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         Ski Joring:     more detail
  1. Ski-joring with Dogs by Harding and Thompson, 1969

1. Lake County - Leadville Colorado | Ski Joring And Crystal Carnival
Ski joring, which entails a horse and rider pulling a skier down a snowpacked road over jumps while spearing rings in a timed competition, has been an annual event in Leadville
Leadville Twin Lakes
Home Leadville Attractions Ski Joring

Ski Joring and Crystal Carnival
Ski joring , which entails a horse and rider pulling a skier down a snow-packed road over jumps while spearing rings in a timed competition, has been an annual event in Leadville since 1949. This captivating winter sport is as much fun to watch as it is to participate in!
Events include three classes: the Open Class, for experienced competitive teams; the Sport Class, for beginners; and the Legends Class, for experienced teams who are getting a little long in the tooth for the Open Class. Teams must prequalify the day of the event to compete in the Open Class. The event draws teams from all over the country. In years past, there have been as many as 64 teams competing in the Open Class.
The competitions take place the first weekend in March, and are accompanied by a Crystal Carnival winter festival, with activities for the whole family. Please note, this is a dog-free event. Plan your trip soon!
History of Ski Joring
The sport of ski joring began several hundred years ago in Scandinavian countries as a way to travel during the long winters. Laplanders skied on Nordic skis holding the reins attached to reindeer. Ski joring found its way to North America, where ranchers attached a long rope to the saddle horn of a horse that was ridden at high speeds down a long straight-away. Currently, the sport of equestrian ski joring has become a highly specialized competitive sport, where competitors must navigate a course of jumps, gates and sometimes spear rings. Competitive ski joring competitions are currently taking place in more than five states in the USA, and in several countries worldwide. In some parts of the world, skiers are pulled behind dogs, mules and snowmobiles. Whatever the means, the sport of ski joring is growing rapidly, and is just as much fun for spectators as it is for competitors. Courtesy of the North American Ski Joring Association.

2. Ski Joring In Vermont - The Wildflower Inn, New England's Best Family Vacation R
Ski jouring in Vermont at the Wildflower Inn romantic vt bed and breakfast in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. New England’s Best Family Resort for travel with kids, packages
"N EW E NGLAND'S B EST F AMILY R ESORT " - Yankee Magazine
    • What Makes Us Different ... DAY TRIPS Ski Joring in VT If you love the outdoors, you'll love the Wildflower Inn and all the recreational opportunities the Northeast Kingdom has to offer, including skijoring. AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,28,0','width','410','height','200','title','activities and attractions at the wildflower inn','src','/ftp_images/movies/packagedefault','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','/ftp_images/movies/packagedefault' ); //end AC code



      ... Snowmobiling Ski Joring at the Wildflower Inn and in the Northeast Kingdom The Wildflower Inn is the perfect place for ski joring with your dog or dogs! We are a dog friendly inn so you can vacation with your dog. The inn also has cross country skiing trails right here on the property. Our trail network is part of Kingdom Trails with great trails and conditions, perfect for skijoring!

3. North East Ski Joring Association
Official organization for equestrian ski joring competitions.
PO Box 22, New London, New Hampshire 03257
Welcome to the official website of the North East Ski Joring Association
Nesja Canada

Website designed and maintained by
Brooke Smith
For comments or questions please email
Experience a taste of the Wild West as the North East Ski joring Association gets a little wild. Saddle
up, strap on some skis, grab on to your rope and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime as horse and
rider pull a skier down a course consisting of gates, jumps and jousting rings. This is a timed event
and negotiate all the gates in record time all while dodging ice and snowballs being thrown from the
horses hooves. Whether you are a spectator or competitor, prepare for the most exciting winter equestrian sport in America today! You have to see it to believe it so why not Grab a Pull and Go out to the nearest ski joring competition. NESJA Race Schedule Website Last Updated on August 31 check back often for the latest news on ski joring. The North East Ski Joring Association is dedicated to bringing the equestrian sport of ski joring to the east and to promote and produce Nationally sanctioned competitions.

4. Skijoring - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The Leadville version is normally spelled as two words Ski Joring . A horse and rider pull a skier at a fast pace through a course that has gates, jumps and rings.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Skijor Racing with dogs Skijoring with horses; some variants include slalom gates and jumps. Skijoring ('skē-jȯr-iŋ) is a winter sport where a person on skis is pulled by a horse , a dog (or dogs) or a motor vehicle. It is derived from the Norwegian word skikjøring meaning ski driving.
  • Dog skijoring
    edit Dog skijoring
    Skijoring with a dog is a sport in which a dog (or dogs), assist a cross-country skier. From one to three dogs are commonly used. The cross-country skier provides power with skis and poles, and the dog adds additional power by running and pulling. The skier wears a skijoring harness, the dog wears a sled dog harness, and the two are connected by a length of rope. There are no reins or other signaling devices to control the dog: The dog must be motivated by its own desire to run, and respond to the owner's voice for direction. Many breeds of dog participate in skijoring. The only prerequisite is a desire to run down a trail and pull, which is innate in many dogs. Small dogs (less than 35 pounds) are rarely seen skijoring, because they do not greatly assist the skier; however, since the skier can provide as much power as is required to travel, any enthusiastic dog can participate. Athletic dogs such as Pointers, Setters and herding breeds take to skijoring with glee, as do the northern breeds, such as Siberian and Alaskan Huskies Malamutes Samoyeds , and Inuit dogs ; however, any energetic dog is capable of enjoying this sport. Golden Retrievers, Giant Schnauzers, Labs, and many cross-breeds are seen in harness. Pulling breeds work well also such as American Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, American bull dogs, and mastiffs.

5. Video – Myspace Video
Ski Joring. Ski Joring by Mike. Watch it on MySpace Videos.

6., Skijoring With Your Dog, How To Skijor, Skijoring Equipment, Wher
Skijoring or dogs. Possibly, the fastest growing sport in the upper Midwest.
777 County Road 14
Grand Marais, MN 55604
Fax: 218-387-9777 S K I J O R I N G
A sport for you and your dog Skijoring is a unique partnership between a person and their dog or dogs.
Arrowhead Trading Co.

Offers a great instructional book about skijoring,
plus skijoring and dog sledding equipment.
Skijoring Races
2010 Skijoring Race Schedule Skijoring Fun Races at Snowflake Nordic Center
Skijoring Supplies Shop for Skijoring Supplies at the Arrowhead Trading Post online store. Supplies for People Supplies for Pets Photo Gallery Skijoring Photo Gallery Great Places to Skijor BWCA, Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Quetico Park Most popular for being a incredible place to canoe, both areas offer endless wilderness lakes, trails and portages to experience, while winter camping or day tripping. Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior From Duluth, Minnesota to the border of Canada. This Web site is a four season travel guide about the attractions

7. National Finals Ski Joring Races - Red Lodge, MT
Welcome to National Finals Ski Joring Races National Finals Ski Joring Races Red Lodge. Saturday, March 12, 2011 - Sunday, March 13, 2011
National Finals Ski Joring Races - Red Lodge
Saturday, March 12, 2011 - Sunday, March 13, 2011 It's that time again ... THE NATIONAL FINALS SKI-JORING RACES will take place, in Red Lodge. It's WINTER FUN ... WESTERN STYLE, and we're hoping that you will join us!
The crowd is as much a part of the fun as the competition, constructing elaborate weekend shelters on the back of flatbed trucks to protect them from the 'anybody's guess' weather. BBQ and tailgate professionals, football tailgaters have nothing on these folks. Competition starts at 11:00am each day and takes place at The Home of Champions Rodeo Grounds, west of Red Lodge on State Highway 78.
The National Finals Ski-Joring Races are exciting for the spectators and challenging for the competitors with up to $20,000 in cash and prizes being awarded in different divisions. Junior prizes include a colt and a new pair of skis and there are champion buckles and as well as the cash for the adults. It's winter fun, western style and it's Montana's own form of March Madness! Website Address
Mailing Address
Not Available
Street Address
Phone: 406-446-3232
Fax: 406-446-3276
National Finals Ski Joring Races are located at the Red Lodge Rodeo Grounds off Highway 78 west of Red Lodge about 1/4 mile. Well marked.

8. 10th Annual Winter Skijor Event
Covers the basics of skijoring equipment and accessories, dog command training, racing advice and local club listings.

9. North American Ski Joring Association
National Ski Joring Association website for information on sanctioned races and what's happening in the world of equestrian ski joring.
  • Organize d races since 1999
  • F irst sanctioned race Frisco , Colorado , Jan. 2000
  • Sanctioned races now held in Quebec, Canada
website maintained by Brooke Smith
Welcome to the National
Equestrian Ski Joring Site
This website will provide you with information on the equestrian sport of ski
involved in around the world.
Download the PDF Membership Form Here
North American Ski Joring 2010 Season Overall
Champion Points Click Here for Race Results MISSION STATEMENT
The North American Ski Joring Association is a sanctioning body that seeks to promote safe, uniform equestrian ski joring activities. We exist to ensure fairness, equality and sportsmanship through criteria and membership. We are an advocate for competitors and ensure the humane treatment of horses. Website Last Updated September 26 Western Contact: North American Ski Joring Association 990 Monegan Rd. Whitefish, MT 59937 Phone: 406-862-7725 North East Address: North American Ski Joring Association 1429 King Hill Rd. New London, NH 03257 Phone: 603-667-3774 Sponsor's Your Banner Can be Here!

10. Skijoring
Ski Joring at Winter Carnival in Whitefish, Montana. The Whitefish Winter Carnival has been one of the longest running annual winter events in the nation.
Ski Joring at Winter Carnival in Whitefish, Montana The Whitefish Winter Carnival has been one of the longest running annual winter events in the nation. Starting in the early fifties the Winter Carnival has had many events that has been a tradition and has carried on through the years. Ski Joring was one of those traditional events. Due to insurance issues and lack of financial help, Ski Joring was dropped from the list of carnival events.
NOW! Through the help of some old time Whitefish residents, the Whitefish Winter Carnival Committee, and sponsorship from local and national companies and organizations, we may start a new tradition that will draw Ski Joring enthusiasts from throughout the West. We need your help! With the development of the North American Ski Joring Association you have given us an avenue to achieve a first class Ski Joring event. We would like to be included in the association and be put on the Ski Joring schedule for this year. The Whitefish Winter Carnival builds for three weeks and culminates with a huge parade, ski events and games. We hope that this will be a new tradition in Whitefish and a yearly event for the North American Ski Joring Assn. Schedule under Map below FRIDAY, Feb. 7th, 2003

11. Mush Maritimes - We've Moved!
Provides an FAQ for beginners in the sport of skijoring.
We've moved!
Click here if your browser does not automatically redirect you.

12. Leadville Ski Joring With Horses Lake County Colorado
Horse ski joring contest in Leadville, Lake County, Colorado on March 7 8. This attraction is a great family entertainment event.

History Rules Photo Gallery ... Guest Book
What is Ski ask?
Ski Joring is a competition where a horse and rider pull a skier at a fast pace through a course that has gates, jumps and rings. The skier is timed through the course, and penalties are assessed by missing gates or jumps, and by missing or dropping any of the rings. The competitors race for cash prizes, and teams are made up by a randon draw before the start. The Leadville Ski Joring event has been going on in Leadville since 1949, and is one of the premier events of its kind in the country. Ski Joring is always the first full weekend in March, and it is a good idea to book your room well in advance if you are planning on coming to either participate or spectate as the available rooms fill up fast. Start planning for March 5th and 6th in 2011!
History Rules Photo Gallery ... Site Credit

13. Ski Joring - A Fun Winter Equestrian Discipline - - For All Types
Mixing skying and horse driving, ski Joring is a equestrian sport and discipline

14. Chiens De Traineaux Dans Le Vercors (Autrans) - Entre Chiens Et Loups
Ecole de conduite de tra neau chiens et ski-joring dans le vercors, pour enfants, adultes, groupes. Cani-rando hors neige et raids en Finlande. Autrans, Is re (38), France.
L'attelage en chiens
Contact Notre parcours Ses plus...

15. National Finals Ski-Joring Races | Red Lodge, Montana
It’s that time again… THE NATIONAL FINALS SKIJORING RACES take place, March 12th, 13th and 14th, 2010 in Red Lodge. It’s WINTER FUN…WESTERN STYLE, and we’re hoping
Its that time again THE NATIONAL FINALS SKI-JORING RACES take place, March 12th, 13th and 14th, 2010 in Red Lodge. Its WINTER FUNWESTERN STYLE , and were hoping that you will join us! 2010 RACE RESULTS! WHAT IS SKI-JORING? Originating in the Scandinavian countries as a form of winter transportation. The west has transformed this into an action packed competition wherein teams of horse, rider and skier negotiate a 700+ foot course, the horse and rider taking a track to the inside of the course while the skier in tow, negotiates the 20-some slalom gates and four jumps in hopes of completing two fast, clean runs. That isnt so easy at speeds sometimes topping 25 mph. Awards go to the fastest combined times for the two day event as well as fastest times each day. There is a separate longest jump competition wherein the rider and horse pull their skier over one jump for the longest distance each day. Distances have exceeded 60 feet. Horse accommodations available at Crabtree Stables - 406-698-5122 or Aspen Ridge Equine Center - Roxanne 406-425-1000.

16. Leadville Ski Joring Short Documentary
filmed 2005, edited 2006 . one of our favorite things is to see people come together as a community and create a unique event or tradition and carry it forward.

17. Adventures
Offering specialized dogsled tours, mushing and ski-joring workshops. Animal training seminars, pictures, accommodations, contact and tour information.
Adventures, Dog sled adventures, dog sledding adventures, Canada, dogsled adventures, BC, dogsled tours, Dog Sled tours, Sled Dog, Dogsledding tours, Sled Dog Tours, Sled Dog Adventures, dog sledding tours, mushing, eco-tours, adventure, tours, husky, Siberian, Winter, Canadian, Alaska, Yukon Quest, Siberian husky, Snow Dogs, Eight Below, Kevin of the North, Call of the Wild, Animal talent, film location, animal training, wildlife, kennels, sled, racing, race, siberian husky, Welcome to Nakitsilik Siberians Harness The Power...........Ride The Spirit Click to Enter July 11th, 2010 You Are Visitor #

18. Whitefish Ski-Joring
Welcome to the online home of Whitefish SkiJoring, an annual event which takes place in celebration of the Whitefish Winter Carnival. You are invited to join the festivities
Welcome to the online home of Whitefish Ski-Joring, an annual event which takes place in celebration of the Whitefish Winter Carnival. You are invited to join the festivities. To learn more, select from the Contestants, Spectators, or Sponsors buttons above, or click here
Learn more about the history of Whitefish Ski-Joring, click here
Sign Up on Jan 28th
January 9, 16, 23 2011
Scott Ping 406-261-7464
Visit Big Mtn Photo to view and purchase pictures from the event! WHITEFISH WINTER CARNIVAL SKI JORING PLANNED JANUARY 29 30, 2011 Whitefish, Mont. Ski Joring is a sport that combines an interesting mix of two of Montana's favorites: horses and skiing. The public is invited to check out the continued revival of ski joring at the Whitefish Winter Carnival. Now in its 8th year, the weekend of January 29-30, 2011 will feature another exciting combination of horses, riders, and skiers mixed with speed, jumps, and of course, snow. The event takes place at the Whitefish Airport from 12-4 p.m. on both days. Several local restaurants will offer a wide variety of food and beverage selections throughout the event. There is a $5 parking fee (with a portion donated to the non-profit Human Ther

19. PetArtistWithPeaches Horse Blog » Ski Joring New Hampshire Style
What is this? From this page you can use the Social Web links to save Ski Joring New Hampshire style to a social bookmarking site, or the Email form to send a link via e-mail.

20. Centre questre Tinguely
Le club pr sente ses activit quitation classique, randonn es, accueil des personnes handicap es, ski-joring, promenade poney d s 1 ans. Tarifs et calendrier. Les-Rousses.
Parc Naturel du Haut-Jura!
Naissance de Tomahawk, le jeudi 3 mai 2007 News
Randos 2010!
voir dates

Stages 2010!
voir dates


Poulains 2007

Chevauche dans la neige (2 min. Windows Mdia-Player)
Attention: Le chargement des vidos peut durer quelques minutes...

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