGY FILMS GEOGRAPHY ... SPONSORS Show jumping is a form of competition in which horses are jumped over a course of fences, low walls, and other obstacles (e.g., water-filled ditches or troughs). Show jumping is a competitive sport consisting of many elements. The course is pre-arranged; the event may be timed or untimed. It is scored by a judge or panel of judges. Show jumping or "jumpers" is a member of a family of English-discipline equestrian events that includes hunters and equitation. Events that include these sports are called hunter/jumper horse shows. Grand Prix show jumping
There are four types of jumping disciplines: Hunter, Equitation, Jumper(show jumping), and Stadium Jumping Courses (with combined three day eventing). In a Hunter style course, courses are designed for a smooth, flowing performance of the horse. A rider should demonstrate an even pace over fences simulating those found in the natural hunting field. In competition, a horse is judged on its performance, manners, and way of going. An even, steady pace, consistently good takeoff distances, good jumping style, long, low movement, and overall smoothness and ease of performance are paramount. If a horse ticks, or touches, the fence he is jumping with his fore or hind legs, a fault is added to the score.

7. Show Jumping
Informatin about Show Jumping in the IPC. IPC Show Jumping Classic Winners avail of their Bursary. Aine Sheehy and Gemma Drennan from The Warrington Branch, who were the

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  • Show jumping is a relatively new sport. UpDw('Definitions','0ba3839'); Show jumping is a relatively new equestrian sport. UpDw('Definitions','7a0d64a'); Show jumping is one of 3 Olympic equestrian events UpDw('Definitions','7097460'); Show jumping is a combination of the horse and the rider tested and various conditions over a course of obstacles. (Web site) UpDw('Definitions','6767d6a'); Show jumping is a form of competition in which horses are jumped over a course of fences, low walls, and other obstacles . UpDw('Definitions','93dd863');
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  • 9. ShowJumping Ireland Home Page
    Contains news, ranking lists and start lists for major shows, plus contact information.

    10. Show Jumping
    Show Jumping Ride a horse and jump over different obstacles, walls and fences to complete a course in this action packed show jumping. Show jumping is an action packed

    11. Cumberland Show Jumps - Quality Horseboxes, Working Hunter & Portable Cross-Coun
    Manufacturer of show jumps and working hunter fences using kiln-dried redwood timber. Product information and photos.
    We also specialise in:
    • Working Hunter Fences - 10 and 12 foot wide. This range is a popular choice for individual customers, Pony Clubs and Equestrian Centres. Portable Cross-Country Fences - 12 foot wide. Ideal for Individuals, Riding Clubs, Pony Clubs atc. We can also build up to British Eventing Standard. We can build any type of fence that you may require. Working Hunter and Cross-Country fences are creosoted. We also manufacture Portable and Permanent Cross-Country Fences using tanalised timber up to British Eventing Standard. We are also agents for PolyJumps, Safety Systems and Whitakers Equestrian Services.
    We DO NOT supply any PAINTED products.
    We can hire out a complete Working Hunter Course to compliment your event. Please ask for details and prices
    Cumberland Show Jumps , Moorfield, Walton, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 2JW
    Phone : UK (44) 016977 42951 ~ e-mail Price List Training Contact Us ... Site Map

    12. Show Jumping - Sports Games At - Play Free Online Games
    Take your horse through 4 tough level in this showjumping game!

    13. Sport Horses For Sale Horse Classifieds Pictures Of Horses Horse Pictures For Sa
    Current Scottish show jumping news including show jumping events and venues, diary, press releases, and information on the show jumping scene in Scotland.
    Pictures of Horses For Sale - Horse Pictures - Horse Classifieds - sales
    Scothorse Horse Pictures - Horses for sale - Show Jumping - Dressage - Classifieds
    Sport - Equestrian Art and Photography - Free - Stallions Directory And Breeding

    The Internet reaches not only Scotland but National, UK, European and International markets and is the most powerful marketing medium available today. Scothorse presents the latest equestrian news from Scotland and keeps you up to date with new products, pictures of horses horses for sale , in the UK, USA, Canada, Australasia and Europe. The Scothorse International horse classifieds hosts a wide selection of dressage horses for sale showjumping horses for sale , eventing horses and young stock for sale caters for horse news from around the world, news about the famous and the not so famous horses and their riders participating in a variety of equestrian sports at a variety of levels in, show jumping, dressage, JumpCross, cross country eventing and more.

    14. Show Jumping - Free Online Games (FOG)
    Ride a horse and jump over different obstacles, walls and fences to complete a course in this action packed show jumping.

    15. - Show Jumping News is an online magazine focused on the Olympic equestrian sport of Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing plus other equine related sports such as driving, hunter
    WEG Page November 1st, 2010 Free Gelding Surgery Offered At Kentucky Horse Park
    Rottinghuis Announces O'Connor And Hodson As His FEI VP Candidates

    All Human Athlete Samples From WEG Test Negative

    Irish Squad Named For University Championships In Korea
    Quarantine Facility Ready for Equine Athletes Competing at WEG

    Philippe Le Jeune (BEL) became the gold medal winner Saturday evening in the Rolex Final Four Competition in the Jumping World Championships at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

    16. - Your Internet Information Source For Showjumping And Dressage Ho
    Information and videos about warmblood stallions in international show jumping competitions.
    Questions, complaints or info? Send it to: advertisement a division of Aglia Limited Your Internet Information Source for European Warmbloods in International Showjumping Germans dominate European Championships! Donaueschingen - After winning the team gold medal, the german riders continued to overwhelm their opponents, taking home all of the indivual medals, as well. Christian Ahlmann (Cster) won the individual gold, with silver and bronze going to Ludger Beerbaum (Goldfever) and Marcus Ehning (Borken). German Dressage at the Regional Level Check out the future cracks of Germany, as they participate at a local horse show, with classes for young horses, being judged on potential, to full fledged international classes like Inermiediare 1. To view enlargements click on the pic! This regional dressage horse show was run by the riding association of Gut Haus Mahnert, owned by the family Schneider located near Dsseldorf, Germany. The Video is an interesting look at the German system and its proven effectiveness Enjoy Alphahorses selection of free videos from European Show Jumping Evnets Frank Chapot is brushing away the dust left from previous generations. The Americans make a strong showing at Aachen.The event was marred by a freak accident involving Michael Whitaker. After leaving the course, obviously upset at the refusal of his horse and almost parting from his mount, he was involved in an accident in the warm-up area. Eye witnesses reported Whitaker was trotting Landfurst when he let the reigns loose... letting the horse drop his neck, the horse stumbled, suffering a mulitple fracture. Whittaker was reported to have been crying like a baby, after the incident. Alphahorse took a closer look at the surprise starter for Japan, Tadayoshi Hayashi. After qualifying Sunday for the Olymics, he won the respect of the spectators.

    17. ShowJumping - Free Online Game And Free Flash Sport Game Online
    Welcome to Shockwave Chat for ShowJumping Existing Member. Sign In Now or Sign In. Would You Like A Membership? Become a Shockwave member and enjoy tons of great benefits, like the chance

    18. British Open Show Jumping Championships
    British Open Show Jumping Championships, top International horse riders compete for the richest single equestrian class in British show jumping and the esteemed title of
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    What element of the Show did you enjoy the most?
    • Dressage Lecture Demo Indoor Cross Country Parelli Zone Shopping Show Jumping Showing classes The H Factor

    BOSJC Official Sponsor
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    Come To The Event
    Show Guide Book Tickets Book Accommodation
    Welcome to our online home!
    The British Open Show Jumping Championships Grandstand Event Management has today advised that they will not be running the British Open Show Jumping Championships in 2011.The British Open was launched in 2003 at the Sheffield Hallam Arena and relocated in 2007 to a larger venue, The NEC, Birmingham, where over the last four years Grandstand has worked continuously to establish the show as a major event within the Equestrian calendar. We have invested very heavily in the British Open Show Jumping Championships over the last 8 years and within this time we have not had one profitable year. We have therefore had to take a close look at the event and at this time we will use a break to consider options for the show. Although we have a loyal audience base; for the show to be successful in the long term, we need to attract a larger number of visitors and also to increase our sponsorship.

    19. CHIO - Rotterdam - Concours Hippique International Officiel
    A large show jumping and dressage event held in the Netherlands.

    20. Show Jumping MySpace Layouts & Backgrounds Created By CoolChasers - CoolChaser
    Create your own Show Jumping layouts in minutes! Choose your own Show Jumping background and then combine it with your favorite Show Jumping theme! jumping/

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