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  1. Fundamentals of Shuai Chiao the Ancient Chinese Fighting Art by Chi-hsiu Daniel Weng, 1990
  2. Fundamentals of Shuai Chiao: The Ancient Chinese Fighting Art
  3. Fundamentals of Shuai Chiao by Dr. Chi-hsiu Weng, 1984-01-17
  4. Fundamentals of Shuai Chiao by Chi-Hsiu Daniel Weng, 1997

1. Martialarm Martial Arts | SLAMMIN' SHUAI CHIAO News
SLAMMIN' SHUAI CHIAO Back To Article Brief Back To Article List. SLAMMIN' SHUAI CHIAO Author Jason William McNeil
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Author: Jason William McNeil
If someone says the word "kung fu," what images leap to mind? Bruce Lees cinematic fists of fury dispatching dozens of Japanese bad guys? Jet Lis ballet-like dance of carnage executed as he flies through the air with the greatest of ease and sends his opponents crashing to their knees? Dancing paper lions and colorful silk costumes? Exotic weapons and graceful, high-kicking forms? Because the public face of the Chinese arts has been molded chiefly by tournament performances, modern wushu gymnastics and a few good (along with a lot of terrible) samples of chop-socky cinema, many Westerners and a few Far Easterners have been led to conclude that kung fu is merely a more graceful and gymnastic version of karate devoted to punching, kicking, jumping and posing.
Obviously, those doubting Thomases havent received much exposure to the oldest and perhaps most respected of the Chinese arts, shuai chiao (also spelled shuai jiao). Theyd be surprised to discover that this hyper-effective art is actually a kind of Asian wrestling. Thats right, wrestling. Like other cultures around the world, the earliest forms of Chinese hand-to-hand combat naturally grew from the instinct to grab an opponent and twist him into submission.
Shuai chiao was first recorded as a method of military training during the reign of Huang Ti, the "Yellow Emperor" who lived circa 2697 B.C. From that time on, it thrived as an exercise and a method of combat utilized by Chinas greatest warriors, who continued to practice and streamline its brutally efficient repertoire of techniques. As the millennia rolled by, punching and kicking were developed, utilized and codified, as was the inevitable advance of weaponry. Shuai chiao, however, continued its steady rise in efficacy even as the striking arts elbowed their way into the spotlight.

2. Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy - Shua Chiao Kung Fu
Las Vegas And Henderson Nevada, Kung Fu Academy Martial Arts Classes and Instruction
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The History And Origins Of Modern Chinese Shuai Chiao Kung Fu
Question: What is the difference between Shuai Chiao and Kung Fu? Answer: Shuai Chiao or Shuai Jiao(pronounced shwai-jyau) IS kung fu. It is what is known as Chinese fast wrestling. Shuai Jiao has many movements that throw the opponent to the ground. It is considered to be the oldest form of kung fu martial arts. It is thought to have originated more than two thousand years ago. In many ancient civilizations, the first combative techniques to be invented are wrestling or grappling techniques. China being one of the oldest civilizations on earth, has an ancient form of wrestling called Shuai Jiao. Shuai Jiao is the predecessor to many Japanese grappling arts such as Jujitsu and Judo.
One of very first records of the art of shuai jiao come form about 2,697BC.
The Yellow Emperor of China fought against a rebel named Chih Yiu and his army. The emperor's forces used horned helmets to gore their opponents while using a primitive form of grappling called "jiao di" (horn butting). This form of grappling is what eventually evolved to become shuai jiao, the martial art. While this primitive form of martial grappling was the basis of Shuai Chiao, the martial art as it exists today is much different than its ancient martial counterpart. Modern Shuai-chiao is a culmination of all of these ancient kung fu grappling, wrestling techniques. The kung fu techniques have evolved to a very high level of efficiency and sophistication. Shuai Chiao is the basis of the kung fu military and police training in China and is a national sport in Taiwan.

3. Kick Ass - Take Names! Confessions Of A Fitness Fighting Guru
And on my video, Shuaichiao Takedown Tactics for Grapplers - I cut-right-through-the-B.S. and teach you straight up, the techniques I used to win a world title in Chinese Shuai
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"Throw Your Competition Around Like a Ragdoll - Even When They're Giving It Everything They've Got"
From: Matt Furey
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Dear Friend,

It's the saddest sight in grappling today.
Countless numbers of able-bodied men whose only offensive maneuver from the feet is falling to their ass to use the guard.
These men, who are usually wearing gi's - are absolutely clueless about how to use their own clothing to either attack or defend. Whenever I see this I shake my head from side to side. What a complete and total waste of time, talent and energy. It is so friggin sad!
Especially when you consider something I learned from the legendary Dan Gable, an Olympic and world champion. Early on in my career Gable told me that...
Matt Furey on his way to winning the 1997 World Shuai-chiao Kung Fu Championships
"90% of all matches are won by the person who scores the first takedown."
How true this is!

4. Shuai Chiao | Martial Arts | Black Belt Magazine
Want to break bones the oldfashioned way? Check out shuai chiao, the ancient Chinese art of grappling and throwing.

5. Shuai Chiao - China-related Topics SE-SH - China-Related Topics
Shuaijiao (zhcpw c=? or ? p=Shuijio w=Shuai-chiao) is the modern term for China Chinese and Mongolian wrestling. The word I shuai /I stands for to throw
November 1, 2010 1 Introduction China-Related Topics China-related Topics SE-SH Shuai Chiao
Wikipedia Shuaijiao The word shuai stands for "to throw onto the ground" and jiao may have two meanings; the first and oldest, ?, stands for "horns" and the second and recent, ?, stands for "wrestle", so Shuaijiao literally means "to throw onto the ground using 'horns'" or "to thrown onto the ground through wrestling". Wrestling as a martial art originated in prehistoric times. In the oldest versions of Shuaijiao that we know of, contestants wore horned headgear which they attempted to butt their opponents with. In ancient China, wrestling had many different names according to the current dynasty; Jiaoli Jiaoti and Shoubo ma-stub Category: Chinese martial arts Category:Chinese martial arts terms fi:Shuaijiao [go back to top]
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Last Modified: 2005-11-04
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6. Chang Shuai Chiao Homepage
Style of Shuai Chiao known as Kuai Chiao, combining strikes, locks and throws.
Bao Ding Kuai Chiao derives directly from Shuai Chiao when it was at the height of its development between the Ch'ing and Ming Dynasties. "Kuai Chiao" literally means "fast wrestling". It can trace its roots to Master Ping Jing Yi who was born in 1830 and was famous in Northern China for his Shuai Chiao and Shaolin kung fu. His student was the famous Zhang Feng Yan, who was a fighting champion in Northern China. Zhang Feng Yan's top student, Chang Tung Sheng, went on to become the undefeated full-contact fighting champion of Mainland China. Bao Ding Kuai Chiao Central Police University Techniques Chang Tai Chi ... Contact Us Created by Mark Miller 2001 Updated Apr 05, 2006

7. Shuai-Chiao, Tai Chi Monkey, Cardio Tai Chi
Official site of the United States ShuaiChiao Association. Information on the USSA, the art of Shuai Chiao, Grandmaster Ch'ang, Master Weng, tournaments and events, an online

8. Official Combat Shuai-Chiao Web Site
Official Site of COMBAT SHUAICHIAO, the oldest yet most comprehensive Chinese martial art
The world's premier site for information on Combat Shuai-Chiao,
a complete empty hand fighting art encompassing kicking, punching, throwing, and locking.

9. Kungfu Magazine: Magazine Feature Article
The Poem of ShuaiChiao Unveiled. by chi-hsiu D. Weng Ph.D. Historically, Shuai-chiao has been a system of self-defense in the Chinese military program, and a national sport, which

10. Shuai-Chiao, Tai Chi Monkey, Cardio Tai Chi
Official site of the United States Shuai-Chiao Association. Information on the USSA, the art of Shuai Chiao, Grandmaster Ch ang, Master Weng, tournaments and events, an online newsletter and directory of schools. Include Tai Chi information.

11. Shuai Jiao - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Shuai jiao is the Chinese term for wrestling. It can be referred to as a martial arts system or a sport.
Shuai jiao
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Shuai Jiao Jump to: navigation search Shuai jiao Chinese 摔跤 or 摔角 pinyin Shuāijiāo Wade–Giles : Shuai-chiao) is the Chinese term for wrestling. It can be referred to as a martial arts system or a sport.
edit History
The earliest Chinese term for wrestling, "jǐao dǐ" ( horn butting ), refers to an ancient sport in which contestants wore horned headgear with which they attempted to butt their opponents. Legend states that "jiao di" was used in 2697 BC by the Yellow Emperor 's army to gore the soldiers of a rebel army led by Chi You In later times, young people would play a similar game, emulating the contests of domestic cattle, without the headgear. Jiao di has been described as an originating source of wrestling and latter forms of martial arts in China The practice of Jiao li in the Zhou Dynasty was recorded in the Classic of Rites "Jiao li" (角力) was a grappling martial art that was developed in the Zhou Dynasty (between the twelfth and third century BC). An official part of Zhou military's training program under the order of the king

12. Shuai Chiao - Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts Forums
Shuai Chiao Video http// Training- http// Technique demonstration- http//www.

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Technique demonstration- Head Lock Tree Kick Talk and video Many chinese martial arts contain shuai chiao, however there is also just the specialization of only shuai chiao, or chinese wrestling, to lock and throw the opponent

13. Official Combat Shuai-Chiao Web Site
History, techniques and training products. Combat Shuai-Chiao encompasses kicking, punching, throwing, and locking.
The world's premier site for information on Combat Shuai-Chiao,
a complete empty hand fighting art encompassing kicking, punching, throwing, and locking.

14. Combat Mixed Martial Arts Columbia SC
He ultimately started training in the Chinese disciplines of Hung Gar and years later Combat Shuai Chiao. Omar continues to train and study in the system of
Omar works in the entertainment industry. He is also the head instructor and teaches Combat Shuai Chiao and Hung Gar at the two Combat Martial Arts Fight Schools in Columbia, South Carolina. The Combat Martial Arts Fight Schools places emphasizes on real combat for real streets, along with high moral ethics. Student of Master David C.K. Lin Master David C.K. Lin is the senior-most practitioner of Combat Shuai-Chiao. He trained the longest with Grandmaster Ch'ang and first coined the term "Combat Shuai-Chiao", which is now trademarked. David Chee-Kai Lin is one of the most quiet personalities on the international Shuai-Chiao scene, but hes definitely one of the most accomplished. His early training reads like a chapter out of a martial arts novel, having fought and beaten some of Asias finest champions, and his current teachings on the finer points of combat are just as amazing. Always one to turn away from controversy and find a nice, quiet place to train his own skills, Lins early years in Taiwan were the stuff that forges greatness and true martial arts skill.
When he was little, David Lin used to watch other kids get bullied and it would irritate him fiercely. Even at a young age, Lin had a strong sense of what was fair and what wasnt. While interceding on behalf of the underdog, he gravitated towards throwing techniques and found himself yearning for Shuai-Chiao training to better his fighting skill. Lin got his first exposure to Chinese wrestling in junior high school at the age of 14 in a club that was overseen by the legendary Chang Tung-Sheng.

15. Uppsala Wushuf Rening
Information om stilarna shaolin o shin chuen, o shin ti tan och shuai chiao.

16. ACCS / Ch'ang Tung Sheng: Shuai-Chiao
A Rare Treasure Life History 19051986 Hua Hu Feh (The Fancy Butterfly) Training Ch'ang Fen Yen; Discipline, Patience, and Perseverance Art Forms Not Only Shuai-Chiao
A Rare Treasure

Life History:
1905-1986 Hua Hu Feh (The Fancy Butterfly)
Ch'ang Fen Yen; Discipline, Patience, and Perseverance
Art Forms:
Not Only Shuai-Chiao
Shuai-Chiao: Styles, Techniques, and Principles

The Real Ch'ang Tung Shen

Ch'ang Shih Tai Chi Ch'uan: The Book

About Shuai-Chiao
Fighting is a part of human nature, and naturally humans as thinking animals have developed highly sophisticated techniques to compensate for innate differences such as strength and size. Shuai-chiao, like wrestling styles popular in other cultures, evolved from the crude fighting tactics of our ancestors into a very advanced form of martial art. Shuai-chiao differs from most other wrestling styles in that its techniques are considerably more sophisticated and devastating, emphasizing the use of technique rather than raw power. Unlike other kung fu styles that have difficulty in formal competition because rules have not been developed to prevent injury, shuai-chiao has adapted to the modern world; rules are applied today that lessen the chance for injury during competition without compromising the integrity of the art. Styles of Shuai-Chiao There are many styles of shuai-chiao, but the most prominent are Tientsin, Peking, and BaoDin.

17. The Peaceful Dragon - Shaolin Kungfu
Shuai Chiao Kungfu (Chinese grappling) The oldest recorded martial art in East Asia, Shuai Chiao dates back more than 2500 years to the time of the Yellow Emperor.
Home About Adult Classes Children's Classes ... Links
Shaolin Kungfu
More than 1500 years ago, the Shaolin monks in China began studying martial arts as part of a lifelong journey towards enlightenment. Recognizing that body, mind and spirit are inseparable, they embarked on three pillars of training. This training included martial arts and qigong to strengthen the body, meditation to clear the mind, and spiritual inquiry to answer the deepest questions of the soul. At The Peaceful Dragon we adhere to the traditional "three pillar" approach, teaching authentic lineage kungfu styles. The journey is a demanding one requiring self-discipline and dedication, but the rewards are always worth the effort. Shaolin Kungfu Originating in the Shaolin Temple in China over 1500 years ago, Shaolin kungfu is perhaps the most comprehensive of all martial arts. Often referred to as the "grand daddy" of Asian martial arts, Shaolin has influenced the development of much later arts such as Japanese karate and Korean tae kwon do. Kungfu offers you great health and fitness, superb fighting skills, and it can be beautiful and exciting to watch, as in the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Shuai Chiao Kungfu (Chinese grappling) The oldest recorded martial art in East Asia, Shuai Chiao dates back more than 2500 years to the time of the Yellow Emperor.

18. ACCS
Organization devoted to Shaolin Kung Fu, T ai Chi, Shuai-Chiao, H sing-I, Pa Qua, Chinese medicine, and Taoism. Features links, articles, history, affiliate schools, and related information.
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Some 1500 years ago in the Hunan province of China, Shao-lin monks wanted to live in isolation, pursuing the peaceful teachings of Buddha. In order to protect their freedom in a land filled with violence, they developed a powerful system of self-preservation. This system was based on the avoidance of conflict and the cultivation of mind, body, and spirit. Today Kung Fu continues to fill a need in western society to combat stress and strengthen personal health and character. This web page is dedicated to those who wish to pursue a better way of life through the cultivation of the mind, body, and spirit. Click on Message from Grandmaster to see the latest article, or click on Archives and find a host of interesting articles written over the years. After you read them you will know you have touched the heart of Shao-lin.

19. Combat Shuai-Chiao Main Page
Official Site of COMBAT SHUAICHIAO, the oldest yet most comprehensive Chinese martial art
Questions? Comments?
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20. International Shuai Chiao Assn, Akron, OH
, Akron, OH, 44308. Phone (330) 2534656. Category Associations. View detailed profile, contacts, maps, reports and more.

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