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         Sled Dog Racing:     more books (100)
  1. Attla Training and Racing Sled Dogs by George Attla, Bella Levorsen, 1974-06
  2. The Speed Mushing Manual: How to Train Racing Sled Dogs by Jim Welch, 1989-10
  3. Everything I Know About Training and Racing Sled Dogs by George Attla, Bella Levorsen, 1972
  4. Racing Sled Dogs by Michael L. Cooper, 1988-10
  5. Rivers: Diary of a Blind Alaska Racing Sled Dog by Mike Dillingham, 2001-11-01
  6. Dog-Sled Dreams.(Oregon girl trains sled dogs for racing): An article from: Jack & Jill by Susann Keys, Eric Hansen, 1999-12-01
  7. Racing Alaskan Sled Dogs
  8. The sport of "mush." (sled dog racing): An article from: Children's Digest by Sherry Shahan, 1996-12-01
  9. The Alaska Champion Dog Musher 1953 Souvenir Annual:The Alaska Sled Dog & Racing Association
  10. Iditabusiness: the Iditarod is not only the last great race, it's also big business. (sled dog racing): An article from: Alaska Business Monthly by Sean Reid, 1993-03-01
  11. Novice sled dog training: [a guide for the beginning dog driver, including equipment, basic obedience, lead dog training, handling problem dogs, sled racing] by Mel Fishback, 1961
  12. Racing Sled Dogs - 1988 publication by Mchal Coopr, 1988
  13. The Speed Mushing Manual, How to Train Racing Sled Dogs - 1989 publication by Jm Wlch, 1989-01-01
  14. Sled dog racing: History, rules and regulations by Raymond Thompson, 1973

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3. ISDRA Sled Dog Racing
Official site of the International Sled Dog Racing Association

4. The Official Site Of The Iditarod®
Official site for the world's foremost sled race, the Iditarod Great Sled Race, with regular updates during the race, musher biographies, and educational links.
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5. The Mechanics Of Sled Dog Racing
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The Mechanics of Sled Dog Racing
Many people agree that a dog is man's best friend. This is best exemplified through the sport of sled dog racing, which pits both man and dog against competitors and the fury of nature's elements. It is a winter dog sport that is popular in the Arctic regions of Russia, Canada, the United States, and several European countries. This sport involves a competition of teams of specially bred and trained dogs that pull a sled with a musher standing on the sled's runners. Despite its name, the race does not usually involve a mass start. Rather, it is organised as a timed start, meaning each team starts one after another in equal time intervals, usually around two to five minutes. Timed starts are preferred because it simplifies logistics such as preventing many teams of excited dogs from fighting each other at the starting line. The teams compete against the clock rather than each other and the team that completes the course at the least time is declared the winner.

6. Sled Dog Racing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Sled dog racing (sometimes termed dog sled racing) is a winter dog sport most popular in the Arctic regions of the United States, Canada, Russia, and some European countries
Sled dog racing
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Dogsled racing Jump to: navigation search A ten-dog team of Seppala Siberian Sleddogs in tandem hitch on a frozen Mud Lake, a small lake west of Lake Laberge and the Klondike Highway Sled dog racing (sometimes termed dog sled racing ) is a winter dog sport most popular in the Arctic regions of the United States Canada Russia , and some European countries . It involves the timed competition of teams of sleddogs that pull a sled with the dog driver or musher standing on the runners. The team completing the marked course in the least time is judged the winner. A sled dog race was a demonstration sport at the 1932 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York and again at the Olympics in Oslo , but it did not gain official event status. Sled dogs, known also as sleighman dogs, sledge dogs, or sleddogs, are a highly trained dog type that are used to pull a dog sled , a wheel-less vehicle on runners, over snow or ice, by means of harnesses and lines.
edit Races
Sled dog races include "sprint" races over relatively short distances of 4 to 25 miles, mid-distance races from 28 to 200 miles, or long-distance races of 200 to over 1000 miles. Sprint races frequently are two or three-day events with heats run on successive days with the same dogs over the same course. Mid-distance races are either heat races of 14 to 80 miles per day, or continuous races' of 100 to 200 miles. (These categories are informal and may overlap to a certain extent.) Long-distance races may be continuous or stage races, in which participants run a different course each day, usually from a central staging location.

7. Sled Dog Breeds And Sled Dog Racing
Modern sled dog racing produces some interesting variations on what many consider an addictive, adrenaline filled sport. Learn about sled dog breeds, and breed most typically
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Sled Dog Breeds And Sled Dog Racing
Modern sled dog racing produces some interesting variations on what many consider an addictive, adrenaline filled sport. Learn about the sled dog breeds, and the breed most typically used in racing, the Alaskan husky.
Enlarge Image Sled dog breeds are characterized by endurance, strength, and intelligence. They are usually medium to larger dogs, with a very muscular build, and have helped mankind transport supplies in times before the automobile.
Nowadays, sled dog breeds are found as pets, as well as trained to participate in sled dog racing.
Sled dogs were developed to withstand very low temperatures. Their coats have a double layer, with the undercoat acting as insulation against the ice and snow. Because they have such thick coats, they need regular brushing and grooming. They also shed a lot, especially at the beginning of summer when they lose a lot of their undercoat. This could be a problem for people with dog allergies.
Traditional sled dog breeds include the Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Malamute, the Chinook, the Sakhalin Husky, the Canadian Eskimo dog, the Seppala Siberian sled dog, the Tamaskan husky, the Samoyed, the Eurohound, the Mackenzie River husky, and the Greenland dog.

8. Ivakkak
Inuit sled dog race on the Hudson Coast, from Umiujaq to Puvirnituq, passing through Inukjuak.
To follow the dog teams'
current location

LATEST UPDATE April 3, 2010
Ivakkak 2010 celebrates the closing ceremony in Kuujjuaq
Top three medalists of Ivakkak 2010 (Photo: Pierre Dunnigan / Makivik)
See full story
Rank Racer Community Today's time (h:m:s) Total Time (h:m:s) Tasiujaq Kangiqsujuaq Kangiqsujuaq Puvirnituq Puvirnituq Quaqtaq Kangiqsujuaq Kuujjuaq Kuujjuaq Kangiqsujuaq Quaqtaq Aupaluk Quaqtaq Inukjuak Tasiujaq Tasiujaq

9. Sled Dog Racing
Soldotna Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary practice in Soldotna, AK specializing in small animal health care. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in Veterinary
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42479 Sterling Hwy
Soldotna, AK 99669
Sled Dog Racing

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Sled Dog Racing
Alaskan Huskies are the dogs that compete most successfully in long-distance sled dog races. These animals descend from northern breeds such as Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes. Today's racing dogs are smaller and faster, bred for speed and endurance. Soldotna Animal Hospital is one of the locations for pre-race bloodwork and ECG checkups prior to the Iditarod. Dr. Bowser has worked as a trail veterinarian for the Iditarod, the Copper Basin 300 and is currently head veterinarian for the Tustumena 200, and Iditarod qualifier held here on the Kenai Peninsula. Soldotna Animal Hospital cares for many dogs that are involved in recreational mushing and skijouring activities. We also provide veterinary care for competitive dog mushers such as Mitch Seavey (Iditarod champion 2004)

10. Le Village De Musher : 1998 - 2010 Le Portail Mushing Du Chien De Traineau Au Qu
News and information about this sport. Races, updates, clothes, equipment, sleds, dogs, kennels, pictures, wallpapers, programmes.

11. Sled Dog Racing
Easier People from the polar regions have used dogs and sleds for a long time. Working dogs were used in everyday life to protect and
The Topic:
Sled Dog Racing
Easier - People from the polar regions have used dogs and sleds for a long time. Working dogs were used in everyday life to protect and in hunting. But most of all, dogs and sleds were used to carry food, products, and other things. The first sled dog races may have been among native people as they dashed their dog teams across the frozen ice fields. Sled dog racing was continued by immigrant trappers, miners, freight haulers, and settlers. Harder - Indigenous people of the far North regions were dependent on sled dogs for protection, companionship, hunting, trapping, and transportation for thousands of years. In the more recent European immigrations to North America, newcomers quickly saw the value of working sled dogs. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police started running dog-team patrols in the northern frontiers as early as 1873. Mail teams later delivered the news to outlying communities. Inland settlements were dependent on sled dog freight haulers. Explorers such as Byrd, Peary, and Amundsen relied on sled dogs in their exploration of frozen wastelands. Today, few of the inhabitants of the Far North are dependent on dogs for basic survival. However, sled dog racing continues in the United States, Canada, Northern Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, and other locations around the world.

12. Mid Union Sled Haulers - Homepage
(MUSH) is a nonprofit organization located in the Mid-Western U.S.A. dedicated to the promotion of sled dog racing as a fun, family activity.

We are saddened by the loss of our friend Monica Terrell.
We will miss her warm smile and passion for life.
For more information click here

A reminder that membership renewals are due by October 10th (the fall membership meeting). Please note that after the Oct. 10th meeting the membership renewals will go up to $35
Please check the Announcements page for updates.
All race forms are available on the Event Schedule page.
Please use the links on the of these pages
to navigate through this website. MID UNION SLED HAULERS, INC. (MUSH) is a non-profit organization located in the Mid-Western U.S.A. dedicated to the promotion of sled dog racing as a fun, family activity. Most MUSH members are located in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. All races and training sessions are held in various locations throughout the State of Michigan.
Click here to read our Pamphlet
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) Classified Ads Event Schedule/Results MUSH News/Meetings Officers ... YouTube Links Last Updated Sept.09, 2010

13. Dogsledding On
Well sorted dog sledding resources.
Dogsledding emergency survival

Other dogsledding sites tend to focus on dogs, equipment, and sledding techniques. Here we've tried to cover some things you need to know for when things go wrong. And what to do if you get stuck overnight when you planned to go just for the day. Activities Dogsledding
Qimmiit, huskies, Eskimo dogs, or canis familiaris borealis are all names for these Inuit workhorses. For more than 2,000 years they pulled qamutiit (wooden sleds) and provided companionship, helped communicate messages, and guided explorers across the Arctic. Affiliated British Sleddog Activities
Links and info for dogsledding all over the world Alaska Dog Mushers' Assoc.
Novice competitors can pick up helpful hints, and find race schedules and results. All The Adventure, None Of The Frostbite
Comprehensive coverage of the Last Great Race on Earth, featuring streaming media, daily Iditarod reports and educational materials.... An Alaskan Epic presents the making of a sled dog ; an overview of Alaska's Iditarod sled dog race; and the true story of Balto, a brave husky, and his team.

14. Alaskan Sled Dog & Racing Association
In 1949 the Alaskan Sled Dog and Racing Association (ASDRA) was formed to promote and preserve the great Alaskan tradition of dog mushing. ASDRA's committed volunteers have
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In 1949 the Alaskan Sled Dog and Racing Association (ASDRA) was formed to promote and preserve the great Alaskan tradition of dog mushing. ASDRA's committed volunteers have developed and maintained the dedicated sled dog trails in Far North Bicentennial Park and the Campbell Tract for 60 years. The non-profit club puts on internationally recognized races from January 1 through the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous in February of each year. Race fees and trail fees are used to maintain the club trailhead facilities and groom the trails in Far North Bicentennial Park. The 20 miles of trail known as Tozier Track begins and ends at a 10-acre trailhead site owned by ASDRA. A strong junior mushing program provides education and winter recreation for mushers from 4 to 17 years. Members sponsor events sharing their sport with the community and tourists.
photo credit: archive Club House
P.O Box 110569
Anchorage, AK 99511 Tozier Track
3400 Tudor Road
Anchorage, AK

15. Sled Dog Racing : Sled Dog Racing News And Photos -
Information about Sled Dog Racing RSS feeds allow Web site content to be gathered via feed reader software.
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16. Retired Sled Dogs
Offers retired sled dogs, or submit one. Recreational mushers teams created.
These sled dogs are ready to
retire and are looking for
forever homes. Interested?
The Iditarod home page. More info on sled dogs. Plettner Kennels Lead dog describes a dog that is smart, obedient, and was used as a leader that the other dogs followed. Team dog describes a member of the team that was neither leader, nor wheel dog, but somewhere in between. These dogs are hard workers Wheel dog describes the dog that is closest to the sled. These dogs are very strong, and usually the largest members of the team. Dogs adopted through this page (and counting) This page was last
June 10, 2009
mushing before adopting one of these fantastic dogs!
More dogs coming soon.
Please come back after mushing season is over to see if there are any new retirees!" TITANIC
, Male, Neutered, 8 years old, 52 lbs, good with kids and dogs, sweet, calm, quiet dog, affectionate but not boisterous. Trained for distance and finished the Seeley 100 in 2001. Excellent command leader who could be used on a rec team. Has a congenital defect in his shoulders; refer to his web page for more info

17. Sled Dog Racing: Information From
Sport of racing sleds pulled by dogs over snowcovered cross-country courses. It developed from a traditional Eskimo method of transportation. Modern sleds are usually of wood

18. Nature's Kennel Iditaord Sled Dog Racing & Adventures - Mc Millan Dog Sledding,
Nature's Kennel Iditaord Sled Dog Racing Adventures PO Box 5 14785 North CR 415 McMillan, MI 49853

19. Eden Vermont Dog Sledding On Secluded Pristine Land And Trails
Dog sled rides in Vermont, wilderness adventures 20 miles north of Stowe.

20. Article Not Found - - A VIN Company!
Sled Dog Racing . Both professional and amateur dog owners participate in the sport of sled dog racing. Skillful skiers can work with one dog in skijoring.

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