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         Skiboarding:     more detail
  1. Skurfer's Guide to Water Skiboarding: An Illustrated Guide to Learning and Mastering the Sport by Tony Finn, 1989-07
  2. Ski: Your Guide to Jumping, Racing, Skiboarding, Nordic, Backcountry, Aerobatics, and More (Extreme Sports) by Pamela Pollack, 2008-08-11
  3. Skurfer's Guide to Water Skiboarding: An Illustrated Guide to Learning and Maste by Tony Finn, 1989-01-01
  4. Ski!: Extreme Sports: Your Guide to Jumping, Racing, Nordic, Skiboarding, Nordic, Backcountry, Aerbatics, and More by Joy Masoff, 2002

1. Skiboarding - Best Kept Secret On The Slopes
Home to the sport of skiboarding. Skiboards (not skis or snowboards) are like short, parabolic skis that feel more like skating on the ski slopes. Fun, easy and anyone can do it
Visit our Skiboards Outlet for great deals on closeouts, seconds and collectibles! Welcome to Skiboarding - Best Kept Secret on the Slopes This website is dedicated to the awesome sport of skiboarding. Why is skiboarding so awesome? It is easy to do, less expensive than conventional snowriding equipment, allows you to ride faster with more control, is totally fun and turns the entire mountain into your personal playground from the first day. To learn more about this rapidly growing sport, check out our articles, reviews, and more which have been integrated into our main site at
You can shop for the best skiboards and accessories from the major skiboard manufacturers online using our secure server or order by phone at . For specific recommendations on skiboards that are right for you, you can call and talk with our experienced skiboarders or email
For your convenience, we offer daily updated worldwide snow reports including park and pipe conditions and specific resort information and trail maps.
If you haven't tried skiboards, you owe it to yourself to do just one day and you'll be hooked!

2. Winter Sports - Skiboarding - Skiboards Superstore - Http://
http//,Skiboards Superstore,Read equipment reviews and talk with fellow riders or buy skiboarding equipment, apparel, and videos.

3. Skiboarding - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
skiboarding is a winter sport which combines elements of skating, snowboarding, and skiing. Skiboards are used and worn in conjunction with standard ski boots that connect to the
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Skiboarder riding a rail. Skiboarder performing an aerial. The difference in size and shape of a typical snowblade/skiblade as compared to the larger symmetrical skiboards being produced today. Skiboarding is a winter sport which combines elements of skating snowboarding , and skiing . Skiboards are used and worn in conjunction with standard ski boots that connect to the skiboards with use of a binding. Skiboards can be grouped into two general categories. Regular skiboards are generally 75-110 cm long, symmetrical, twin tipped, and wider than traditional skis. Longboard skiboards range from 110cm but are typically no longer than 130cm. In addition, they can have one of two different types of bindings. The most common is non-release bindings, very similar to snowboard hard-boot bindings. Another option for skiboards is ski-like full release bindings. Riders can wear normal ski boots with either binding option. The sport is often incorrectly referred to as snow-blading or skiblading , however, " Snowblades " are a trademark of Salomon
  • History
    edit History
    edit Early Days of Skiboarding
    Firn Gliders (short 50 to 65cm skis) have been used by alpine mountaineers since the 1940s to transverse summer glaciers more easily. This may be the earliest equivalent to today’s skiboards. The first prototype of the modern skiboard was the Atomic Glider (later renamed the Figl), a 63.5 cm bindingless ski designed in 1982 to fit into a hiker's backpack and sold primarily in Colorado. Then, around 1990, Austrian company Kneissel introduced the BigFoot, a 65 cm ski with a binding system. The BigFoot was one of the first mass-produced skiboards, which featured a foam core, p-tex base and trademark 'toes' on the tip.

4. General FAQs On Snow Sports Safety - - Ski Injury
IPTSD = Injuries per 1000 skier days the average number of people who will be injured for every 1000 people skiing, snowboarding or skiboarding at a ski area on any given day
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You can also visit my FAQ pages specific to alpine skiing snowboarding and skiboarding
1. How dangerous are snow sports in general?
I don't personally regard snow sports in general as "dangerous sports" at all and I don't think you should either - I hope once you have read through this website you will agree! For a start, the overall injury risk combining all the snow sports is about 0.2-0.4%. In simple terms, this means that for every 1000 people skiing or snowboarding in a day, on average between 2 and 4 will require medical attention. This is really very low and a tribute to the work of many people in the ski injury field including researchers, equipment manufacturers, ski instructors and staff at the ski areas themselves. If you're still not convinced, think of an average game of football (soccer) - usually 2 or 3 players end up with an injury at the end of the game (which only lasts 90 mins!) - i.e. 3/22 or 14% compared to 0.4% for snow sports. So if you think snow sports are dangerous then according to the statistics football must be positively suicidal!!
2. What sport has the lowest risk of injury?

5. - Home Of The Best Skiboards On The Planet
We've been in the business for over 12 years and are passionate about the sport of skiboarding. Feel free to contact us anytime for assistance in selecting the right skiboards for
Skiboards Bindings Store Front Contact Us ... Checkout Products Skiboards Bindings Helmets Clothing ... Everything We Sell Other What's New The Sport The Team The Links ... The Comments
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return policies. Need Help?
We're ready to help you with anything from determing which skiboards are right for you to locating your tracking number.

6. Skiboard — Blogs, Pictures, And More On WordPress
skiboarding Riders' Choice Awards. In hopes of motivating riders and sharing skiboarding with the public, a new project is being launched. After four months of preparation and with

7. Skiboarding -
Learn about skiboarding on Find info and videos including How to Buy Skiboards, How to Join an skiboarding Club, How to Get skiboarding Lessons and much more.
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Home Skiboarding
Skiboarding Featured Articles
  • How to Skiboard Skiboarding is an extreme sport caught somewhere between skiing and snowboarding. Skiboards are wider than skis but smaller than snowboards, and only one ski is used. The boot bindings on skiboards run parallel to the board like traditional skis, rather than the perpendicular setup of snowboards. It is far less popular than either... How to Dress for Skiboarding Skiboarding is a relatively new addition to the winter sports family, and skiboarders have a wide range of attire at their disposal. You'll find clothing equipped with the newest technology in every style imaginable. How to Wax Skiboards Your investment in quality skiboards only yields returns if you are careful about maintaining the boards. In addition to binding repairs, your skiboards need to be waxed regularly to increase performance. Your appreciation for skiboard wax and waxing accessories help you gain optimal control over your skiboards. Read on to learn more. How to Survive When Skiboarding Skiboarding is an extreme sport, and extreme sports can sometimes result in extreme injuries. Boarders tend to be risk-takers but they don't have to be fall-takers, tree-smashers, people-crashers or avalanche-starters. Skiboarding is an easy way to get down the slopes when you know the safety guidelines. Learn some tips on surviving...

8. Sports > Snow Skiing > Skiboarding
The mustvisit skiboards superstore featuring the latest in skiboards, twin-tip skis, boots, helmets, bindings and accessories. This website has everything you need to know

9. Siver Cartel
Retails skiboarding apparel.

new to skiboarding. rentals by mail. backcountry. pro shop. skater's page. kid's page. women's page . community f.a.q. photo gallery. video clips . more info how to choose

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Skiboarding Action From
"These could put a major dent in the income of ski instructors. No need for poles; no worries about crossing skis; no need for a week of lessons. [These are] exceptionally easy to maneuver, that allow deep angle carving, the way snowboarders can do. What the skiboarder can do even more readily than a snowboarder is ride among tight trees."
Hyperski Magazine "Those who want to learn to ski find that with skiboards you learn to ski instantly - no kidding!" Doc Roberts, President, Skiboards Superstore
"Skiboards, sometimes called "snowblades" are incredibly easy to use."

11. Glide-on Snow Riding Hot Wax - Home Page
Superior hydrocarbon glide wax for Skiing, Snowboarding, Telemark Skiing, skiboarding. Handcrafted in The San Juan Mountains of Colorado, USA. Non toxic, Environmentally inert, PFC

skiboarding events promoter. Includes news, technique, photos, knowledge base and links.
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13. Skiboarding - How To Information |
skiboarding how to articles and videos including How to Make a Ski Rack, How to Choose Skate Skiing Gear, How to Choose Skate Skis … and much more!
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Home Extreme Sports Skiboarding
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  • How to Make a Ski Rack Building a homemade ski rack can bring a sense of organization to your ski collection. By using a few simple tools and lumber, you can reduce the clutter your ski collection creates and keep pairs... How to Choose Skate Skiing Gear Skate skiing requires the appropriate clothing, skill, mindset and equipment. Regardless of your level of skate skiing dexterity, choose skiing gear that is comfortable and protective. Keep in... How to Choose Skate Skis Skate skiing is a potentially dangerous activity, so choosing the proper equipment is vital to having a safe and fun skiing experience. There are countless factors to consider before choosing... How to Select the Right Sized Twin Tip Ski Selecting the right size ski is crucial to a safe, downhill skiing experience. Twin tip mountain skis are skis that are turned up on either end to provide better buoyancy in deep, loose powder.... How to Ride a Half Pipe on a Skateboard For any skateboarder, successfully dropping in on a half pipe is an exciting experience. Although performing this maneuver is challenging, approaching a half pipe the right way will make it much...

14. Skiboard Magazine
SB1's skiboarding Tips From The Pros Front Side Inc Films. Are you new to skiboarding? Wondering about the basics? Well then this video is for you.
Brought to you by:
-QUICK NEWS- Rumours are going around that one or more of the core companies are working on a shorter, 90ish cm skiboard. -QUICK NEWS- Branden Harding, Dave Lynam, and John Fischer are the newly formed Loken Skiboard Team. -QUICK NEWS- Force has changed it's name to Enurshia Skiboard Gear -QUICK NEWS- Ben Wannamaker, and Mike Ponessa have joined Ethan Mitchell, Kirk Thompson, Jonny White and Bailey Mitchell on the Team -QUICK NEWS- Canon has taken the season off to reconstruct for a stronger future. You can definatly expect Canon back next season. -QUICK NEWS- Get yourself some SBOL hoodies, support your sport!




Videos Two Boards Are Better Than One
Cracked Lens Productions
Two Boards Are Better Than One is the first film from CLP which will introduce you to the exciting world of skiboarding and skiing. While it stars some pro riders, it also stars a number of amateurs who are taking the sport to a new level. With tricks like 720's, front flips, and fakie zero spins, these amateurs won't be sponsorless for long. Whether you want huge park hits, insane rail slides or big backcountry launches, you won't be dissapointed. There is also a great crash section, showing some of the most painful wrecks you've ever seen.
Bent Films
A skiboarding movie capturing ams and pros doing what they do best. Shot on location in Japan, Germany, Whistler, and New York. Riders include: Neal Lyons, Adam Lynam, Serge Maheu, Andy Stewart, Dave Zweig, Dave Jarvis, Iannick B, Kazuki Inoue, Sean McChonachie, Brad Klopman and more. A debut film that surpasses all expectations.

15. ESS Equipe Sud Skiboard
A French/English site dedicated to skiboarding and soap shoes, with videos and photographs.

16. SkiCentral - Skiboarding
1. Skiboards, Snowblades and Bags Snowblades from K2. Also bags and backpacks to carry your blades. A full selection of ski, snowboard and snowsports accessories.
Search Featured Deals Ski Packages Snow Reports ALSO SEE SPONSORED ADS

17. The Windchll Factor - Adventures On The Snow And Ice
Includes information on snowboarding, ice climbing, skiing, and skiboarding.
Welcome to another Section of X TREME CENTRAL. I n an attempt to get organized....... "ahh - Dream on young lad..." w e've decided to hook all of the Frozen type stuff into a 'Zine of it's own.
After partying up with GREEN DAY AT WINTER X GAMES VI ..
Kate Gengo returned East for The Twentieth Annual U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships in Stratton, Vermont.
" I LOVE SNOWBOARDING, there, I said it. Snowboarding has to be one of the most exciting sports I participate in." Kate Gengo Kate's in from some rough weather ...
with awesome interviews:
Lindsey Jacobellis
Monique Hyman and Luke Matrani , the new team rider for Burton and Oakley !!!!..
Check it out!

Have you checked out...
We've stuck Phattchat over there - a Communications Central...
And ICE CLIMBING from Crested Butte Colorado!
Check it out!
Catcha Laters.......... Now back to a different kinda "Civilization"..... or Ass Kickin' Board Zine! or The only 'Zine that we know of, dedicated to all of the GirlZ out their who really "RiP THiNGS UP!"

18. Spruce 120cm Skiboards Review On
Rider ReviewsJust got back from 7 full days skiboarding in The Three Valleys, France.
brought to you by
Spruce 120cm
Boards Spruce Mountain
Rider Reviews
Just got back from 7 full days skiboarding in The Three Valleys, France. Conditions were WAY beyond perfect. These were the best conditions I have seen in 3V in 20 years of going there. There were three of us, all long time ski/skiboard buddies, with a collection of boards from 99 to 130. My two friends were to ski the Spruce 120 for the very first time this trip, and I was really up to see how they got on with longboards. Previously, they had only skied 99s.
Well, the answer is, Fantastic! They both agreed that in skiing terms, the switch to the 120 was life changing :-).
We skied hundreds of kilometers and many thousands of feet vertical over the seven days, in all conditions from deep fresh powder off piste to groomed resort snow. From powder covered steeps to flat groomed pasture, and all agreed the 120 is just the most perfect All Mountain skiboard ever. It has the lightning agility of the true skiboard, but enough flotation to deal with real powder. It is easy going enough to allow six hours of full on skiing every day without totally exhausting the rider (well, maybe a bit), but sophisticated enough to allow totally full on skiboarding. This was the first time I have ridden the 120 with other riders of this level, and I was really surprised just how hard this board can be pushed. I certainly never found its limits.
The 120 has a reputation as a big soft cruiser, and that is justified, but it is also a total full-on all mountain missile if you want that, and we did :-).

19. Skiboarding On Hiker Central
skiboarding resources, links, and tips BA's skiboarding page . C. Sutton's zone . Chaz's skiboard realm Pictures and stories of Chaz and his friend Drew (below) skiboarding.
Chaz's skiboard realm

Pictures and stories of Chaz and his friend Drew (below) skiboarding. Kemper's Slope for Skiboarders Page
Skiboard Page. Introduction to skiboards. Hey snowboarders and skiers. Come here, baby! You'll fall in love with skiboards when you first try 'em out! Ski Boarding
10 Reasons Why Ski Boards Rule. Skiboard Web
Skiboard page - feautres pics, reviews, polls, and links. Skiboard World
This page is made to promote skiboarding. Videos. Skiboardcentral A page for Skiboarders, By Skiboarder Skiboarding Trendsport frs nchste Jahrtausend? Beim Skiboarding hat man bereits nach einigen Minuten den Dreh raus und kann so den Spafaktor voll auskosten. Skiboarding - the Skiboarders Online Magazine Home to the sport of skiboarding. The original one-stop news source features skiboard events, skiboards giveaways, video clips, skiboard cartoons, world-wide snow reports, extensive links, classifieds, reviews, and more. Snowblading tips Snowboarding tips: Boarding Vancouver, a regular feature on english, an online community guide to the people, places and events of English Bay.

20. .:::Revel8 News:::.
Kirk Thompson, Revel8 Team Member, Pro Rider and the winner of the Romania Open 2008 skiboarding Championship, said when he first heard that the skiboarding World Cup was to be
.:::Revel8 News:::.
2010 SBOL Monday skiboard photo slideshow
Leave a Comment A slideshow of all the 2010 SBOL Monday skiboard photos. Music by POS. Featuring Revel8 and SBOL Riders: Ben Wannamaker, Ty Bereskie, Joey Anczarski, Joe Mazzata, Chris Smith, Mark Carraro, Dave Lynam, Mike Ponessa, Borja Fernandez, Kirk Thompson, Brandon Schmit, Adam Lynam, Brett Connor, Branden Harding, Shredfest II Crew
Photographers: Greco, Dike-K Maru, Jason Roussel, Dave Cox Posted in Riders
Tags: skiblades Skiboards snowblades
2010 Boards now on ...
Leave a Comment Posted in Skiboards
New 2010 R8 boards available for pre-order @ SBOL
Leave a Comment
Posted in Skiboards
Six Frames: 270 in Nollie POP 270 out how to
Leave a Comment SBOL Forum blog area . We also included wallpapers of the image above. Posted in How To Riders
New Revel8 Videos Added to SBOL Video Player
Leave a Comment Two new Revel8 videos were added to the video player. Check out the Mt. Snow and Shredfest Edits over at the Video Player Posted in Events Riders Video
R8 Rider Borja Fernandez Takes 4th at LG Action Sports World Championships ...
Leave a Comment R8 Rider Borja Fernandez at the LG World Championships Super Bowl of action sports takes flying leap into Seattle By Percy Allen Seattle Times staff reporter LG Action Sports World Championships What: Season-ending championships in skateboarding, BMX racing and inline skating.

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